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CharEditLite [deprecated]
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Apr 20, 2018 @ 7:33pm
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CharEditLite [deprecated]

A little mod for saving, loading or editing the appearance of the characters and thralls (for solo/coop and server).

PAK file and sources are available on GitHub under Apache License 2.0:

/!\ Attention /!\
As stated here:
The mod will no longer be updated.
The mod no longer works since the Isle of Siptah update and should be replaced with a new mod available in the links.
To continue using this mod, switch back to a game version before the Funcom Live Services update.

Links to new mods
Version recompiled and maintained by Teella & Turbo:

Summary & manual

  • Full character editor.
  • Customisation rights management for admin.
  • HD preview with free camera to look around it.
  • Toggle off/on the outfit of the previewed character.
  • Percentage display for scalar sliders and possibility to set them manually.
  • Management of appearances with code and shards.
  • Full RGB color choice for shard creation.
  • The thralls can be changed with shards.
  • Checking and auto-correction of the edited character.
  • RGB Lab to unlock all colors as temporary dye (can be saved).
  • Good compatibility with others mods. Automatic addition of some customisation features.

Complementary info:
  • Mod ID: 1366358141
  • Version: 6.8.4
  • Solo/coop and server compliant.
  • The mod is triggered by an item named "Mirror". Crafted at Artisan's Worktable.
  • The mirror gives a code or can create an item named "Shard" for the management of appearances.
  • Admin can set the customisations available for the mirror and fragments.
  • Admin can use black/white list to manage players access to the mirror and shards.
  • The shard can be used on self for a quick change of appearance.
  • The shard must be placed in thralls inventory/station and then used to change them.
  • The shard can capture the target appearance.
  • The shard can edit its stored appearance when placed in the character inventory.
  • The shard show available customisations and can select which one to use.
  • In case of religion changing. If you want to update the recipes, you need to use a yellow lotus potion.
  • Auto-correction is based on vanilla values or extended, but they can be altered by others mods.
  • Scalars values can be chosen between vanilla, extended and modded.
  • RGB Lab and extended scalars must be unlocked by the admin or the host.
  • Old generated code can be invalidated by game update.

How to be Admin:
  1. Esc menu in game => "Settings" => tab "Server Settings" => click "Make Me Admin" => Exit settings
  2. Esc menu in game => "Admin Panel"

Overview/editor panel: Contains all the modifiable informations of the character.
  • Button "Regenerate code":
    • Get the code of the in game character and displays its informations and preview.
    • Can be used in case of invalid code.
  • Code field: Can contain the code of the in game character or mirror character or notepad/txt character.
    • The code can be copied from the field to notepad/txt, and vice versa.
    • Manually set code: If valid, its informations and preview are displayed.
    • Using editor: Checking values and update code.
  • Button "Create shard":
    • Put a shard in the inventory with the appearance of the preview stored on it.
    • Shard can be created with different appearances without using the button "Apply" of the mirror.

Preview panel: Render of the in game character or the edited one.
  • Mouse:
    • Left click to move and rotate.
    • Wheel to zoom.
  • Button "Reset":
    • Resets camera view.
    • In case of invalid code, get the code of the previewed character instead of the in game character.

Shard panel: Render of the shard or target appearance and of the final appearance according to the choices.
  • Interaction: Same as the mirror.
  • Upper checkbox: Only for station thralls, the warpaint (exception) and outfit of the shard can be apply to them. The appearance of the shard can also be ignored in these cases.
    (exception) Warpaints appearance can be shared with everyone, but is permanent only for station thralls.
  • Lower checkbox: Enable or disable the customisation option if available.
  • Edit mod: Only available in the character inventory.
    • Switch warpainnt: Change the warpaint according to the character.
    • Switch outfit: Change the outfit according to the character.

Admin panel: Show general access for all mirrors and shards. Also show player list for specific access.
  • Checkbox: Enable or disable the customisation option.
  • Button "Commit": Needed to save all changes made.
  • List: Show the identified players.
    • Buttons: Manage specific access for a selected player.
    • Delete all: Erase all lists and can not be cancelled, players need to relog to refresh the lists.

Checking & message:
  • Request confirmation triggered before changing the in game character by the mirror or shard character.
  • In case of invalid code:
    • The interface is greyed.
    • "Regenerate code" and "Reset" still available to reget a code.
  • In case of wrong values (mostly with gender change):
    • The auto-correction changes it or them.
    • Notification of warning triggered.

Know issues:
  • Buildings name don't change when players define their new name. Log out/in is requiered to refresh buildings name. Properties still belong to players even without refreshing the name.
  • Hair of the previewed character may be degrade to low quality. It's a temporary glitch, the code and in game character still correct when you apply modifications.
  • A seam may be visible on the neck of the previewed character. It's a temporary glitch, the code and in game character still correct when you apply modifications.
  • Some scalars can render a wrong preview. The code still correct and the in game character is modified according to it.
  • Some scalars are ignored by station thralls, but the fragment remains valid and can be applied correctly to characters and placeable thralls.
  • Some issues can occur with the order of the mods. Try placing this mod at the top or bottom of the list to fix this.
  • With the latest version of the game:
    • The mod causes warnings in the log which can end up being overloaded and crashed (solved in new mods or with an old version of the game).
    • Animations of Thespians from Pippi can oddly be affected by the mod (solved in new mods or with an old version of the game and Pippi).

Old versions:
  1. Go to .
  2. Download the required version pak file into "...\Steam\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Mods" and rename it to "CharEditLite.pak".
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Talyna Sep 18 @ 11:57pm 
This Mod was a piece of art. Thanks for this!
Glad someone took up your work. Thanks for this also!
Keep save!
turbo Sep 15 @ 10:37am 
This mod will no longer work. The recompiled version has been recompiled once again and is ready for download.
turbo Jul 19 @ 11:51am 
Legion  [author] Jul 19 @ 11:48am 
Thanks, link added!
turbo Jul 17 @ 9:05pm 
We have recompiled this mod for our own server and will continue to maintain it for the time being. See Teella’s Workshop items.
Jarle Jul 11 @ 2:47am 
Do your part!
-rep my profile!!
Legion  [author] Jul 5 @ 5:50am 
Thank you all for your kind words!

Yes, a few people are already working on the code. Projects should probably be released before the mod no longer works.

@McSlappy Do you have the right mirror? It's a usable item which must be in your inventory or shortcut bar (first item on screen 8).
The shards are only created by the mirror.
Otherwise, try to change the order of the mods. Items can lose their usable property in some cases.

@bojack13 Check that the mod is in the active list (Mods in main menu).
In case another mod erases recipes and items, you can change the mods order and retry.
Nemo Jul 4 @ 8:09pm 
Thank you for your hard work on this mod Legion, for somone that have not played for long, you kept supporting it for a really long time.

Is there any chance anybody will take on your code and keep it working ?

I mean, it's still one of the essentials mods out there, and maybe the only one that offer so many important features for game masters (namely, playing npc is only possible because of your mod and it's shard option, without this it would be really a pain in the ass .. if this stop working, I assume we will have to rely on pippi appearance option)

Anyway, thank you very much m'lady, we owe you a lot. :LIS_pixel_heart:
bojack13 Jul 4 @ 3:59pm 
Is it not working already? I have the mod installed, enabled admin mode, going to "other" in the items column but can't find the mirror. I just unlocked the artisan table but don't see the option to build a mirror either.
alexzzz Jul 4 @ 1:00pm 
@Legion, and anyone else interested: I tracked down the issue with some characters having "None" for their race. It's not a bug with CharEditLite, its a bug with Conan Exiles.

The problem is with the RaceTemplateDataTable data table. For some reason all Hyrkanian and Zingarian NPCs have "None" entered for their race field.

I made a mod that fixed RaceTemplateDataTable, and now I see the correct races with CharEditLite. Unfortunately it only works with new thralls that I capture. All my old Hyrkanian and Zingarian NPCs still have "None" for their race.