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A little mod for saving, loading or editing the appearance of the characters and thralls (for solo/coop and server).

PAK file and sources are available on GitHub under Apache License 2.0:

Summary & manual

  • Full character editor.
  • Customisation rights management for admin.
  • HD preview with free camera to look around it.
  • Toggle off/on the outfit of the previewed character.
  • Percentage display for scalar sliders and possibility to set them manually.
  • Management of appearances with code and shards.
  • Full RGB color choice for shard creation.
  • The thralls can be changed with shards.
  • Checking and auto-correction of the edited character.
  • Test Lab for experimental features (RGB for character).
  • Good compatibility with others mods. Automatic addition of their customisation features.
  • Debug_Of_Warpaint included.

Complementary info:
  • Mod ID: 1366358141
  • Solo/coop and server compliant.
  • The mod is triggered by an item named "Mirror". Crafted at Artisan's Worktable.
  • The mirror gives a code or can create an item named "Shard" for the management of appearances.
  • Admin can set the customisations available for the mirror and fragments.
  • Admin can use black/white list to manage players access to the mirror and shards.
  • The shard can be used on self for a quick change of appearance.
  • The shard must be placed in thralls inventory/station and then used to change them.
  • The shard can capture the target appearance.
  • The shard can edit its stored appearance when placed in the character inventory.
  • The shard show available customisations and can select which one to use.
  • In case of religion changing. If you want to update the recipes, you need to use a yellow lotus potion.
  • Auto-correction is based on vanilla values, but they can be altered by others mods.
  • Scalars values can be chosen between vanilla and modded.
  • Old generated code can be invalidated by game update.

How to be Admin:
  1. Esc menu in game => "Settings" => tab "Server Settings" => click "Make Me Admin" => Exit settings
  2. Esc menu in game => "Admin Panel"

Overview/editor panel: Contains all the modifiable informations of the character.
  • Button "Regenerate code":
    • Get the code of the in game character and displays its informations and preview.
    • Can be used in case of invalid code.
  • Code field: Can contain the code of the in game character or mirror character or notepad/txt character.
    • The code can be copied from the field to notepad/txt, and vice versa.
    • Manually set code: If valid, its informations and preview are displayed.
    • Using editor: Checking values and update code.
  • Button "Create shard":
    • Put a shard in the inventory with the appearance of the preview stored on it.
    • Shard can be created with different appearances without using the button "Apply" of the mirror.

Preview panel: Render of the in game character or the edited one.
  • Mouse:
    • Left click to move and rotate.
    • Wheel to zoom.
  • Button "Reset":
    • Resets camera view.
    • In case of invalid code, get the code of the previewed character instead of the in game character.

Shard panel: Render of the shard or target appearance and of the final appearance according to the choices.
  • Interaction: Same as the mirror.
  • Upper checkbox: Only for station thralls, the warpaint and outfit of the shard can be apply to them. The appearance of the shard can also be ignored in these cases.
  • Lower checkbox: Enable or disable the customisation option if available.
  • Edit mod: Only available in the character inventory.
    • Switch warpainnt: Change the warpaint according to the character.
    • Switch outfit: Change the outfit according to the character.

Admin panel: Show general access for all mirrors and shards. Also show player list for specific access.
  • Checkbox: Enable or disable the customisation option.
  • Button "Commit": Needed to save all changes made.
  • List: Show the identified players.
    • Buttons: Manage specific access for a selected player.
    • Delete all: Erase all lists and can not be cancelled, players need to relog to refresh the lists.

Checking & message:
  • Request confirmation triggered before changing the in game character by the mirror or shard character.
  • In case of invalid code:
    • The interface is greyed.
    • "Regenerate code" and "Reset" still available to reget a code.
  • In case of wrong values (mostly with gender change):
    • The auto-correction changes it or them.
    • Notification of warning triggered.

Know issues:
  • Buildings name don't change when players define their new name. Log out/in is requiered to refresh buildings name. Properties still belong to players even without refreshing the name.
  • Hair of the previewed character may be degrade to low quality. It's a temporary glitch, the code and in game character still correct when you apply modifications.
  • A seam may be visible on the neck of the previewed character. It's a temporary glitch, the code and in game character still correct when you apply modifications.
  • Some scalars can render a wrong preview. The code still correct and the in game character is modified according to it.
  • Some scalars are ignored by station thralls, but the fragment remains valid and can be applied correctly to characters and placeable thralls.
  • Some issues can occur with the order of the mods. Try placing this mod at the top or bottom of the list to fix this.
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Korben Dallas
< >
Legion  [author] Sep 14 @ 1:34pm 
Yes, when you have a thrall used on a station (workbench), you can put a shard in the inventory station and use it to modify its thrall.
Larathiel Sep 14 @ 12:38pm 
Is there a way to use this on priests, alchemists, and other workbench thralls?
Legion  [author] Sep 9 @ 12:49pm 
You have the recipe, but not the item?
Otherwise, you need to change the mod position and place it at the top or bottom of the list.
Starkiller [GER] Sep 9 @ 12:46pm 
Syandre Sep 7 @ 3:02pm 
No, CharEditLite can add warpaint on thralls on crafting station (with saved appearance on a "Shard" item), but color change is currently a test feature and only works for players (and can be see by other players).
It's also temporary and resets at serveur reboot or game reload.
Droidhacker Sep 6 @ 8:49pm 
Does the changing of warpaint colors on NPCs work properly? Its one of the main reasons I wanted to use this mod
Virgil Aug 31 @ 3:32pm 
Hmmm... So even if you changed them you'd still be dealing with some form of that name returning. Wish Funcom would just incorperate the ability to name your Thralls. They took enough ideas from Ark, you'd think that would be one they would have added in already!
Legion  [author] Aug 31 @ 2:22pm 
The /rename command is also from Pippi mod.
Don't know if other mods have that too.
In any case, the true names of the thralls seem to be readonly. Their floating names (inherited from the true name) can be changed, but they will be reset at reboot.
Virgil Aug 31 @ 1:33pm 
I know with Pippi I tried to rename them but they kept switching back and forth between their old name and their new name. I'll try the /rename. That isn't a mod I have to have is it?
Legion  [author] Aug 31 @ 9:43am 
You can rename thralls with Pippi and the command "/rename".