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Worms 3D Throwables
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Apr 19 @ 10:12am
May 18 @ 4:06am
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Worms 3D Throwables

"Oi, nutta!"

It's the trio of Dynamite, Petrol Bomb and the Gas Canister from Worms 3D, replacing the Pipebomb, the Molotov and the Boomer Bile respectively.
They also come with special sounds, with the Dynamite properly hissing rather than beeping and the Gas Canister's impact sound something more like an actual canister smashing against the ground. No change to the Molotov though, it'd be redundant to change glass breaking for glass breaking.

Perfect for any unrealistic addon with disproportionate proportions!

The L4D1 Survivors hold Pipebombs differently, so there's a bit of clipping with those. I don't think I can do a whole lot about that.
The lack of particles in some of the screenshots are just because of the demo replays being a bit odd, they have their usual sparkling fuses and burning wicks in-game when thrown. Except the Pipebomb viewmodel anyway.
The textures have been tweaked a little for the sake of not being so low resolution.

senjen on The Models Resource for the 3D models
Segatendo on The Sounds Resource for ripping Worms Ultimate Mayhem sounds
Team 17 for not just the Worms Ultimate Mayhem sounds, but also Worms Armageddon sounds
Valve for their Team Fortress 2's Gas Passer sound
And a huge, huge thanks to ZeqMacaw for figuring out how to compile the Pipebomb viewmodels without crashing

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Major tom capitalista Sep 4 @ 1:27pm 
quem é nutta
众小鬼退散 Jun 19 @ 9:18pm 
worms shotgun and other weapons - its would be great!
L1chn0 Mn3 n038at Apr 21 @ 5:24am 
Its perfect
Majro  [author] Apr 20 @ 1:20am 
Honestly, if the pipebomb viewmodels weren't so much of a pain to work with, I'd do that.
DarkWolfPL Apr 19 @ 12:38pm 
As a Pipe Bomb I would like to see Holy Hand Granade. Hallelujah