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Not all injuries are equal; pharmacist prescribes the right medicine for the job.

Does not require a new save game Can safely be enabled in an ongoing save-game, disabling will cause a one-time error message upon loading the save again for the first time. The error message is mostly harmless.

Pharmacist allows you to set the maximum level of medicine that may be used for certain treatments. Doctors will use the best medicine that is available, and that is at most the level of the targets’ medical care setting and the pharmacists’ advice. Four levels of injuries are distinguished;

- Minor (bruises, non-lethal diseases, small cuts)
- Major (larger cuts, potentially lethal diseases)
- Life-Threathening (extreme bleeding, heart attacks, etc.)
- Operations (all implants, harvesting, etc.)

The Pharmacists’ advice for each of these can be set for Colonists, Guests, Prisoners and Animals separately with the ‘Pharmacist’ button on the main bar.

Doctors out on the rim treat wounds in batches, and use the same medicine for each treatment in a batch. I did not want to confuse them too much, so I’ve left that behaviour intact. That means that the worst injury determines what medicine is used for the whole batch, and doctors may still use Glitterworld medicine for treating a bruise if they were treating a heart attack at the same time.

As far as I know, the mod should be compatible with everything. Mods that directly alter the available number of medical care options may cause issues, and I think I’ve seen such a mod at one point, but I’ve been unable to find it again. If you find any incompatibilities, please let me know!

I’m not quite happy with the UI yet, but for now it’s functional. If you have suggestions, I’m always willing to listen.

Some injuries might be diagnosed wrong, and receive medicine that is either not good enough or too good. If the treatment is too good, make sure that it wasn’t part of a batch treatment (see above). If the treatment is not good enough, that’s a bigger problem, and I’d like to know about what injuries are diagnosed badly.

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This is version 2.4.135, for RimWorld 1.0.2150.

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Jan 28 @ 4:59pm
Cant Tend. (?) [EDIT]
< >
Fluffy  [author] Feb 11 @ 1:36pm 
@Jezzibell Voidshadow; No, it won't conflict. The settings on the medical tab are a shortcut for the per-pawn settings you can also find on the pawn medical chart. Pharmacists settings are per-disease. Every time a doctor goes to look for medicine, he'll use the best available medicine that is allowed both for the patient (the per-pawn setting), and for the treatment (pharmacist's settings).
In other words, both provide an upper bound to which medicine is used.
[SnF] Jezzibell Voidshadow Feb 10 @ 9:52am 
i'd imagine not but will this conflict with the settings set my the medical tab at all or should i set the medical stuff to glitter and watch for a bit?
Diogenes Jan 25 @ 7:17am 
I did not change colonist care settings, no. I leave it set to Herbal for minor, Industrial for everything else.
Cort Jan 24 @ 11:01pm 
Very odd yeah, I just tried it in dev mode and doctor used herbal. I know you can cure it with glitterworld but it's considered an operation that you have to add which I never did. I know for a fact my doctor used glitterworld meds and there were no other injuries that warranted it. I'll mess about and see what the issue is. Sorry for the bother!
Fluffy  [author] Jan 24 @ 2:11pm 
Yeah, anxiety is a tendable disease in the defs, which should mean it can actually be cured - and better doctors and medicine should contribute to that.
Winter Jan 24 @ 2:08pm 
@Cort If I recall correctly, a skilled doctor using glittermeds should be able to actually cure anxiety. There may be some overlap between the treating and curing methods that's causing what you've run into.
Fluffy  [author] Jan 24 @ 2:07pm 
re: psychology/anxiety; I've looked at the defs for Psychology, and there should be no reason for it to be treated as a significant wound. I've also used devmode to create a very anxious colony, which was treated - as assigned in pharmacist - with herbal medicine only.

I'm not sure what the problem is (or was), but there doesn't appear to be any issue with anxiety itself. Perhaps there was another problem that got fixed with my other update today (diseases that were already tended or could not be tended were still looked at when selecting medicine).
John Jan 24 @ 12:22pm 
since psyschology mod is a fairly popular mod maybe you could consider to make a patch for this just one.
Cort Jan 22 @ 7:55am 
Yeah I can completely understand! Is there anything I could edit or change myself to have anxiety be treated differently? It's quite a common thing with Psychology and always seems to use glitterworld medicine and it's a real bummer.
Fluffy  [author] Jan 22 @ 3:18am 
@脑子疼; thanks, will do.