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French Ghillie Suit
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Apr 18, 2018 @ 12:05pm
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French Ghillie Suit

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IMPORTANT NOTE:To anyone who was an early subscriber to my british ghillies and wonders where the scrim ghillies went (after the next update), they are now here. It turns out that one of the reference pictures i used had both british and french snipers in it. I mistook the french snipers for british guys and made the scrim net ghillie, which has now moved to here.

Right for everyone else who's come after my mistake:
Welcome and Bienvenue to my French snipers retexture. I've tried to get as close as possible to the mossy look that the french guys seem to be using. I wil be honest i don't know much about the french military so i don't know how current my textures are. I hope though that these satisfy people who want to play as french snipers.

Please note i probably won't update this mod (bar major fixes) untill i have completed the other projects i want to get done first. These were created by accident as i hope people understand, but i'm open to expanding this little texture pack if its popular and i get my other projects done.