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(comprehensive up to update 34) Gameplay Guide. Basics and Advanced
By Vash(88)
Comprehensive coverage of everything in Deep Rock Galactic!
As of 9/17/2021, I am ending my work on the guide. Due mostly to a change in career and therefor schedule, having a sub-hobby of my hobby (gaming) is no longer conducive. When the time comes that I can pick this back up, I hope to do so!

Info for anything up to and before update 34 is still valid with the exception of a few missed updates from 34.
A Bit About Me
Skip ahead to Space Rig (Lobby) if you just want to get to the guide ;)

Full disclosure, this is my first guide.

The guide is "complete", though, there will always be more I can and will add. I will also be keeping up with any new content added down the road

I have over 2000 hours in DRG

That being said, I am open to ideas and constructive criticism. Please source any information given if possible. Links to forum posts from devs and the like. Any corrections and changes that are proven will be added and credit given to the user providing the information.

I hope you find what you are looking for!


- This guide was started long before hazard 5 was added and difficulty reworked

- Some illustration may be dated, but if they remain, the concept is still sound

- 100% of the videos and picture illustrations are of my own content (except for 1 artwork Chibbity let me use!)

- 90% (roughly) of the video demonstrations are on hazard 4

- 0% of the demonstrations are performed on hazard 2 or lower

- 100% of the content is meant for 100% of the readers (I am still learning with every game)

Notice: As a form of source and acknowledgement given to a player whos information is used, I will be adding a "thanks" followed by a link to their profile, shown as their name, next to the tip within the guide. If you would like me to skip either part of that, let me know.

What Will This Guide Cover?
- Character classes
- Enemy types
- Gameplay basics
- Advanced gameplay
- Mission types
- Planetary regions
- And everything else!
- WILL NOT cover exploits

Note: Understand that this guide will help, but is not black and white. If you think to yourself, "I don't always do that". Remember-

Originally posted by Bruce Lee: put water in a cup, it becomes the cup; You put water into a bottle it becomes the bottle; You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.
Why Read This Guide?
- Are you being kicked and don't know why?
- Do you have a hard time completing Haz 4-5 missions?
- Are you new to the game and want to study up a bit before diving in?

No matter the reason, this guide is here to help you better your inner Dwarf!
- Rock and Stone!
Space Rig (Lobby)
Old picture, but the retro look reminds me of how far this game has come

Your home away from home. The space rig is an interactive lobby. Within it you will find the stations needed to upgrade gear, join/host games, swap classes, buy new cosmetics, change your looks and more. Most of this is self explanatory when you see it.

Joining / Hosting Games

Mission Terminal
  • Terminal used to select game type
  • Not all biomes are available at all times.
  • Biome options will change after timer
    counts down
  • The lobby will not be visible to public
    players until a mission has been selected
  • Not sure if the lobby is right for you?
    (see illustrations)
  • Use the filter

They made this all a lot easier to understand within the game as of update 22
Picking the Right Server

Team Info in Terminal

Character Selection

Other Terminals

Accessory Shop
  • This is where cosmetics are purchased
  • This is NOT where cosmetics are selected
    for your characters
  • Can also switch classes on this terminal
  • Purchased cosmetics are available here
  • Can also switch class on this terminal

Mineral Trade
  • Always short on Croppa? Me too
  • Can sell and purchase minerals for credits
  • Must be unlocked with an assignment
  • Spend your hard earned credits and
    materials on upgrades here!
  • Can also switch class on this terminal

Assignment Board
Bosco Upgrades
  • Weapon, promotion, and other assignments
    given here
  • See the Promotion section for more
  • Bosco upgrades purchased and applied
    here. See Single Player/Bosco's section for info
Abyss Bar

The Abyss Bar is a place to get intoxicated, share Craft(able) beers, dance, and acquire the available buff beer. The Bar is where Cave Fruits are used (see Cave Fruits section for info). It also comes with a fun minigame (Barrel Kick) and the jukebox has been moved here as well. Cheers!

General Info
  • Same price for 1 as it is for 4
  • The drunk effect persists into the cave (slowly wears off)
  • Beer buffs remain when joining a server
  • Buff icon shows up on portrait (see illustration)
  • The board displays the current buff beer and the corporate issue (see illustrations)

Buff Indicator
Menu Board


Note: I will not give away the effects of the Craft(able) Beers. Discovering the effects for the first time is the best part!

Corporate Issue
  • Oily Oaf Brew (a light drink you can enjoy without getting drunk too quickly)
  • Glyphid Slammer (a bit stronger than an Oaf, but can still enjoy 1 without getting drunk)
  • Leaf Lovers Special (will sober up the player without removing buff)

Glyphid Slammer Supporter Edition
Glyphid Slammer

Oily Oaf Brew
Leaf Lover's Special

Craft(able) Beers
  • Require Cave Fruits to craft and order
  • Ordering a round is much cheaper than the crafting price
  • None of the effects last in the caves
  • Below are illustrations of the mugs, but I will let you discover the effects for yourself, enjoy!

Blacklock Lager

Blackreach Blonde
Burning Love

Mactera Brew

Malt Rockbearer
Seasoned Moonrider

Underhill Delux
Gut Wrecker

Wormhole Special
Blackout Stout

Smart Stout

Buff Beers
  • You do not have to unlock each buff beer. Once you upgrade your beer licence for the daily specials, they are all available as they rotate through
  • Buff beers all require Barley Bulbs to order(see Cave Fruits section)
  • Drinks cost 1-3 bulbs (displayed on the menu)

Pots 'o' Gold
Red Rock Blaster
Increased Gold Gain
+30% HP

Rocky Mountain
Scull Crusher
Terrain Takes 1 Less Swing of the Pick
+50% Melee Damage

Slayer's Stout
Tunnel Rat
Reduced Power Attack Recharge (Roughly 50%)
Reduced Fall Damage

Backbreaker Stout
Dark Morkite
Move Faster With Large Objects
Increased Morkite Gain

Barrel Kicking

10 base points
25 base points
  • Mugs give 1 point
  • Each consecutive score adds +1 to the multiplier
  • Multiplier ends after a short period of time (not after missing a shot)
  • Number of shots taken since last reset represented by small red number
  • Target changes speed randomly
  • Pressing the button cycles the scores downwards while recording current scoreboard at the top
General Tips For Any Class
  • Inspect the starting room well
  • Toss those flares (they re-spawn quickly)
  • Stick together in large caves. Scout can't keep a large room lit for long (Thanks, Mr Torgue)
  • I personally do not recommend doubling up on a class, but there is no "right and wrong" (2 scouts will never be as useful as a scout/engie) <--- just an example
  • Pay attention to the number of flares on the ground and the color (says a lot about who's been there and for how long) (Engie = red. Gunner = green. Driller = yellow. Scout = blue)
  • Pickaxes DO NOT deal friendly fire
  • Keep moving to dodge ranged attacks (try not to block your teammates' line of fire)
  • Tag Red Sugar as you see it if your teammates are wounded (a friendly subliminal reminder)
  • You can "grab" ledges. Tap your jump button. You can also press and hold jump (thanks Chibbity)
  • Any number of Dwarves can join in on a press and hold action (2 Dwarves can resuscitate a fallen player faster than one)
  • ANY Dwarf on the team can build the engie's turrets (though some might not want you to)
  • Look for the M.U.L.E before making it get up and move 3 feet
  • Tap your lazer pointer regularly to keep track of the team's position
  • Use your "shout" when you want the team's attention
  • Ziplines can be grabbed while falling
  • Hold H to disable hud by default
  • Check with your team before ordering a supply drop (unless you have an abundance of nitra)
  • DO NOT take 2 ammo pods in a 4 player game "because I was low" without a player offering first
  • Watch out for "dust clouds." Enemies make them when they spawn/dig their way in (see illustration)
  • The team's ammo can be seen below their avatars when the lazer pointer is used, and when looking at a supply pod (see illustrations)
  • Turning off headlamp can make it easier to see the glow of hidden materials, such as jadiz, compressed gold and so on (Thanks Chibbity) (see illustrations)
  • There is no "I" in "Rock and Stone!" (work together) (see illustration)
  • Don't leave your scout behind while he/she gathers materials (see video #1)
  • Use your lazer pointer regularly (you might be the only one to see that resource the whole game) (see video #2)
  • Resource materials "chunk" if the base is broken (see video #3)
  • Press and hold left click to throw large materials (see video #4)
  • Be aware of your surroundings while progressing into unexplored caves or tunnels (see video #5)
  • Pickaxe is good at breaking armor (see video #6)
  • Teamwork makes the dream work (see video #7)

Enemy Dust Clouds

Team Ammo Counter
Each Notch = 25% (enlarge picture to see better

Spotting Hidden Materials
With lights
Without lights

There Is No I In "Rock and Stone"

#1 Do Not Forget Your Scout

#2 Point Out Materials

#3 Chunk Resources to Save Time

#4 Throw Large Materials

#5 Be Aware of Your Surrounding

#6 Pickaxe Armor Break

#7 Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
Advanced Tips For Any Class
  • Tag priority targets with the lazer pointer (Shell Backs, Preys, Spitters on the ceiling ect...)
  • Grenades can be thrown while reviving a teammate
  • If the Driller starts tunneling towards the drop pod, mark the entrance to bring attention to the starting point
  • Air strafing is possible. Turn while jumping and you can steer your jump around corners (Thanks, Mr Torgue)
  • Balance ammo consumption. Ammo drops give 50% to all, so swap weapons for maximum gain (Thanks Cummander Jaqoff)
  • Use your "call/shout" function right before your are incapacitated
  • Make a spot for supply pod in tight corridors (see illustration)
  • Get the MULE moving towards the drop pod before mission control set her to auto pilot
  • Recognize the origin point / insertion point of ziplines. Can be helpful when lost in a 3/3 cave system (see illustrations)
  • Use the environment to your advantage (see video #1)
  • "Boots on the ground". Sometimes you have to focus revives before bugs (see video #2)
  • LISTEN to your teammates. The Dwarves have many voice prompts and unique sound effects. Example: If the engie hears the scout shout "Lights up!", the engie should be checking the lit area for difficult to reach materials to platform. If you hear "THE TENTACLE GOT ME!"...go help (see/listen to video #3)
  • Environmental hazards -- electric crystals, slime, and so on -- affect the bugs too (see video #4)
  • Guide your fellow Drillers with marks (see video #5)
  • "Shoulder Ram" Exploder swarms to save ammo (see video #6)
  • Know when to use the terrain scanner (see video #7)
  • Sweep the ceiling with the lazer if you suspect leeches, but don't have the light (see video #8)
  • Kiting Praetorians 180 degrees is powerful and requires no ammo (see video #9)
  • Only You Can Prevent Friendly Fire... You are equally responsible to NOT GET BLOWN UP by C4 as you are responsible to NOT BLOW UP TEAMMATES with C4 (see video #10)
  • "Explosive Entrance" (Toss nades into dust clouds) (see video #11)
  • Attacking a charging exploder's weak point will pacify it (see video #12) NOTE: only if the exploder is self triggered
  • Give'em the ol' 1-2 to save ammo(see video #13)
  • Jump over spit (see video #14)
  • Terrain that is detached from the world will be destroyed. Any mineral attached to the destroyed world will be left behind in chunks (see video #15)
  • Teamwork matters and will save resources (see video #16)
  • Well timed power attack will kill a leech (see video #17)
  • Listen for "See You In Hell" perk activation (see video #18)
  • Be aware of what the environment has to offer (see video #19)
  • Do what you can with what you've got (see video #20)

Supply Pod in Tight Spaces

Zipline Origin
Advanced Tips For Any Class (Video Illustrations)
#1 Use the Environment

#2 Boots On the Ground

#3 Use All of Your Senses

#4 Environmental Hazzards Affect Enemies

#5 Guide the Driller

#6 "Shoulder Ram" Exploders

#7 Dead End (Terrain Scanner)

#8 Ceiling Scan

#9 Kiting Praetorians (before spit attack was added)

#10 Only You Can Prevent Friendly Fire (pre update19 C4, but tip still applies)
Advanced Tips For Any Class (Video Illustrations pg2)

Best Used For
  • DPS
  • Swarmer / Naedocyte control
  • Shellback Control
  • Scout Support

Primary Weapons
(Weapon stats displayed in illustrations are base stats)

  • Do not waste shotgun ammo on swarmers unless no other choice
  • Great for grunt control
  • Now have a fully auto upgrade option
  • "Turret Whip" upgrade uses 10 turret ammo per charged shot
  • "Turret Whip" charged shots cause AoE and remove armor
  • "Turret Whip" charged shots have a low chance to cause fear reaction
  • 2 second delay between charged shots while turret is overheated
  • Visual and audio cues given when overheated (illustrations still to come)

Electric smg
  • Best used against swarms
  • Shock effect slows enemies (works on Dreadnaught mk1 and mk2)
  • Electric ark works like an AoE
  • Focus on warriors if you have "electric ark". The ark will take care of the swarmers (see video #1)

Secondary Weapons
(Weapon stats displayed in illustrations are base stats)

Grenade Launcher
  • Use Grenade launcher to control Preys' movement (not as effective after update 19)
  • Enemies will sometimes resist the fear factor
  • Spec for armor breakage when fighting Shellbacks
  • Don't be afraid to drop a few point blank shots if it keeps you from getting overwhelmed
  • Use the "pop and swap" (see video #2) (not as consistent after update 19)
  • Blast sugar with grenade launcher when health is low (see video #3)

Breach Cutter
  • Spec with armor breaking to peel armor off of large targets
  • Plasma Ignites gasses
  • Damage focused plasma lines are great for large targets (see video #4)
  • Good weapon for the Shellback (see video #5)
  • Use wide plasma lines for mobs (see video #6)
  • Shave the LURE (see video #7)
  • Can be used to clear environmental hazards when needed (see video #8)
  • Electrified large enemies are easy targets for the Breach Cutter (see video #9)

Support Equipment
(Weapon stats displayed in illustrations are base stats)

  • Let turrets kill Swarmers / Neadocyte Shockers if possible
  • Both turrets are not always needed. Know when to drop only one to save ammo
  • Pull turrets when they attack an Oppressor's armor if not planning to use "Turret Whip"
  • Turret whip does damage through armor, has small aoe, also causes stun and fear
  • Try to use Turret Whip mid burst to ensure it is pointing at a target
  • Engineers can fill each other's turrets
  • Keep your turrets moving. The first place you put them might not be the best
  • Recalling turrets reloads their ammo (Thanks Mr Torgue)
  • Place your turret(s) on ammo pods to give them extra hight
  • With the turret "in hand" after two have been placed, tap R to swap control (see video #10)
  • Let turrets handle Swarmer hordes (see video #11)
  • Turret whip Preatorians to prevent ammo waste (see video #12)

Platform Gun
  • Place platforms on materials when other miners mark them
  • Platform wall sugar if your Scout is injured
  • Platform large slime pools, especially in tunnels (see illustration)
  • Get creative with the platforms (see illustration)
  • Repellent is extremely useful if used right (see 'repellent' section below)
  • Do not wait for platform requests if you spot wall materials first (see video #13)
  • Smooth out battlefield if you have the platforms to spare (see video #14 / illustrations)
  • "Plastcrete MKII" upgrade reduce fall damage by a lot (see video #15)
  • Some times you have to jump first and plat later (see video #16)
  • Self rescue from Grabber drops (see video #17)
  • Be decisive with your platforms (see video #18)
  • See repellent in action (see video #19)

  • Do not underestimate your pickaxe! (saves a ton of ammo)
  • Has good armor break (pluck the armor from Shellbacks)
  • Melee does a lot of damage to Mactera (base stats)
  • Use it on small and medium sized mobs when it is safe (base stats)
  • Large mobs can be defeated with melee when they are low health (base stats)

Additional Tips
  • Armor gives 50% gas resistance
  • Don't forget your hand grenades
  • Be quick to help up teammates incapped in gas (50% gas resistance)

This ability deserves its own section. Repellent can easily alter the outcome of a horde or defense segment of a Salvage Mission. The mechanics of it can be a bit confusing at first, and seeing it in action might not be clear, but I assure you, the subtle difference it makes is worth the loss of platforms.

NOTICE: Like all things DRG, repellent is not black and white, so there may be times that it appears to not be functioning correctly. I will try to explain this below

Basic Concepts & Tips
  • Enemies will path around platforms
  • If there is no other path, the bugs will cross
  • A small gap in a row of plats will provide a path for small / medium bugs
  • Use them to prevent enemies from coming down the wall above you (see illustrations)
  • Prevent undesirable pathing (See illustrations)

My Experience With It & the Randomness of DRG
  • Even if a perfect row of repellent upgraded plats is in place, bugs will still leak over them
  • It seams that every bug has a chance to resist the repellent (a "will save" for those that get D&D references)

Engineer Grenades
  • Mob focused grenade
  • Distract enemies for team revives
  • Toss outside of Salvage mission hold points
  • Changes from green to yellow then red as it takes damage
  • Lasts 20 seconds if not destroyed
  • Does not have much health
  • Does not affect Dreadnoughts
  • Use for Mactera swarms
  • Releases electric shock only if destroyed (see video #20)
  • Bring enemies into firing range of turrets (see video #21)

Plasma Burster
  • Mob focus grenade
  • Best used for large groups of medium to small enemies
  • Bottle neck for best results
  • Lets off 4 plasma bursts starting when the nade impacts an enemy or object

Proximity Mine
  • Mob focused grenade
  • Green when activating, yellow when ready
  • Place around Salvage hold outs
  • Explodes multiple times now (4 I think)
  • Can be retrieved if not set off
  • Use with turrets to help keep Swarmers from setting them off
  • No longer set off by a single Swarmer
  • Large explosion (works well in tunnels)
Engineer (Picture Illustrations)

Simple Step
2 Sided Step

Simple Scout Platform
Ceiling Access / Steep Angle




Point Extraction Bridges

Hot Plates
Slime Plats

Zipline Platform

Lateral/Virical Stairs
Puttin' it all together

3 way bridge



I would like to thank Chibity for allowing me to use his artwork for this. This artwork is a wonderful depiction that provides many useful concepts on how to alter enemy pathing with repellent

Basic Pathing Concepts

Tunnel Plug
General Example


Turret Placement
(in progress)

LMG MKII (Defender)

Salvage Hold Out


Gemini System (Defender)


Kill Zone
Engineer (Video Illustrations pg3)

Best Used For
  • DPS
  • Team Traversal
  • Glyphid control
  • "oh sh*t!" moments (shield gen)

Primary Weapons
(Weapon stats displayed in illustrations are base stats)

  • Makes easy work of the Grunts
  • Good for destroying electric crystals
  • In a pinch, a minigun can quickly clear poison pods before a horde
  • Fast dps in concentrated area

Auto Cannon
  • Slower dps in a wide area
  • The supressive fire upgrade makes every shot a mini grenade
  • Can break off chunks of sugar like the magnum
  • Good for destroying electric crystals
  • Good way to deal with poison pods
  • Good weapon for Shellbacks (see video #1) (armor breaking upgrade helps a lot)
  • "Turn n Lock" Praetorians (see video #2) (required upgrades: Supressive Fire / Burst Stagger
  • Take care of Glyphid nests before they swarm you (see video #3)

Secondary Weapons
(Weapon stats displayed in illustrations are base stats)

  • Save Magnum for Priority targets such as Preys, Wardens, ranged enemies ect.(DO NOT use on swarm mobs)
  • Snipe Preys with Magnum
  • The magnum can break off chunks of sugar (use to drop sugar from ceiling when in need) (see video #4)

Brt Pistol (burst fire)
  • Not great for Swarmers due to the burst fire
  • Does massive damage at close range
  • The stagger ability paired with recoil is good for keeping single priority targets subdued (see video #5) (required upgrade: Burst Stagger)

Support Equipment
(Weapon stats displayed in illustrations are base stats)

Zipline Gun
  • Use zipline to get team across rough terrain
  • Only use for materials that no others can reach (can be misleading during escape)
  • Try not to place too close to the edge of a cliff (see illustrations)
  • Be clear with your placement (will guide the team back to drop pod) (see illustration)
  • Recognize the origin point / insertion point of ziplines. Can be helpful when lost in a 3/3 cave system (see illustrations)
  • Hold "W" to go faster on downward slopes. Stronger the angle, greater the speed boost
  • Ziplines are lifelines on high complexity caves or vertical climbs with many dead ends and loops (see video #6)
  • Can use zipline to get team over large slime pools (see video #7) (see illustration)
  • Be decisive with your ziplines on Point Extractions (see video #8)
  • Be careful with your line placement in SandBlasted biome (see video #9)

Shield Gen
  • Ammo cap of 4 allows for 2 per resupply
  • Must recharge between use
  • Audible queue when charge is ready
  • Blocks incoming projectiles (including other players)
  • Most bugs cannot enter the dome
  • Pushes out any bug within the dome when placed
  • Prays can spit into the shield
  • Grabbers can grab Dwarves near the edge of the dome
  • Rapidly recharges the Dwarves' shields while inside (faster than poison or acid can cause damage)
  • Place near supply drop to give the team a chance to regroup
  • Drop at your feet right before you are incapped if there are other Dwarves near by (works best with perk Iron Will)
  • Can save the team during earth quakes, sand storms, and blizzards
  • Use for easy revives
  • Use on salvage mission hold outs
  • Place on Omen Modulator Maintenance pads (see Machine Events for info)
  • Light on the shield is grey when out, red when recharging, and blue when ready (see illustrations)
  • Can be used to completely plug tunnels (see illustration / video #10)
  • Recognize when your teammates need your shield more than you (see Video #11)
  • Know when it's time to drop a shield and drop some damage (see video #12)
  • "Shield Wall" Use the shield to push away Dets (see video #13)

  • Do not underestimate your pickaxe! (saves a ton of ammo)
  • Has good armor break (pluck the armor from Shellbacks)
  • Melee does a lot of damage to Mactera (base stats)
  • Use it on small and medium sized mobs when it is safe (base stats)
  • Large mobs can be defeated with melee when they are low health (base stats)

Additional Tips
  • Don't forget your hand grenades
  • 50% explosive resistance

Zipline Illustrations


Clear Placement
Link the Zips

Shield Illustrations
(in progress)


Drop Pod
Supply Pod


Recharge Status
  • ui located on right side of screen
Gunner Grenades
Sticky Nade
  • Priority target focused grenade
  • Stick to Shellbacks to remove large chunks of armor
  • Sticky nade has a chance to cause fear to the bug it is placed on, then surrounding bugs when it explodes (see video #14)

Incendiary Nade
  • Mob focused grenade
  • Lasts about 5 seconds
  • Standard "Molotov" type grenade
  • Use in bottle necks
  • Good to have if weapon spec is built for medium to heavy mobs
  • Great for Swarmers and Grunts (not so great for large mobs) (see video #15)
  • Offers instant gratification (see video #16)
  • See the Flame Thrower in the Driller's section for more info/videos about fire vs bugs

Cluster Nade
  • Mob focused grenade
  • Does massive damage to packs of medium enemies
  • The initial grenade explodes a short time after being thrown, the cluster bombs explode on impact (allows for aerial bombing)
  • Cluster nades can cause short lived stun (thanks, Nick2)

Best Used For
  • Swarmer/Naedocyte control
  • Horde control
  • Vertical team traversal
  • Quick escapes

Primary Weapons
(Weapon stats displayed in illustrations are base stats)

Flame Thrower
  • Make easy work of swarms with fire
  • Fire walls or rings (burning environment) does not deal friendly fire damage
  • Fire can now burn webs! (thanks, Eastside Steve)
  • Flame Thrower can be used to warm cold players (only do this when asked)
  • Fire melts Ice and Engineer's platforms
  • Fire does a lot of damage to Bee Hives
  • Fire can kill bees (see video #1)
  • "Birthed in flame." Fire does not damage you or incapped friendlies. (see video #2)
  • Use your fire walls. Will save a ton of fuel (see video #3)
  • Don't let the word fire "wall" hold you back (see video #4)
  • Burn dead Preatorian gas clouds (see video #5)
  • The "Heat Radiance" upgrade only functions when the flamethrower is actively
    firing (see video #6)

Cryo Gun
  • Frozen enemies are great Vampire fodder
  • Freezing Mactera makes them fall to their deaths
  • Can make the battlefield difficult to see
  • Works well with Vampire perk (see video for "Frozen Dinner" tip)
  • Nearly an instant kill against Breeders
  • The "Cold Radiance" upgrade only functions when the Cry Cannon is actively
  • Able to freeze Dreadnoughts (see video #7)
  • Killing a frozen Praetorian prevents the gas cloud (see video #8)
  • Freezing a charging exploder pacifies it (see video #9)
  • Killing a frozen Detonator prevents the explosion (see video #10)
  • Freezing a Nexus before killing prevents swarmers (see video #11)
  • Keep the freeze gauge up when fighting an oppressor (see video #12)

Secondary Weapons
(Weapon stats displayed in illustrations are base stats)

Subata Pistol
  • Well rounded pistol
  • Accurate with single shots
  • Fires as fast as the player can pull the trigger
  • "Burn n churn". Volatile Bullets upgrade helps (see video #13) (required upgrade: It Burns!)

Plasma Charger
  • Works like a pistol/nade launcher
  • Small shots for precision targets
  • Charged shots for large groups
  • Charged shot can ignite gas
  • Jumping before letting off a charged shot can make better use of aoe (see video #14)
  • Send charged shot through groups of Swarmers / Naedocytes with "Flying Nightmare" equipped for max damage (see video #15)

Support Equipment
(Weapon stats displayed in illustrations are base stats)

  • Drill makes easy work of Jadiz, eggs and the like.
  • Driller can make an easy path to the escape pod
  • Make new pathways. Lots of them
  • Drills cause fear and Stun
  • Dig near edge of wall. Makes it easier to spot (See illustrations)
  • Clear the battlefield (see illustrations)
  • Use for steep vertical team traversal (see video #16)
  • Spiral ramps to climb pillars (see video #17)
  • Dig around slime in the fungus biome (see video #18)
  • Pluck out electric crystals (see video #19)
  • Drills work with "Vampire" perk (see video for "Frozen Dinner" tip)
  • Lock enemies down with drills (better with drill damage buff) (see video #20)
  • Block Spitballer projectiles with drills (see video #21)
  • Have a "Frozen Dinner" with the Vampire perk (see video #22)
  • Prep the bug with a "dry rub seasoning" (see video #23)
  • Short bursts with the drills in combination with the pickaxe can lock down targets and save ammo (see video #24)
  • Use markers or other players' outlines to help guide your drilling (see video #25)
  • Your drills can save you from a fall. (press against the wall and spam jump) (see video #26)

  • Does a large amount of damage to Dreadnought's ARMOR
  • Increasing total ammo to 4 allows for 2 per resupply (2 or 3 total = 1/supply)
  • Maximizing damage (2 total ammo) allows the C4 to kill full health Preatorians
  • Groups of Preys 2 or larger are good targets (see video #27) (not as effective after update 19)
  • Whole swarms can be stopped in their tracks with the Concussive Blast upgrade (see video #28)
  • Stack'em up with the Cryo Cannon for more kills (see video #29)
  • Exterminate large swarms with the press of a button (see video #30)

  • Do not underestimate your pickaxe! (saves a ton of ammo)
  • Has good armor break (pluck the armor from Shellbacks)
  • Melee does a lot of damage to Mactera (base stats)
  • Use it on small and medium sized mobs when it is safe (base stats)
  • Large mobs can be defeated with melee when they are low health (base stats)

Additional Tips
  • Driller gets 50% Fire resistance
  • Don't forget your hand grenades


Dig Near the Edge

Clear the Battlefield

Clear the Tunnels


Driller Grenades
Throwing Axe
  • Priority target focused grenade
  • Does damage through armor
  • 8 max ammo
  • Has small aoe around it. Low health enemies will die before the axe hits them thus not disabling the axe
  • If you have 5+ while getting a resupply pod, make a "weapon rack" (see illustration)
  • If the axe is still lit, it can be picked up (see illustrations)
  • Works with vampire perk (see video #31)
  • Freeze first then axe to quickly dispatch large targets (see video #32)
  • Use the axe to quickly clear environmental threats. Does not consume ammo (see video #33)

Weapon Rack

Can Pick Up
Can't Pick Up


HE Nade
  • Mob or priority target focused
  • Standard yet versatile explosive
  • Use fear to control Preatorians' movement (see video #34)
  • Cryo Cannon + HE grenade is a fun combo (see video #35)

Neurotoxin Nade
  • Mob focused grenade
  • Freeze medium enemies inside gas (video coming soon)
  • Can be ignited with the flame thrower
  • Obscures vision
  • Takes a moment to deploy
  • Large radius of gas emitted from grenade
  • Slows enemies within gas
  • Damage continues after the bugs leave the gas
  • AMAZING vs Swarmers (see video #36)
Driller (video Illustrations pg4)
#31 Throwing Axe Vampire + Iron Will Save

#32 Freeze Large Target Before Axe

#33 Clear Environmental Threats With Axe

#34 Praetorian Handgrenade Control (not as consistent after update 19)

#35 Cryo + HE Nade

#36 Nuerotoxin vs Swarmers

Best Used For
  • ...Scouting. ikr
  • Team support
  • Team medic
  • Crowd control

Primary Weapons
(Weapon stats displayed in illustrations are base stats)

Assault Rifle
  • Standard assault rifle
  • All around useful weapon

  • Standard shots use 1 ammo
  • Charged shots use 2 ammo
  • Fires when trigger is released (takes a little getting used to)
  • Click and hold trigger for "focused shot"
  • Audible queue when "focused shot" is ready
  • Right click to cancel focus
  • The "Precision Terror" upgrade + stasis nade is a deadly combo (see video #1)
  • Use "Hitting Where It Hurts" for easy priority target kills (great way to deal with Wardens)(see video #2)

Secondary Weapons
(Weapon stats displayed in illustrations are base stats)

Double Barrel
  • Plays like most double barrel shotguns
  • Use the "drop n pop" (see video #3)

Dual SMGs
  • Large ammo bags, but it goes fast
  • Tap the trigger when dealing with Swarmers
  • High damage and movement buff is a powerful spec

Support Equipment
(Weapon stats displayed in illustrations are base stats)

Flare Gun
  • Do not forget your flare gun!
  • Keep the ceiling lit during swarms
  • Launch one flare right after exiting the drop pod
  • No need to light up the entire cave if it is too large. Light around the team's needs
  • Pick your flare locations before launching (see video #4)
  • Not sure you got everything in a large cave? Use one flare for a "final check" (see video #5)
  • Light "new" caves on Escort Missions as the Drilldozer breaches through (see video #6)

Grappling Hook
  • Scout can look any direction while using the grapling hook
  • Jumping can get you the last meter needed when just out of range
  • Be quick to gather minerals that are vertically challenging (what takes the scout 10 seconds can take another class 5 minutes)
  • No movement debuff to the Dwarf can prevent the grappling hook from pulling at full speed
  • Use grapling hook to dodge fire balls (see video #7)
  • Scout can grab while "Grappling" through the air (grabbing an item while zipping now ends the grapple) (see video #8)
  • Become one with the grappling hook. It will save your life (see video #9)
  • Eat the web for your team (see video #10)
  • Be the medic. Your grappling hook makes you ideal for team revival (see video #11)
  • "Molly to the Rescue!" Stuck in a sticky situation with no Engie? Molly can act as an emergency platform (see video #12)
  • "Slingshot" flares and grenades (see video #13)
  • "Iron Will" paired with the grappling hook can prevent many deaths (see video #14)
  • Don't underestimate the Scout's mobility (see video #15)
  • Use the hook and physics for "hang Time Mining" (see video #16)
  • "I'll brb" Don't get caught off guard when wall mining (see video #17)
  • Use the grappling hook to quickly destroy the tip of Ommoran Pylons (see video #18)

  • Do not underestimate your pickaxe! (saves a ton of ammo)
  • Has good armor break (pluck the armor from Shellbacks)
  • Melee does a lot of damage to Mactera (base stats)
  • Use it on small and medium sized mobs when it is safe (base stats)
  • Large mobs can be defeated with melee when they are low health (base stats)

Additional Tips
  • Reduced fall damage
  • Grapple the ground to prevent fall damage
  • There is a difference between "scouting" and "running ahead"
  • You are not the DPS. Keep your team covered
  • Know when to play safety (stay alive when all others are incapped)
  • Keep an eye out for engie platforms
  • The Scout should GO to the MULE to deposit. Let your slow counterparts pull it around (unless Jadiz, Eggs and the like)
  • Not all wall minerals need a platform (see video #19)
  • Make it rain. If you are full, just keep digging (see video #20)
  • Drop wall sugar to the ground for your fellow Dwarves (see video #21)
  • A well placed power attack can work as a risky makeshift platform (see video #22)
  • Stand on difficult to reach Ebonuts (see video #23)
Scout Grenades
Stasis Nade (IFG)
  • Mob focused grenade
  • Does not effect friendlies
  • 6 max ammo
  • Stasis nades "buzz" when an enemy enters the aura
  • Lock down tunnels and bottle necks
  • Toss at your feet if getting overwhelmed
  • Stasis nades stick to the environment
  • Activate the moment they touch the environment
  • One well placed stasis nade can be a game changer (see video #22)
  • IFG / Berserker combo is powerful (see video #23)

Cryo Nade
  • Mob or priority target focused grenade
  • Instant freeze to anything in the blast zone
  • Fills 1/2 of friendly's cold meter
  • Use on Praetorians, Nexuses, and other enemies with benefits to killing while frozen
  • See the Cryo Cannon in the Driller's section for more info/videos about ice vs bugs
  • Stops Mactera in their tracks (see video #24)
  • The aoe of the grenade is large, but the enemies still need to be finished off (see video #25)

Pheromone Nade
  • Mob focused grenade
  • Lasts 10 seconds
  • Toss at your feet then grapple out if overwhelmed
  • Toss on a nexus or other high health stationary enemies to get the small ones to cluster together (best used with teammates - Scout isn't the dps)
  • Detonators are good targets
  • "Marinade the Bugs" toss on a group of medium sized bugs and chow down! (works best with vampire perk and better if paired with berserker) (see video #26)
  • Toss into a horde for mass crowd control (not as effective after update 29) (see video #27)
Power Attack
Power attacks are "rechargeable grenades" (that's just how I feel), that can be handled in one of 2 ways: spec for Swarmers / medium mobs, or spec for medium / large mobs

General Info
  • Spec with a mob type in mind
  • Know when it's safe to use it for qol purposes (quick loot bug kills, terrain damage ect...)
  • Hole left in terrain by power attack is big enough for 1 dwarf (do with that what you will)
  • Base damage can kill most medium sized enemies on h4
  • Works with the Vampire perk
  • Chance to stun
  • Removes armor
  • 30 second recharge without upgrade
  • ui located on right side of screen (see illustration)
  • Double tap enemies with regular melee for a quick chunk of damage (see video #1)
  • Great way to quickly get dangerous medium sized mobs off of you (see video #2)
  • Causes damage through unbreakable armor (see video #3)

Swarmer / Medium Mobs
  • Bring if you are lacking Swarmer control in your guns / grenades
  • Takes out a lot of Swamers or Neadocytes in one hit (see video #4)
  • Can kill multiple medium mobs if the surrounding mobs are wounded (see video #5)

Medium / Large Mobs
  • Kills all medium sized enemies in one hit
  • Removes roughly 1/3 of a Preatorian's health (also dependent on hazard level and player count)
  • No aoe to speak of

Faster Recharge
  • Use it like the medium / large mob spec

Recharge ui

Power Attack Video Illustrations

#1 Double tap (pre update 28 berserker)

#2 Quick Med. Size Mob Kill

#3 Power Attack Through Armor

#4 Swarmer Control

#5 Multi Kill
OverClocks (General Info)
NOTICE: I believe that the value and effectiveness of all weapon Overclocks is subjective and entirely up to the user to determine their worth. This/these sections are aimed to be informational.

Overclocks (OCs) are special modifications that enhance a weapon's base stats or add a new function all together. The changes the OCs make can range from minimal to profound. Some are simple stat adjustments (extra ammo for example) while others can offer a new play style all together (shotgun boost for the Scout). I find myself settling on one or 2 OCs that I really like, but I always encourage experimentation

  • There are three types of OCs:
    • Clean
    • Balanced
    • Unstable
  • OCs are obtained from Deep Dives, Weekly core hunts, forge mastery, and Machine Events if the player chooses an OC as the reward
  • Once the player runs out of OCs to obtain, Mission Control will start rewarding blank matrix cores instead

Clean Overclocks
MOST of the clean OCs are simple stats boosts that allow for an over all more broadened weapon or a stronger focus on what the build is already geared towards. If you want to play it safe and keep it simple, cleans are a good choice. There will never be a negative attribute on a clean OC

Balanced Overclocks
Balanced OCs usually give you a simple pro/con choice to make. They generally have 1 positive attribute and 1 negative. The positive side will likely offer more than a clean would for that stat, but it will come at a cost

Unstable Overclocks
Unstable OCs will most likely alter the play style of the gun entirely. While they have the opportunity to be extremely powerful, they require more experimentation than most others. Expect 2 or 3 negative attributes with any unstable
Scout (Clean Overclocks)
NOTICE: Some OCs are simple and do not require much info from me. Others will have videos, illustrations, and tips to go along

  • Standard weapon upgrade
  • Easily worked into most builds

  • Standard weapon upgrade
  • Easily worked into most builds

  • Homebrew Powder adds a range of -20% to +40% damage
  • Simple way to look at it (an average of 10% extra damage)

  • Can break fall only if the Scout's feet touch the ground before the focus effect ends
  • Slows "TIME" while focused. Inertia returns when focus is over (see video #1)
  • Use it while traversing with the grappling hook to buy a split second to shoot mid air (see video #2)

  • Standard weapon upgrade
  • Easily worked into most builds

  • Give the DOOM guy a beard. Nuff said

  • "Can" be used in traversal, best used for grappling hook fails (video coming soon)

  • Standard weapon upgrade
  • Easily worked into most builds

  • Standard weapon upgrade
  • Easily worked into most builds

  • Standard weapon upgrade
  • Easily worked into most builds
Scout (Balanced Overclocks)
NOTICE: Some OCs are simple and do not require much info from me. Others will have videos, illustrations, and tips to go along

  • Good overclock for hazardous bioms
  • Pair with elemental secondary weapon OC
  • Synergize with Driller or smg using Engie

  • Simple pro/con weapon upgrade

  • Mobility focused OC

  • Gives a TON of ammo (not mention in OC description)
  • Turns the M1000 into an M14

  • Less damage for more precision

  • Better Swarmer control
Scout (Unstable Overclocks)
NOTICE: Some OCs are simple and do not require much info from me. Others will have videos, illustrations, and tips to go along

  • Slower rate of fire and damage drop for PERFECT accuracy

  • Shock targets when reloading
  • Shoot multiple enemies with the same magazine to shock a group of bugs

  • Pairs well with Conductive Bullets upgrade for NUK17s
  • Any damage lost to OC is made up for with electric dot
  • Does not work if you hit the bug's armor
  • Shock multiple targets with Super BlowThrough Rounds

  • Hit'em hard with this OC (massive single shot damage)
  • Scout cannot move while focused
  • Start the focus while moving through the air after using the grappling hook
  • A lot less ammo
  • Best used for Elimination missions

  • Get the most bang for your buckshot with this OC
  • Extremely limited ammo (pick your shots)
  • Blowthrough Rounds are helpful given the ammo restraint

  • Any bullet that hits the ground becomes a small times cryo explosive
  • Freezing is best left to Cryo Nades and Driller

  • Deal damage to targets that have been shot when reloading
  • Damage dealt on reload is based on the number of shots landed in the last magazine

  • Up close and personal weapon mod
  • Stasis grenade with this OC can be very powerful
Engineer (Clean Overclocks)
NOTICE: Some OCs are simple and do not require much info from me. Others will have videos, illustrations, and tips to go along

  • Standard weapon upgrade
  • Easily worked into most builds

  • No actual stat changes
  • Tactical upgrade
  • Works better with a team
  • Good for locking down target while others deal heavy dps

  • Standard weapon upgrade
  • Easily worked into most builds

  • Standard weapon upgrade
  • Easily worked into most builds

  • Standard weapon upgrade
  • Easily worked into most builds

  • Standard weapon upgrade
  • Easily worked into most builds

  • Standard weapon upgrade
  • Easily worked into most builds

  • Spins like a fan blade while the player holds the trigger
  • Keep the spin going to spread the damage out over a larger area
  • Let go at the right time to get the most out of your plasma lines (see video #1)

  • Standard weapon upgrade
  • Easily worked into most builds
Engineer (Balanced Overclocks)
NOTICE: Some OCs are simple and do not require much info from me. Others will have videos, illustrations, and tips to go along

  • Precision OC
  • Can turn the shotgun into a long ranged weapon if you spec for accuracy

  • Simple pro/con upgrade
  • Short range weapon for extra damage

  • Simple pro/con weapon upgrade

  • Works well paired with High Velocity Grenades and Spiky Grenade (sniper nade launcher)

  • Effectively doubles your damage in the "returning" zone
  • Effectiveness greatly dictated by user
  • Tap your fire button to not use the OC
  • Timing is everything. Choose what section will get a double pass and more by releasing at the right time (see illustration / video #2)

RtS 2D concept

  • Standard pro / con weapon upgrade
  • Larger targets are usually the only ones that survive the beam to be electrocuted
Engineer (Unstable Overclocks)
NOTICE: Some OCs are simple and do not require much info from me. Others will have videos, illustrations, and tips to go along

  • Extreme close range dps when paired with Miner Adjustments (full auto) upgrade

  • Set to fully auto for an all around reliable "AA12" feeling shotgun

  • Each turret can let off an aoe electric discharge when electrocuted by the smg
  • Use the turrets like a mine in the battlefield
  • aoe deals friendly fire
  • Let your teammates know if you are using this OC
  • Even if your team knows, try to avoid ff

  • Turrets will create an electric ark between them when one is electrocuted
  • Tough to use
  • Max ark length us 10m (easy to mess up in combat)
  • Place at entrance of a tunnel or defense point
  • Electric ark deals friendly fire
  • Let your teammates know if you are using this OC
  • Even if your team knows, try to avoid ff

  • USE WITH CAUTION can easily cause a party wipe
  • Powerful direct damage (not as big as you might expect)
  • Much larger, long lasting radiation aoe left behind
  • Restricted ammo (plan your shots to utilize both the explosion and the aoe)
  • Completely shutdown large tunnels with the aoe

  • The best sniper grenade launcher combo you can ask for
  • Use in combination with cryo to delete large enemies (see video #3)

  • Easily sets targets on fire in a large area
  • Would only bring to Glacial Strata

  • Beams open immediately after shot and spin while slowing moving forward
  • Has extremely low range
  • Amazing aoe damage
  • Use at any bottle neck to make a meat grinder
  • Works well for bugs of all sizes
  • Pair with Disruptive Frequency Tuning (stun upgrade) to prevent anything from escaping
  • "Shock and chop" large targets with the SMG as a primary weapon (see video #4)
  • Slows Dreadnought's movement as it passes through (see video #5)
Driller (Clean Overclocks)
NOTICE: Some OCs are simple and do not require much info from me. Others will have videos, illustrations, and tips to go along

  • Standard weapon upgrade
  • Easily worked into most builds

  • Standard weapon upgrade
  • Easily worked into most builds

  • Standard weapon upgrade
  • Easily worked into most builds

  • Standard weapon upgrade
  • Easily worked into most builds

  • Homebrew Powder adds a range of -20% to +40% damage
  • Simple way to look at it (an average of 10% extra damage)

  • Ricochet can some time hit armor
  • Try not to think about it too much
  • Picks random target within range of the ricochet
  • Shoots in a random direction if there is no target near by

  • Standard weapon upgrade
  • Easily worked into most builds

  • Standard weapon upgrade
  • Easily worked into most builds
Driller (Balanced Overclocks)
NOTICE: Some OCs are simple and do not require much info from me. Others will have videos, illustrations, and tips to go along

  • Situational
  • Best used in short low complexity caves

  • Focus heavy on freezing power
  • Use in short bursts

  • Slower freezing speed for longer range

  • Press "R" to use
  • 50 ammo per spear
  • Spear does a lot of damage and has great range
  • Stuns any target not immune to stun
  • Small aoe
  • Use to quickly remove priority targets (see video #1)

  • Simple pro/con weapon upgrade

  • Requires player to choose timing of charged shots better
  • Works well if EPC is built around strong charged shots
  • Fire charged shot then swap weapons

  • Significant damage boost for normal shots
  • Best to avoid charged shots with this OC
Driller (Unstable Oerclocks)
NOTICE: Some OCs are simple and do not require much info from me. Others will have videos, illustrations, and tips to go along

  • Instant gratification with this dps focused OC

  • Fire and forget with this OC
  • Swarmers are a non-issue with this OC
  • Spec towards a sticky build for excellent crowd control

  • Sacrifices freezing power for dps
  • Medium and small target are still easily frozen
  • Large targets are harder to freeze

  • Press "R" to activate
  • 35 ammo per use
  • Snowball has a strong ark when used at range
  • It is like having a small cryo nade launcher
  • Snowball does no damage

  • Works well with Cryo Cannon
  • Extra recoil make it tough at range, works best at close range frozen targets

  • Deal damage to targets that have been shot when reloading
  • Damage dealt on reload is based on the number of shots landed in the last magazine

  • Harder to put out damage with this OC
  • Reliable stun that works on almost all bugs
  • Stun while in sticky flame

  • Small aoe left behind from charge shot
  • Set off at tunnel entrance during swarm or horde
  • Last 5 seconds

  • Simple pro/con weapon upgrade
Driller Overclocks (video illustrations)
Gunner (Clean Overclocks)
NOTICE: Some OCs are simple and do not require much info from me. Others will have videos, illustrations, and tips to go along

  • Standard weapon upgrade
  • Easily worked into most builds

  • Standard weapon upgrade
  • Easily worked into most builds

  • Standard weapon upgrade
  • Easily worked into most builds

  • Standard weapon upgrade
  • Easily worked into most builds

  • Ricochet can some time hit armor
  • Try not to think about it too much
  • Picks random target within range of the ricochet
  • Shoots in a random direction if there is no target near by

  • Homebrew Powder adds a range of -20% to +40% damage
  • Simple way to look at it (an average of 10% extra damage)

  • Standard weapon upgrade
  • Easily worked into most builds

  • Standard weapon upgrade
  • Easily worked into most builds

  • Homebrew Powder adds a range of -20% to +40% damage
  • Simple way to look at it (an average of 10% extra damage)
Gunner (Balanced Overclocks)
NOTICE: Some OCs are simple and do not require much info from me. Others will have videos, illustrations, and tips to go along

  • Good in the Glacial Strata
  • Works best if team Driller is using flame thrower
  • Try not tot use fire weapons when Driller is using the Cryo Cannon

  • Slower rate of fire also slows the speed accuracy increases
  • Greatly extends the length of time the minigun can be fired
  • Good oc for those that have a hard time maintaining ammo with minigun

  • Solid OC if paired with accuracy upgrades

  • Focus heavy on AOE damage if using this OC
  • Amazing for groups of medium sized or smaller bugs
  • The explosions can be vision obstructing when firing up close

  • Simple pro/con upgrade
  • Pairs well with Feedback Loop upgrade

  • Need to be point blank range to be accurate
  • Ability to unload damage on large targets like Dreads
  • Massive amounts of recoil

  • Makes ranged enemies more difficult
  • Makes everything else easier

  • If used, the BRT will not be great in hordes
  • Best used for time between hordes and stragglers

  • Simple pro/con upgrade
Gunner (Unstable Overclocks)
NOTICE: Some OCs are simple and do not require much info from me. Others will have videos, illustrations, and tips to go along

  • Its hard to recommend this OC
  • Poor accuracy, extra ff, less chance of landing crits

  • The loss of movement takes getting used to
  • Hold your ground and dump damage into the horde
  • Use shield if you get swarmed and clear your battlefield
  • Great OC to use on Escort Missions

  • Less ammo and fire rate for greater damage pershot
  • Works well on Dreadnought

  • Sacrifice direct damage for a dot
  • Toxin works like Driller's neurotoxin grenade
  • Outstanding OC for medium health targets and swarms
  • Pair with fear and spread the plague

  • Hit'em hard
  • Nuf said

  • Good if you are prone to missing a lot
  • Not highly recommended over extra damage mods

  • Any missed bullet because a small timed electric mine

  • Tons of ammo for a massive ammo reduction
  • Max fire rate and use for medium and small mobs
Gunner Overclocks (video illustrations)
Perks (General Info)
NOTICE: The segments ahead may not reflect the "best" option for each reader, so I will remain as focused on information as possible. With that being said, this section is highly subjective and will thus reflect my personal biases and play style. I will not be including the numerical value of the perks or points required to purchase them to avoid "fluff". That Info can easily be found in game.


Key Performance Indicators Terminal
  • Perks are purchased with Perk Points
  • Perk points are earned by completing Milestones (see illustration)
  • Perks/Milestones can be found in the Key Performance Indicators terminal in the player's barracks
  • Notification of completed milestone is given during mission report (see illustration)
  • Perks are applied at the "equipment" terminal (see illustration) (see Space Rig section for more info)
  • 5th perk slot earned from the Dwarf's 1st promotion
  • Consider a perk based on its final upgrade bonus (even if you have not unlocked it yet)
Milestone Notification

Completed Milestone

Perk Slots
Passive Perks
Passive perks are exactly what they sound like. Once applied, you need not think of it again. Some passive perks compliment the active perks. Consider what class you are playing, and if you want to change the perks mission to mission when selecting them

I for one do not want to swap back and forth, so I find the best 3 for my play style that work in all situations. By swapping your perks mission to mission, you can get better use out of Elemental Insulation or Unstoppable for instance, but run the risk of forgetting to swap when going into a cave that would render some perks less effective

  • Best used for Gunner and Engineer
  • A "mechanical sound" can be heard when reload has finished

  • Best for Scout (good for any class)

  • This includes heat, cold, poison, biohazard, electricity, and basically all DOTs
  • Get more use out of it in Magma Core and Glacial Strata

  • Best used with Driller
  • We all make mistakes. This helps prevent "oopsies"
  • Only you can prevent friendly fire

  • I'm sure that it has it's usefulness in terms of quality of life
  • Cannot recommend using it over any of the other perks

  • Good for any class

  • Extra speed is always a good thing

  • Throwing flares farther is nice, but has NEVER been necessary
  • Cannot recommend using it over any of the perks above

  • Good for any class
  • Only takes 1 health to give movement buff
  • See Status Effects section for hud display

ST hud

  • Best for Gunner and Scout
  • Great way to deal with those single Swarmer types
  • Do not rely on it too much

  • Works for Bomber goo and cryo Prey spit as well
  • Bring to Glacial Strata and Fungus Bogs

  • Best for any class
  • Careful not to get too blood thirsty. Can end up in a bad spot
  • Encourages ammo saving melee
  • Pare with Iron Will for self rescue
  • There is a "thunk" of a sound that plays when you get a vampire kill

  • Best for any class
  • 30% damage reduction is a lot
  • Keep the MULE near by during hordes
  • On screen UI when close enough to the MULE

VD hud
Active Perks
Active perk, generally speaking, require the player to activate them at a chosen time. Some have passive abilities while others do not. Some have a limited number of uses per cave and others have a cool down period with an unlimited number of uses. Like the passive perks, you need to ask yourself if you plan on swapping them out regularly, or just finding a comfortable 2 and sticking with it

I am prone to forget to swap back and forth between missions, so I pick 2 that best fit my play style for that class and leave it as is.

  • Beast Master will break the balance of the game on anything other than h5
  • Highly recommended you learn to play without
  • Tame regular grunts if you want a balanced perk
  • A portion of the community does not like this perk (know you will be upsetting some people by using this in public games)
  • Real Dwarves do not pet bugs

All of that aside: it is a very powerful perk that can do most of anything
  • Tank
  • DPS
  • Hunt Leeches
  • Clear the corpse of the player
  • Take out Spitballers
  • And much more


  • Exactly the same effect as picking up an Ebonite melee booster
  • Easy to trigger by accident
  • Wipe out groups of grunts (see video #1)
  • Take out armored enemies with Berserker (see video #2)

Berserker hud

#1 Berserker vs Grunts

#2 Berserker vs Armored Enemies

  • Speed boost doesn't last long
  • Use to get yourself out of sticky situations
  • Careful not to activate by accident

  • Best for Scout (good for any class)
  • Faster revives = happy teammates
  • Save active for emergencies
  • The aoe fear never fails, even against dreads (see video #3)

#3 AOE Fear Always Works

  • Usefulness depends on the individual's ability to anticipate leeches
  • On screen UI doesn't show up until the Leech is already
    reaching for the player (see illustration below)
  • The self rescue works on Mactera Grabbers as well

Heightened Senses (hud)

  • Best for Scout
  • Can prevent all damage from any fall
  • Use with Scout to get anywhere without a platform (See video #4)

#4 Hover Boots Mining With Scout

  • Best for Scout / Gunner
  • Player can do everything while in Iron Will
  • Self revive with sugar/resupply/vampire
  • Invisibility lasts until IW runs out regardless of self rescue
  • If self revive is not an option, spam your "shout" key and
    get close to your teammates
  • You cannot die faster than your IW timer no matter how
    much damage you take
  • On screen UI when Iron Willed (see illustration)
  • Iron Will + vampire = pro self rescue (see video #5)
  • Use it to get yourself out of bad situations (see video #6)

IW (hud)
IW 3rd Person

#5 IW + Vamp

#6 IW to Get Yourself Out of Bad Situations

  • Passive ability is really useful with Vampire
  • ANY damage to player will trigger melee boost
  • Perk works well on Salvage mission hold outs
  • Using the active ability next to another downed player will clear you both of bugs
  • The fear effect persists for a short time
  • SYIH makes a distinct sound when it goes off
  • Be quick to pick up players that use their active ability
  • Video and illustrations coming soon

SYIH hud

  • Always useful so long as it is not a shield disruption mutation
  • Visual representation when players are receiving passive boost
  • Status effect and hud present when player is buffed by shield boost
  • Boost a players shield right after reviving them

Boosted Shield
Boosted Shield 3rd Person
Promoting a Dwarf is meant for players that have capped their Dwarves but still wish to progress their account further. Promoting a Dwarf resets the character level to 1 while maintaining the player level. All equipment stats now remain after promotion

  • Promoting a Dwarf costs credits and vanity materials
  • The player must complete 4 missions chosen by mission control in order to be promoted
  • Other players can help
  • You MUST play the selected mission. Other missions of the same type will not progress the promotion
  • You can progress the promotion missions of a class with any of the other classes
  • Promoted Dwarves will have a "badge" around their avatar (see illustration)
  • 1st promotion grants that class a 5th perk slot!
  • Promoting a rank 3 legendary Dwarf resets the character level allowing for further leveling of player level, but no new badge is given
  • Promotion terminal is located in the hall of heros

Once accepting a promotion assignment, the mission terminal will have a new symbol next to the planetary region in which the player will find his/her mission (this applies to all assignment types)

See Assignments below for more info

Look for this symbol
Required mission

Promotion Progression

Promotion Terminal

Promoted Dwarf

  • Each time a Dwarf is promoted, beginning with bronze, the badge is ranked up and the player level set back to one: Bronze 1 = 1 promotion. Silver 1 = 4 promotions and so on

Rank 1
Rank 2
Rank 3

Rank 1
Rank 2
Rank 3
Assignment Info
Picking and completing assignments is simple enough (see Promotions above for more info). However, there are some unexplained subtleties that I will list here for clarification:
  • Only 1 assignment can be active at a time
  • Teammates' assignments will display on the map (see illustrations)
  • If there are multiple players on a team with different assignments at different stages of completion, the game will try to assign the same map so long as the mission type is the same
  • Example: Player 1 on stage 2 of a promotion assignment will be matched up with with player 2 who is on stage 3 of a weekly priority (it makes sense when you see it)
Teammate's Assignment
Bosco is your singleplayer companion. Whether playing solo or starting a multiplayer game alone while you wait for others, Bosco can assist with a number of tasks and orders that can be delegated with the lazer pointer
  • Provides light
  • Deals damage
  • Mines materials (does not deposit)
  • Revives if incapped
  • Makes cute puppy sounds
  • And more!

See Single Player Tips below for more Bosco tips

General Info
Bosco cannot use words. Instead, a hologram will appear above Bosco's head displaying the currently assigned task:

Providing Light
  • Bosco will follow you pretty closely, but you can target the terrain to order the bot to provide light in a specific area. First time I saw this I thought Bosco had a good idea haha
Aggressive Mode
  • Bosco Will actively defend you, but you can also order the bot to attack a specific target
  • Bosco does not deposit into the MULE
  • Bosco will not mine without orders to do so
  • Look at Bosco's back or under his icon to see how many revives remain
  • Upgades can allow up to 4 revives

  • Overcharged Rounds upgrade is like handing Bosco an Engie smg
  • Right click while holding the lazer pointer to launch a rocket
  • Rockets recharge over time
  • Cryo rockets freeze medium and small enemies (slows praetorians)
  • Bosco will destroy Bee Hives if tagged
  • Bosco's armor breaking upgrade is powerful (see video #1)
  • Bosco is efficient at killing Swarmers / Neadocytes(see video #2)
  • Launch rockets into hordes for massive damage (see video #3)

  • Target sugar and Bosco can knock it off the ceiling for you
  • Use your "call" button to request a revive from Bosco
  • Bosco can build pipelines on Refinery Missions
  • Can excavate large materials (eggs, jadiz) and carry them to the player (see video #4)
  • Bosco can build refinery pipelines (see video #5)


Base Stats

#1 Armor Break

#2 Swarmer / Neadocyte Kills

#3 Rocket vs Horde

#4 Bosco With Large Materials Compilation Video

#5 Bosco Can Build Pipes
Single Player Tips
It's A Big World Out There For Just One Dwarf

"Is drg good for single player?" This question is asked all the time, and the answer is YES! The game will scale down the number of enemies for 1-4 players.

Being alone adds new challenges than before, such as only having one support tool to work with which can make the environment your worst enemy. Spelunking alone requires the player to manage his/herself as well as Bosco.

Tips For Singleplayer
  • Sick Bosco on vertically challenging minerals
  • Tag Grabbers so Bosco has a better chance at saving you if "grabbed"
  • Bosco is a powerful weapon against the Dreadnoughts
  • Keep Bosco busy
  • Keep Bosco close during blizzards and sand storms
  • Your pickaxe can get you far in life as a Dwarf
  • Use your terrain scanner and make needed shortcuts (easier as Driller)
  • Be selfish with the MULE (no one else needs it)
  • Don't rush out of the drop pod
  • Bosco can dig out large gems
  • Get Bosco to drop oil shale on Escort Missions
  • Kite the bugs and let Bosco do the dirty work if you are getting overwhelmed (see video #1)

See Bosco's section above for additional tips

#1 Kite the Bugs
Laser Pointer
The ever so handy laser pointer needs to be an easy to access button. I have it set to a thumb button on my mouse. Its many uses range from marking materials, guiding a driller through a wall, leaving a waypoint, and calling attention to a horde. Along with all that, it provides on-screen information about what the laser is pointing at that include the distance from the object, and the name of the object as well as what it is categorized as. The marker is also key given that it shows which class has placed it (scouts and engies need to be looking out for eachother's markers)
  • Laser pointer will make a pinging sound when it hovers over materials
  • Left click with laser pointer for marker
  • With the laser pointer out, press "E" to set a waypoint (see illustrations) (thanks, Azure Toroto)
  • Teammates do not see the "waypoint"
  • I like to waypoint at my feet as I enter a new cave (easy to keep track of where you came from)
  • Additional UI info shows on screen when the laser pointer is active (tap the laser pointer for a few seconds of extra UI)
  • Supply pods with 1 or more ammo refills, the M.U.L.E, player outlines. waypoints, and more show up on the "additional UI"
  • Each class has a unique color for the "ping" left behind when marking an object (see illustrations)
  • Each class has a unique laser pointer color (see illustration)
  • You do not need to wait for the laser pointer to be visible for quick marks. Laser points where the current weapon's crosshairs are pointng (see video #1)
  • Use the Laser Pointer to Get the Attention of Other Players (see video #2)

On-screen Display
The screen of the laser pointer has 4 colors it will swap between: green, red, yellow, grey depending on what it is pointing at

Morkite / Gold / Nitra / secondary minerals / vanity materials
  • Excavated items (jadiz/eggs ect...) show on a grey screen
  • Sugar now shows as green

  • Changes color for both stationary and mobile enemies

  • As far as I can tell, dirt is the only thing that turns the screen yellow

Everything Else
  • All items that require excavation come up as grey
  • Fossils, boolo caps, and blooms are grey
  • Environmental hazards are grey

Laser Pointer UI Info

Class Name Is On The UI

Laser Pointers Are Color Coded

Ping Colors



Video Illustrations

#1 Quick Tags

#2 Get the Attention of Other Players
Terrain Scanner

The Terrain Scanner has come a long way. It can be used to locate the team, drop pods, waypoints, eggs, cocoons, even dirt (if you know what you are looking for). It takes a little getting used to, but it is an otherwise invaluable piece of gear that can and will guide the player in the right direction. This section will cover the obvious and subtle hints that it has to offer

General Info
  • Know what you are looking at (see legend)
  • Use to locate dirt when lost (see illustration)
  • Machine Events can be seen on the scanner if they spawn in a tight space see illustration)
  • Useful when at a dead end (see video #1)
  • Helps locate the EXTREMELY RARE "hidden room" (failed cave generation) (see video #2)
  • The scanner was once a piece of Elven trash (see video #3)
  • The Driller can make the best use of the terrain scanner imo (see video #4)
  • Be careful when drilling into a fresh cave (see video #5)
  • Once you are comfortable with the scanner, you only need a glance (see video #6)
  • Lost without the scanner (see video #7)


NOTE: *special* is a marker for most of the "compressed" materials (pearls, jadiz, bitter gem ect.)


Gunk Seed

Black Box

Drill Dozer
Mule Leg
Morkite Well

Lost Gear

Drop Pod

Refinery Pipeline

MULE Path (escape)

Subtle Info

Dirt On Scanner

Driller Tunnel

Driller Tunnel vs rng tunnel

Extra Info

Machine Event Room

#1 Simple Terrain Scanner Use

#2 Hidden Room

#3 The Old Scanner

#4 Scanner Guided Drilling (0.5 x scanner speed -- 2.0 x drilling speed)

#5 Careful When Drilling Into New Cave (0.5 x scanner speed -- 2.0 x drilling speed)

#6 Advanced Scanner Use

#7 Lost Without the Scanner
This section will cover the Glyphid (ground mobs) enemy type. Understand that playing on different difficulties will make some of the info/advice more or less relevant. Look to character class info for more combat tips.

Ice variant

Radioactive Variant
Dreadnought Variant

General Info
  • Has no ranged attacks
  • Low damage (dangerous in large numbers)
  • Extremely low health
Combat Info
  • Melee unless swarmed
  • Elemental / Turrets make easy work of swarms
  • Flame walls are the best defence
  • Most weapons kill in one hit
  • Can spawn from Swarmer nests (see illustration)
  • If you trigger a nest, HELP CLEAR IT
  • Eggs can spawn in Dense Bio Zone and the Fungus Bogs (post screen shot if you spot them elsewhere, please)
  • Clear Glyphid egg clusters early
  • Can spawn from Glyphid Eggs (see illustration/video #1)
  • There are many ways to deal with a nest (see video #2)
Swarmer Nest
Glyphid Egg

#1 Egg Cluster

#2 Swarmer Nest


Brood Nexus Spawn

General Info
  • Has no ranged attacks
  • Extremely low health (1 hit kill from anything)
  • Extremely low damage (be ready for a swarm after killing the nexus) (see stationary enemies for nexus info)
Combat Info
  • Melee unless swarmed
  • Flame wall or turret for easy clean up
  • Spawn from the Brood Nexus (see Stationary Enemies for info)


Ice Variant
  • Has no ranged attacks
  • Moderate damage (dangerous in moderate numbers)
  • Low health
  • They look a bit lighter in Radioactive Exclusion Zone, but only cosmetic changes
  • Use melee for 3 or less
  • Ice variants are weak against fire
  • Weak point in mouth makes them an easy target (even pick axe)
  • Destructible armor

Grunt Slasher
  • Has no ranged attacks
  • Does more damage than the standard Grunt
  • Has slightly more health than the standard Grunt
  • Faster than Standard Grunt
  • Stuns the player when it deals damage
  • Has a cool mohawk

Grunt Guard
  • Has no ranged attacks
  • Extra health and armor plating make it tougher to kill than standard Grunts
  • Will cover its face with armor plates and advance if shot at (see video #3)
  • Armor on legs can be destroyed (see illustrations)

Guard Defensive Stance

#3 Guard Shield Advance



Acid Variant
Acid Cloud
  • Acid spit has longer range than it looks
  • Melee while spitting can be a good way to save ammo
  • Killing while frozen prevents cloud
  • Stunning the Prey will prevent or interrupt the spit attack (see video #4)

Cryo Variant
Cryo Cloud
  • Cryo variants are weak against fire
  • Cryo cloud slows the player
  • Melee while spitting can be a good way to save ammo
  • Deals less overall damage than other variants (breath attack and death cloud deal no damage)
  • Stunning it will prevent it from spitting and interrupt it if it is already spitting

Radioactive Variant
Radiation Cloud
  • aoe attack instead of cone spit
  • Killing while frozen prevents cloud (works inconsistently)
  • Stunning it DOES NOT prevent it from emitting radiation or interrupt it if it is already radiated

General Info
  • Has ranged cone spit or aoe radiation
  • Moderate damage with melee (dangerous in any number)
  • High health
Combat Info
  • Melee can finish if low health
  • Leaves "death cloud" behind
  • Control movement with explosions
  • Destructible armor

#4 Spit Interruption (does not work on radioactive variation)
Glyphids pg2
Bulk Detonator

General Info
  • Massive aoe attack
  • High health
  • Extreme damage (dangerous in any number)
Combat Info
  • Extremely slow (seems to speed up with damage)
  • Will dig to the players if it cannot find a path
  • Multiple weak points on its back (see illustration above)
  • Killing it while frozen prevents explosion (see video #4)
  • Explosion when killed sends out 5+ projectiles that do massive amounts of damage
  • Primary attack is a large aoe (see illustrations)
  • Massive terrain deformation when killed (see illustrations)
  • Still has health after all weak points have been destroyed (thanks, Nick!)
  • It make a BIG BOOM when killed (stand back)

Primary Attack

Terrain Deformation

#4 Frozen Detonator


Crassus Detonator

  • Exactly the same as the regular Detonator in combat
  • Leaves gold where the crater is formed! (see illustrations)
  • Kill in a tunnel for maximum gain (see illustration)



Radioactive variant
General Info
  • Has no ranged attacks
  • High damage (also depends on proximity)
  • Extremely low health
Combat Info
  • Trigger then leave alone (do not waste ammo while it is charging for explosion)
  • "Shoulder Ram" exploders to save ammo (see Advanced Tips For Any Class for video)
  • Can be used against enemies
  • Listen for their charge. Can save your life if you have surround sound
  • Will trigger if they touch the player they have agro on
  • Radioactive Exploders leave a small patch of radiation behind for a short time when killed
  • An exploder charging to blow causes proximal exploders to sprint
  • Occasionally come in large numbers (I love it when they do!)
  • Cryo prevents explosion (see the Driller's section for video)
  • Headshots prevent explosions (see video #5)
  • You CAN use melee to kill (see video #6)
#5 Headshots Prevent Explosions

#6 Exploder Melee


General Info
  • Short range ground based ranged attack
  • High health
  • Makes a lot of noise
Combat Info
  • Armor is indestructible
  • They are immune to stun
  • They are immune to fear (except top level field medic / syih perk)
  • Exposed rear end
  • Can be killed quickly when frozen but it does not stay frozen long
  • Keep the cold gauge from dropping when it unfreezes if fighting solo (see Driller section for video)
  • Either freeze it or flank it
  • Leaves gas behind when killed
  • Has 3 attacks: headbutt, aoe stomp, and ranged rock stomp (see illustrations)
  • All of the Oppressor's attacks cause knock back
  • Oppressors will dig if needed

aoe Stomp
Rock Stomp



General Info
  • Has no attacks of its own
  • Moderate health
  • No Direct damage
Combat Info
  • Buffs / heals near by Glyphids (see illustration)
  • Enemy buffs last a short time after leaving the Warden's side
  • Weak spot can be a pain to hit (its head wiggles around a lot)
  • Mark it when spotted
  • Seems like it runs from the players (needs more testing)
  • Slowly summons in Grunts (see video #7)
  • Freezing it is an effective way to take it out

Warden Buffing Nearby Grunts

#7 Warden Grunt Spawn
Glyphids pg3
Acid Spitter

General Info
  • Has ranged attacks
  • Moderate damage (Dangerous in moderate numbers)
  • Moderate health
Combat Info
  • Keep ceilings lit
  • Not easy to melee
  • Destructible armor
  • Deadly if left unchecked
  • Aim for the mouth



General Info
  • Has rapid fire ranged attacks
  • Moderate health (dangerous in any number)
  • Moderate damage (many attacks can add up quick)
Combat Info
  • Makes a clicking sound
  • Can be difficult to see in the Glacial Strata
  • Weak spots on sides and face
  • Burrows into terrain between attacks
  • Mark it quickly
  • If it burrows while marked, the mark remains when it comes up
  • M1000 and Magnum work best
  • Electrocute / stun to keep it above ground a bit longer


Web Spitter
General Info
  • Has ranged attacks
  • Low health (not dangerous alone)
  • Low damage
Combat Info
  • Slows player
  • Obscures vision
  • Easy to kill
  • No threat by themselves, deadly addition to a horde


no longer in game as of update 23
Warrior Veterans
General Info
  • Has no ranged attacks
  • Moderate damage (dangerous in moderate numbers)
  • 50% more health than Warriors
  • Tougher Armor than Warriors
Combat Info
  • Same tactics as the standard Warrior
This section will cover the Mactera (flying mobs) enemy type. Understand that playing on different difficulties will make some of the info/advice more or less relevant. Look to character class info for more combat tips

Spawn (Flies)

General Info
  • Ranged attacks
  • Moderate damage
  • Moderate health
Combat Info
  • Kill quickly
  • Scout rifles, Minigun, magnum, or engie turrets work well
  • Small weak point on its belly
  • Small target and nimble
  • Only stops moving when it is preparing to attack
  • Strafe while it attacks to easily dodge a single attack (swarms of Spawns will likely land an attack anyways)
  • Jump to dodge single attack (see Advanced Tips For Any Class for video)



General Info
  • Ranged attacks
  • Moderate damage
  • Moderate health
Combat Info
  • Spits out 3 projectiles at once
  • More difficult to dodge due to multi-attack
  • Run towards the Tri-jaw when it attacks to dodge
  • Has a little more health than a Spawn



General Info
  • Ranged attacks
  • Moderate damage
  • Moderate health (with armor)
Combat Info
  • Spits single projectiles
  • Does not make a noise when it prepares to attack. Raises its front legs right before attacking
  • Good target to freeze out of the air
  • Armor breaking weapons are useful. Can eat up a bit of small caliber ammo to destroy
  • Armor shell is divided vertically into two halves (see illustrations)
  • Melee can easily remove armor if the option is readily available (see video #1)
#1 Melee Brundle Armor

Full Armor
Damaged Armor



General Info
  • Has no ranged attacks
  • Damage can range from nothing, to insta kill (depends on height dropped from)
  • Moderate health
Combat Info
  • Kill quickly
  • Listen for their screech
  • Stun it for an easy kill
  • Sick Bosco on it when playing solo (Bosco stands a better chance at saving you if it is already attacking it)
  • Mark it in multiplayer
  • Attacking weak point will scare it away for a short time (see video #2)
  • Damaging it will make it drop a grabbed player (see video #2)
  • Self rescue with ziplines if it gives you the chance (see video #3)


#2 Dealing With Grabbers

#3 Self Rescue


Goo variant (sticky goo bombs)
Ice variant (cryo bombs)
General Info
  • Has ranged attacks
  • High health (2 easy to reach weak spot)
  • Moderate damage (dangerous in any number)
Combat Info
  • Two types of attack (see illustrations)
  • Each weak point can be destroyed
  • Destroying weak points drops respective goo/ice on the ground which persists for a short time
  • Slow moving flier
  • Ice variant is weak against fire
  • Killing while weak points remain causes the bomber to spray remaining goo around before dying (see video #4)
#4 Dying Goo Bomber

#4 Don't Bother Shooting Nearly Frozen Bombers

Attack Types
Slime/Cryo Bomb
Slime/Cryo Strafing
This section will cover the Naedocytes (flying mob). Understand that playing on different difficulties will make some of the info/advice more or less relevant. Look to character class info for more combat tips

Shocker "Jellies"

General Info
  • No ranged attackes
  • Extremely low health
  • Low damage (dangerous in swarms)
  • Only found in Glacial Strata / Dense Bio Zone
Combat Info
  • Will likely spawn in large numbers (the swarmer of the skies)
  • Thin out the numbers at range (use weak weapons)
  • Can be easily defeated with melee (see video)
  • They are pretty darn fast when they are chasing you
  • Not effected by fear, stun, or stasis nades
  • Engie turrets are really effective against them
  • Their attacks slow the player for a short time (swarms can lock the player down)
Easy Melee Targets


Weak Spot
General Info
  • Does no damage itself
  • Tough as nails if not hitting the weak spot with a strong weapon (see illustration)
  • Very dangerous - kill quickly
Combat Info
  • Lays Roe (Hatchling eggs) (see illustrations)
  • Hatchlings will overwhelm the team/eat ammo if the Breeder is left alive long
  • Weak spot is only exposed when it is laying a Roe (egg)
  • Destroy Roe quickly (the Breeder will expose its week point more)

Roe (egg)
  • Roe have 3 stages: dormant, immature, mature
  • Will hatch after the "mature" stage



General Info
  • Same as shocker above except how they spawn
  • Hatchlings spawn from Roe (eggs) (see illustrations above)
  • Roe are laid by Breeders (see above for info)
Combat Info
  • Same as shocker above except they do not cause stun
This section will cover the Q'Ronar (ground mob) enemy type. Understand that playing on different difficulties will make some of the info/advice more or less relevant. Look to character class info for more combat tips

General Info
  • Has ranged attacks
  • High health
  • Low - high damage (dangerous in any number)
Combat Info
  • Its rolling attack can knock the player flying: off a cliff, off an incapped friendly, off the resupply, out of the Gunner's shield and out of a "hold position" objective
  • Acid spit hits really hard
  • Almost completely armored when rolling
  • Armor breaking weapons are borderline NEEDED for them
  • Damage can be dealt when then they open up to attack
  • Stun and or electrocution will keep it out of its rolling faze longer
  • Its glowing tail is its weak point


General Info
  • Does not have ranged attacks
  • Moderate health
  • Moderate damage (dangerous in moderate numbers)
Combat Info
  • Weak armor that breaks easily
  • They show up in groups
  • Can knock the player flying like Shellbacks
This section will cover the Nayaka (ground mob) enemy type. Understand that playing on different difficulties will make some of the info/advice more or less relevant. Look to character class info for more combat tips


General Info
  • Melee only
  • Low health
  • Damage ranges from 0 to instant kill (dangerous in any number)
  • Only found in Sand Blasted Corridors
Combat Info
  • Can push the player around like a Shellback
  • Can enter Gunner's shield generator
  • Player takes fall damage if the Trawler jumps off a cliff with the player grabbed
  • Can be "stunned" if enough damage is dealt while they dig (see video #1)
  • Take them out when they leap out of the sand (see video #2)
  • Can "grab" the player and drag them around (see video #3)

#1 Stunned Trawler

#2 Leaping Trawler Kill

#3 Trawler Grab
Elite Enemies (in progress)

Most enemy types have an elite variant to match. Elites are stronger, tougher, faster, and can have different factors in addition to just health and damage

General Info (Applies to all Elite types)
  • More Health
  • More damage
  • Faster
  • Team should focus down Elites asap
  • Resistant to stun, and they recover from stun faster
  • Resistant to fear, and they recover from fear faster
  • More difficult to freeze

Elite Enemies


Glyphid Guard
  • Attack has knock-back

  • Armor is indestructible (or EXTREMELY hard)


Mactera Spawn
  • Attack charges faster
  • Shoots a double projectiles so close together that the same player is likely to get hit by both

  • Attack charges extremely quickly
  • Nearly a constant barrage of attacks

Stationary Enemies
Spitball Infector
General Info
  • Has ranged attacks
  • High damage
  • High health
Combat Info
  • Deal with at range
  • Listen for them. They make a lot of noise
  • Can spawn in groups of 5 or more
  • Weak spot under jaw and behind head
  • Minigun, magnum, and M1000 are great weapons for them
  • Shoot poison balls out of the air (see vide. #1)
  • Projectiles damage and scare other bugs (see video #2)
  • Is dormant until the player gets too close or causes damage (see video #3)

Cave Leech

General Info
  • Easy to confuse with Cave Vine
  • Moderate health
  • Low damage over time
Combat Info
  • Scouts need to light ceilings
  • Kill quickly
  • The tentacle of the leech can be shot
  • Listen for your teammates (the dwarves will shout when grabbed)
  • Listen for the hissing sound the Leech makes (can give the time to spot and kill)
  • Power attack the "claw" of the leech for instant kill and self save (see video #4)
  • Listen for the hissing sound the Leech makes. (see "listen to" video #5)

Brood Nexus
General Info
  • Does no damage itself
  • High health if not attacking weak points
  • Source of spawns
Combat Info
  • Shoot weak points
  • Makes almost no sound
  • Observe the direction spawn are coming from to find quickly
  • Avoid killing if you are not ready for a swarm
  • Freezing the Nexus before killing prevents the extra spawns (see Driller's section for video)
  • Have a turret or driller on the ready after killing

Stationary Enemies Video Illustrations

#1 Shoot Projectiles

#2 Projectiles Damage Other Bugs

#3 Dormant Spitballer

#4 Power Attack vs Leech

#5 Leech Hiss
Passive Critters
There are quite a few creepy and not so creepy crawlies that just want to be your friend in this game. Though killing some of them can have benefits, others are just a waste of ammo.

Loot Bug

  • Standard drops small amounts of gold and nitra
  • Golden bugs drop large amounts of gold (100+)
  • Makes a super cute sound that always leaves me feeling a bit bad for killing them
  • You can pet them with the "use key"
  • Can often be heard before seen
  • Melee if possible


Huuli Hoarder (I didn't name these things)
  • Makes a jingling sound
  • Drops gold, nitra, and biome specific materials
  • Will flee when the player gets close or damages it
  • Will burrow into the ground shortly after being triggered if sustained damage is not maintained
  • Gone for good once it burrows


Silicate Harvester
  • Purely aesthetic
  • Found in Biozone and Radioactive zone


Hexawing Gniffer
  • Can be pet
  • Found in Azure Weald


Cave Angle
  • Can be ridden and used to fly around
  • Only found in Azure Weald
  • Can be grabbed from above (will save the player from a fall)


Cave Jelly (In the Naedocyte family now, but I'm leaving it here)
  • Purely aesthetic
  • Waste of ammo to kill
  • Can be used as a platform to get down from the Dense Biozone ledges (Thanks, Злой Глазюк)


Cave Vine
  • The gentle cousin of the Cave Leech
  • Purely aesthetic
  • It just wants a high five


Eye Wall
  • It likes to look but not touch


  • It makes squishy noises when squished
  • Leaves behind poison gas cloud when killed
  • Explodes when killed
Dreadnought (standard)

General Info
Dreadnoughts will randomly attack the team on higher difficulties shortly after Mission control gives the team a heads up (see illustration). Dreadnoughts are also fought in Elimination missions. They come in one of three forms, Dreadnought (standard), Hive Guard, and Twins. Each type requires different tactics to bring down and they all require teamwork


The classic Dreadnought has an armored stage that must be destroyed before it can be dealt damage. These Dreads have a balanced range of attacks and can move quickly once the armor is broken. They become more aggressive when they reach half health and move more quickly

Armored Stage (mk1)

  • Yellow health bar
  • The first stage (the armor) is heavy and causes the Dreadnought to move slowly
  • Explosive weapons and armor breaking weapons work great on this stage
  • Scout stasis nades affect the Dread in the armor stage
  • Armor will regenerate for 1 of 2 reasons after it is broken: either a 3rd of its health was lost, or too much time passed
  • Players have about 10 seconds to deal damage before shield regens (dictated a bit by hazard level)

Unarmored Stage (mk2)

  • Red health bar
  • Moves much faster without armor
  • Explosive weapons don't do much damage. Stick to bullets for damaging the Dread's health
  • Scout stasis nades affect the Dread when unarmored now as well
  • Damage to health does not regenerate
  • Don't expose the health if the team is not in position to deal damage

Fireball Attack

Charge Up
  • Easy to dodge at range
  • Watch for charge animation
  • Does less damage than before, but the attack is much quicker
  • Gets extra fireball attack at half health
  • Use environment to block attack (see video #1)
  • LISTEN for the audible queue (see video #2)

aoe Attack

Charge up
  • Dread must stop moving to charge the aoe
  • Best time to deal damage
  • Pay attention and you should be able to get away in time
  • Will sometimes drop an aoe attack right after becoming unfrozen

Pheromone Attack

Dread Swarmers
  • A small number of Swarmers will spawn after the pheromone sack is launched
  • Attracts the Swarmers to the player if the player is hit by the pheromones (see Status Effects section for the ui prompt)
  • Similar attack animation as the fireball

Additional Info
  • Immune to fear (unless it is from Field Medic perk)
  • Immune to stun
  • Immune to Scout's pheromone grenade
  • Front armor is indestructible
  • Using a power attack ANYWHERE on the Dread when it is low health is a good way to finish it (see Power Attack section for video)
  • Wait until team is ready before popping the cocoons (elimination missions)
  • Try to freeze the Dread right when the Armor breaks
  • Room preparation is paramount (see Driller section for more info
  • Invulnerable for a short time after regenerating armor
  • With 3 or 4 Dwarves, it is better to just run when you have agro so the other players have a better shot (see video #2)
  • Keep swapping aggro (see video #3)
  • Dreadnoughts CAN be frozen, but not for long (see video #4)

#1 Use Environment For Cover

#2 Audio Based Fireball Dodge

#3 Aggro Swap

#4 Freezing Dreadnoughts
Hive Guard
The Hive Guard has two forms of protection: its sentinels and its armor. The sentinels must first be killed in order to remove the Hive Guard's invulnerability. It then has 3 week points that must be popped to expose its body. The Hive Guard is relatively slow compared to the other Dreads and its attacks are less direct


  • Must be killed to remove Dread's invulnerability
  • Large weak spot on back
  • Leaves sticky goo behind when killed
  • The number of sentinels depends on hazard level and number of players

Exposed Weak Points

  • 3 small weak points appear after sentinels are killed
  • Each must be destroyed to reveal the body of the Hive Guard
  • Guard will launch mortar like projectiles in sets of 3 while in this stage (see video #1)

Exposed Body

  • Shell will open once the 3 small weak points are destroyed
  • Guard will send out an explosive rock attack in all directions in this stage (see illustration)
  • Players have 3 rotations of the rock attack before shell closes
  • Shell will close when enough damage has been dealt as well
  • Keep the Dread still and let the team deal damage if the Guard is looking at you

Explosive Rocks

  • Easily avoidable so long as the player is ready for them
  • Watch for the stirring rubble as the rock are forming
  • Dread also does an aoe stomp when it send out the rocks
  • Avoiding the rocks and AOE stomp is a delicate dance (see video #2)

#1 Hive Guard Mortar Attacks

#2 Dodge Rocks While Avoiding AOE
Lacerator / Arbalest (Twins)

The Twins each have a unique fighting style and set of attacks. The Lacerator stays up close with melee, shock wave, fire breath, and tunneling attacks. The Arbalest keeps distance, bombing the player with timed explosives and spread shots. The team must balance the damage between the Twins. If one becomes significantly more hurt than the other, they will tunnel to a safe location and heal. The biggest advantage the players have is that the Twins have soft armor over their backs and the mouths are also weak points

General Tips
  • Balance damage to reduce their healing
  • Power attack will remove a chunk of armor
  • Keep the Arbalest tagged as much as possible
  • Mouths are weak points

Lacerator Attacks

Shock wave

  • Sends out 3 shock waves: left, then right, then center
  • Can be used from the start of the fight

Fire Breath

  • Solid direct damage and quickly sets the player ablaze
  • Can be used from the start of the fight
  • Come on GSG give me fire prets in Magma Core!

Tunnel Attack
  • Starts using it when one of the Twins reaches half health
  • You can see the dirt and dust cloud at your feet right before it attacks
  • If you start running right when you notice the dirt, the attack can be dodged
  • Sends the player flying
  • Can interrupt revives and resupplies
  • Can enter a Gunner's shield
  • Can't really take a picture of it (see video #1)

Arbalest Attacks

Timed Explosives
  • Send out bursts of 3
  • Can be used from the start

Spread Shot

  • Starts using it when one of the Twins reaches half health
  • Any one of the fire balls can deal significant damge
  • Instant frag if point blank

Revenge Attack
  • The Arbalest will let out a large attack if the Lacerator is killed first (see video #2)

Health Sharing

Healing Twins

  • The more significant the health difference is when the Twins share health, the more net gain they will have

#1 Burrow Attack

#2 Arbalest Revenge Atack
Bet-C Battle MULE
Bet-c is a mobile turret with unlimited health and ammo that must be reclaimed from the bugs and their parasites before it will fight for the players. Bet-c's parasites are tough, small, and can be unreachable if the bot is facing the wrong way.
Bet-c has a standard turret blast, sticky nades, mortars and a shield gen

Current Info
  • Clear the area of enemies before triggering
  • ELECTRICITY is Bet-C's weakness. Massive movement debuff
  • Try to mark the Parasites when in combat
  • It is dormant until a player attacks it or comes within proximity (see illustrations)
  • Kill the two parasites to take down (see illustrations)
  • Three different attacks: standard machine gun turret with lazer pointer, timed explosive turret, and explosive barrage with shield (see illustrations)
  • Use cover when its machine gun turret is targeting you
  • Keep moving if it is shooting explosives at you
  • Takes eight seconds to repair Bet-c alone
  • Scout can zip into and out of the shield better than any class
  • If you hear Bet-c ahead of you on an Escort Mission, drill ahead and fight her on your time
  • It is prepping for explosive barrage when it activates its shield (see illustration)
  • Makes a unique sound when dormant that can be heard from far away (listen to video #1)
  • The player can get into the shield to deal damage up close (Bet-c's mines CAN damage the player while inside) (see video #2)
  • Repaired, Bet-c will help the team (see video #3)
  • Full Bet-c fight (See video #4)
  • Electricity vs Bet-C (see video #5)


Machine gun Turret

Explosive Turret
Timed Explosives

Xynarch Charge-Sucker (parasite)

#1 Bet-c's Idle Noise

#2 Inside Bet-c's Shield

#3 Helpful Bet-c

#4 Bet-c Fight x1.5 speed

#5 Electric vs Bet-C
Korlok Tyrant-Weed
The Korlok Tyrant-Weed is a rare spawn that can be found in any biome or mission type. The fight starts out slow, but can quickly get out of hand if the team is not keeping the healing pods in check. The enemy is composed of a central body that sends out spores that form into either "sprouts" or "healing pods"

  • Keep an eye out for the roots, can be spotted before starting the fight
  • The main body houses the weak spot in which damage can be dealt
  • Destroy the Sprouts to expose the weak spot
  • Sprouts will not shoot if a DoT is applied
  • Health bar turns red when weak spot is exposed
  • Has 3 stages of health
  • New spores shoot out whenever the weak spot is exposed (more so when it is low hp)
  • Healing spores will be included once the first bar of health has been extinguished
  • 1 healing spore after 1 bar. 2 healing spores after 2 bars
  • Healing pods cannot heal beyond the current stage of health
  • The sprout and healing pod spores can be seen shooting out of the central body
  • Healing pod spores are pink (track them and kill healing pod quickly)
  • Focus on the healing pods when they are being spawned
  • Gather Korlok crystals once killed for credit and xp bonus
  • See video #1 for a full fight

Central Body Closed
Central Body Exposed

Korlok Sprout
Healing Pod (better picture coming soon)

Korlok Roots
Korlok Crystal

Shard Value

Video Illustrations

#1 Full Tyrant Fight (h4)
Mission Materials (primary)
This is a list of materials you will be required to find for the sake of progressing the mission.

Main Objective Materials


Morkite in the Dark
  • Easy to spot in all biomes
  • Can be spotted in the dark (see illustration)
  • Only needed in Mining Expeditions


  • Must be excavated
  • Organic matter is now MUCH EASIER to see
  • Chance of calling a swarm when the egg is extracted (see Mission Types for video)
  • Only needed in Egg Hunts

  • Must be excavated
  • Only needed in point extractions
  • Damn Dwarven spelling
Mission Materials (secondary)
There isn't a lot to say about secondary objectives.
  • They are easy to spot in most zones
  • Leaving without secondary objective will have a minimal impact on the score (not worth losing over if you are having a hard time finding the last fossil or two)
  • Normally completed without trying too hard
  • Most secondaries can be seen in the dark

  • Only found in Point Extractions and On Site Refinery missions

Apoca Bloom
Boolo Cap
  • Both are easy to spot in all biomes
  • Small and easily tucked away behind rocks and other cave structures

  • Can be difficult to find fossils in Magma Core due to the ridges on the ceiling
  • Fossils are particularly hard to find in the dark (see illustration)
  • Can be difficult to spot Hollomite in the Crystalline Caverns due to color pallet
Fossil in the Dark

Fester Flea
  • Makes a high pitched chirping sound
  • Will run if damaged or approached
  • Easy to see in the dark
  • Tag it before you shoot it in case it gets away
  • Best killed in one shot (M1000 / Magnum)

  • 3 swings with the pickaxe to open (1 power attack)
  • Scout can stand on them if they are attached to the wall (see Scout section for video)
  • Hard to see in the dark

Gunk Seed
  • Must be shot from the ceiling then deposited into the MULE
  • Having a scout can make a huger difference with this one
  • Seeds show up on the scanner once popped
Upgrade/Vanity Materials
This is a List of Materials Used in Upgrades and Cosmetics

Each material is displayed as either "abundant" or "scarce" when selecting a mission

  • Abundant in: Dense Biozone
  • Scarce in: Salt Pits, Crystalline Caverns

  • Some call it a crystal pickle
  • Abundant in: Radioactive Exclusion Zone
  • Scarce in: Dense Biozone

  • You will never have enough
  • Abundant in: Fungus Bogs
  • Scarce in: Magma Core

  • Abundant in: Magma Core
  • Scarce in: Sandblasted Corridors

Enor Pearl
  • Must be excavated
  • Abundant in: Sandblasted Corridors, The Salt Pits
  • Scarce in: Radioactive exclusion zone

  • Must be excavated
  • Abundant in: Crystalline Caverns
  • Scarce in: Fungus Bogs
Gold Vein
  • Gold converts to credits

Compressed Gold
  • Must be excavated
  • Surface hints do not fade when excavated
  • Gives between 200 - 250 Gold

Nitra Vein
  • Nitra is used to purchase ammo drops (80 per)
Other Materials
Red Sugar
  • Destroy for health
  • Smashing them, even more so in tunnels, is a good idea. Passing teammates will be healed without thinking about it
  • Scout can drop the wall sugar to the ground. See Scout section for video
  • Unlike other materials, the size of the "chunk" that is broken off correlates with the amount it will give

  • No known use atm (4/19/2018)
  • Check forums for more info
  • Must be excavated

  • Must be excavated
  • Large credit payout

Resource Pack
  • Dropped by players that leave while holding materials
Cave Fruits (Beer mats)
The Crafting materials for the beers, or "cave fruits" as I like to call them, can be found in any biom while completing any mission type. There does not appear to be any significant correlation between bioms and which types of fruits will be found.

Barley Bulb
Starch Nut

Malt Star
Yeast Cone

  • Barley Bulbs are used solely for buff beers
  • Barley Bulbs only give 1 per plant
  • Stars, Nuts, and Cones give 1-4 per plant
  • The number of fruits on the plant represent the number the player will acquire when picked up
  • Each plant can be seen in the dark, but they are small (keep your eyes open)
Cargo Crates / Lost Pack
Cargo Crates have a random chance of spawning in any non Deep Dive mission. The rng for this is separate than the Lost Gear. The Cargo contains gold, crafting materials, and a weapon skin or victory pose. Each Cargo must be powered by two batteries then repaired before it will open
  • 2 batteries needed to open
  • Batteries spawn within a vicinity of the Cargo
  • LISTEN for the batteries (they make a chirping sound)
  • Check the scanner next to the Cargo if you are having trouble finding both batteries. The batteries can spawn in other rooms or tunnels as long as the vicinity to the Cargo is not too great (see 2D depiction)
  • Players that join after the Cargo is opened will not get the weapon skin
  • If you have an open server waiting for other players, wait until you have a full game before repairing
  • Light turn red once you get your item


Empty Cargo

2D Depiction

Lost Pack

A Lost Pack has a random chance of spawning in any non Deep Dive mission. The rng for this is separate from Cargo. The player must first find the Lost Helmet and download the coordinates to the Pack onto the Terrain Scanner. (See Terrain Scanner section for illustration). The player can then go find the pack, which must be dug out, and claim the loot. The Pack will be surrounded by biom specific materials. The player must interact with the Pack to claim the pick axe skin or character customization

  • The Helmet makes a beeping sound the same as a Battery does
  • The Pack will be in a small room one or 2 blocks deep (check scanner to find)
  • Gold and biom specific materials with Pack
  • Once the "room" the lost pack is in is entered, new joining players will not be able to get the pack
  • If you have an open server waiting for other players, wait until you have a full game before digging out the pack
  • Lost helmet is nearby if you spot scrap pieces of Dwarven gear laying around (see illustrations)
  • The pack has physics. Drop it to the floor if it is in the ceiling (see video #1)
  • There's more than one way to skin a Glyphid (see video #2)

Scrap Parts

Lost Helmet
Lost Pack

#1 Drop the Gear to the Ground

#2 Think Outside the Box
M.U.L.E / Supply Pod
The M.U.L.E
(Mining Utility Lift Engine) Is referred to by the dwarves by many names, such as "Molly," "Donkey," "Old Lady," or "Tin Can." It is the deposit point for all 4 (or less) dwarves, so be aware of where it is, who is using it, and pay attention to your friends calling for it. Nothing more anoying than having a full bag, but you can't do anything about it because the scout on the wall keeps calling for it.

  • DO NOT spam the recall button. Molly will not move if the button is spammed
  • The drop pod button only comes out after the primary objective is finished
  • Careful not to hit the button when depositing
  • The MULE can traverse ANYTHING
  • Has a UI outline when using the laser pointer
  • Capping on any mineral will automatically call the MULE to you (Only works reliably in single player)
  • Do not stand on the recall beacon. Molly will find a new, usually stupid, spot to settle
  • The MULE can tear down web if it walks through it
  • Stick the MULE in a "closet" when fighting in tight places (see illustration)
  • The MULE drops beacons on the way to the drop pod (see illustration)
  • Molly can be used as a simple step for ledges or reaching sugar just above you (see video #1)

Put the MULE Away


Supply Pods
  • Costs 80 nitra
  • Check with your team before requesting a resupply if the team only has enough nitra for 1
  • DO NOT take 2 ammo pods in a 4 player game "because I was low" without a player offering first
  • Don't stand under the pod (we all do it once)
  • Has a UI outline when using the laser pointer
  • Takes 15 seconds for the pod to arive
  • The player can reload and resupply at the same time
  • The team's ammo can be seen below their avatars when the laser pointer is used, and when looking at a supply pod (see illustrations)
  • Contains 4 units that each give 50% health and 50% ammo (thanks I'm Blind)
  • Supply pods do a lot of damage to anything they land on (see video #2)
  • Drop empty pods to get them out of the way (see video #3)

Teammate's Ammo

Drop Empty Pods

Can be placed on top of engie platform (thanks Chibbity)

#1 Molly Step

#2 Supply pods kill anything they land on (large amount of damage to Dreadnoughts)

#3 Drop Empty Pods
Hordes / Swarms
This section will go into the different types of hordes, which mission types they spawn in, effective ways to deal with enemy specific hordes, the difference between "hordes" and "swarms", and other subtle info

NOTE: See CLASS SECTIONS for videos and illustrations

General Horde / Swarm Information
  • There are two types of hordes (standard and enemy specific)
  • Mission control will warn the player of an incoming horde Twice (with the exception of PE missions) (see illustrations)
  • The 1st warning gives the team 5-10 seconds to prepare. The 2nd warning happens when the bugs are spawning in
  • Hordes arrive as multiple waves of enemies
  • Mission control will announce when the "final wave" spawns in
  • There are still bugs to kill after the final wave is announced
  • Swarms are single waves of enemies without a warning given by mission control
  • Standard hordes / swarms will be composed of the theme of the cave

Standard Hordes
Standard Hordes can be comprised of so many variations of enemies, that there really isn't any one "best way" to deal with them. The only fail safe tip I can give is: "When is doubt, group up and bottle-neck". There are a few safety tips that will usually pay off:
  • Group up!
  • Check the scanner at first horde announcement for a suitable place to fight
  • Engineer and Driller are responsible for making a battlefield if caught in a bad spot

Enemy Specific Hordes
Some quick tips for dealing with enemy specific hordes

Swarmer Horde
  • Engineer and Driller excel at Swarmer hordes
  • Engineer Turrets can handle with ease
  • Stay in front of the turrets if they are deployed
  • A single neurotoxin grenade thrown at the team's feet can wipe out one of the waves (see Driller's section for video)
  • Flame thrower using flame walls
  • Plasma Charger with "Flying Nightmare" upgrade
  • Save ammo and use your pick axes if a teammate has an easy way to dispatch the Horde (turrets / flame thrower ect...)

Mactera Horde
  • Get out of the open
  • Fight in a tunnel to take the power out of their wings
  • Gunner's shield gen. is helpful
  • Turrets rarely miss (good for the "Flies" when they are dashing around)
  • Mactera fall to their death when frozen

Grunt Horde
  • Driller and Gunner are MVP against these hordes
  • Composed of all three types of Grunts
  • Minigun paired with cryo or flame thrower are an extremely effective combo
  • Don't forget your explosives and aoe
  • Fight on a level battlefield to maximize piercing weapons

Preatorian Horde
  • Tunnels and bottle necks "can" be trouble due to the Prey's front armor
  • Armor breaking weapons should be used in balance with dps
  • Don't forget your explosives
  • Utilize fear as much as possible

Standard Horde Warnings (1st)

Enemy Specific Horde Warnings (1st)

Standard & Enemy Specific Warning (2nd)

Final Wave Announcement
Mission Types (Intro)
General Mission Info

There are 7 different types of missions that the player can choose: Mining Expedition, Egg Hunt, Point Extraction, Elimination, Salvage Operation, Escort Duty, and On-Site Refining. Some differences are clear from one mission type to the other, while others are more subtle. I will do my best to explain this

A Few Basics
  • Understand what the base material is for the biome you are choosing (sand, salt, soil, stone)
  • Keep in mind the environmental hazards that await (lava vents, electric crystals for example)
  • The complexity rating will determine the likelihood of coming across a more daunting cave system with high ceilings, dark corners and crisscrossing tunnels (Higher the complexity = more teamwork needed)
  • The name of the map is randomly generated and provides no info about the map itself (source)
  • Each cave will have an enemy theme


  • Dirt leads to the "next" or "new" area (depending on the mission type)
  • Dirt is present in Mining Operation, Egg Hunt, Elimination, and Salvage Operation
  • Can be hidden under the surface of the terrain (see illustration)

Hidden dirt

  • Terrain scanner can help here
Mining Expo. / Egg Hunt
Mining Expedition

Mining expedition is my personal favorite mission type. It reminds me of l4d in the sense that you are progressing "forward" from A to B. Mining expeditions provide the best balance of action to exploration imo.

  • Length determines the amount of morkite needed (within a range) Example: III length can be 325 - 400
  • Hordes are present in this mode
  • Starting room is calm (few to zero enemies)
  • The player will have to travel the farthest of all mission types to reach the drop pod. Be sure to plan your way down for an easy return (especially if there is no Driller on the team)
  • Dirt in a Mining Expo. represents "forward". It marks the connection of the next main tunnel
  • Many of the "rooms" will have a loop tunnel that can hide materials, lost packs, ect...
  • Loops tunnels are not connected by dirt

2D depiction

Note: This picture is just to give a sense of my perseption of the game type

Egg Hunt

Egg Collection was revamped as of update 18. It was basically Mining Expedition with eggs instead of morkite before the change. It now has a similar layout to the no longer available "search and Extract" mission type. This means it is less linear than Mining Expedition.

  • Mission length determines whether 4, 6, or 8 eggs are required
  • See Mission materials for egg info
  • Starting room will likely be hostile
  • Full hordes will not spawn without an egg being extracted
  • Single wave swarms still attack periodically
  • There is no "forward" in this mission type. Everything is connected
  • Eggs now show up on terrain scanner (see illustration)
  • The length of the mission determines how many hordes to expect when popping eggs
  • Single wave swarms are guaranteed when the egg is extracted with a chance of it being a full horde (see video #1)
Egg Scanner

Egg swarm vs no egg swarm

2D Depiction

Note: This picture is just to give a sense of my perseption of the game type
Point Extraction / Elimination
Point Extraction

Point Extractions are fast pace and action packed from the very moment the Dwarves step out of the drop pod. There is far less "traveling" than the other mission types. It's best to think of the map as as one massive room. The pressure is constant and the hordes get harder as time progresses

  • Length and complexity determine whether 7 or 10 Aquarqs will be needed
  • It is vital that each class is doing its job from the get-go
  • Only mission type Aquarq is found
  • Only mission type Dystrum is found
  • Rich in nitra
  • Scout should focus nitra
  • Driller and Gunner should be making easy paths to all sections of the cave
  • Zip-lines are your friend
  • Deposit into Drill Head (no MULE)
  • Hordes are present in this mode
  • No dirt in the mission type
  • Defending from on the Mine Head is a bad idea (bugs can attack from under your feet and flip around on the many corners and sharp angles)
  • Hold near the Mine Head for extra turret support

Drill Head

2D Depiction

Note: This picture is just to give a sense of my perseption of the game type


Elimination challenges the team to kill 2 or 3 Dreadnoughts (see Dreadnought section for more info). The cocoons spawn at random locations. I have seen one in the starting room. I have seen two within 10 meters of each other. I have seen them evenly spaced in all directions from the starting point. The maps remind me of a bee hive

  • Focus on gathering nitra
  • There is no "forward" direction. All paths are connected in Eliminations
  • Explore away from the cocoons first if you want to clear the map of materials
  • Cocoons can be located with the terrain scanner (see illustration)
  • No "swarms" in this mode. Just random single waves of bugs
  • See the Dreadnought's section for more combat info

Dreadnaught cocoon (old picture)

Cocoons On Terrain Scanner

2D Depiction

Note: This picture is just to give a sense of my perseption of the game type

Search & Extract

Search & Extract has many similarities to a Mining Expedition: Dirt leads from one room to another, you are mining morkite, and it can often feel like you are moving from point A to B. From my experience, search & extract feels more like a few massive rooms stiched together with a bunch of intersecting tunnels.

  • Starting room is hostile
  • Constant pressure from bugs
  • Complex rooms
  • A good way to gether a specific material
  • Always 3 complexity and 2 length
  • Always 325 morkite required

2D depiction

Note: This picture is just to give a sense of my perseption of the game type
Salvage Operation
Salvage op. is the new mission on the block as of 6-19-18. The mission type is action oriented and requires a lot of team work. The cave systems are massive so it is easy to get separated. The mission is broken into small objectives: MULE repair, triangulation, refuel, final holdout

  • Gunner's ziplines are greatly needed
  • No "hordes" in this mode. Just random single waves of bugs
  • Expect A LOT of bugs in the first half of the mission
  • Keep an eye out for broken supply pods (see illustrations)

Buried Pod
  • Repaired supply pods have a chance to give 0, 1, or 2 ammo pods
  • Small portion of the pod will be sticking out of the ground
  • If you spot supply drop tunnels, check the bottom for the old pods

1st Objective (Mini MULE Repair)

Repair Broken Mini MULEs
Requires 3 Legs
  • Legs tend to spawn near the mini MULEs
  • 3 legs needed to repair each MULE
  • Takes 10 seconds to repair a mini MULE alone.
  • LISTEN for the MULEs' beacon
  • Mini MULEs pulse green light.
  • Legs glow a white light
  • Repairing the mini MULEs gives gold and nitra (50ish) each
  • The button on the MULE becomes active after the mini MULEs are fixed
  • Pressing it causes all MULEs to head towards the broken drop pod
  • Mini Mules have physics (see video #3)

Broken drop pod

2nd and 3rd Objectives (Defense Points)
  • Wait for your team before beginning the triangulation or refuel phase
  • Place resupply pod near uplink and fuel cells before beginning hold out
  • Repair progress can be restarted where it was left off
  • Triangulation terminal and gas tanks take 20 seconds each to repair alone
  • Plug small tunnels with plats to control where the bugs attack from (see illustration)
  • Engineer's repellent platforms are extremely useful (see Engineer's section for illustrations)
  • Clear the area around the uplink and fuel pod before each battle (see video #1)
  • Work together to create a battlefield (see video #2)

Preparing the Battle Field

Creating/Repairing the Battlefield

Plug Small Tunnels
Plug Holes

Ready For Battle

Repair and defend Uplink Terminal
Hold Position Within Proximity

Look For Supply Beacon

Repair and Defend Fuel Cell
Connect Fuel Line to Drop Pod

Final Objective
  • Once the fuel pod is repaired, survive until drop pod is ready to leave
  • Once drop pod is ready, the team has 1 minute to get on!

2D Depiction

Note: This picture is just to give a sense of my perseption of the game type

Video Illustrations

#1 Clearing the Battlefield

#2 Creating the Battlefield

#3 Mini Mule Physics
Escort Duty
Escort Duty is a combat focused mission. The team must protect the Drill Dozer: a large piece of automated mining equipment. The mission is broken up into 3 segments: traverse and protect, gather and refuel, then defend. The Ommoran Heartstone awaits!

  • Gunner is mvp here
  • Gunner weapons excel in the tunnels
  • Scout should be handling repairs before the other classes
  • Hordes come during traversal
  • Single waves attack during refuel phase
  • The number of times the Dozer will stop to refuel is located on the map screen icon
  • Gather nitra and other materials during refuel phase
  • Never sacrifice protecting the Dozer over gathering materials
  • Simple maps. You can always backtrack after the Heartstone is obtained for secondary objectives, gold, events, ect...
  • Gunner shield can prevent a Det from reaching the Dozer (see video #1)

The Drill Dozer

Drill Dozer hud
Dozer Receiving Damage

Traverse and Protect
  • Protect the Dozer at all costs
  • The mission end if the Dozer is destroyed
  • The panels act as the repair points for the corresponding sides (see illustration)
  • The left side is always damage first, then right, then center
  • The teams' proximity to the Dozer affects its speed
  • Detonators are your worst enemy
  • Gunner shield is a good way to push away Det if they get too close (see Gunner section for video)
  • Launch flares into new caves as you breach through (see Scout section for video)
  • Watch out for environmental hazards (see video #2)
  • Stick Molly Out of the Way on the Ceiling When Tunneling (see video #3)

Refuel Phase
  • Small hordes and single waves will attack the Dozer during this phase
  • Always have one player guarding the Dozer
  • Might have to back track to previous room for oil

Fuel Canister
Fuel Canister hud
  • If a player is holding one of the fuel canisters, their icon will be seen at the bottom (see illustration)
  • Gas cans located on back of Dozer
  • Can gather straight from the deposit or suck up chunked oil
  • Drop down oil chunks for other players (see video #4)
  • Slice off the oil with the can to save some time (see video #5)

Oil Shale
Oil Shale chunks
  • Oil takes four hits to chunk
  • Gather with empty gas cans
  • Bosco can knock down oil on the ceiling

Breach and Defend
Heartstone Shell
  • The Heartstone has 4 stages of health
  • Player's defend the Dozer while it breaches through the shell
  • A large pressure wave goes off after each layer is breached
  • Bugs will swarm the player during each stage of health (less so on stage 2)

Outer Shell

  • Horde will attack the players

Second Layer

  • The Heartstone will send "flying rocks" at the Dozer during its second stage of health
  • Shoot the rocks to destroy them
  • GUNNER needs to focus rocks
  • Rocks deal a ton of damage
  • Do not stand on the Dozer during this stage (rocks do massive damage to players)
  • Some bugs will attack, but not a full horde

Third Layer

  • Another horde of bugs will attack

Final Layer

  • Pylons spawn around the Heartstone during the final stage of health that project laser beams at the Dozer
  • Destroy the pylons quickly
  • Pylons work like terrain. They do not have a health bar
  • Must be broken to stop the laser
  • Drills work the best
  • A well placed power attack will stop the pylon (see Scout's section for video)
  • Terrain deforming weapons can destroy the tip which will deactivate the pylon (see video #6)

Ommoran Beamer (pylon)
Active Pylons
Deactivated Pylon

Video Illustrations

#1 Gunner Shield Can Push Away Dets

#2 Watch Out For Environmental Hazards While Riding the Dozer

#3 Stick Molly on the Ceiling

#4 Drop Down Chunks of Oil

#5 Slice Off Oil With the Fuel Can

#6 Destroy Tips of Pylons
On-Site Refining
Refining missions require a bit more of a "hands on" approach. There is a construction phase and then a defend and repair phase. First the players will have to find the Morkite Vents and call in Pumpjacks. Once the pumps are in place, they must be connected to the refinery with pipelines. Each pipe segment must be placed and constructed by the players. In the mean time, the team needs to be keeping up with nitra intake. The terrain is your worst enemy in this mission type, and the Driller / Engie need to be ready to make any needed adjustments

  • Driller is mvp in the mission type (drill tunnels are the perfect solution for tough Morkite Vent locations
  • Periodic hordes spawn during the "construction phase"
  • Utilize the terrain scanner in this mission
  • No MULE like Point Extractions

Construction Phase

On-Site Refinery
Pipeline Origin Point
  • Deposit point for materials located on refinery
  • Has 3 starting locations for pipelines
  • Provides heat in Glacial Strata and oxygen in low O2 mutation event

Morkite Geyser
  • Each Morkite Geyser must be discovered before it is shown on the terrain scanner
  • Call in Pumpjacks as soon as you can
  • Pumpjacks have an outline when the laser pointer is used (helpful for guiding your pipe construction)

Pipe Frame
Constructed Pipe
  • Each pipe segment must be constructed individually
  • Must build the pipe proximally outward from the refinery
  • Pipe segments can be removed by using the pickaxe on the most distal portions
  • Once the pipe has been connected to the Pumpjack, it may not be removed
  • Keep pipes simple and straight as possible
  • See the lights on the pipe for information regarding its status: grey = uncompleted, green = connected to pumpjack, red = damage to pipeline
  • Allow Drillers to make straight tunnels if the terrain allows it (see video #1)
  • Avoid steep tunnels and sharp turns. Drill wider paths if needed (see video #2)

Defend and Repair Phase

Damaged Pipe Segment
  • Once refining begins, a horde will attack
  • A new horde will attack each time to refining is restarted
  • Pipes will burst a few times regardless of whether or not bugs attack them
  • Refining halts when pipes are damaged
  • Bugs will swarm around busted pipe segments
  • Busted segments show up on the scanner (see illustration)

Damaged Pipe hud
Damaged Pipe on Scanner

Pipe Tunnel

Video Illustrations

#1 Drill Straight Tunnels

#2 Avoid Steep Angles When Drilling "Vertical" Pipes
Mutations (anomalies and warnings)
Mutations will either add an additional challenge to the selected difficulty (warnings / double warnings) thus increasing the hazard reward % at the end, or add a "fun" factor that can make life a bit easier and lead to extra gold or materials (anomalies)... Or it can add both at the same time! (warning/anomaly)

Note: there is not much I can tell you about these that the patch notes do not, but I made the section regardless. I will include pictures and tips over time


  • High O2 concentration, or so I tell myself, gives the Dwarves more energy
  • Players move faster (maybe 1.25x normal speed)
  • Player can run with large gems in hand
  • Sounds like a team of space squirrels!

  • Extra region based materials to be found!
  • Gotta get dat croppa!

  • What can I say other than... WWWWWEEEEEEE!

  • Larger and more frequent gold deposites within the level (see illustration)

  • Massive crit damage bonus (see video #1)
#1 Extra Crit Damage

  • Pretty self explanatory

  • Each bug drops a gold chunk worth 1 unit (see video #2)
#2 Golden Bugs

  • Every bug, excluding "small" enemies, explode!
  • Explosions are more effective (see video)
  • Bigger the bug, bigger the boom
  • Explosions can cause fear to other bugs
  • Melee is risky. Consider swapping melee related perks
  • Be backing away when killing a bug with melee to prevent explosion damage


  • Make sure you have a scout on your team
  • Don't rush into large caves
  • Always be checking the ceiling when entering new caves
  • + 15% hazard bonus

  • Team needs to focus down Elites asap
  • Elite are more powerful versions of their enemy type
  • They are generally tougher, faster, and some have special abilities
  • See Elites section for info

  • Roided up exploders spawn in massive swarms
  • Bigger explosions and more damage
  • Mutated exploders glow brighter (see illustration below)
  • + 30% hazard bonus

  • The Ghost acts like a Bulk Detonator
  • It will dig if needed
  • UI icon on the Scanner (see Scanner/Lazer pointer section)
  • Makes a creepy noise when close to the agro'd player (run if you hear it)
  • It CAN be targeted by status effects (electric and toxin will slow it)
  • Can be difficult to see if the player is not paying attention (see illustration below)
  • Agro is proximity based. Get close if you want its attention

  • Enemies do extra damage
  • Examples given were both on solo hazard 4. Damage was by a standard Grunt from full shields
H4 Solo Glyphid Grunt Damage Example

  • Massive impact on gameplay
  • Team needs to WORK TOGETHER
  • Poorly placed supply pods on Point Extraction missions can be disastrous
  • More than ever is the Scout needed for gathering Nitra
  • Stick together on Mining Expeditions
  • Keep the MULE moving when you are running a tunnel
  • Consider o2 locations before starting a Dreadnought fight
  • Full o2 tank lasts 65 seconds
  • o2 meter on right side of screen (see illustration)
  • o2 can be acquired at the MULE, drop pods, supply pods, and the Mine Head
  • The player gets an early warning before o2 levels are "critical" (there is a *beep* at 25%)
  • Health drops quick when o2 is depleted
  • Try to save 80 nitra for the escape run if you plan to drill 50 meters + to the pod
  • Follow the MULE during the escape for o2 if you don't think you can make the drill
  • Drill speed upgrade is useful for this mutation

  • Bring your fly swatter
  • Lots of grabbers
  • One of the more difficult mutations
  • + 20% hazard bonus

  • My personal favorite mutation
  • Team has to work together
  • Every bite matters
  • Sugar becomes precious
  • Swap your shields to give extra health
  • + 30% hazard bonus
  • On screen static discharge helps remind the player of the disabled shields (see illustrations)

  • Parasites spawn from bugs when killed
  • Bigger the bug, more parasites it contains
  • Don't waste too much ammo (melee as many as possible)
  • Parasites die after one attack (see video)

  • Bug will regenerate health if not damaged for a short time (similar to your shields)
  • Team needs to focus on priority targets: Breeders, Preys, Dets, ect...
  • Bugs glow blue-ish green when regenerating health (see illustration)

Heeling Bug

  • Just like exploder infestation, but Swarmers instead
  • periodic waves of Swarmers
  • Bring Swarmer control weapons such as duel turrets or the flame thrower
Deep Dives
Deep Dives (DDs) offer a unique challenge to seasoned miners for a chance to earn Matrix Cores. Deep Dives require teamwork, and each Dwarf needs to be diligent with their classes duties throughout

Deep Dives differ from standard missions in a number of ways
  • There are three missions linked together in which ammo and materials carry over
  • There are no secondary objectives
  • The "Black Box" objective is unique to Deep Dives (see illustration)
  • Players may not join once the mission has started
  • Matrix Cores are rewarded for completion
  • Each dive is a static seed (caves will be exactly the same for the week)
  • You can see the progress of a DD on the terminal if you make it through part of the way
Hidden info at bottom left of terminal

Tips For Deep Dives
  • Check the drop pod terminals in the launch bay for mutation info for mission 1 (see illustration)
  • Do not waste explosives and loads of ammo at the first and second escape pod
  • You will always get 1 full horde and 1 single wave from a 2 egg objective
  • Minerals remain in players' inventory between missions
  • Standard Deep Dives feel like h3/h4 missions
  • Elite Deep Dives feel like h5 missions
  • The player does not get any health regen on Elite Dives (like h5 missions)
  • Players can be left behind at the end of mission 1 and 2 without penalty
  • Players will return with 50% health on the next mission if left behind
  • Each mission of the DD will behave like the base objective (salvage mission base might have eggs,

Each mission will have two "primary" objectives, but the cave itself will behave like the base objective. Keep this in mind when popping eggs or dreadnoughts. If you are on a Point Extraction with 2 eggs to pop as well, you can easily get a double swarm by popping an egg at the wrong time

1st Mission Info

Black Box
  • Works exactly like an uplink terminal from a salvage mission
  • Repair then defend
The Forge / Matrix Cores
The Forge is where Matrix Cores are used. It provides a simple interface for crafting your new
over-clocks, cosmetics, Victory Poses, and resources. Each Matrix Core that is forged here will add to the player's "forging mastery" (5 per level). Every 5 Matrix Cores the player forges (regardless of the type) will earn the player a free Matrix Core with the new level of forge mastery

Forge Mastery

Matrix Cores
Different types of matrix cores:

Acquired from:
  • 1st mission of Deep Dives
  • 1st mission of Weekly Core Hunt
  • In place of weapon cores once
    they have all been acquired

Weapon Cores
Acquired from:
  • 2nd mission of Deep Dives
  • 2nd mission of Weekly Core Hunt
  • Completed Machine Events

Weapon Skin Set
Acquired from:
  • 3rd mission of Deep Dives
  • 3rd mission of Weekly Core Hunt
  • Completed Machine Events

Acquired from:
  • 3rd mission of Deep Dives
  • 3rd mission of Weekly Core Hunt
  • Completed Machine Events

Victory Pose
Acquired from:
  • 3rd mission of Deep Dives
  • 3rd mission of Weekly Core Hunt
  • Completed Machine Events

Mineral Cores
Acquired from:
  • In place of cosmetic / victory pose cores
    once they have all been acquired

Stored Blank Cores
Machine Events (general info)
There are four different types of Machine Events and they are found within standard missions. They can be found in any mission type and any biom. They offer an additional challenge, fun new game mechanics, and a reward if completed. Blank Matrix Cores can be imprinted here as well as an exp and credit bonus given at the end of the mission. Knowing when to start an event and what to expect can mean the difference between a win or a loss.

General Tips
  • Each type has three stages: Dormant, Ready to activate, Event
  • Promoted Dwarves have keys to unlock the machine events
  • Each event requires four separate ignition points to activate
  • Try to have 80 nitra available before starting
  • The event will cut out a specific looking room on the scanner if it is spawned in a tunnel or cramped location (see illustration)
  • Dwarves with blank cores are given a choice of weapon over clocks, cosmetics and more! (see illustration)
  • The keys are used in the "Core Infuser" (see illustrations)
  • A completed event will show in the mission objectives UI at the top right (see illustration)
  • If the player inserts a core into the infuser, but forgets to pick it up, one of the 3 options will be chosen at random and given to the player upon mission completion
  • Depending on the mission type, there are better times to start an event (see section below)
  • Listen for spawning bugs when starting the event (see video #1)

Core Infuser

Core Infuser With Reward

Event Room On Scanner
Completed Event

Mission Types

The mission type greatly dictates when the event should be started to best avoid being overwhelmed

Mining Expedition
  • Know when your last horde was, if at all. If you have not had a horde by the time you come across an event, keep pushing forward until the first horde is dispatched. Once the horde is complete, it is safe to start the event without fear of a double horde. If you feel there has been a significant amount of time since the previous horde, apply the same tactic as you would the first horde

Egg Hunt
  • Egg Hunts, imo, are the easiest missions to get an event on. The team has two options: wait until the mission objectives are complete, then come back after all the nitra has been collected, or simply avoid plucking an egg while doing the event.
  • Single waves can still spawn without eggs if enough time passes, so never let your guard down

  • Similar to egg hunts, you do not have to fear random hordes, only periodic single waves
  • Needless to say, don't trigger the dreadnought with the event

  • Though Salvage ops lack hordes, they spawn a lot more single waves of enemies than Egg Hunts or Eliminations
  • Be extra cautious when starting the event
  • And obviously the event should be done before the pod repair hold outs

Point Extraction
  • Point Extractions are the most tricky to time right.
  • With a little luck, the team will spot the event early. The event is best dealt with right AFTER the FIRST HORDE
  • Doing it right after the first horde ends means the enemy spawns will still be light, and you should have enough time to finish it before the next horde
Machine Events (Ebonite / Tritilyte)
Ebonite Mutation
  • Team must kill Ebonite Glyphids using melee (see illustration)
  • Bullets do not deal damage
  • Chaotic, and often over quite quickly (for better or worse)
  • Gunner shields are very helpful
  • Berserker is extremely useful here
  • Driller throwing axe counts towards kills (Thanks Kev1n!)
  • Driller's drills count
  • Ebonite Glyphids can be frozen (Thanks Kev1n!)
  • Ebonite Glyphids come in two sizes. Each counts towards the kill count equally
  • The Powerup Sprinkler will eject Melee boosters as the event goes on (see illustrations)
  • Melee boosters increase melee damage and greatly decrease the cool down of power attacks
  • Full event below (see video #2)

Dormant Ebonite Mutation Event
Powerup Sprinkler Ready for Activation

Melee Booster
Ebonite Glyphids

Tritilyte Crystal
  • Requires coordination amongst the team
  • Once activated, Mission Control will send down a bomb dispenser (see illustrations)
  • Explosive barrels from the dispenser must be carried to the crystal and throw onto it
  • Best to have half the team working barrels and half the team on defense
  • Player must be facing a bomb to retrieve one from the dispenser
  • The barrels can be "dropped" to the ground without exploding. They will explode when thrown
  • Full event below (see video #3)
  • Be ready to prep the terrain for easy barrel delivery (see video #4)

Dormant Tritilyte Crystal Event
Tritilyte Deposit Ready for Activation

Bomb Dispenser Beacon

Dispenser UI
Machine Events (Kursite / Omen Mod.)
Kursite Infection
  • Three possible enemy types (Kursite: Preatorians, Acid Spitters, Mactera Swarm) (see illustrations)
  • Each infected bug drops a Kursite Crystal (see illustrations)
  • Each crystal last about 10 seconds before shattering
  • Crystals get darker the closer they are to shattering
  • Crystals must be delivered to the grinder
  • Full event below (see video #5)

Dormant Kursite Infection Event
Kursite Grinder Ready for Activation

Kursite Crystal
Old Kursite Crystal

Kursite Acid Spitter
Kursite Preatorian

Kursite Mactera

Omen Modular Exterminator
  • Has 3 different weapon turrets. Each can be avoided with a different tactic
  • Think of it as a platforming event
  • The turrets can be destroyed in any order
  • Use the laser pointer to see which turrets you are going to be fighting before activating
  • Best to have part of the team working on maintenance pads, and another part keeping distance and cover
  • Gunner shield can out heal and protect against the turrets
  • Each Maintenance Pad is linked to one of the 3 turrets (see illustration)
  • Activate Maintenance Pads to expose the Cooling Tanks (see illustrations / video #6)
  • Known weapons: Twin Slicer, Heavy Burster, Radial Pulse-Gun, Drone Replicator (see video #6)

Dormant Omen Mod.
Omen Mod. Ready For Activation

Maintenance Pad
Maintenance Pad Activated

Maintenance Pad Info
  • Gunner shields are extremely useful for pads
  • There are 3 possible colors for the lights on the pads (each color provides info about the state of the associated turret)
  • Lights are off if the associated turret is destroyed
  • Lights are blue if the corresponding turret is active, but the cores are not exposed
  • Lights are yellow when the pad is being "hacked" by a Dwarf
  • Lights are green when the cores of the corresponding turret are exposed
  • Pads stay activated a short time after the player steps off

Turret Types

Twin Slicer
  • Two sets of parallel lazers
  • Each set can change their vertical angle independently
  • They rotate periodically with the turret segment
  • Easy to see coming
  • Easier to dodge than others

Heavy Burster
  • Only 1 cannon on the whole turret segment
  • Red light signifies which way it is pointing
  • Has a limited view angle (90­° at best)
  • Stay in cover if it is pointing at you
  • Constantly in a slow rotation
  • Easy to avoid
  • Does a LOT OF DAMAGE if it targets you

Radial Pulse-Gun
  • Regular blasts of slow moving plasma cutters in all directions
  • Will incapacitate the player with 1 hit on higher hazards
  • Can jump over them
  • Molly can be used as cover
  • Prioritize this segment
  • Farther the player is from the turret, easier the beams are to dodge

Drone Replicator
  • Periodically sends out a flying drone that explode on impact
  • Drone deal a large amount of damage
  • Will easily cause a wipe if the players are not paying attention
  • Drones are way faster now. Dive bomb the players
  • Always have a Dwarf of Drone duty
Machine Events (video Illustrations)
#1 Listen For Last Second Spawns

#2 Ebonite Mutation Event (1.5x speed)

#3 Tritilyte Crystal Event (1.5x speed)

#4 Prep the Terrain Quickly

#5 Kursite Infection Event (muted at 1.5x speed) I muted the fight due to all of the radio chatter

#6 Omen Modulator Event

NOTICE: This feature has changed a lot in the short period of time since it was introduced in update 16, and it is still changing now as of update 24. Keep an open mind about this section

General Information
Think of it more as "0% - 100% frozen" or "0% - 100% ignited" which is represented by this temperature gauge or "cold meter / heat meter":

Fire, ice bombers, blizzards, heat vents, the mine head, and a lot of other enemies and environmental hazards affect the player's temperature meter. The player's temp can change at three different speeds, depicted with little arrows to the right of the ui


The only biome the player will have to deal with ice enemies is the Glacial Strata (see Planetary Regions Continued for info about the Glacial Strata).

  • Cold can freeze the bugs as well
  • A blue hud background mean the player or bug is colder than baseline
  • A white hud background mean the player or bug is frozen
  • Frozen when cold meter fills to the top
  • Heat loss stacks until frozen or heat source is found
  • Bugs receive a movement speed reduction that increases the colder they get
  • Can self rescue by tapping your respective "strafe left / strafe right" keys
  • Rescue teammates with pick axe
  • Flame thrower can heat friendlies (only do this if asked)
  • 50% heat is returned when unfrozen
  • Players and bugs take extra damage when frozen (bugs can be shattered)
Frozen Bug

Stages of Cooling (in progress)
stage 1
stage 2
stage 3
  • Blizzard
  • Ice Preatorian
    death cloud
  • Ice Bomber
  • Cold vents
  • Preatorian cryo
  • Multiple cold


The heat gauge works a little differently then the cold meter. Whether the player is standing directly inside a volcano, or out of any heat source, the hud will show 2 downward arrows. This represents the passive cooling effect that prevents players from staying "engulfed" for too long. Fire will overcome the passive cooling effect so long as the heat source is maintained (see illustrations).

The speed in which the player's heat increases is determined by the source. Naturally the volcano will heat the player up faster than lava rock. This work the same way for the bugs, just no arrows next to their stat effect hud

  • A red hud background means the player or bug is hotter than baseline
  • A white hud background means the player is engulfed
  • Burning effect lasts until the heat meter is empty (cryo can speed this up)
  • Engulfed bugs can spread heat to other enemies (see video #1)

Out of Heat Soruce

Flash Freeze / Burn

As of update 29 cryo and fire can mingle together in a synergistic manner. If a bug is burnt while fully frozen or chilled while fully ignited, they will receive an extra burst of damage. There is a high pitched whistle of an audio queue when it goes off

Flash Freeze
Flash Burn

Video Illustrations

#1 Fire spreads (heat mechanic demonstration - not recommended gameplay)

(Old info. Disregard for now 12-31-19)

Stages of Heat
(stage 1)
(stage 2)
(stage 3)
  • Mine head (no damage)
  • Heat vent (no damage)
  • Incendiary grenade (causes damage)
Planetary Regions (intro)
These are, more or less, universal environmental tools and hazards

  • Works the same as a webber's attack without the damage
  • Found in all regions
  • Flame Thrower can burn it
  • Scout can mop it up quick (see Scout section for video)

Swarmer Heavy Cave
  • Correlates with Swarmer focused cave

Glow Trees
  • Shoot orbs to light them (see video #1)
  • Lighting more orbs makes the tree brighter
  • Orbs stay lit for a really long time

  • Occurs frequently in the Dense Biozone
  • Occurs rarely in the Crystalline Caverns
  • Reduces view distance, but does not fully obscure like a sand storm or blizzard
  • Can last a LONG TIME
  • Dims light radius (effects Scout the most)

  • Lifts players into the air (high enough to deal fall damage)
  • Causes an explosion if destroyed that can incapacitate the player
  • Can be destroyed by terrain deforming bullets. Examples: (Magnum / Auto Cannon)
  • The base of the geyser must be accessible for bullets to work (see illustration / video #2)
  • Can be useful (see video #3)

Where To Shoot A Geyser

#1 Lighting Glow Trees

#2 Geyser Bullet Removal

#3 Using Geysers
Planetary Regions
Sandblasted Corridors

The Sandblasted Corridors is a deceptively difficult region. The sandstorms make for some intense moments, and the wind tunnels can make traversal more difficult as well as dangerous. Bee Hives can prevent shields from recharging, and the terrain generation often leads to massive rooms. On the flip side, the terrain is easy to dig for any class, materials stand out from the tan color of the sand and excavation of Aquarq and the like is easy

Sand Storm
  • Try to stay together when the storm picks up

Wind Tunnel

  • Hidden, but still just as powerful, during sand storms
  • Can make good zipline placement difficult
  • Wind tunnels will send the player flying (see video #1)

#1 Saved By Lady Luck

Explosive Spore

  • Launches an explosive bulb when damaged. (tough to predict where the bulb will go)
  • Can be used to damage/scare bugs, but it is mostly luck

Deeptora Honeycomb (Bee Hive)

  • Each hive has 1 group of bees (can attack 1 player at a time)
  • Pretty darn tough. Can eat a lot of ammo to destroy (
  • Freeze first to deal more damage
  • Susceptible to fire
  • Driller can burn the bees (they respawn after 10-15 seconds) (see Driller's section for video)
  • Dig them out to save ammo (see video #2)

#2 Dig Out Hives

Magma Core

Magma Core is one of my favorites, but that is mostly because I enjoy the tenebrous contrast between the dark terrain and the lava. The region itself can be quite hazardous given that there are a fair number of environmental threats that can be deadly. However, as with any other region in this game, you can use the volatile nature of the map against the bugs as well.

Exploding Plants

  • Small ones can be activated safely with melee
  • Spawn in large fields (some times filling a tunnel)
  • Don't linger in the middle of a large patch
  • Use them to your advantage (see video #3)
Note: Can spawn in Fungus Bogs and Biozone as of update 14

#3 Explosive Environment

Lava Vents

  • Deals dot to players and enemies
  • Attacking with pickaxe will cause it to explode incapping the player with it (can be used while in iron will)
  • Can be blown up with C4 for a massive explosion
  • Can be blown up with other explosives and terrain deforming weapons (does not work as consistently as C4)

Lava Jets

  • Short intervals between blasts
  • Gives off sparks just before igniting

Lava Rock

  • Some spawns in with the cave generation
  • Explosions create lava rocks (see illustrations)
  • Damages bugs too
  • Driller can destroy lava rock
  • Engie plats make a good patch
  • Gives a small speed boost when on it

Lava Crevasse

  • Created by earthquakes (see video #4)
  • Be patient and watch your footing when a quake is starting (see video #4)

#4 Be Patient When Crevasse is Forming

Salt Pits

The Salt Pits suffer from a challenging color palette the same as the Dense Biozone. There are no real environmental threats apart from the stalactites. There are tons of tiny crystals that protrude from the terrain which can get in the way of flares, but the region is pretty forgiving otherwise. The Salt Pits also have the bonus of light emitting Salt Crystals


  • Will fall if shot
  • Does a lot of damage to anything below it
  • Shooting one will cause proximal stalactites to fall as well

Salt Platforms

  • Last 3 seconds before breaking (see video)
Planetary Regions Continued
Radioactive Exclusion Zone

Radioactive Exclusion Zone has the bonus of radioactive crystals that emit light and deal damage within a small radius. There are minimal environmental hazards and materials are easy to see on the stone. Radioactive enemies are found here that pose their own challenges

Radioactive Crystals
  • Deals damage when unbroken
  • Radiation damages enemies too (see video)
  • Strike the brightest point to "break" the crystal
  • Shooting the "source" of the radiation with terrain deforming weapons can destroy it
Demonstration (not recommended gameplay)

Fungus Bogs

The Fungus Bogs are an unforgiving region filled with everything that keeps people from the outdoors in the first place. Slime will slow you, the gas pods are everywhere, and even the foliage will make traversing and spotting materials difficult. With that being said, I love this place

  • Each class has a way to deal with the slime
  • Glyphid eggs can spawn here (see "swarmers" in the Glyphids section for video)
  • Lots of visual obstructions
  • Dig out ceiling plants before a horde

Gas Pod

  • Releases a gas cloud when approached
  • Can spawn in large numbers
  • Can be destroyed easily

Slime Effect
  • Greatly slows movement
  • Affects enemies too (see Advanced Tips For Any Class for video)
  • Dig around, plat, or use zipline over large patches (see Driller, Engineer and Gunner sections for videos)

Xeno Fungus

  • Produce vision obstructing gas
  • 3 hits with pick to smash
  • Can make a HUGE difference in a tunnel with a horde (see illustrations)

Cave Flora
  • Can be visual obstructive
  • One hit to origin point will remove (see video)
  • Clear before a horde (see illustrations)

Flora Is Easy To Remove

Crystalline Caverns

Crystalline Caverns are bright (for a cave) and lack plant-life which makes getting around easy enough. The crystals produce natural ramps and bridges. There is only one environmental hazard to worry about, but the electric crystals can be nasty on higher difficulties. Don't forget they can be easily mined out or destroyed

Electric Crystals

  • Can be destroyed by mining out their foundation (some angles can make it tough to find the block keeping them in place) (see video)
  • Enough direct damage will also remove a crystal
Easy Electric Crystal Removal

Mineral Chimney

  • Produce vision obstructing gas
  • Easy to destroy
  • Can also be found in Magma Core and Radioactive exclusion zone
  • Clear before hordes (see illustration)
Planetary Regions Continued
Dense Biozone

The Dense Biozone is the toughest planetary region of all (imo). The caves are always tall and full of ledges that can lure the player in the wrong direction or into a bad spot to be swarmed. The walls are also a color palette that makes Nitra much harder to spot, on top of the fact that it is spread out in the massive caves. There are plenty of environmental threats that will keep the player's shields from recharging and additional ways to spawn enemies. The rare chance of a hidden room happens here more than anywhere else from my experience (see Terrain Scanner section for "hidden room" video

  • The scout is greatly needed here
  • Landscape can be misleading (see video)
  • Glyphid eggs spawn here (see Glyphids section for video / illustrations)
  • Can be hard to spot nitra on the red walls
  • The environment is out to get you (see illustrations)

Misleading Landscape

Pudo Shell (I don't think theses are in the game anymore 10-28-19)

  • Hangs out on the ceiling
  • Poops out purple goo that does a little damage if you walk under it

Cave Urchin (Cactus)

  • Blends in with the ground
  • Deals very little damage, but it will prevent shield regen

Ejector Cactus
  • Fires off barbs in all direction when approached
  • Reloads every 3 seconds or so

Explosive Plant

  • Same as Magma Core... Only they are blue

Trapatactus (that's actually what it's called)
Preparing to Attack
  • Shoots out barbs from the ground (see illustration)
  • Deals moderate damage
  • Has launched me into the air a few times (not 100% consistent)
  • Activates when a player comes within proximity

Elevator Plants
  • Can sometimes be in a useful position
  • Strike or shoot yellow orbs to trigger

Glacial Strata

It is the only ice biome currently (9-4-18). It brings with it new environmental challenges, different variations to the enemies, beautiful cave systems, and the temperature system as well. The frozen status effect is a welcomed challenge that can become quite deadly if not kept in check. Players will need to watch out for ice exploding plants, icy crevasses, stalactites, blizzards, cold vents, and more!

  • Enemies take extra fire damage
  • LOTS of environmental challenges and hazards
  • Blizzards challenge the team like cold sand storms
  • Dirt looks a bit different (see illustration)
  • Player can become frozen (see temperature section for more info)
  • Be careful of ice crevasses (see video #1)
  • Flame melts ice (does not work well as a "ice drill") (see video #2)

Frozen Dirt

Cold Vent

  • Causes extreme temperature drop
  • Does not move the player
  • Affects the bugs
  • See Temperature section for info about being frozen

  • Tough to see when not looking for it
  • It is everywhere
  • ANY AMOUNT can break your sprint (running over a snowball makes you walk)
  • Can easily slow the player right before a jump or when dodging spit
  • You thought you hated slime?
  • Easy to destroy
  • Clear paths like you would sticky goo
  • Reduces fall damage (see video #3)

Gel Bags

  • Destroy to release a cold explosion
  • Pops instantly (no charge up)
  • Instant freeze to players and enemies alike (see video #4)

Heat Vent

  • Provides moderate heat without burning the player
  • Best heat source

  • Shoot to release water that freezes instantly into a platform
  • Keep an eye out for convenient bulb spawns (See video #5)

  • Obscures vision and slowly cools the players
  • Stick together

Smooth Ice
Smooth Ice
6 blocks deep
  • Causes players and bugs to slide
  • Players and bugs move faster on ice
  • Can be extremely thick. Not worth drilling through

Ice Stalactites "unstable ice"

  • Deals a ton of damage to players and bugs alike

Ice Crevasse
  • There is a crack in the ice/snow where a crevasse will form (see illustrations above)
  • Terrain scanner does not show until it is exposed

Video Illustrations

#1 Ice Crevasse

#2 Fire vs Ice

#3 Snow Reduces Fall Damage

#4 Gel Bags

#5 Bulb Platform
Planetary Regions Continued (in progress)
Hollow Bough

Hollow Bough is a hostile landscape. Much of the environment can deal damage to the player. Some of the vines are prickly and will injure the player when in contact while other parts of this biome act like aggressive flora that will go after the player that is within reach

  • Dark walls can make lighting more of a problem. Scout's are extra useful here
  • Hostile flora can be destroyed or killed

Creeper Vine
  • Creeper Vines can be moved by dealing damage to them
  • They quickly grow back
  • Can be destroyed with enough damage
  • 1 power attack will destroy a vine
  • The "origin" point will disappear when it is destroyed
  • Week against melee

Bloated Vine

  • Can deal passive damage if the player lands or walks over the thorns (see illustration)
  • Can deal damage at range with its projectiles (see illustrations)

Goo Sack
Goo Sacks
Goo Left Behind
  • Leaves a small amount of sticky goo behind for a short time when popped

Stabber Vine
  • Does a lot of damage
  • Can send the player flying
  • Makes a creaking sound when it is getting ready to attack
  • Each of the 3 vines must be destroyed
  • The yellow spot between the stalk and the blade is the weak point
  • This is TOTALLY a throw back to Half Life, right?

Thorn Pot
  • Deal damage if touched
  • Will pop and send out a barrage of needs if damaged

Azure Weald

The Wealds have a tenebrous contrast between the dark and the neon colors. The biome is vibrant and easy to distract the player at the wrong times. The biome itself isn't full of damage dealing flora, but do not underestimate the power of the enchanting light show. It led me off a cliff more than once. Learn how to use the environment to your advantage and thrive

  • Home of the Cave Angle
  • Can be difficult to spot cave fruits and other materials amongst the neon colors

Cave Leaf
  • Grow in clusters
  • Easy to destroy with pick
  • Also work as platforms

Azure Root
  • Good sniping position for Scouts

P[[[[[[[{0}]]]]]]]Q (Stonehenge)
  • Provides temporary defense buff for players or bugs that step inside
  • Blue lights will circle the buffed player or bug
  • DO NOT fight a Dreadnought near the henge. Dread + henge buff = bad times

Gravity Warp
  • Provides the Low Gravity mod when over it
Status Effects
There are plently of ways for the Dwarves to lose their lives in the caves, and in case you didn't know what was killing you, there are status effect symbols that pop up in the lower portion of the screen.

Triggered By
  • Dead praetorian's
    acid cloud
  • "poison" pods
  • Bees
  • Damage
Triggered By
  • Electric crystals
  • Naedocyte Shockers
  • Damage and
    slowed movement
Triggered By
  • Lava vents
  • Lava rock
  • Flame thrower
  • Damage and
    temperature increase

Poison / Bees
Triggered By
  • No longer
    used in game
Triggered By
  • Radioactive
  • Dead radioactive
  • Damage while
    near the crystals
Triggered By
  • Environmental
  • Web spitters
  • Slowed movement

Sticky Feet
(slowed movement)
Sweet Tooth
Triggered By
  • Praetorian's cone
    of acid spit
  • Acid Spitters
  • Damage
Triggered By
  • Mactera goo
  • Slime
  • Slowed movement
Triggered By
  • Eating Red Sugar
  • Sweet Tooth
    Perk required
  • Increased movement

Low O2
Melee Booster
Speed Boost
Triggered By
  • Depleted O2
  • Player's health
    quickly drops
Triggered By
  • Power up
    Sprinkler melee
  • Berserker
  • Increased melee
    damage and reduced
    power attack delay
Triggered By
  • Reloading NUK17
    empty mags
  • Second
    Wind perk
  • Increased
    Movement Speed

Shield Boost (passive)
Shield Boost (active)
Triggered By
  • Slasher
  • Slowed movement
Triggered By
  • Shield Link
    perk (passive)
  • Faster shield
Triggered By
  • Teammate's
    active shield link
  • Instant shield
    refill with a buffer

Veteran Deposit hud
SYIH hud
Dash hud