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PUBG Game Theory Tactics
By Shad
This is a quick and simple quide to getting the highest number of chicken dinners by being careful and intelligent.
The Theory
The theory here is simple, an averagely skilled player with average loot attainment will at most be able to engage in and survive between 3-5 engagements with other players at optimum efficiency.

The premise of this guide is to provide you with a method to apply to your games that will optimise the core tenants of this beautiful game.

  • >Loot
  • >Position
  • >Engagement Angle
  • >Survival

I will split this guide into sections.

Phase 1: The Drop
Phase 2: Loot and Loadout
Phase 3: Polarising the Field
Phase 4: Rotation and Angle of Engagement
Phase 5: The Chicken Dinner

I know that some of this will seem supremely basic to some of you, but its better to explain in detail than to have confusion, also not everyone speaks English as a first language.

For the sake of simplicity we will assume to begin with that this is Solo. However later I will explain tactical differences that will effect your choices and decision as a duo or squad.
Phase 1: The Drop
So, lets get started.

As we all know the drop phase is pretty important for any game, getting this wrong or right will determine the outcome of the rest of your match.

Suffice to say that when you spawn into the aircraft pay attention to the direction the plane is taking across the map. Its important that you remember this for a later phase.

Players will drop in a pattern, approximately 1-2 squares in width across the lateral axis of the plane.

Choose your drop location carefully, avoid high population centres like School, Po♥♥♥♥♥i, Pecado and Hacienda Del Patron.

Choose smaller 3-5 building locations and pay attention when dropping to the presence of nearby enemies dropping with you, getting the drop on them early in the game will be crucial.

Try to avoid areas that far out to the extremities of the map, though secluded and out of the way, the task of getting to where you need to be for Phase 3 will likely get you killed.

Once you have landed (ensuring you reach 234km/h for maximum drop distance and speed). You will be in one of two positions. Either you landed alone, or you have competition. If you have competition you need to make a choice based on your immediate loot attainment as to whether or not you engage the competition or bug out early.

On to Phase 2.

Instructional Video:
Phase 2: Loot and Loadout
Now that you have either bugged out of your original drop location, or are able to loot in peace, your next consideration is acquiring loot in a speedy and efficient way.

One way to do this is to know what you need, for example if you have the area to yourself, skip all quickdraw accessories, skip all shotgun related stuff.

Knowing your intended final loadout is a useful thing to determine, I dont mean for example, i want a SCAR-L with 4x and M249 with Red dot.

I mean knowing your composition, are you going to take an AR for CQB/Medium Range and an SR for Long Range. Perhaps youll take an SMG for CQB and SR for Long Range and keep it at that, or a mixture of the aforementioned.

That part is up to you and your own personal preferences, but knowing what you want will prevent wasted time looking for stuff you dont need.

On a more macroscopic scale, be aware of the route you are taking to loot buildings, keep things logical, up and down the rows, North to South if you need, to ensure you dont waste time accidentally popping into buildings youve already looted.

You also dont need to loot everything, sometimes its more efficient to skip the guard room and go straight to the next building if time is upon you.

Next up, Phase 3.
Phase 3: Polarising the Field
This is probably the most important Phase youll go through, I dont have any images yet, but ill get some soon and upload them if people like the guide.

Polarising the Field basically means that given the information you will recall from Phase 1, you now know with a fair degree of certainty where the other elements on the field of play are. After Phase 2 you will have had the zone make itself known to you and combining these two peices of information will be critical.

What you are aiming to achieve out of this is to be where other people are not. For example, if the plane flies directly down the middle of Erangel, over Severny and Military, and zone ends up at Mylta. Then your intended location after your loot phase should be the far right of power plant.

Another example, the plane goes at an angle, cross from Military Base, Mylta and Lopovka. The zone ends up being Georgopol, your intended location should be Zharki, moving down the West flank.

This limits the number of engagements that you will have to endure, reduces the likelyhood youll be taken out by a passerby and will almost always put you in the top 10.

I cannot stress how important this method is. On to Phase 4.

Phase 4: Rotation and Angle of Engagement
By now you should be in position, having Polarised your position to that of the vast majority of players.

You should be aware, youre not the only one whos either read this guide, or come up with this logical placement themselves, often these people are sure of themselves and feel safe despite being in a battle royale, they can be easy targets, but dont become one yourself by being complacent.

As the zone decreases in size you will need move from one area into the next, its important at this point that you remember to concentrate more on other players than looting, even if your gear is poor, the reality is that you will gain more from killing and surviving other players than looting even with poor weaponry.

If you are able, it is advisable to move towards the new zone in a circular fashion, rotating clockwise or anti-clockwise as the zone requires. This is important because it prevents people from getting behind you, no matter how good you are, if you are in someone elses sights first, all things being equal, youve already lost.

The only consideration with rotating is that others will rotate too, both quicker, and slower than you, meaning you can end up with people coming up behind you in that circular fashion, or coming upon others in that circular fashion.

The key here is to check your 6, and take targets as and when is sensible, dont fire straight away, if the target looks like theyve spotted something themselves, let them take it out first then take them out, at that point you will have acquired a larger safe segment of the pie, so to speak.

Continue in this method until reach the top 10. Phase 5 awaits.

Take a break: Heres some stupidity:

Phase 5: The Chicken Dinner
Now lets get serious.

Youve made it this far, youve engaged or avoided engagements up to this point, you need to make some considerations regarding the field of play and your kit.

The final zone should be nearing now and you should have a good idea of what kind of situation you are going to end up in, is it an open field with long range engagements and little cover? Perhaps its in a city and its going to be street to street room fighting.

You need to check your grenades, your scopes, and your ammo, this will determine whether or not you will be aggressive or defensive in your approach.

For the most part, avoiding conflict at this point is the best option, firing in a zone this small will inevitably alert others to your location, this is the one thing you want to avoid for as long as humanly possible.

DO NOT, go prone... Im serious... be crouched behind cover and keep your head on a swivel.

Audio is important as i demonstrate in this video:

Move with cover in mind, ive seen so many idiots run into a field to cover some distance, only to have nowhere to go when someone opens fire on them. I mean really? Move from cover to cover. Dont make yourself an easy kill.

Wait for the moment, if someone is near cover, they will probably try to use it, this prolongs and risks an otherwise safe engagement, wait for your target to be in open cover with nowhere to run in the time it will take you to kill them.

If you can avoid engaging anyone until the final player, good job. If you are the last 3, and the other 2 engage one another, wait until one dies, then MOVE, take that player out whilst they are still recovering from the other fight, if you are forced into an engagement be aware that other players will seek to capitalise on your vulnerability and end you.

All in all throughout the majority of the match other players wiill have been forced into more fights, taken more damage, more durability lost, more ammo expended and more out of position than you are, simply due to the position they chose in Phase 3.

So remember aim for the head, polarise the field.
If you are new to this game, i strongly advise ignoring this guide and method for a while.

The biggest con of playing like this is that you end up in limited fights, as that is the intended outcome of this theory, however as a new player, intense repeated cycles of looting and fighting will come in very useful. If you follow my guide and get to the last 10 without a fight as so often happens, you will absoloutely get nailed by the player whose made it that far and can actually aim and handle recoil.

Duos and Squad:

The theory still applies, but the Phase 1 is slightly different, you will require larger areas for loot unless you are quite lucky. Getting your whole squad across the field can sometimes be difficult, but sticking together is a must, I play alot of duos and a fair bit of squad so perhaps I will make a squad tactics guide.

Thanks for reading and sorry for the wall of text, ill add more pretty colours and pictures as and when I can.

A warm heartfelt thankyou to the people who have been leaving kind comments to this post, its really appreciated.

See you on the field O7
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