Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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ho 2 pley gem cs:go ?
guid 2 sey ho 2 pley lik KeniS
mein menu
Teh mein menu

F*cc, it is CS:Sauce's main menu, sorri me new to guid creashun

so, if u want ple gem u clicc "ple gem" buton, you will see 6 opshunz

go onlin ► ple wiv interweb conecshun on casual or competitiv (u wil ple wiv random cuntz)

ple wiv cuntz ► ple wiv cuntz on premad teem to f*ck evry1 on the gem

ple 2v2 veri gud ► u can ple 2v2 wiv random cuntz or wiv close ♥♥♥♥♥ u lik, bewar of unbalanced gem

ple surf wiv gama doplr ► if u ar u2ber and hav gud kniv u can chose this 2 mek clickbet video on web

i ha no cuntz 2 ple wiv ► if u no hav interweb conecshun or u hav no cuntz the game wil giv u free cuntz 2 ple wiv

tootoral ► idk what it is, sorri :/
in comp u can chose map, bcuz good gem mod :>

to ple comp u need to chose gud meps

if u ar hardcorde u can choz bad meps but it's dangerous

don't chose the worst mep becuz gaben wil be angri to u and he wil vac ban u :>

when u chos'd mep u clic the "go ple ♥♥♥ :>" buton
oke, ur in gem, now u go on web brother and typ hack-csgo-veri-gud-to-ple-lik-keniS-xddxd.nub now u chos tem, u hav "IZIZ" or "NO-IZIZ"

NOTEE: You can't CHOZ TEEM if u ple on wing men or comp

in gem
Diz iz wat da gem should lok lik

it is sem for IZIZ

on the hud, u hav your MEP, wher am i ?, moniz, tim, scor, IZIZ, NO-IZIZ, weponz, helth and chestplat, amo, stattracc pay2win piece of sh*t cu*t f*g dumb skins xddd.

MEP ► Show the mep of th mep ur pleying.
wher am i ? ► shows the spot you ar in teh mep
moniz ► u hav moniz 2 buy wepon
weponz ► it's th weponz u hav
Amo ► it's the amo u hav
helth ► it's ur helth, if u hav 0 u ded
dimond chestplat ► it's ur dimond chestplat status, it protecc against arrows and dimond swordz
tim ► show the time left bfor NO-IZIZ wins (4 alla hackber meps aka: defus meps) or IZIZ (4 bulli peeples meps aka: hostaj)
scor ► show scor of teemz if you hav 16 points on comp u winned the match
IZIZ and NO-IZIZ ► show aliv teem memberz
basic keyz
dis is basic keys to ple gem

press [FORWARD] to go forward
press [BACKWARD] to go backward
press [STRAFE LEFT] to go left
press [STRAFE RIGHT] to go right
press [FIRE] to shoot
press [ALT FIRE] to equip/ dequip silencerando on M4AS-1 or SPS-U or to zom wiv OWP or scot u can also enable brust fir on glocc-69 an FEMOUS
press [DUCK] to crouch
press [WALK] to walk
press [JUMP] to jump
press [SLOT 1] to equip primary
press [SLOT 2] to equip secondary
press [SLOT 3] to equip kniv
press [SLOT 4] to equip nade boom kaboom
press [SLOT 5] to av bomb (only IZIZ)
press [USE] to use
press [BUY MENU] to open buy menu
press [RELOAD] to reload
press [PAUSE] to pause
press [VOTE YES] to vote yes
press [VOTE NO] to vote no
press [GRAFFITI] to put graffiti
press [SAY] to talk
press [SAY TEAM] to talk to teem
press [VOICE RECORD] to talk wiv voice
press [DROP WEAPON] to drop weapon
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n0phy- Jun 14 @ 10:41pm 
AMMUNITION DEPLETED  [author] Jun 14 @ 10:40pm 
glad tu elp
N3vr0nP0GS Jun 14 @ 10:37pm 
nu prublem
n0phy- Jun 14 @ 10:37pm 
and meny kunts to ple wiv
n0phy- Jun 14 @ 10:37pm 
okey tink you beri much i has haqs and i ple liek keniS
AMMUNITION DEPLETED  [author] Jun 14 @ 10:35pm 
tru strat usd by proz
N3vr0nP0GS Jun 14 @ 10:35pm 
a diklore wil du
N3vr0nP0GS Jun 14 @ 10:34pm 
u nid get munz so guld digerz wil wan ple wiv u
n0phy- Jun 14 @ 10:33pm how 3 git kuntz to pley wiv..
N3vr0nP0GS Jun 13 @ 7:21pm