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Bound Incorporeal Shields
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Apr 16 @ 3:42am
Apr 24 @ 2:59am
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You need DLC to use this item.

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Bound Incorporeal Shields

Required SKSE

This mod add 9 new bound shield spells. You can find the spellbooks inside a strongbox at Breezehome, Whiterun.

The shields only have 1 armor rating, but provide different effects when blocking and bashing. For example Burning Ward will negate any damage from spells with fire damage keyword, and will generate short range firebolt if used to bash. Spell only equipplble on left hand.

Credit :

warreko for bound shield spell and script.

Forteverum for his gem models.
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Crazy Rich Nigerian Prince  [author] Apr 24 @ 3:01am 
Thanks for the report. The mod is just updated and the issue should be fixed now.
Zucuske Apr 23 @ 8:35pm 
For some reason when i use the spell the shield doesn't show up, but i get the bound effect, so if i use another shield i can use (mutiple) shield bash abilities. Weird.
HoxFox Apr 17 @ 11:13pm 
i guess imma download yours from other website then
Crazy Rich Nigerian Prince  [author] Apr 17 @ 11:11pm 
So far the only complain I received at LL is from people who tried this mod to Skyrim SE because this mod is not for SE to begin with. No issue reported from other LE (Oldrim) users until now.
HoxFox Apr 17 @ 11:06pm 
i have it,it's for SKY UI and...(cough)sexlabs...but if the majority of ppl who had it could use it then the problem's on me,you better see about their opinions and reports sooner or later then..
HoxFox Apr 17 @ 11:04pm 
of course
Crazy Rich Nigerian Prince  [author] Apr 17 @ 10:33pm 
It's works for me, Do you have SKSE installed?
HoxFox Apr 17 @ 5:30pm 
welp i guess you need to see your steam version of your mod then.This spell looks promising tho...

at least it does really left hand only,nothing else beside the bug i've just said b4..well on my playthrough
Crazy Rich Nigerian Prince  [author] Apr 17 @ 4:30pm 
That's really weird. There is no script at my mods which interfering with leveling. Also, these spells is only equipable at left hand.
HoxFox Apr 17 @ 4:28pm 
..when i cast it,it only increase my skill level on conjuration without doing anyting beside it.I still the bug after reinstalling.There's no other spell mod on me or scripted stuff,so i think it's a rare bug in your mod?