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USA- Cali-West Coast (Map Beta Release)
Scenario: USA
Misc: Map
Tags: California
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Apr 15, 2018 @ 3:17pm
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USA- Cali-West Coast (Map Beta Release)

A map of the State of California and parts of it's surrounding states plus Mexico.
Spans most of the Transcontiental Railroad and Pacific Ocean, great for long rail lines and shipping in the larger maps.

NOTE: The cites, industries and rivers are still a WIP, this map will be updated in the future with the fixed locations and terrain.

You need to enable "Expiremental Map Sizes" in the game settings files:

Map Sizes Completion:
Tiny - 0%
Small - 0%
Medium - 50% Still Random Map Seeded
Recommended for all players.
Large - 50% Still Random Map Seeded.
Recommended for all players.
Huge - 95% All cites and industry placed, needs minor tweaking.
Recommended for "Hardcore" players. (Warning over 100 cites on map, powerful PC recommended or lower settings)
Ultra - 80% Most cites and industry placed, needs tweaking.
Recommended for "Realism Difficulty" players, 4x Slower Speed recommended. (Warning over 120 cites on map, VERY powerful PC recommended or lower settings)

Highly Recommended Mods:

Left / right cargo harbor-

Time Slower x4-

Music from other games-

Map Example Safe File:
(These saves require atleast the "Left / right cargo harbor" linked above to load/run)
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Mr. Waffle Apr 20 @ 9:33pm 
This is probably the only mod that incorporates Tijuana, thanks.
Blue Lambda Oct 29, 2019 @ 5:13pm 
Blue Lambda Oct 29, 2019 @ 5:13pm 
Jesus crist my pc would explode if i got this mod
Gamerroeme Jun 23, 2019 @ 1:48pm 
ah, ok yeah i kinda suspected it was an issue placing it where it wont fit, its quite hilly so its probably trying to put one inside a mountain or on the water
jm764  [author] Jun 23, 2019 @ 8:00am 
@Gamerromer Yes I've been considering that, though tbh due to the way the map terrain generates, the errors are probably from the game trying to put an industry where it won't fit. If I have time to fix this map pack before TfP2 comes out I'll make them generate where the current industries are located so they'll fit. Otherwise I'll be fixing everything in TpF2 first then coming back to TpF1 (and even TF) once that's done.
Gamerroeme Jun 22, 2019 @ 10:04am 
hey, i use the industry dlc mod and want to have them randomly spawn on the map but my usual hot fix for this (leaving the industry section as a blank does not work for this map and causes an error, have you tought about making a random industry placemnt version of atleast the ultra map ?
Tempest May 20, 2019 @ 7:36pm 
Sounds great. Perhaps prepare it for those freeways coming soon!
jm764  [author] May 20, 2019 @ 4:49pm 
@Tempest Oh I'm WELL aware of the problem, as those cities are really close to each other, so using bus lanes and 4-6 lane road upgrades is a MUST, which can break
immersion", but I had to include those cities that close by due to map road generation problems.

I'll be porting this map to TpF2 so I hope the new map editor there will resolve those problems, but I'll do my best to update this map before that game releases as well as I am still currently working on it.
Tempest May 20, 2019 @ 3:07pm 
Hello. just wanted to point out major gridlocking issues I have occuring in the Los Angeles/Orange/San Bernardino Counties... just like real life lol. But in all seriousness it really dampens the pace of play in this region.
RRoBB668 Dec 1, 2018 @ 7:23am 
lol oh wow you put Mckinleyville on the map talk about attention to deatial, looking forward to this