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ColloseusX's Lore Friendly Zombie Mod
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Apr 1, 2013 @ 9:58pm
Sep 27, 2015 @ 12:00pm
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ColloseusX's Lore Friendly Zombie Mod

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Current Skyrim Zombie Population: 3400 (growing each update)

So this is an idea that i had for a mod and i've been working on it, there are a lot of bugs at the moment and graphical / animation glitches but they will all be ironed out

Please provide me suggestions for the mod and ideas / feedback (constructive)

Please Read:

Remember to Save your game a lot, one scratch from the zombies can cause instant blood loss / fatality


The Eternal Mist:
Ever since the mist appeared the dead have walked and strange noises have been heard on the marshes, there is more than the dead that walks amongst the mist

The Mistguard Militia:
A self formed military presence by the remains of the soldiers of Skyrim, These soldiers will defend the entrances to towns and forts that have been reclaimed by the Militia

2 current types of zombie, named Mistwalkers

The Mistbringers:
A large demonic force enveloped by the mist, this creature has been sighted around Whiterun and with it the mist has followed, these creatures are the bringers of the eternal mist

The Mistlurker Dragon:
The mist has brought more than just the horde, a dragon has been sighted amongst the mist, almost invisible to the naked eye.

The Mistburnt:
Creatures that have either been scratched or bitten by Mistwalkers or just spent a large amount of time in the mist, corrupted and insane, these creatures will attack anything on sight, including their own and most creatures have a Mistburnt variant, careful of Mistburnt groups of chickens :x

The Infection:
there is a 50% chance that a scratch from a zombie will cause you to contract the infection which will cause major blood loss followed by a slow agonizing death. your life force will be used to regenerate the health of the zombie (this also goes for npcs)

Recently Added Features:

Upgrade Mistwatch:
Mistwatch is your fortress and home to protect survivors, you can now (with the help of the Mistguard Militia) reinforce Mistwatch and upgrade the defenses, create patrols and place perimeter defenses

Rescue Survivors:
You can now find survivors around Skyrim that you can save and bring back to Mistwatch and more will be added shortly

Areas confirmed to have sighted Mistwalkers (zombies):

Solitude Marsh

I ask you to bare with me as i update this mod, it will take time and there will be bugs



Sorry this is late guys but i have a fix for the Mistwatch Update, download the following zip file and extract it to your skyrim folder, for a list of features watch the update video or read the previous patch notes :)


Nexus (not updated as fast):

Special Thanks to the following people:

DARKFOX127 (Useful Creation Kit Tutorials)

mojo22 (Made the Rebirth Script for this mod)
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Mar 25 @ 1:36pm
help ASAP
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birb May 14 @ 4:25am 
As mentioned by Mister "Wall of Text" below, a level cap is needed.
Also, as I use a random-spawn mod, there's a high chance I spawn near several of these things. That wouldn't be such a big issue if they weren't surprisingly difficult to kill, more so than the draugr that are harder to find .
The Blacksmith Apr 2 @ 7:45pm 
Im not able to use the book to upgrade Mistwatch, it just makes a weird bear trap sound. Am I supposed to be a certian level?
MoNo29KK Mar 25 @ 12:39pm 
I remove this mod but zombie still !! Help me
Jarray the Frat Jan 22 @ 9:05pm 
do they kill the knights of whiterun?
Wertologist Jan 14 @ 11:20pm 
Just tried this for the first time and it seems fun. I haven't gotten to try it extensively as I spent the first hour or so arming Whiterun so they wouldn't die so easily.

I did notice a problem however. The mistwalkers are far too tough. I'm level 150 and I found myself having to smack each one a few dozen times in order to kill one, but sometimes they got back up and I'd have to do it all over again. This isn't exactly a big problem for my character(although it is a bit tedious), this is a problem for NPCs as they are not nearly as strong as I am. The mistwatch guards couldn't even stand up to one. Even after I gave one of them a bow to keep their distance.

I don't know if they're just super tough or level with you. If it's level with you, I think you should really put a level cap on them because NPCs I don't think ever level up so they're perpetually weak.
Black Dog Jan 8 @ 12:57pm 
Now i shal Prove My exsitance is a Blessing to Skyrim!
Dodgy Nov 24, 2017 @ 2:59am 
it is a great mod but is there anyway have these zombies without that mist all the time?
The Galactic Emperor Nov 21, 2017 @ 9:59pm 
i found this note on a corpse that fell from the sky... it was called "argonian assemblage"... is it from this mod?
Khaine Incarnate Oct 4, 2017 @ 10:47pm 
Rectal Anarchy has a point: Did you guys SERIOUSLY uninstall and/or buy two copies of Skyrim..........because you're all too dumb to figure out that going into your Skyrim data folder and deleting the mod's files will remove it from your game? :steamfacepalm: :steamfacepalm: :steamfacepalm:
Alejvip Sep 10, 2017 @ 8:00am 
BRAINZZZZZZZZZ:steammocking::steamsalty: YUMMY DELICIUS XD