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Apr 13, 2018 @ 8:16pm
Apr 19, 2018 @ 6:21pm
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The Signery mod adds 120+ various banners and signs to the game.
For additional images and discussions please see the link below.

***NOTE*** that currently entities cannot be directly placed on another entity and must be placed into the world and then moved. If you place an item on top of an entity you will also need to build a latter to allow for it to be placed.
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Mimzie Nov 2 @ 12:42pm 
I hope so @warrick, and if you do end up updating it let me know! I love this mod at its current state (when it was up-to-date), and look forward to future additions!
WarrickDrexx Oct 18 @ 7:04am 
Is this still being updated? If not and the creator is willing to hand it off to someone else, I'm willing to offer my services. Thank you.
Ridesdragons Feb 8 @ 2:51am 
hey, do you think you can make it so the signs and such request general wood rather than explicitly oak? I'm currently playing as the northern alliance and... I don't exactly have access to oak

in other news, I'm using your signposts as a kind of flag to set on my buildings lol
Azure Heretic Feb 5 @ 6:31pm 
@PandaWaffles, the only other mod i can think of is Finery that would do it. i have so many now-a-days its hard to keep track.
PandaWaffles Feb 2 @ 1:37am 
@Thundersmack, I placed the sign on a wall first, and then gave my Hearthlings the command to move the sign, but they never did it. Ladder placed and everything.
PandaWaffles Feb 2 @ 1:33am 
@Azure Heretic Thank you very much for your reply. I don't think 'Settlement Decor' is the Mod though, or I can't find an option in that Mod to lay cobblestone.
Azure Heretic Jan 31 @ 4:58pm 
@Pandwaffles if i remember correctly, i think its called Settlement Decor
PandaWaffles Jan 30 @ 11:24pm 
Very nice! Thank you for these awesome signs, I love them!
Wish there was a sign for a town hall. Btw. what mod are you using to get that brick road in your image above next to your sign post?
dan22 Aug 4, 2018 @ 8:19pm 
thankyou i will try that
Thundersmack  [author] Aug 4, 2018 @ 6:18pm 
@dan22 - so place one of the signs on a wall someplace and then move it to the signpost or another entity. Again you may have to place a ladder.