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Extended Diplomacy Ribbon
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Apr 13, 2018 @ 3:50pm
Apr 2 @ 1:17pm
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Extended Diplomacy Ribbon


Do you want to up your Diplomatic Game to the next level without getting an Accountant degree? Would you like to see all relevant political information in one place for quick, optimal decisions, without diving into countless, different windows and subwindows? If you answered yes, then EDR is for you.

This mod extends the Diplomacy Ribbon to display all the relevant diplomatic information in one place. All the information displayed is available in-game in vanilla Civ6, but in different places of the UI and not readily at hand. EDR combines all that information into a simple, readable and always present combination of tooltips, mouse overs and clicks. It is an essential mod for the serious diplomat.

NEW!! in Version 1.04:
+ Added Unique Resource Indicator Icon inside Diplomacy Deal View to signal a Strategic or Luxury Resource that the Human player does not have (the NEW icon from the game UI).
+ Added Diplomatic Favor to the stats in the leader icon tooltips.
+ Added Grievances string whenever the player has grievances from or against the selected leader; the string will only appear, color coded, if there are grievances between player and selected leader.
+ Added Turn Expiration information for Friendships, Denouncements and Alliances (GS and R&F) to the Relationship Icon tooltip in the leader portrait.
+ Added Eras information to the tooltip (next to Empire name).
+ General compatibility assurance for all three versions of the game.

NEW!! in Version 1.03:
+ Added Trade Indicator Icon to signal that a civilization has a surplus of Strategic or Luxury Resources that the Human player does not have and can be traded.
+ Added tooltip to Trade Indicator detailing the surplus resources available to trade with the other civilizations.
+ Added Peace Indicator Icon to signal that a civilization at War with the Human player is willing to negotiate peace (cool down timer has expired).
+ Added color coding to the list of tradeable resources that other civilizations have: Bright Green amounts indicate resources that the Human player already posseses, and Bright Red signal resources that the Human does not have (if only 1, AI will not trade; this is considered for the Trade Indicator).

Main features:
+ Compatible with vanilla civ 6 and the Expansions: Rise and Fall, Gathering Storm
+ Does not affect save games nor Achievements: plug in or out at any time!
+ Non-cheat Policy: all information in EDR is available in-game in Civ 6
+ EDR uses Civ 6 extensibility feature, so that this mod does not touch any original game file, but extends the relevant one. By doing this, it should be resilient to patches

This mod is an enhancement of the original extensions I coded for CQUI. I do not like CQUI's banner hanging from the ribbon, so I decided to create a powerful, extensible and flexible tooltip instead. The Diplo Ribbon in this mod is considerably extended and better than the original I coded.

+ The Leader Icon tooltip displays the most relevant political, statistical and economical information for the corresponding civilization; the information is color coded, following the same color pallete as available in other parts of the UI.
+ The tooltip includes a summary of the tradable resources as shown inside the deal view for quick reference
+ The relationship icon shows the diplomatic modifiers, color coded, and the total value
+ With easy combinations of mouse and keys or button, the player can select any of the leaders and quickly see his/her relationship with other leaders
+ Right-click the leader icon to go straight to the deal view (or peace deal, if at war and the counter reached zero)

How to Use:
+ Mouse over any leader to display the extended tooltip at any time
+ Mouse over the relationship icon to see the diplomatic modifiers
+ Right-click a leader icon to go straight to the deal view window
+ If at war, and only after the peace counter expired, right-click the leader icon to go to the peace deal
+ Hold CTRL down and mouse over, or Middle Click, any leader icon to change relationship icons of the other leaders, to quickly see the relations of the selected leader; the golden circular indicator changes to the selected leader
+ If the selected leader has not met all civilizations yet, those unmet will display the default "unknown" icon and no relationship
+ To go back to the default display of the Diplo Ribbon (player leader selected), simply mouse over, middle click or right click on your leader's icon
+ If you forget to re-select your leader's icon, no worries! It is re-selected at the change of the turn.

I hope you enjoy this great diplomat's tool as much as I do!

If you have ideas on what else to include in the mod, write a comment, as long as it respects the Non-Cheat Policy.
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Aristos  [author] May 20 @ 1:34pm 
About MP, there is some legacy code from the early stages that I need to clean up, which is probably responsible for the issues some of you are seeing in MP. Just don't have much time right now, will do as soon as possible.
asmatza May 18 @ 2:18pm 
@Aristos I have noticed the same issue in multiplayer as kraven40. It would be great to have all that information consolidated in that mode as well. Thanks for all your work on EDR!
kraven40 May 10 @ 1:58pm 
@Aristos Is there a way to get the mod to work in multiplayer? It works great in single player, but in multiplayer no tool tip shows up. I turned off all other mods and still nothing.
mikeysouthwell May 9 @ 7:41am 
Hey Aristos. I’m using my account (Stevo is my wife’s account). The game runs without issue with the modifications and that problem with the yields toppanel being covered by the world tracker is a known issue that surfaced from R&S onwards and isn’t mod related. It can be resolved by opening tech/civic trees and closing them again.
Plerion May 3 @ 12:08pm 
@elsaltypollo - You could certainly post that as a patch for either CUI or EDR, if you want. I remember myself having to choose between both mods for that very same reason.
elsaltypollo May 3 @ 5:39am 
Thanks for answering! I compared EDR files that are in common with Concise UI - Deal Panel using diff and changed only the parts that change deal column size and add the buttons of partial gold and diplomatic favors. The new features are working nicely now with just EDR enabled!
Aristos  [author] May 1 @ 8:33pm 
Pollo, I am not a fan of touching more screens than necessary (the more original files we touch, the harder the mods are to maintain (look at what happens with CQUI). I only touched the diplotradeview files because trading without knowing what you already have is utterly stupid (looking at you, Firaxis).

With that said, I will take a look and see if there is a better, easier way to do it...
elsaltypollo May 1 @ 5:34am 
First of all, thanks for this amazing mod! It's definitely a must have.

What do you think about adding the possibility to add or remove main resources to the trade deal (like gold or diplomatic favor) by 1, 10 or 100 units (something like Concise UI - Deal Panel , but better)?
Stevo Apr 29 @ 5:45am 
The only issue I ran into was the top bar (which the Extended Diplomacy Ribbon and the yield per turn counters on the left hand side hang off). I don't know if that was because of your mod though as I had other mods turned on too... It only happened occasionally where that bar was hidden so that the science and civic research screen covered all yields up to diplomacy and it came back after a few turns. I should've checked the lua logs at the time, but I got sidetracked as it was a pretty engrossing game of Civ :) I'll keep an eye on the logs next game and report back.
Stevo Apr 29 @ 5:45am 
Hi Aristos, I play exclusively in strategic view because my machine is about 5 years old and is not a gaming laptop, so I'm actually surpised it even runs Civ 6. So in that sense, yes it is an older machine that could be used to test it, but it's slow without any mods so it's probably too old to accurately test performance haha :P I have played an entire game with the modifications I made and a bunch of the more common mods turned on and I didn't have any issues in strategic view playing against 5 computer players :)