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Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Mar 31, 2013 @ 11:02pm
Feb 25, 2016 @ 2:10pm
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Shuttle 1.7.7 available on IndieCity
Game Vid
Release date: 2013
An old-school yet original Birdseye space shooter strategy pixel-art* game where you control a fleet of space shuttles.
The mission, to destroy the enemy bases and destroy all other evils that lies ahead.
Take control of territories, fight adventure sectors with only one shuttle.
Play mini games, gain achievements.
Bringing back the good old same keys Multiplayer - can play with your friends up to 4 players each game.
You control all you shuttles at the same time use your skills to avoid collisions with asteroids, other bases and ship - think about a shuttle and that’s the one you control...
Much adventure lies in your near future.
Thanks for all the support ;)

* I say Pixel art - but really, i set myself a challenge to make the entire game using only 4 colours (excepting B&W and greyscale)
This game is in a way Pixelly - this is a deliberate art style and is a modern representation of the "Old School" style but with my own ZING!

in game music will be updated eventually - this game has taken me a long while to complete to this stage, but the ideas for future improvements are endless.

More about Shuttle:
In the beginning the player can select to play single player, two players, and 3 players of 4 player games.
In a single player game you default play as the blue team
When each game is initiated each base starts with one shuttle
Then each base will continue to random spawn more shuttle until it’s destroyed or the game is won.
The aim is to take out all of the other bases and enemy shuttles - you can still win a game even if your base is destroyed by shooting down all the other remaining shuttles and bases
in the game settings you can affect the speed of play the spawning of shuttle full screen options, maps difficulty of the enemies - some in game achievements require you to play with different settings - like beating the game on legendary.
you can also change other things before you start to play such as selecting more than one player for example two player where player 1 takes control of the blue team and player 2 takes control of the red team. This is achieved using the arrow keys for player one and WASD for player two, you can also add on player three which would take over TFGH which is for the green team, or if you want to go the whole way and play with 4 players, a bit of a cram but you can do it by using IJKL controlling the yellow team -
This gives you up to 4 players on the same game
the wining conditions are still the same when you play multiplayer as they are when you play single player, the only differences are, you will not receive achievements, this is only a single player function for when you're playing alone.
Perks are also added into the game, there are a range of difference perks which will affect your firing rate, respawn rate of the base - some may destroy other enemy ships, some give shuttles shields and so on...

Once you have exhausted those options you can also move onto the campaign
The campaign is a map with different territories to take down.
You start on the falway territory one, which has an easy difficulty rating, and held by the green, you can click on this territory and find out some information about it and then press space bar to begin.
Once you are playing you'll see bases are in different positions, this is because it’s a custom map which do not have to abide by the same rules as standard games where bases start in the corners.
To beat the game here just take out the green base, you can also takeout all of the other territories gaining crowns as you go and if you lose you also lose crowns, you can hover a territory to see how many crowns it costs to play - if you win you will receive the amount shown in your income.
You also get crowns for playing casual games once you have an income.

Once you have beaten the entire campaign or you feel you have abundance
Of crowns you can also use them to unlock adventure mode stages.
in adventure mode - you will be playing as a single shuttle during the entire time, you will have to take down space rocks, enemy shuttles and bases all of this can be achieved but becomes increasingly difficulty
Adventure mode maps are vastly larger than normal size maps; you will have to move around, sometimes giving a disorientating effect
- Once you gain Space rock you can use this to unlock mini games

You will find as you play single player games, you will unlock achievements - these can be found in the game options section - and also tells you what you need to do to get them

You can check out you game stats which tells you some things about your play.

Other Notes:
About the game Mechanics:
Shuttles very unusual game mechanics work on the idea that you control all of you shuttles at once - thus giving you a very easy switch between option, literally think about the one you want to control and BAM you are... the controls are also based on real space physics, for example - there is no decelerator, you must turn and accelerate in the opposite direction to slow down
Also shuttles have a maximum speed at which they stop firing bullets - this is known as an 'out of control' shuttle - the shuttles themselves however do not have speed limits allowing for end game strategies of ship ramming at high speed

To clarify one other thing - MULTIPLAYER
This is LOCAL CO-Op Multiplayer not LAN or IP - this may be a future addition to the game but is currently only single player and Co-Op (same computer same keyboard) as not many games do this these days - making gaming more anti-socail if not online, plus it means you can play a friend when you've only got one computer, thats always a plus.

Left turns all shuttles anti-clockwise
Right turns them all clockwise
Up is the Accelerator

Any Windows PC running one of the following: win95, win 2000, win mel, win xp, win vista, win 7 , win 8
512mb RAM (recomended)
10MB hdd space
pretty much any graphics card

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Wonderful! I voted Yes. Please vote back for me. Thank you!
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this is strategy, you should be banned from trolling peoples greenlight you freak
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Mislabeled as strategy...wasted my time...downvoted without looking.
kit Kapiton Apr 11, 2015 @ 6:04am 
multiplayer looks nice!:claugh:
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Looks epic.
Alantalan Dec 4, 2013 @ 7:09am 
good good
Puff Dec 1, 2013 @ 2:04am 
This game will save the industry.