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Upload Custom Screenshots (Best Method)
By Aevoa
This guide contains the easiest way to upload custom screenshots. You can also upload GIF and PNG screenshots.


This guide contains the best and easiest way to upload custom screenshots. You can also upload file types you're usually unable to such as animated GIFs and PNGs.
This guide uses the animated screenshot method but under a new title so it's easier to find for people who are just looking to upload custom screenshots. Credit for this method goes to Cy.
Step 1
To upload your custom screenshot to your profile:
To upload your custom screenshot to a game's hub:
  • Simply go to the the game's community hub and open up it's artwork uploading page.
Step 2
Once you're on the artwork uploading page, right click anywhere, select "Inspect Elements", and navigate to the "Console" tab. You can also access the console by using these shortcuts instead:
  • Chrome shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + J
  • Firefox Shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + K

Step 3
Copy the code below, paste it in the console, and send it by pressing enter:

If you're going to showcase your custom screenshot on your profile but it's longer than 506 pixels, use the code below instead. This will prevent your screenshot from being resized when showcased.
$J('#image_width').val('1000'); $J('#image_height').val('1'); $J('[name="file_type"]').val("5");

Step 4
Once the console code is sent, close the console and fill out the uploading page normally. Once it's filled out, hit "Save and Continue". The code you sent in step 3 will automatically change your artwork to a screenshot when uploaded. Congrats, you've uploaded a custom screenshot!
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Operat Jun 7 @ 10:31am 
The only thing missing is the source
Noe May 26 @ 4:05pm 
Not quite :winter2019sadyul:
Aevoa  [author] May 26 @ 3:58pm 
Noe May 26 @ 1:23pm 
Of course it had to have some trashy softcore furry porn at the start
Melkiy582 May 16 @ 2:29am 
Офигеть, спасибо!
Только это руководство мне помогло.
Теперь нельзя просто кинуть jpg в [appid]/screenshots/ и отредактировать 760/screenshots.vdf
sjain Apr 15 @ 10:40am 
Thanks for this guide. To upload the screenshot under the game I own, I did as instructed in Step 1 - Go to Community > Artwork > Upload artwork for the game. I did the short console code, but after uploading, it doesn't appear as a screenshot under the game on my profile, but instead appears as Screenshots > Steam Artwork Screenshots. Any ideas? was the URL i got - tried doing manually in a new tab also.
Aevoa  [author] Apr 11 @ 2:51pm 
You must be using the long upload code. Use
᠌ ⁧⁧VogelPapa | Finn Apr 11 @ 1:14pm 
Some of my screenshots previews are black. The screenshot itself isnt, what can I do?
Zireael Apr 6 @ 4:03pm 
thank you for this :zagpls: :zagpls:
Lucky Seven Apr 4 @ 3:40am 
04.04.2021 still working! Thx so much dude! :seikowink: