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Reactive World
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Reactive World

This mod is dedicated to filling out the areas left lacking by the dev's world reaction systems. Be it adding effects to locations and factions that got none, or adding more detail to certain vanilla ones.

Now includes a world state checking character in Waystations to help with debugging issues with world states triggering. As well as a character spawner to find those bugged NPCS, map to it also at Waystation bars.

Now uses Rustled's Unique Settlement Placements at its base. This will significantly improve compatibility with other mods that do the same, and should barely affect the user gameplay wise. This is directly merged into the mod (with permission of course), so it is not needed to download the original, though it hurts nothing if you do. Make sure to go give him some love for his work on it! :)

Notable effects include:

-Dust Bandits having a civil war over leadership if the Dust King is taken down. Occupying nearby ruins for their HQs, and starting to have fights in the wilderness with each other. Taking down all the upstart leaders will cause the Dust Bandits to disband entirely.

-Mongrel and other locations falling to the Fogmen in certain conditions. Your actions have consequences, and sometimes the innocent will suffer due to them regardless of your intentions.

-The Western Hive going crazy if their Queen is kidnapped. They will be pushed forward by the sole drive of rescuing her, and will not have any mercy if anyone should stand in their way.

-Rebuilding The Hub under the Shek Kingdom if their forces take either Bad Teeth or Stack from the Holy Nation. Including some dialog to help guide the player on how exactly to advance from stage to stage of the repairs. Plans for rebuilding under the Holy Nation as well, once I get their conquest of the Shek in.

-Cannibals have been separated into up to 17 warring tribes. As each tribal leader is defeated they are absorbed into one of two larger more powerful tribes. If both large tribes reach full power they will launch a massive war against each other. If all chiefs are defeated, only scattered remnants will be left.

-The HN's last struggles for survival. After taking out their leaders you will be met regualr raids from the remnants of the HN, who have gathered around some new leaders of their own in hidden locations. There are bread crumbs out in the world to help you track down these new leaders, and until you do the raids will continue to strike you, no matter where you live. Once you wipe out the High Priest and his men though, the Holy Nation will be gone for good.

-The Shek rebuilding their empire in the event of success in their conflicts. Towns, villages, and outposts sprouting from the ruins in their area, as long as nobody else is around to hinder their work.

If those sound like the kinds of things you'd be interested in, then welcome aboard. Make sure you import when adding to an existing save. Hope you enjoy! :)

Note: You should probably put this mod as low as possible in the load order, near the bottom of the list to ensure it loads last or close to it. Bugs have been known to occur when loaded before other mods that edit world data, due to the nature of how town locations are stored in the files. The main bug has now been fixed by the devs, though it's still wise to keep it low in the load order.

Compatibility patch for Recruitable Prisoners:

Compatibility patch for Universal Wasteland Expansion:

Patch for Distant Towns:

This mod is NOT compatible with Living World. It touches enough of the same things to break several things, and has been known to trigger some of my overrides when they normally shouldn't. Use both at your own risk!

It is also not compatible with Project Genesis, for reasons described in this topic.

Russian Translation:

Spanish Translation:

Image courtesy of Taragoth

Looking for a place to discuss Kenshi or Kenshi modding? Feel free to join the Kenshi Community Discord[] We're always welcome to new faces. :)
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Shidan  [author] 2 hours ago 
Google drive, dropbox, or any similar service works fine. Then just post the link here and I can take a look at it.
Skylingale 2 hours ago 
Oh wow didn't expect a reply so quickly thank you! Where should I upload the save for you? Oh and I don't really have mods that REALLY mess with world states unless things like Faction Caravans, Trade Routes Intensified or Travelling Talking Civilians. I usually only run armor/weapon/animation mods and don't try to run multiple big 'overhaul' mods together even when they have compatibility patches.

I can post my full modlist for you as well if that'll help.

Thanks again for the super quick reply btw!
Skylingale 2 hours ago 
Okay sorry for commenting 4 times back to back but just went back to the earlier save of when I just leaving the city. Was literally at the Dust Bandit outpost that was closest to the hub. I turn back with a character and this time I don't even get the chance to see if the Faction HQ was built or not. Nope, The Hub just gets destroyed as soon as I leave...

Still hoping for a fix and again sorry for kinda spamming.
Shidan  [author] 3 hours ago 
Really sounds to me like a mod conflict with another world state mod. Since you also had issues with the splinter groups spawning.

Disabling the other mod, then importing (you do not have to reset the dead characters), should clear it up if that's the case.

Otherwise, you could upload the save and I could take a look at its active world states and overrides, see if I can identify what's going on.
Skylingale 3 hours ago 
Sorry I meant the Ogre guy that was supposed to spawn in The Hub, not Golem.

Also went back to an earlier save to see maybe if an attack wipes The Hub out or something but nope. Managed to return there 5 hours earlier than the first time it was wiped out and it still gets destroyed as I get close to the city. Thankfully turns out I have a save that was made just as I was leaving the city so going to try that one now.
Skylingale 3 hours ago 
I sent the guy I sent to The Hub away again to see if maybe I didn't go far away enough, sent him to Admag so the zone would unload. When I went back to The Hub though it was completely destroyed. Any idea what might have happened here and if I do have a way of fixing this without importing dead characters? First time siding with the Shek and I really wanted to see the hub being rebuilt under them, already spent around 100 hours in this save so I can't really restart either. I hope there's something I can do to fix this.

Looking forward to a reply and again, love the mod. Also sorry for the wall of text lol.
Skylingale 3 hours ago 
Heya Shidan love the mod but I have a problem that I wanted to ask you about.

So I took out the Dust King and Seta but the Shek didn't take over The Hub. I already had a house there (the Bughouse next to the bar) with people in it 24/7 so I guessed that was the reason. I took out the leaders of the splinter Dust Bandit groups (had to take 2 of them out via the NPC Spawner because they just wouldn't spawn). And when I finally left The Hub for good the Shek finally took over.

Anyway after the Shek took over The Hub I sent a character back after getting far away from The Hub to see if the Golem Guy spawned and see what was different. There were tons of Shek warriors running around 'shopping' but no buildings were repaired not even the building that's supposed to turn into the Faction HQ and so the Golem guy wasn't there as well.
Shidan  [author] May 26 @ 4:42pm 
@Agent 53 - You'd have to go to Dreg or nearby regions to get Canhead. He no longer spawns anywhere else. Not that his world states affect anything outside of his local region.

@Comrade Del - Yes, the Shek are currently the only route to upgrading the Hub. And you need to take out the Dust Bandits (and their splinter groups), the Black dragon Ninjas, and the HN for the full upgrades. There are partial progress versions of the Hub for if you have only taken out some of the leaders though.
Comrade Del May 26 @ 2:42pm 
Do I need the Shek to take over the Hub in order to upgrade it? And who do I need to take out in order to upgrade it? I didn't see any unique NPCs that explain it in game...
Agent 53 May 25 @ 3:40pm 
I built a little waystation for my squad to heal up between the Deadcat Fishing Village and Ghost Town on the Northern Coast. Just a little spot to rest between raiding cannibals. I've had some scrawny raids, but will Canhead spawn there or do I need to go park in Dreg for a bit?