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Imperium ~Age of Sail & Shot~ FtD 2.4.9 Custom Campaign
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Apr 9, 2018 @ 11:30am
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Imperium ~Age of Sail & Shot~ FtD 2.4.9 Custom Campaign

Imperium: Age of Sail & Shot for From the Depths 2.4.9

The wind sweeps the waves high and billows in the sails. The guns are ready to fire and rolled out. The crew say their final prayers, as the captain mutters orders to his first mate and lieutenant. In the distance a flash lights the evening sky, as a mighty galleon is sundered by a magazine detonation, courtesy of a mighty gothic cathedral ship brimming with cannonry. the sound of the blast peals loud over the bang of cannonfire scant seconds later, as the fleet engagement rages on.
This is a time when Imperiums clash on the high seas. This is the time when new history will be made. This is an Age of Sails, and Shot.

-= Pax Magnifica, Imperium Gloriosum =-

This is the primary and biggest Age of Sail Campaign currently available for From the Depths, a product of 3 years of hard work and engineering. Inspired by the early works of Ciaranhappy, and my learning from the first edition.

In this campaign, 6 distinct factions with over 20 unique designs each battle for dominance on the briny seas of a detailed and fantastic mad world; battleship sized oar galleys, floating cathedral ships, and old predreadnoughts are the order of the day. This particular version of the CC is designed for From the Depths 2.4.9 - A post-APS update version for newer game builds is currently in the works, using the Cannonforge mod to replace many of the DIF guns.

The Campaign
the campaign is modeled to be challenging, but not unfairly hard for the average player. A minimum of user experience is required before getting started. The difficulty ramps up slowly as the player progresses, with a few increasingly difficult attack waves, and a series of random events once the tutorial faction is beaten. This specific thread[] holds some more infos about campaign limitations and getting started in this very different world. for further detailed information, feel free to visit the Official forum site of this project here[]

Take note however, that this current version must be played in the 2.4.9 beta version, since I cannot keep up with the rapid pace of updates in the main branch. - This will be remedied as time goes on and the final game is released.


Please consult the requisite discussion down below on this Workshop page if you have trouble figuring out how to install the CC. It provides step-by-step instructions.

If you prefer to install the files manually rather than through the steam workshop, this thread on the official forum[] has you covered.

The Factions of Imperium

  • Manduelan Regency (Napoleonic Spain) - 24 unique designs
  • Zuid Limburg (Golden Age Netherlands) - 21 unique designs
  • Habsburg (High Renaissance Holy Roman Empire) - 24 unique designs
  • Confederacy of the Eyre (18th century Brittain) - 33 unique designs
  • Oikos Olicarchy (The Greek city state of Corinth) - 26 unique designs
  • Republic of Reyvjavik (Industrial age Veagir Empire) -37 unique designs by talented builders across the workshop

A more in depth look[] At the factions and their design idioms can be found in this thread of the Official forum. This will give you a pointer as to what to expect from each faction.

Credits for Workshop Designs used in this campaign

  • A lot of warm and happy thanks to Nikopegh for allowing use of the Suffren, Susquehansa, Captain, New ironsides, and many of his fabulous pre-dreadnoughts. He is a great builder of historical warships, and I recomend checking out his workshop.
  • Idem for the early builds of Silfarion in regards to massive line of battle ships, and pre-dreadnoughts
  • Ciaranhappy for bringing us the first ever From the Depths age of sails campaign ( Check it out![])
  • zombieee for some of the deadliest and grooviest sea monsters to populate the workshop.
  • TheSaltySeaman for his positive comments, contributions and donation of many designs.
  • Many talented (many Japanese) builders whose predreadnoughts incorporated in this campaign where they can truly shine.
  • And more big cuddly hugs for all the others whose epic workshop designs I shamelessly incorporated.
  • Finally, and loudly, an applause for the KotL who designed the Onyx watch Blackpowder Galleons!

Some Statistics

  • 100+ unique designs built from scratch!
  • 150+ designs overall
  • 6 unique factions, all replete with lore, towns, and resource fleets
  • 8 areas with distinct weather and lore
  • a 17x21 map with 19 lore-detailed resource zones
  • gives a nice place in the spotlights for those poor underrated Onyx watch sailing ships! ;)
  • Adventure mode
  • Roving bands of sea monsters
  • an april fools questline (2019) filled with dashing bossfigths


Maybe not even an Age of Sails fanatic, but still on the fence and half-interested? Maybe just looking for something new to try? trying, and uninstalling are all painless and free; so giving it a test spin never hurt anyone!
And, consider - the more players and feedback, the more awesome this massive CC can become!

Like, rate up, favourite, share the love, and , by extension
contribute criticism, reporting of broken designs, flaws, designs, ...

Stay Well, and have a groovy rum-ridden time on the high seas fellow naval war engineers!

Final Disclaimer: none of the predreadnought style vessels of the Reyvjavik are my own designs - all are made by talented builders across the workshop, and full credit for these amazing ships goes to them!
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[BE] Carolus Magnus Rex  [author] May 12 @ 11:58am 
Once the steam and cram updates are in I'll try to get to work rebuilding the ships. I imagine it will be months before an updated release, but I hope to make it worth the wait. Until then, this legacy version will be maintained for that good crisp 2.4.9 flavour.
|42Cdo|Rec. Eishaaya  [author] Apr 21 @ 11:05pm 
It's just the aesthetic of Age of sails, we're not supposed to even use sails, because they're ugly as sin. It also prevents certain parts from being used for immersion
Virg0 Apr 21 @ 10:37pm 
In the very first battle enemy started bombarding me with advanced canons from kilometers away and they didn't even actually use sails. My designs reflected the era and were hacked to pieces with their slow approach using SAILS.

This campaign doesn't have much to do with "age of sails".

Your designs look nice and you put a lot of hard work on it, but it's not my cup of tee.

Thanks anyway.

PS. Might subscribe again after I recover from my disappointment and reorient myself to your vision.
[BE] Carolus Magnus Rex  [author] Apr 6 @ 12:19am 
My pleasure!
Fish Apr 5 @ 10:43am 
Thank you for the help. It was really easy to understand once i read what it said. I feel so silly now. (Thanks for real you're a good guy)
[BE] Carolus Magnus Rex  [author] Apr 5 @ 10:39am 
I have updated the installation instructions! check the referenced discussion when in need!
[BE] Carolus Magnus Rex  [author] Apr 5 @ 10:13am 
No worries :)
In the main menu, go to the contents tab. If you have already installed the campaign without errors, press the "browse your planets" button next to neter, glao, at the top end of the screen. Under the folder with your profile name, you will find Imperium ... 2.4.9. Select it, and press load Imperium etc at the bottom of the screen (a narrow button, easy to miss).
Fish Apr 5 @ 9:51am 
Hello. Sorry for asking something so stupid but uh... How would i go about getting this to work? I've downloaded it and then gone to the downloads list and "installed" it. I can't seem to find out how to play the mod itself thought. Thanks in advance
[BE] Carolus Magnus Rex  [author] Mar 14 @ 3:11am 
Happy to oblige! I intent to try and sprint out a bunch of updates over the coming spring and summer. This version is a bit outdated by the current game build - but should still be serviceable.
Black Hat Mar 14 @ 12:06am 
Yes finally ive been waiting for something like this for a very long time!! I am definitely going to pump out old 17-18th classic ships now :)