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Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition

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Arelith Changes
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Arelith Changes

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This workshop item contains a number of override files to help play the Arelith Persistent World Server. The files are optional, but fix some inconsistencies between the client default settings and changes made to the server.

Encumbrance values have been changed on Arelith. With this override you will see the new encumbrance maximums, but without it, you will still be affected as per the server's changes. The weight allowance displayed in the inventory screen, however, will be incorrect.

Harper Scout:
Available Harper Scout feats have been changed. On Arelith, the Harper Scout prestige class has been modified to provide several optional "path" subclasses, each providing unique benefits. One of them provides the use of divine might and divine shield, but those feats cannot be used by the player without this override.

Spears on Arelith have been adjusted to be one-handed weapons, and their damage values have been modified to reflect this. Tridents have also been modified. With this override you will be able to "quickslot" a spear and a shield in the Function Key quickbar. Without it, the spear and the shield must be "quickslotted" individually.

Tab Glow:
Arelith uses extensive "Tail Scaling" to create different sizes of creatures models. However, the "TAB" tool tip glow will highlight inaccurate sizes of the creature model, which can be disorienting. This override prevents tool tip glow from appearing for those creatures.

Placeable Reskins:
Arelith has several placeables created with visual effects applied to them. Some of these placeables do not have assigned environment maps (for transparency), which causes "shiny" parts of the replacement texture to instead become transparent. This override adjusts some of those placebles so that they show reflections as intended.

Colorized Quivers:
Originally published by the DLA team in the very early days of NWN as neck models (before there were wings, cloaks, and robes), this quiver model was originally created by NexusJnr and Astorax for the purpose of swapping neck models for neck models with quivers WHEN arrows existed in the ammo slot of the inventory. This scripted function has not been included, but rather these quivers now replace the base (full) quiver that comes with the game, as a back model.

This will allow characters to have quivers and arrows that match their clothing colors, be advised that the colors are automatic, and you may want to change your armor colors with the quiver in mind, and use per part coloring to return individual pieces to what you prefer.

Additionally, it seems the wing models (back models are wing models) do not update colors on equipment change like heads do (heads with hats, for instance), perhaps because none of them have colorable models. This could cause some inconsistency for people who change outfits often. The best way to get the right colors is to disable/enable the back model using the Craft Traps menu.

Arelith Collection:
This Steam Workshop item is part of the Arelith Collection, a set of optional downloads designed to accompany the game data for playing on the Arelith server. Since these files are stored in in the override folder, they can be overwritten by other workshop items with the same overrides, or hak contents with the same files. Additionally, these files may affect gameplay on non-Arelith servers, as well as offline gameplay.

For questions, please post to the Arelith Forums[].
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Eetheart Apr 10 @ 12:20pm 
Thank you for posting these! :)