Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition

Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition

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"Constructed within the Neverwinter Nights Aurora Engine and based within the Forgotten Realms setting, Arelith's doors have been open for over 13 years. The definitive online D&D roleplaying experience, our server is a truly persistent world boasting hundreds of players for you to share in the mutual enjoyment of collaborative storytelling and mutual expression.

Thanks to a passionate team of developers and Dungeon Masters, the Arelith sandbox is constantly evolving to better provide the tools an enterprising storyteller such as yourself needs to truly make the world, and your character, come to life.

Our server requires no special downloads to access, only a copy of Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition. We pride ourselves on the accessibility of our server, and challenge you to hop in and join us in the ongoing adventure that is Arelith."

This collection is an optional set of recommended downloads to help with server customization and player-friendly adjustments to the base game. These downloads are optional, the Arelith server does not require downloads to join and play. The server is heavily customized on the server, utilizing NWNX features, elaborate script sets, and detailed environment building to create a sophisticated setting for a large and varied player base.

Those interested in learning more about the server should explore the server forums[]. Registration can be done online or in game, however, registration is not required to read posted information.

The Arelith Persistant World Server has an updated player-maintained wiki[], detailing changes and features.

Current players are visible at the server portal[] page, which lists players by which of the 3 geographically divided servers they are currently playing on.


Questions or concerns regarding the server should be posted to the forums, not to this workshop collection or it's invidividual components. Posting to the forums will ensure that your question is seen and answered as quickly as possible.

This collection and it's components are curated by Symphony for the Arelith Server Staff.
Items (4)
Arelith Changes
Created by Symphony

This workshop item contains a number of override files to help play the Arelith Persistent World Server. The files are optional, but fix some inconsistencies between the client default settings and changes made to the server.

HDR Contrast Shader Override
Created by Symphony

The first 8 screenshots show areas with a modified version of the HDR Override Shader that only affects the left half of the screen. The right half is the default look.

The other screenshots are normal full screen screenshots wi...
EE Steamworks Tileset Crash Hotfix
Created by Symphony
This Workshop Item contains two override models for tsw01 Steamworks tileset tiles.

The two models contained lightning animations which currently cause a severe crash when loaded in NWN 1.74. This override is being sent out as a temporary hotfix until B...
EE Castle Rural Sea Hotfix
Created by Symphony
This Workshop Item contains override txi file (texture infromation) for tno01 Castle Rural Exterior tileset tiles.

The models contained in the "sea cliffs" tiles referenced this .txi, which included a line to use an environment map for alpha color in th...
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Eetheart Jun 22 @ 3:34pm 
Best quality Roleplay to be found here.
Veteran Bongos Jun 4 @ 7:26am 
This is my favourit collection in the citadel.
Spooky Apr 8 @ 10:42pm 
I've been playing Arelith for almost nine years now and it's still easily one of my favorite sources of roleplay. It's fun and it's always available to come back to, making it a perfect temporary escape. Unlike most PW, Arelith has actually stuck to their word about providing a consistent place to allow creative writing and player interaction. Cities and settlements are often switching hands to different players, with others being conquered or destroyed from IC action.

Arelith also provides a plethora of MUCH NEEDED balance fixes.

10/10 Would recommend to all roleplayers.