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5th MEU Mods
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ACE 3 Extension (Animations and Actions)
Created by Kola
This AddOn adds the ability to perform new Actions and Animations via ACE 3 Interactions Menu.

!!=This AddOn is made by KokaKolaA3=!!

BI Forum Link:
ACE 3 Extension (Placeables)
Created by Kola
This AddOn adds the ability to place Objects via ACE 3 Interactions Menu.

!!=This AddOn is made by KokaKolaA3=!!

To everyone who's still interested, I'm currently working on an complete overhaul of the Animations mod, there will be an ov...
Created by friznit
This is the official ALiVEmod team release of ALiVE on Steam

ALiVE is the next generation dynamic persistent battlefield for ArmA3. Developed by the Multi Session Operations team, the easy to use modular mission framework provides everything that player...
Created by Kex
Add-on description:

Achilles is a gameplay modification for Arma 3. It expands the Zeus real-time editor with many new additions as well as provides bug fixes.

Achilles started as an expansion to [url=
Advanced Rappelling
Created by duda
Adds support for helicopter rappelling. SP & MP Compatible.

Completely optional, but if you want to give back for any of my addons, I would greatly appreciate [url=
Advanced Sling Loading
Created by duda
SP & MP Compatible. Full replacement for in-game sling loading.

Completely optional, but if you want to give back for any of my addons, I would greatly appreciate [url=
Advanced Towing
Created by duda
Adds support for towing vehicles using ropes. Works in both SP and MP. Watch the video for directions.

Completely optional, but if you want to give back for any of my addons, I would greatly appreciate [url=
BG21 Slaughter Assets
Created by El Tyranos
This addon imports slaughter assets from ArmA 2 to ArmA 3. Hanged corpses have hiddenselections textures so you can re-texture them and fit to you scenarios ! Assets are zeus compatible and can be found in Things > Slaughter [BG21][/...
BTHBC Mods Core - Functions and Definitions
Created by BobTheHunted
First release of my core mod data addon. Contains scripts, functions, config definitions, and custom particle effects for use in my other mods. Doesn't really do anything on it's own, aside from add functions that could be used. More info will be added i...
BTHBC Terrains Core - Objects and Shared Definitions
Created by BobTheHunted
First release of my terrain data addon. Contains various custom objects and other data used in my terrains. More info will be added in the future.

Any feedback or input is welcome

Includes [url=
Created by DerZade
BackpackOnChest is a mod, which adds the functionality of carrying an extra backpack on your chest.
- Various modules and functions for mission creators (wiki)
- Implementation through ACE-SelfInteractionMenu
- TFAR compatibility (radio settings are pre...
Blastcore Edited (standalone version)
Created by Paladin
*The original author of the Blastcore mod is Opticalsnare. He didn't update Blastcore more than a year. I could not find information about Blastcore license, I tried and could not contact Opticalsnare via Bohemia Interactive forum to ask for permission to ...
Created by CBATeam
CBA: Community Based Addons for Arma 3
Current version: 3.6.1
What does the name Community Base Addons mean? It is a system that:
  • Offers a range of features for addon-makers and mission designers.
  • Aims to have community wi
CUP Terrains - Core
Created by CUP Team
The Community Upgrade Project is a cooperative effort to bring the content of Bohemia Interactive's
earlier games (Arma 2 and Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead and DLC's in particular) into Arma 3, updated
to the functionality and standards of the next gener...
CUP Terrains - Maps
Created by CUP Team
The Community Upgrade Project is a cooperative effort to bring the content of Bohemia Interactive's
earlier games (Arma 2 and Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead and DLC's in particular) into Arma 3, updated
to the functionality and standards of the next gener...
Chemical Warfare
Created by Assaultboy
This mod adds Chemical Warfare to Arma III.

Github Link[]
I noticed a lack of any chemical warfare mods and I decided to fill the void the best I could. This mod will allow ...
Civil Expansion
Created by ROGNAM

New outfit for Civilian Faction.

No mod Required, You can find Outfit and headgear in the arsenal or you can take units directly in the civilian faction.

Content for the moment :

Dual Arms - Two Primary Weapons
Created by Andrew_S90
Reuploads of this mod on Steam Workshop / Armaholic / PlayWithSix are not allowed. I provide methods to override code if use is needed for servers.

Dual Arms mod allows most weapons to be stored in the launcher slot of your charac...
Eden Objects
Created by Kydoimos


Mod Overview

Eden Objects is a concise collection of highly-detailed models for Arma 3, created to celebrate the release of the new 3D edito...
Enhanced Movement

Enhanced Movement - BETA


Enhanced Soundscape
Created by LAxemann
If you enjoy our content, feel free to Donate[] <- (Click). Donations will be shared 50/50 with jokoho. :)

What is Enhanced Soundscape?
Enhanced Soundsca...
FEMAL3 Heads
Created by This is Not a Snail

LEGACY VERSION (For Mission/Dependent content Makers):
GRAD Trenches
Created by Salbei
Gruppe Adler Trenches (short: GRAD Trenches) retextures ACE trenches based on the ground texture. Therefore trenches look more naturally and to blend into the environment.
Also it adds the possiblity to camouflage trenches with small bushes or grass.

Gear Functions
Created by Flax
After seeing a screenshot with a unit that had a helmet attached to the side and discussing with the creator (Riksen) I decided to turn it into an addon. Its written using functions and ACE interaction menu. You can use the functions to apply it to AI, exa...
Goko ballistic Impact
Created by the0utsider
aim for the head

Note: This add-on used to be a feature in Unit voiceovers mod and is now separate.
First name I had in mind for add-on was "cheap nvg's fro...
Immersion Cigs
Created by rebel
-- Immersion Cigs Mod
Supports vanilla and ACE interaction systems.
Adds ability to smoke cigarettes.
While smoking the cig will change it's model to a smaller version disappearing in the end (around 5 minutes) and producing smoke while it's active.
Insurrection+ [Optre-Submod]
Created by Luca
[img] [/img]

What is Insurrection+?
Insurrection+ is designed to be a lightweight-Addon for Operation Trebuchet with the goal of adding more variety to the Insurrectionist-Factions, something we felt wa...
Created by LordJarhead
JSRS Studios presents:

A soundmod for ArmA3 and ArmA3 Apex - The lastest delevopment in the direction of audiovisual dimension by JSRS-Studios. With more than a few thousand new sound effects JSRS SOUNDMOD...
Medic Bag - ACE3
Created by By-Jokese
Portable medical facility that fits on a small bag inside your backpack.

This mod is a feature inside Frontside Gaming Oficial Addon, that was realised separately, as a popular request. Aims to add a extra point of simulation to medics, so...
OPCAN (OPTRE Reskin Pack) by Lykos Mods
Created by The Wild Burgess
OPCAN Is a reskin pack for the halo mod OPTRE. It focuses on Multiplayer use as it contains more uniform variety (canon and fictional) to play in. Along with new vehicle skins (canon and fictional) to use.

-UNSC M...
Operation: TREBUCHET
Created by Article 2 Studios


Operation: TREBUCHET (OPTRE) was the last major UNSC offensive against the human insurrection before the first contact with the Covenant empire. Our mod will focus on the ...
Operation: TREBUCHET ACE Compat
Created by Article 2 Studios


This is the ACE Compatibility Patch for Operation: TREBUCHET. That mod is required in order to use this mod and can be found here:
Remove stamina
Created by Muttley
Simple mod which executes "player enableStamina false" each second. Useful when you play CO-OP missions which require a lot of running.

CBA_A3 is required
Remove stamina - ACE 3
Created by Muttley
This mod disables ACE 3 Advanced Fatigue feature.

To work as intended it requires the original 'Remove stamina' mod. If you want to use ArmA's vanilla fatigue system in a mission you can load this addon without 'Remove stamina' mod.

Public key inclu...
ShackTac User Interface
Created by dslyecxi
ShackTac User Interface (STUI), contains enhancements to the UI for Arma 3.

This modset includes the following elements:
* ShackTac Fireteam HUD
* ShackTac Group Indicators
* ShackTac Name Tags
* ShackTac Stamina Bar
* ShackTac Map Autobrightness
Created by Bear
A mod that adds an ACE Compatible Module to make it so helicopter/plane crashes are less-fatal. Not created by me, any issues contact me on TS3: Original Author if you have any issues with my upload please post and I will remove ...
UNSC Extended Arsenal
Created by MrTimm
UNSC Extended Arsenal is a side mod for Operation Trebuchet, which brings the Halo Universe to Arma 3. This mod was first known as the "M739 Light Machine Gun" mod, Now instead of just adding the M739 LMG this mod contains, several new helmets for pilots, ...
Unit Voiceovers
Created by the0utsider
Unit Voiceovers -- an arma 3 sound mod

Author: 654Wak654 & outsider
BIS thread:
Thanks [url=http://...
Vcom AI V2.94
Created by Dominic
Vcom AI aims to improve the AI’s combat abilities. This mod is not a miracle worker but attempts to create a CooP experience that is more dynamic and challenging than the traditional AI battles of ArmA 3.


Configurable Varying AI accuracy
WMO - Walkable Moving Objects
Created by Bloodwyn
This Addons makes you be able to walk on driving vehicles without sliding off.

I highly recommend BadBensons Enhanced Movement to be able to climb ontop of the vehicles. But it i...
ZEC - Zeus and Eden Templates / Building Compositions
Created by LSD
ZEC adds a lot of prebuilt military objects such as bunkers, bases and outposts that can be placed down and used in your missions. It is very simple to use, just pick a template and place it down!

The mod only uses vanilla objects and requires no additi...
Created by SHOrage
ZeroReal presents:


Zero_Real-60Sway_NoFatigue for Arma 1.54

This MOD creates 60% sway and NO Fatigue.
This is the best balance of sway. Still very minimal.

This is a modified version of Lao Fei Mao's Reduced Sway / Fatig...
Created by acemod
Advanced Combat Environment 3 (ACE3)

ACE3 is the collaborative efforts of the former AGM and CSE teams, along with many of the developers from ...
cTab V2.2.1
Created by TF_Ghost_1_4_1

cTab, "The Commander's Tablet", is an Arma 3 add-on that provides players with quick access to command and control features including Blue-Force Tracker, UAV video and control interf...
new_kilindini (early access)
Created by Polares
This map will be for the 5th's Madrigal Campaign.
The map will feature a titanium mine and a giant city. Right now it doesn't look too pretty so i'd stay away for now if I were you.

City was a joint effort between all contributors.

Created by Nkey
Additional Teamspeak setup[] required!

Task Force Arrowhead Radio (TFAR) is happy Make Arma Not War winner[].

War is not only ab