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Megaman X [Marvel VS Capcom Infinite]
Universe: Original IP
Models: Character
Tags: Sfm
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Apr 6 @ 10:16am
Apr 12 @ 9:37am
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Megaman X [Marvel VS Capcom Infinite]

Megaman X from Marvel VS Capcom Infinite has been released for SFM!

Model has eyeball bones but it's not as expected as y'all think it is. The eyes are squares so moving the bones will just move the WHOLE eye.

Apparently there's some kind of bug of when using the "$envmap" "env_cubemap", it will activate randomly on each sessions that the model is in that session. I decided to remove it entirely.

Model includes:
Original bones renamed to bip bones.
Left Arm Bodygroupable to X Buster.
Alternative Skin.

IK Rig


Sneakyerz\Megaman X\megamanx.mdl
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Robin May 13 @ 2:44pm 
Can you do hulk with his dlc skin
Sneakyerz  [author] Apr 12 @ 7:07am 
@PrincessZelda2020 Yeah, sure! That's would be great! I do have plans for releasing Zero with or without jigglebones for the hair but he has some rigging issues with his right foot/leg.
PrincessZelda2020 Apr 12 @ 7:03am 
I ported X, Light Armor X and Zero into SFM, I'm working on Sigma at the moment.If you want I can help you with the eye posing, its not 100% perfect but it works amazingly well, and its a lot better than using the eye bones.
Sneakyerz  [author] Apr 10 @ 1:08am 
Apparently, Zero's right foot has some rigging issues and I don't want to release him by that(I also am VERY bad at rigging).
Sneakyerz  [author] Apr 9 @ 2:22am 
@8Yaron8 that's good to hear
8Yaron8 Apr 9 @ 1:45am 
I'm working with Sigma model, they include bodygroups and animations, also i add him my custom color skin -
Bonkle Apr 8 @ 9:59am 
*Marvel Cinematic Universe vs Capcom
Sneakyerz  [author] Apr 7 @ 3:47am 
@Excellionus/Barble Bapkins Actually, Im doing Zero as we speak. He almost done.
Excellionus/Barble Bapkins Apr 7 @ 2:06am 
If Zero and Sigma get ported by anyone else with alt costumes, this will be perfect. I love the fact X came back for MVCI.
Sneakyerz  [author] Apr 7 @ 1:59am 
@Excellionus/Barble Bapkins It depends if I can get the textures and the other models since I didn't ripped them, I downloaded the models.