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Recrutable Mechanical Spider Pet
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Apr 5 @ 2:26pm
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Recrutable Mechanical Spider Pet

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Made an aditional recruitable Mechanical Spider that can be bought at any traveling Nomad Animal Trader Caravan. Should not require Import, but in case you don't see it in the Merchant's inventory then the Import should fix the issue! This mod is aimed to escape the micromanagement of feeding your pet all the time and just have a carry mechanism close to you!

Age: Adult/Elder (machines don't grow or eat)
Attack: Rather week, similar to a Garu
Defense: It has natural armor implemented, to be a bit tanky, similar to Samurai armor set
Speed: 26, but it will turn slower
Size: 1.5, this is a hulk and can't enter buildings
Ambient sound effect: Slow/dim engine burn
Swim: Yes (more like walking through the water)
Inventory on death: 1 Research Book
Blood color: Vivid Green, because it runs on Uranium compounds
Storage: 26x26, 8kg Backpack, Value: 6000 cats - can only be equiped by Mechanical Spiders
Price: Circa ~15.000 cats

Note: If your spider is taken down by bandits they will try to chop him for meat, but nothing will really happen except getting the pop up message saying so. It's an ingame mechanic that I can't change in the editor.

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Slickk ._. Jun 26 @ 7:34pm 
Not sure if it's just a Kenshi thing, but my spider tends to quit following after I enter and then leave a building. A normal character would continue to follow after I left if they couldn't get in, but the spider doesn't. I enter a small area, and instead of getting as close as possible from the outside, it just gets rid of the whole, "Stay Close" thing. It's gotten the spider knocked out or left behind a few times, so I was just wondering if it was a mod thing, or a kenshi thing.

Dr.Deli Jun 21 @ 5:39am 
ayy lmao bored peon going ham on dem kenshi noobs. obivous 1000k IQ spotted.

[ x ] yes
[ ] no
Bored Peon Jun 20 @ 7:52am 
You see no need to have a skeleton bed because you you obviously do not understand the game mechanics for skeleton beds. I explained the game mechanic last time and you obviously ignored it. I have you beat in game knowledge and time played, so knock off the arguing.
daydarick Jun 19 @ 11:39pm 
l see no need to have a bed, l use a repair kit to heal dam, then they slowly heal to max health over time
Bored Peon Jun 19 @ 4:49pm 
Change the race flag on the mob? Maybe change bed to allow animals (since iron spider is in animal category)?
FoxyAndris  [author] Jun 19 @ 3:50pm 
I see peon. Sadly I do not know what to do in this case as there is no mechanic to fix this in game for the spiders.
Bored Peon Jun 19 @ 11:17am 
They can only heal themself back to max hp, or use a repair kit on them. Skeletons have a game mechanic that makes them lose max hp in their body locations after taking damage. The way to repair thei max hp damage is to use a skeleton bed. The spider pets are not able to use the bed to restore their max hp.
daydarick Jun 19 @ 10:53am 
lve not had any prob's with this mod l love it, much need for my bot army, l didnt find them tanky though , more like squishy, but they hit like a truck, mine do 120 to 130 dam with strength training, lve had no prob with repairing them as they slowly heal themself's. once agian thank for the mod
DeadMeat Jun 16 @ 1:46pm 
Yep indeed Bored Peon, FoxyAndris this is the issue i am having eventually the iron spiders legs will break and then wht do i do?
Bored Peon Jun 15 @ 12:23pm 
I am watching his stream and it is the HP max he needs to repair. Which was why he tried using the skeleton repair bed.