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Planet Coaster

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Varoo: The Beauty of PC (4K)
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Varoo: The Beauty of PC (4K)

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I built this BP to show the basic beauty of PC. This awesome coaster has a fantasic POV ride view with some great stats that has 2 waterfalls, a large winding river, and a lot of realistic rushing water. Has a seperate coaster maintenance building and some custom supports where needed.

There are 2 seperate food courts, one on the front side of the coaster station and the other next to the thrill ride pad (a pad to place a thrill ride of your choice on) that houses Tikichiki - Loony Ballons - Gulpee Soda - Pizza Pen - Street Fox Coffee - Staff Room and a restroom at each court. There is also a info booth at the center between both courts.

The path has a curb wall to follow in helping making the path planting easier. Best to start path at one of the shops located at the front food court and go from there. Path following curb was designed for smallest size of 13 ft (4m). The que line for the coaster goes across water and through the nature scenery including the waterfall cave. A priority pass lane que can easily be run across the waterfall as seen in the PPQ screenshot. There is a ground marker sign at the front food court for proper ground position; just bury sign to be at proper ground level.

Coaster Stats: Type: Werewolf, E- 6.31, F-4.56, N-1.59; Duration: 127s; Lenght: 3434 ft.; Inversions: 5; Airtime Count: 2; Airtime Duration: .2 s; Track Scenery Rating: High; Cost: 54,797; building piece count: 4K

Special Note* There seems to be a new bug in naming rides. I uploaded this ride with the proper name 3 different times, but after the new Steam Update as of this morning, the ride when inserted in game is renaming itself and on my subscription, it is naming itself Orange, so just be aware of this bug.
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Axm  [author] Apr 5, 2018 @ 1:00pm 
thank you matt and red!
Matt Yorshin Apr 5, 2018 @ 9:27am 
very nice
R3dDragon Apr 5, 2018 @ 5:41am 
Cant wait to see this. Awesome work. :)