Darkestville Castle

Darkestville Castle

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Darkestville Castle Walkthrough (ENG)
By Lillamused
Full walkthrough for Darkestville Castle game finally in English! Feel free to use it if you stuck somewhere and really have no idea how to progress further. Otherwise we suggest you check all the possible options and carefully listen to all the dialogs ;) Enjoy the game!
About this Guide
It is assumed that the players have studied the locations and can easily orientate themselves using the map (which is not difficult).

Actions are described SPECIFICALLY for each task, i.e., even if you take an object while studying a certain location, it is mentioned only once in the manual when describing the solution to a particular problem.

We strongly recommend referring to this manual only as a last resort, if you are having trouble progressing through the game, to avoid missing the entertaining and humorous dialogues that create the game’s quirky atmosphere.
General information

All actions performed by the characters are done using the mouse.
We move across the game screen by clicking the left mouse button (LMB) on the chosen destination point.

Interacting with active objects (objects with an explanationthat appears above them when a cursor is hovered over them) – click on the selected object and choose the action icon:

  • Skeleton hands – pick up the subject;
  • Skull eye – examine the object;
  • Skull – engage in dialogue.

To select all active objects on the screen, click on the question mark in the upper right-hand corner.

To move from one location to another, use the LMB to click on the blue arrow.

To scroll through the dialogues and skip the video, click the LMB.

The game menu can be brought up by clicking on the gear icon in the upper left corner of the screen. The menu itself has a standard set of options.

To open the inventory, click the LMB on the chest icon in the lower right corner of the screen.

To use an item, open the inventory, click on the desired item and drag it to the active object on the screen.

Game progress is saved automatically at the control points.
About the game
The character that we control in the game is a demon called Cid.
One day, he fell from the skytogether with a star not far from Darkestville Castle. Cid settled in this castle and as he got older, he began to terrorize the local population by constantly creating cunning traps for them and plaguing them in all sorts of possible ways.

His opponent became a guy named Dan Teapot. But fate had a surprise in store for them, which changed the balance in their endless confrontation.

Cid is reading his plan of action for today in his notebook when the voice of Dan Teapot announces that he has locked Cid inside his own castle.
Prelude. Old Enemies
Goal:The purpose of the Prelude is to unlock the doors leading into the castle, which are held closed by Dan Teapot.
Conditions: Dan took a piece of the mechanism that controls the hatch and stole the key to the basement.
Method of solving the problem: Exploration, examining the locations, and solving the puzzles based on the inventory to achieve your goal.

We start the game in Cid's bedroom.


We descend into the hall.

We approach the front door and look out of a small window.

The front door is locked as it is being held by Dan from the outside.

We propose that Dan "Leaves this place..." to the open the dialogue branches with two phrases, from which we choose "Which key did you use...".
The unsuspecting and good-natured Dan shows him the key, which Cid immediately snatches from his fingers.

Now we talk with Dan on all the suggested topics. We take note that Dan is standing on a closed hatch located in front of the castle door.
After the conversation, we return to the room and insert the KEY from the basement into the door on the left.


We move to the left side of the screen, pick up a TIP for the screwdriver and a KEY to the bathroom.
We shift to the right side of the screen. We examine the broken hatch mechanism and see that the chain and gears have disappeared.
We ascend to the hall.


We open one of the movable drawers on the right side of the screen and take out the SCREWDRIVER.
We combine it with the TIP in the inventory and get a working SCREWDRIVER. We take the bicycle CHAIN from the bicycle. We go up to the bedroom.

We approach the old clock on the left side of the screen. Using the SCREWDRIVER, we open the clock door and take out the GEARS.
We use the KEY we found in the basement to open the door to the bathroom.


We lower the CHAIN into a bath filled with oil. We thus get an oiled CHAIN. We return to the basement.

We install the oiled CHAIN and GEARS into the broken mechanism to control the hatch. We ascend to the hall.

We interact with the hatch lever, which is located to the left of the front door.
Cid turns the lever and Dan falls into the opened hatch. Cid descends to the basement.


Dan tells Cid that he has hired the Romero Brothers to deal with him. To stop Dan's blabbering, Cid turns a lever and a hammer descends on the poor bastard's head. Cid goes out into the courtyard.

Castle Courtyard

While Cid is deciding on a plan to trap the Romero Brothers, they turn up themselves, and begin to execute the order without recognizing him.
Cid gets so carried away that he doesn't notice the thump and rattle coming from the castle. He only comes to his senses when the Romero Brothers report that they have completed the set task, having taken him for the customer, and leave.
Cid rushes back to his castle and discovers that his fish Domingo is missing. He is determined to return his pet.
Chapter One. A Fish in Trouble
Where is the Chest?

Goal: Free Domingo the aquarium fish, which the Romero Brothers have mistakenly locked up in a demon chest.
Conditions: The Romero Brothers, hired by Dan Teapot, mistake Cid for Dan and kidnap Domingo, an aquarium fish and the demon's pet, and place it in the demon chest.
You must find the chest itself and figure out how to open it.
Method of solving the problem: Examining the locations, solving the inventory puzzles to achieve separate goals, which will allow you to perform the main task.

We go out into the courtyard and onto the world map.

World Map

We shift to the mayor's house.

Mayor's House

We notice a huge chest standing in the waiting room. We speak to Mrs. Johnson on all the suggested topics.
In response to the statement that Cid has a meeting scheduled with the mayor, the secretary checks the entries in the mayor's diary and discovers that Cid isn't listed there.
Hence the obvious conclusion that to get an appointment with the mayor, the appropriate entry must be made in the diary.
Having asked about the chest in the room, Cid finds out that it was left there by the Romero Brothers.
When Cid asks what the mayor is doing, he learns that the mayor is talking to a girl from the Romero Brothers.

Having discovered that there's no easy way to reach the mayor, we go in search of the other Romero Brothers.

Looking for a Way to Open the Chest

World Map

We head to the town center.

Town Center

We head to the tavern.


We spot a hulking man snoozing at a table, who is one of the Romero Brothers. We speak to him on all the offered topics.
Cid discovers that the 'demon' that the Brothers have captured in DarkestVille Castle is hidden in the demon chest.
The chest is locked with three locks and each key is kept with one of the brothers.
Walrus, which is name of the hulk, who still thinks that Cid is Dan, informs him that Foxy is meeting the mayor while Mongoose is training somewhere with a spear.

It is logical to assume that since Domingo is being kept in the demon chest, Cidmust acquire the three keys to the chest to release the fish.
The location of two out of the three team members is known, and all that's left is to find the third one and look for a way to obtain the keys.
We leave the tavern.

World Map

We head to the cemetery.


We climb a hill, where a strange, short man is training with a spear.
We talk on all the topics (it's important to ask what he is doing in the cemetery in the middle of the nightto reveal the additional branch).
Mongoose Romero tells us the same thing as Walrus.
He doesn't fall for Cid's tricks, who falsely directs him to a crypt where he claims a Pieraptor has been seeing, instead demanding evidence.

Looking at the dirty puddle and the wooden ledge by the steps to the crypt, we don't get obvious hints for further action, but, as it turns out, these two objects are important.
Chapter One. Three Keys to the Demon Chest
Walrus Romero's Key

Town Center
We move to the right side of the location. We talk to 'some blind guy'.
Cid learns that the guy's name is Martin and that he arrived in DarkestVille as a tourist.
When asked about his drink, the tourist refuses to give it to Cid, although he complains about the ‘old mint’ that was put in his cocktail. We take note of this.
We go to the map and head to the Town Square.

Town Square

We approach the local drunk sitting on the bench, Jeffrey Badsock. We speak to him on all the suggested topics.
Jeffrey proposes that you bring him a drink to refresh his memory. Cid discovers that he's currently drinking glue solvent.
We head to the mayor's house.

Mayor's House
We open the bar and pick up a BOTTLE OF WHISKY. We return to the square.

Central Square
We give Jeffrey the BOTTLE OF WHISKY and get the GLUE SOLVENT in exchange.
When we were examining the objects in the castle's bathroom, we had noticedthat the medicine cabinet doors were glued shut.
We decide that we can use the glue solvent to try and get rid of the glue.
We go to the map and shift to the castle.

Castle, Bathroom

We apply the SOLVENT to the. We open the door, take out the TOILET PAPER with the smell of mint and a SLEEPING PILL.
The toilet paper smells of mint and Martin complained about the tasteless mint in his cocktail.
We descend into the yard and go to the world map.

World Map
We shift to the town center.

Town Center
We hasten to Martin. We use the TOILET PAPER on him.
Cid puts the toilet paper in the cocktail glass that Martin is drinking from. Martin finishes his drink and generously allows Cid to return the glass to the tavern.
Water is required to dissolve the sleeping pill. The only tap that we see in the game is in the bathroom.
Once we get the GLASS, we go to the map.

World Map
We shift to the castle.

We ascend to the bedroom and enter the bathroom.

We place the GLASS under the tap in the sink. We get a GLASS of water. We combine it with the SLEEPING PILL in the inventory. We descend into the courtyard and go to the world map.

World Map
We head to the town center.

Town Center
We return to the tavern.

We give the GLASS with the sleeping pill to Walrus Romero.
Cid claims that it's the local beer. Walrus falls asleep in a minute.
We search the hulk, find Romero's KEY to the demon chest and a RABBIT'S FOOT. We leave the tavern and go to the world map.

Mongoose Romero's Key

World Map
We shift to the cemetery.

We show Mongoose the RABBIT'S FOOT.
He says that it is Walrus' talisman (this is important for future actions).
We examine a pile of bones and pull out one BONE. We go to the map and shift to the castle.

Castle Courtyard

We dig around in the trash cans and take out an IRON ROD and a half-eaten Biology TEXTBOOK. We enter the castle and ascend to the bedroom.

In the bedroom, we take the CANE leaning against the wall. We go into the bathroom.

We pick a piece of SOFT SOAP up from the floor. We return to the map and shift to the alley.

Town Alley

We use the CANE on the kennel door, which is occupied by the formidable dog Ruffo.
Cid uses the cane to lower the door.
We use the IRON ROD to lock the door. We pass to the right. We take a huge CHICKEN LEG from a wooden trash can. We go to the map and shift to the cemetery.

We use the CHICKEN LEG on the dirty puddle.
Cid dips the foot in the mud and creates 'footprints' along the path to the crypt.
We grease the wooden ledge by the steps leading to the crypt with the SOFT SOAP. We draw Mongoose's attention to the footprints.
Mongoose sees the tracks and rushes to the crypt, slipping on the ledge and falling inside.
We pick up MONGOOSE'S WALLET that fell out, where we find the second KEY to the demon chest. We go to the map and shift to the castle.
Foxy is still with the mayor and we need a way to draw her out of there. We can't simply walk into the mayor's office so we decide to make an entry in the mayor's diary.

Foxy Romero's Key

Castle, Hall
We take an old CLOAK from a hangar (Cid notes that it really stinks). Using the SCREWDRIVER, we remove the HORN from a bicycle. We head to the alley.

Town Alley

We approach a hot dog stand. We talk to Pedro, the hot dog seller, on all the suggested topics.
Pedro no longer sells his goods to Cid due to an outstanding debt.
We look at the ink sauce standing on the table behind Pedro (this is important because an additional question in the conversation will open only after we do this).
Cid immediately figures out that it's 'just normal ink'.
We turn to Pedro again and ask him about the ink sauce.
Pedro asks us to give him something that 'really, really stinks'.
We give the OLD CLOAK to the seller and get the INK SAUCE in exchange. We leave the alley. We shift to the town center using the map and head to the tavern.

We take some NUTS from a plate standing on the table. We leave the tavern and head to the mayor's house.

Mayor's House
We use the bicycle HORN on Mrs. Johnson.
In response to the secretary's demands, Cid gives her the HORN.
We pick up the MAYOR'S DIARY which had fallen on the floor. We turn to Mrs. Johnson again and ask her permission to see the mayor.
The secretary asks you to wait until the mayor's meeting is over and then ask him about it.
We leave the mayor's house and shift to the square.

Town Square

We place some NUTS on a 'suspicious bench'.
A pigeon lands on the bench to peck at the nuts but then an explosive device previously hidden there by Cid goes off.
We pick up a fallen FEATHER from the pigeon. We combine it with the INK SAUCE in the inventory. We use the obtained QUILL and INK on the MAYOR'S DIARY. We head to his house.

Mayor's House
We give the EDITED DIARY to Mrs. Johnson. We announce that we have a meeting "right now" with the mayor.
Mrs. Johnson contacts the mayor and when he invites the visitor into his office, Foxy Romero comes out of it.
However, when the mayor sees that the visitor is Cid, the mayor ushers him out of the office.

Finding ourselves back in the mayor's waiting room, we turn to the girl.
To get an additional branch in our conversation with Foxy, we must examine the chest.
We speak to the girl on all the suggested topics. We give her MONGOOSE'S WALLET and Walrus' RABBIT'S FOOT.
Foxy runs away to find out what happened to Mongoose and Walrus.
We take the THIRD KEY to the demon chest out of Foxy's backpack. We use it to open the chest and free Domingo.

We suddenly find strange creatures in the waiting room, who are demons from the fifth circle of Hell.
Once they leave, Cid takes Domingo back home to the castle. They find the door locked, however.
We speak to Viggo the Demon King on all the proposed topics. We ask him to open the door three times.
The demon can't stand it and turns the lever.
First Interlude. The Irony of Fate
Cid falls through the opened hatch and finds himself in a cage where Dan Teapot was previously held.

Goal of the Interlude: Escape the cage that Cid ironically finds himself in.
Conditions: Cid finds himself in a cage where he had recently trapped Dan Teapot. He must get out of the cage using all available means.


We use the SCREWDRIVER on the metal plaque in the upper part of the cage.
Cid manages to open the alcove under the plaque, which contains wires.
We pull on the 'intricate mechanism' then interact with the 'hidden' lever on the wall.
A cable drops down.
We tear off a piece of the CABLE. We combine it with the CANE in the inventory. We use the CABLE AND HOOK on the hole up above.
We climb out through the hole into the castle courtyard.
Chapter Two. Waiting for the Unexpected
Goal: Expel the demons from the town.
Conditions: By opening the chest, Cidhas released the demons from the fifth circle of Hell, together with their King.
Foxy Romero could not defeat them alone and was forced to hide together with the deeply sleeping Walrus and Mongoose, who broke his leg when he fell into the crypt.
Cid will have to find them and ask for their help as he can't deal with the demons by himself.

Where are the Romero Brothers?

Castle Courtyard
Once in the courtyard, we speak to the strange little demons standing there.
The demons ask Cid about where they could get some 'cool dope'.
We ask them "What does that...".
The demons explain they're looking for... any diseases except tetanus.
We go to the map and shift to the cemetery.

We enter the crypt.

Crypt in the Cemetery

We discover the Romero Brothers in the crypt, hiding from the demons.
Cid tries to explain how the demons got out of the chest so that the suspicion doesn't fall on him.
Cid's main goal remains to get the castle back. Foxy says that if they can wake Walrus, he can easily knock down the locked doors to the castle.
But they need a full team to fight the demons and Mongoose has a broken leg. To fix it, she needs the ingredients for a Bonesetter potion.
We speak to Foxy to discover what we need to do to wake Walrus (go to the tavern), and what the ingredients are for the Bonesetter potion (the tail of a purple lizard, animal fur and salt).
We open a box and take out a paper PARTY HORN and mushroom FERTILIZER. We speak to Mongoose, then leave the crypt.

Ingredients for the Bonesetter Potion

Tail of a purple lizard

We approach the Giant Vegetable Monster. We learn that he's fighting for the rights of vegetables and ask, "So you suggest," and then we make a suggestion, "What if we start sending..."
We get Little TIMMY, a red tomato, from the Vegetable Monster. We move to the map and shift to the town center.

Town Center

We approach the werewolf. We speak to him on all the suggested topics. When the conversation is over, we give him a BONE.
In return, the werewolf brings us the TAIL from a green lizard. We go to the map and shift to the mayor's house.

Mayor's House
We pass by a huge PIG DEMON standing with a cigar in the waiting room, and enter the mayor's office.

Mayor's Office

We speak to the mayor on all the suggested topics.
Cid tries to make the mayor do something to expel the demons from town, but the mayor is so used to his tricks that he doesn't believe a single word from Cid.
The mayor places tablets against kindness on the table.
We finish the conversation and examine the tablets, which turn out to be expired. We take the TABLETS.
Cid asks permission to take them and the mayor doesn't mind.
We take the LLAMA TONGUE from the stuffed animal on the left. We dip the TAIL of the green lizard into a barrel of ink and get the TAIL of a purple lizard.

Animal Fur

We use the map to shift to the town alley.

Town Alley
We see that Pedro isn't even hiding, calling himself the Demon of Marketing. We ask, "Have you already had some new customers?"
We find out about the 'Bring a Friend' special that the enterprising merchant has come up with.
We ask, "How does the special work?" and "Give me your card". After receiving some CARDBOARD from a hot dog, we go to the map and head to the castle.
We give the CARDBOARD to the minor demons.
They head joyfully into town.
We move to the left side of the location and use the mushroom FERTILIZER on the mushroom garden.
We collect the MUSHROOM SPORES. We use the map to shift to the town center.

Town Center
We go right and talk to the ugly FLYNESS. We try to get the souffle that she is holding. The attempt is unsuccessful.
We read some important information about mushroom sporesin the Biology textbook.
We use the MUSHROOM SPORES on the Flyness.
After a while, Betsy's behavior becomes quite strange.
We speak to the Flyness again and ask why she is so happy to see us. We receive the SOUFFLE from Betsy. We pull a few BRISTLES from the poor thing.


We realize that we can obtain salt in the tavern but Giovanni won't even talk to Cid until he repays the debt.
We go to see Pedro.

Town Alley
We head to Pedro's stand. On the way, we pick up a PIECE OF BREAD. We combine it with the LLAMA TONGUE in the inventory and obtain a SANDWICH.
We speak to the hot dog seller and get our premium SAUSAGE.
We find out that we get only one at a time but we can come as many times as we like. We return to the tavern.


We approach the demons sitting at a gaming table. We find out that to play dice, we have to place the "flesh of an innocent animal".
We give one of the demons the SAUSAGE and they accept the bet.
The demon puts in all his money and throws the dice first.
We examine the dice in the inventory and see that they're loaded. We lose the game and leave the tavern.

Town Alley
We approach the hot dog stand. We collect SUGAR CUBES from a bucket standing beside the horses.
We speak to Pedro and ask for another SAUSAGE. We return to the tavern.

We give the SAUSAGE to the demon. We use the SUGAR CUBES to play and win a PILE OF MONEY (the SAUSAGE also returns to our inventory).
We hurry to Giovanni and give him the PILE OF MONEY (a couple of gold coins remain in the inventory).
The innkeeper accepts that the debt is repaid and offers to fulfill any order.
We ask him, "Do you have something that..."
Giovanni reports that he lacks certain ingredients to make a special coffee that would awaken a person who has taken sleeping pills (a piece of fresh fruit, a few fish scales, an expired medicine and a hat that has never been worn).
We go to the town center and then to the river on the right side of the location.

Town Center
We speak to the one who is "neither fish nor meat".
Cid sees his pet Domingo.
We receive PIRANHA SCALES. We head to the Town Square.

Town Square

We approach the Demon Sailor. We ask, "Why did you decide...". After listening to the answer, we ask him, "Could you show me...".
We get a PAPER BOAT. We return to Giovanni.

We give the tavern keeper LITTLE TIMMY (red tomato), PIRANHA SCALES, PAPER BOAT and the TABLETS against kindness.
We get the El Café De La Muerte. We turn to Giovanni once again and order,
"I would like to eat something" and order "Something vegetarian". We obtain SALT.
We repeat the order, "I'd like to drink something" and choose FERNET. We head to the cemetery and enter the crypt.

We use the El Café De La Muerte on Walrus Romero and the big guy wakes up. We give Foxy Romero the ingredients: FUR from the Flyness, SALT and the TAIL of a purple lizard.
Strangely, Cid suddenly begins to worry about his substitution and asks Foxy what would happen if they used a green tail instead of a purple lizard tail?
Foxy prepares the potion and gives it to Mongoose. He leaps up 'as good as new'. Cid watches him incredulously, waiting for an explosion.

We go to the mayor's house to bring the demon chest to the crypt.
Chapter Two. Waiting for the Unexpected - Part 2
Mayor's House

We converse with the massive Pig Demon Bert ("Viggo told you to bring this chest?")
We try to persuade him to carry the demon chest to the crypt ("Um... so, the boss..."), but he announces a strike.
We listen to his demands (a sandwich with camel meat or a decaf aperitif or a sweet dessert). We give him the FERNET, SANDWICH with the llama tongue and a SOUFFLE OF WORMS.
Bert takes the chest to the crypt in the cemetery.
We enter the crypt.

We speak to Foxy.
The Romero Brothers go hunting for demons and successfully get into the castle, where the main demon Viggo has locked himself away. Cid follows them the whole time.

However, when Cid enters the bedroom, he sees that Viggo has immobilized the Romero Brothers by luring them into a spell trap.
The Demon King drags the Brothers to Hell. While Cid is initially overjoyed, he suddenly stops to think and realizes that there's something clearly wrong with him.
He decides to the steal the demon hunters from Viggo. But for that, he needs to find the path to Hell.
Dan Teapot appears in the doorway and announces that he knows how to solve this problem.

Second Interlude. On the Other Hand
Goal: Open the gates leading into Hell.

We find ourselves before the gates to Hell, which Dan's father won in a school lottery. We click on the gates and remember the inventory item number, 4134.
The solution to this entertaining puzzle is through trial and error.
Try solving it yourself first in order to listen to the amusing dialogues and only then refer to this guide.
We click the LMB on the gates and Cid offers to name the password, but because he doesn't know it, he is advised to contact the support team.
We click the LMB on the gates and choose the dialogue icon. We choose the option, "I would like to contact the support team."
After listening to the menu options, we press 1 to contact the Sales Department. We again press the number 1 after listening to the options.
We talk to Bingo Ross from the Sales Department. We choose the option, "I need a plan...".
We thus learn the name of the gate owner, De La Morto. We then choose the option, "I would like to return to...".
We listen to the menu options and choose 3. Due to an incorrect connection, we overhear a conversation between illegal weapons suppliers.
We choose the phrase "I'm not an agent..." in the conversation. We thus learn the name of De La Morte's pet, Mr. Sobado, an aquarium fish.
We 'talk' to the gates again. This time, we select the phrase "I would like to..." and press the number 2 to contact technical support.
We tell Johnny Bonebreaker, "My space gates...", and then, "I don't know...". We tell him that the gates are gray in color.
We tell him the gate number (4134) ("I'll enter the number") and receive a new inventory number (2431).
We press the "Hang Up" option and 'talk' to the gates for the third time. We choose the support service again.
This time, we press the number 3 to change the password. We reply to Carrloss Herrera,
"Of course!"
"De La Morte"
"Mr. Sabado!"
We remember the new password, Latinlover 200.
We choose "I want to enter my password" in the remaining menu screen and select Latinover 200 from the list. Cid passes through the opened gates.
Chapter Three. A New World
Objective of Chapter 3: Free the Romero Brothers and get rid of King Viggo.
Conditions: The Demon King from the fifth circle has kidnapped the Romero Brothers and has locked them up in an unknown location.
Although Cid is pursuing his main goal of punishing Viggo for the destruction inflicted on his castle, he is forced to help the Brothers because the Demon King has stolen HIS demon hunters.
Methods: Exploration, investigating the locations.

Where is Viggo?

Portal Room
Having explored the room, we exit through a door on the left. We find ourselves on the world map.

World Map

We head to the castle.

Castle Courtyard

We explore the location. We speak to the rhinoceros guard.
He involuntarily reveals that it is possible to get into Viggo's castle through a secret passage.

The Search for the Secret Passage

Castle Courtyard
We appeal for help to the hobgoblin selling cookies in the courtyard.
We go to the world map and shift to the market.


We explore the location. We push aside a wagon on the left side of the location and descend into the sewers.


We explore the location. We take note of the door that Cid can't open since it's been painted. We climb to the surface.

We go deeper into the location and enter the bar.


We explore the location. When the barman turns away, we steal a TOWEL off the bar. We leave the bar and go down into the sewer.

We use the TOWEL on the door and enter the room.

A Suspicious Sewer Room

In the room, Cid meets Dark Alberto, whose face was on the 'Wanted' poster in the market.
We ask him, "Do you know how to get into Viggo's castle?"
Alberto tells Cid about a secret passage with a door that can be opened with a remote and the drawings for it are on the board.
We study the chalk drawing on the board.
Cid learns that to create a remote control for the secret door, all he needs is a regular remote and some headphones to "strengthen the positron waves."

Recreating the Remote Control for the Secret Door

Portal Room
We search the corpse of the explorer sitting to the left of the gates. We take the Survivalist MAGAZINE.
We examine it in the inventory and find a discount COUPON. We head to the market.

We speak to the giant humanoid spider Nicolo, who sells fabrics. We talk to him on all the topics to open a new dialogue branch.
We learn that the cheapest product that he has is a VCR that costs four diamonds but it includes a remote control. We head to the lavafall.


We talk to the vulture trader in the dark magic shop. We discover that only members of the Warlock Society can buy goods in this shop.
Since we don't have a membership card, we go in search of it and descend into the sewers.

We pick a PASS off the floor, which allows entry into the Warlock Society. We return to the dark magic shop.

We present the PASS to the vulture and purchase a LUCKY CAT with the remaining gold coins. We return to the map and head to the bar in the market.

In the bar, we speak to Toad, a producer of a pop band that has recently lost their drummer. We use the LUCKY CAT on the small drum on the table in front of Toad.
The producer is satisfied with the cat's talents. He suggests that Cid comes tomorrow to sign the contract and orders free drinks at the bar.
We order the Diamond Vodka three times from the barman and thus get THREE DIAMONDS.
After the third shot, there are no more diamonds left in the bar.
We hurry to the market.

We give the humanoid spider the COUPON and the three DIAMONDS. We buy the VCR as well as the remote. We head to the lavafall.

We try to cross the bridge over the abyss but discover that a part of the bridge is broken. We return to the bar.

We use the PARTY HORN on the worker who is busy repairing the stage. We pick up a HAMMER from the floor, which the worker had dropped in fright from the sudden noise.
We descend to the sewers and go to the suspicious room.

A Suspicious Sewer Room
We collect the NAILS from the table in the center of the room and head to the bridge beside the lavafall.

We use the HAMMER and NAILS on the broken section of the bridge to repair it. We head to the beach.


We notice a radio standing on the table, which a relaxing Gill Creature is listening to using headphones. We ask him,
"What did you say?"
"I can't understand you!"
"I said blah blahblahblah!"
Gill Creature
After talking to him, we take the RADIO from the table. In the inventory, we combine the RADIO and the REMOTE and get a REMOTE CONTROL.

Searching for the Secret Door

We head to the bridge by the lavafall.


We use the REMOTE CONTROL on the lavafall and a secret passage opens.

Searching for the Romero Brothers

We walk into the opened passage.


We interact with the map on the wall and find the lever behind it. We turn it and enter through the opened door. We talk to the Romero Brothers on all the topics.
Chapter Three. Opening the Cage Where the Romero Brothers Are Being Kept
Three Animal Figures

While we are in the Portal Room, we notice three niches under the stained glass, which depicts the young Cid with his parents.
The niches are shaped to resemble animals, a seahorse, a bear and a rat.
It is logical to assume that we must find these three animals.

We pick up a dead RAT that Mongoose throws to us. We head to the exit. We pick a PHOTO of the rhinoceros from a stack and take a BOTTLE with a combustible liquid from a box. We exit the cave and go past the lavafall to the beach.

We talk to the three-eyed barman. We learn that we can pay for the alcohol in the evening. We order a drink.

We move to the left part of the location and use the DRINK on the pelican. We get an EMPTY GLASS. We head to the sewers.

We pick up a LOVE LETTER off the floor and fill the EMPTY GLASS with water from the sewers. We return to the beach.

We use the GLASS with the sewer water on the PELICAN and collect a dead FISH.

We use the PHOTO of the rhinoceros on a bucket of glue. We thus get a POSTCARD that can be glued on.
We combine it with the LOVE LETTER in the inventory. We head to the castle.

Castle Courtyard
We give the LETTER to the rhinoceros guard. We pick up the metal HORSE that broke off his staff.
We combine it with the dead fish in the inventory and get a SEAHORSE.

We talk to the vulture and ask what we can purchase in his dark magic shop and what we can offer in return.
We find out that we can submit ectoplasm to the shop and buy a bear in return.

Obtaining Ghost Ectoplasm

We take an OLD BOOK from a counter on the left side of the location. We read it in the inventory.
We notice the page that contains information about summoning ghosts. We discover that we need the following to summon a ghost:
- A skeleton or animal remains (the explorer's skeleton in the portal room is quite suitable for this purpose).
- A few red hairs.
- A nut (but not pistachios).
- A star.
We descend into the sewers.

We tear a tuft of fur from the corpse of a bear. We head to the beach.

We interact with the coconut palm and pick up the fallen coconut. We return to the castle.

Castle Courtyard
We show the hobgoblin the PASS, then choose a vanilla cookie shaped like a STAR (this is determined through trial and error since you can keep exchanging the cookie as long as it doesn't have any bite marks).

Portal Room
One by one, we apply (in any order) all three objects to the explorer's skeleton (COCONUT, STAR and FUR).
We speak on all the topics with the ghost that appears. We ask the ghost about its death.
We discover that the ghost is afraid of snakes. We descend into the suspicious room.

A Suspicious Sewer Room
We take a toy SNAKE from a jar (Cid asks Arnold for permission). We return to the portal room.

Portal Room
We scare the ghost with the toy SNAKE.
The ghost turns from white to blue.
We click the LMB on the blue ghost and collect the ectoplasm. We head to the dark magic shop.

We give the ECTOPLASM to the vulture and ask for a BEAR in exchange. We return to the portal room.

Portal Room
We place the SEAHORSE, BEAR and RAT in the appropriate niches.
When we try to place the rat, we get a message that the rat is the wrong size and needs to be black.
We head to the beach.

We stick the dead RAT into the sea of lava. We get a charred RAT. We return to the room.

Portal Room
We place the RAT in the niche.
Cid is contacted by his parents, who, as it turns out, have been keeping a close eye him.

Explosives for the Cell's Lock

Portal Room
We pick up the POTASSIUM CHLORIDE and the DETONATOR left behind by Cid's parents. We head to the cave.

We take a BOTTLE of combustible liquid from the cardboard box and move to the beach.

We first look at the CRAB in the sand, and once we see that it's made of rubber, we pick it up. We head to the cave and the cage where the Romero Brothers are being kept.

In the inventory, we combine the POTASSIUM CHLORIDE and DETONATOR with the BOTTLE and CRAB. We get EXPLOSIVES. We use the explosives on the lock.

Cid attaches the explosives to the lock and moves away while he's counting down.
When the numbers reach zero, King Viggo appears with a cake in his arms.
Cid orders the Romero Brothers to flee and rushes into Viggo's castle to create the same mess that the Demon King left behind in Darkestville.

The Final Chapter. Payback Time
Important. We must now act quickly because King Viggo is constantly chasing Cid.
Cid runs away from the king but is forced to return to the building to study it thoroughly and to perform the necessary actions.

We take note of the stuffed bear to the left of the door. We remember the ingredients that are needed to get ectoplasm (a star, fur and a nut).
We click the LMB on the sofa standing on the right side of the door. We acquire some cat FUR.

We take a MEDAL from the pile of gold.

We open the fridge standing on the right side of the room and take out the CAKE WITH NUTS.

We use all three ingredients (in any order) on the stuffed bear.

We speak to the bear's ghost that appears. We choose the phrase, "GRR-R-R".
The ghost becomes frightened and turns blue.
We take the ECTOPLASM from the ghost.

Using the SCREWDRIVER that we still have in our inventory, we pry out the gargoyle's eye, which is a CRYSTAL.


We place the CRYSTAL in the laser on the table. We operate the supercomputer and turn on the laser. We use the ECTOPLASM on the 'barrel with the chicken mutagen'.

We watch the final video.

The game has been completed.

© Originally written by Sergey A. Plikus (lenin 17)

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