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Garry's Mod

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TFA CS:GO - Grenades/Utility Only Edition
Type: Weapon, Addon
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Apr 3, 2018 @ 4:40pm
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TFA CS:GO - Grenades/Utility Only Edition

This are the grenades and utility from the TFA CS:GO Pack, without guns or knives. I originally made this cut for my RP server but now I'm releasing it because I couldn't find a similar pack in the workshop. Especially the one with the TAG and the Medishot from the Wildfire Operation.

This pack doesn't requiere the 300MB of the CS:GO Base and the 2 parts of resource packs that were needed, all the content to make everything work without errors is in this pack, but still requieres the TFA Base.

-HE Grenade
-Smoke Grenade
-Decoy Grenade
-Incendiary Grenade
-Zeus x27
-C4 (Nerfed damage from 1600 to 500, to make it usable in RP)
-Medishot (one use +50hp)
-Tactical Awareness Grenade (reveals enemies for a short time, on close range contact)

-Fix C4 Radius.
-Make Medishot and TAG stackable.
-Eliminate Zeus drop.

Original addon by TFA:

NOTE: If you already have the original, it will overwrite this addon.
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masterzoroark666 Sep 14 @ 9:42am 
@Needek9 there is a defuser in entities tab
NamsePL *◡* Sep 14 @ 8:43am 
How To Defuse C4?
Sir Yatame  [author] Jul 9 @ 10:23pm 
I don't know then. Verify files or something.
Horse1443 Jul 9 @ 10:21pm 
TFA Base and tfacsgogrenadeonly tfa base is the base while tfacsgogrenadeonly is this mod
Horse1443 Jul 9 @ 10:20pm 
i dont have both
Sir Yatame  [author] Jul 9 @ 10:17pm 
Can't you even read? It says that you have both addons. Choose one.
Horse1443 Jul 9 @ 10:15pm 
its flooding the console and i also have another mod that uses tfa and its causing errors with that
PC Principal Jul 9 @ 10:15pm 
Fix ya shit
Sir Yatame  [author] Jul 9 @ 10:08pm 
what about that
Horse1443 Jul 9 @ 9:46pm 
File exists in two addons - possible conflicts! lua/weapons/tfa_gun_base/cl_mods.lua (TFA Base and tfacsgogrenadeonly)

[ERROR] lua/includes/modules/draw.lua:141: bad argument #1 to 'gmatch' (string expected, got nil)
1. gmatch - [C]:-1
2. DrawText - lua/includes/modules/draw.lua:141
3. draw_func - lua/weapons/tfa_csgo_base/shared.lua:619
4. unknown - lua/weapons/tfa_gun_base/cl_mods.lua:290
5. ProtectedCall - [C]:-1
6. unknown - lua/weapons/tfa_gun_base/cl_mods.lua:289