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X's Detail Mod

X's Detail Mod adds around 300 parts to your game! These parts are especially useful to detail your creations or build things at micro-scale.
(No, you are not the first one to notice that some parts in this mod look very much like parts in the Modpack Polygons. I've talked with Durf about this. No worries.)

If you feel like you miss a type of part, suggest it in the comments and maybe it will be in the next update! (I cannot guarantee this, though)
All parts can be rotated and placed on every side. Extra detailing abilities!

Slopes (wedges)
The vanilla game only has one slope piece, the wedge, but this mod adds many more!
The sizes range from 1x1 to 1x10. There is also a 2x3 slope.

All slopes are named like this: "S1x4" (for a 1x4 slope).
Some slope parts have an additional number after them ("S1x8:6" for example). That means that it's the 6th block of the part. You can use this for extra detailing or to paint the slope part in multiple colors. An example of this is visible in an image above, where different parts of the slope are painted in dark and light green.

There are many mods that add plates or panels, but none is as extensive as X's Detail Mod. It offers plates in 4 thicknesses (1/2, 1/3, 1/4 and 1/8 block).
Plates are in many different shapes.

The naming of these parts may be a bit confusing, but there's some logic to it if you look closely.
All panels are named like this "P2:fb"
The number is the thickness of the panel. P2 means panels that are half a block thick, P8 means 1/8 of a block. You get it.
Then, the letter "f" is the shape of the block. There are many different shapes. In the image above, all of the available shapes are shown.
Last, "b" means bottom. 'Plates' are all b. "m" means middle, so that can be wing blocks.

"f" has some special combinations, namely:
- fc: Three-way corner block
- fl: Two-way corner block
- fr: Raise from bottom (plate) to middle (wing block)
- fs: Connect two opposite facing plates

Unfortunately, there are some double parts (P1:7b is the same as S1:0). I will not remove those, because some people may already be using them.

Curves (quarter ellipses/circles)
In the base game there is just a single curve pieces, the duct bend, but this mod adds many more!
It's available 22 different sizes. Just search for "E2x3" in the inventory, or replace 2x3 with any size that you need.

You can combine four of the 1x1, 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5 and 6x6 parts to make a perfect circle.
If you need circles that have an odd radius, or a circle with an even radius but centered in the middle of a block, check out the circle parts in this mod. (more info below)

Corner parts
Together with the curve parts, there are corner parts. These go well together with the slopes and curves.
There are three different styles of curve parts: triangular, square and elliptical.

In the inventory, search for "C1x1x5", or replace 1x1x5 with any size that you need.

Concave curves
If a corner looks just a little too blocky, you can always use one of the 50 concave corners in this mod to make it look seamless.

You can find them in the inventory under names such as "O1x4" (where you replace 1x4 with the desired size).
If you want a concave curve for panels, try "O1x4p2" (where you replace 2 with the panel thickness you use).

This mod adds circles. All circle parts are centered on a block, so that circles with an even radius can also be placed on bearings.
If you need to make a circle with even dimensions, use 4 curve parts. (above)

Circles can be found in the inventory with names like "R5", which is a circle with a diameter of 5.

Pyramid tips, cones and nose cones
These blocks are always useful in detailing.

You can find them in the inventory with names like "T4e", which means a 4 high elliptical (nose cone) tip. The number indicates the height of the part (1-10), and the letter is for the shape.
- c: Cone
- e: Nose cone (or elliptical cone)
- s: Square (pyramidic)

Block, plate and pipe adaptors
There exist some adaptor blocks to connect plates of different thickness, and plates with pipes.
These can be found with names like "Ap3p8", which connects a P3 plate with a P8 plate.
"Ap3pipe" connects a P3 panel with a small pipe.
There are some more variants.

I hope you have fun using this mod!
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♥KOKOC_228♥ Jul 21 @ 10:56am 
недоделанная хуита, половина блоков друг к другу не подходит, половина нету.
Sreeto Apr 23 @ 2:46am 
doesnt seem to work in survival
Ianai2 Oct 8, 2022 @ 8:49am 
ive found when using the plates there is a large lack of variety in what can be done. from what i can see only a 45 degree slope exists with no other angles (p8:7b). would be nice to see some different length panels with varying slope degree. it would also allow for side panels to match p8:fr. overall tho your blocks are really useful so thanks for making the pack
clsdrifter Aug 25, 2022 @ 1:38pm 
it broke
Lizzard Aug 21, 2022 @ 9:19pm 
I can see others have commented on this too, but:
r4 is an even width and height ;-; (which no offense is sort of made redundant by 4 of the 2x2 curves, but you know that)
if just love to use an r4 part that fits in a 5x5 grid area if that makes any sense

love the mod ♡♡♡ prolly one of my most favorite mods for building parts
Arsonist Jun 10, 2022 @ 8:25am 
Great mod, I use it on almost every one of my builds
Lucas926675 May 28, 2022 @ 4:29am 
r4 circle block isn't centred, its the only one out of the r2 r4 and r6 which is like this, and coincidentally the one I want to use. Would it be possible to fix?
mistzy ♥ Jun 17, 2021 @ 12:12pm 
Greetings, I have a problem. I need to run a driveshaft/crankshaft thing through a block. Problem is there isn't a block with either the collisions or shape to do this (nor is there any way to use Glitch Welder, because it's the first block on a bearing.) Can you make a block with different pipe-sized holes, like one for each of the detail mod pipe sizes and one for the vanilla small pipe?
AnreeNeo Oct 19, 2020 @ 12:37am 
@Xesau please make a normal collision of round polygons, the door does not close in my craft, tried to make a replica on the Mazda RX 7
Jeremy Clarkson🚗 Oct 14, 2020 @ 9:07am 
@Xesau Detail p8:1b is missing one rotation, (this rotation " l__ " ) so you cant make a rectangle, that has 2 longer walls on top and bottom and 2 shorter walls on sides. Fantastic mod after all ;-)