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[M16] DoI Lewis HUD script
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Apr 2 @ 9:31am
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[M16] DoI Lewis HUD script

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A script with a HUD icon for the Lewis gun from Day of Infamy.

Type: in-game model silhouette

This addon replaces SCRIPTS (changes the in-game weapon stats)! That means you can only play on a server (your own or your friend's host) which has this script enabled. Disable this mod (and preferrably restart the game) if you want to join online servers.

That also means that you need to subscribe to 1 (one) of the "Required Items" to get the model itself. Do not ignore the window that pops up after you subscribe! If you do, you can find them (the Required Items) to the right of the preview/description/comment section, where the author(s) is(are) credited and the stats are shown.

The script changes are:
  • HUD icon
  • 47 round capacity (def. 50)
  • ~545 rounds per minute (def. ~685)
  • 83 damage per shot (def. 33)
  • 180 reserve ammo (def. 360) - sniper ammo
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Trance Energy Jul 16 @ 4:33pm 
Sounds good. Thanks for all your mods man! Keep it up!
Alex_D_Vasilkov  [author] Jul 16 @ 12:01am 
It happens with several other mods as well right now. Some issue with the UGC server or sonething. It will be fixed eventually.
Trance Energy Jul 15 @ 4:33pm 
For some reason the script doesn't load up at all or appear on the add-ons list.
Alex_D_Vasilkov  [author] May 22 @ 5:52am 
Also, I've killed a Smoker in one hit with a stock pistol, on the move. The hitboxes and damage multipliers are weird.
Alex_D_Vasilkov  [author] May 16 @ 1:30pm 
The Lewis fires a full-power round comparable to the 7.62mm the "Military Sniper Rifle" uses. The halved ammunition reserve should encourage short, controlled bursts, and so does the lengthy reload animation. The gun has double DPM (damage-per-minute) of the default M16, but half the ammo pool.
Sakuramori Kaori May 16 @ 1:18pm 
Isn't 150% damage bonus is too overkill? I killed a spitter with only one hit in Normal, maybe 125% is good.
Nice mod though.