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Bringing Your Own Tools
By Tony Wang
Difficulty: senior
Category: programming, tool

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BASIC8 provides built-in tools for common requirements, furthermore it's possible to make your own tools with some BASIC code for other special needs. It's encouraged to bring and share tool creations to help each other. Don't forget to introduce your creations with the community.

It supports application scenarios such as making player, making sound effect, exporting sprite, etc. This page is not a step by step guide, but a brief index of prior knowledge before accessing assets.
Prior knowledge
It couldn't even be possible to access into disks without built-in IO libraries and advanced data structures such as:

  • Archive[]
  • File[]
  • Image[]
  • IO[]
  • JSON[]
  • ...

These abilities give BASIC8 the power to access contents created by itself, and make it evolving continuously.

Since all graphics assets in BASIC8 are in JSON format, it would be helpful to read Using JSON and Understanding Assets.