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tips from a 8bitmmo veteran from 2k9
By 𝓑𝓛𝓐𝓚𝓔𝟙𝟚𝟘𝟜 and 1 collaborators
contained inside is a comprehensive list of helpful tips and tricks
basic controls
as we all know in most games there are controls
for 8bitmmo the basic controls are as follows
walk up = w
walk left = a
walk right = d
walk down = s
attack = spacebar
interact = e
inventory = i
shop = h
zoom = z
remove hud = f10
remove player = shift + f0
clear render cache = f8
fullscreen = shift + enter
halve trade amount = /
drop = r
pickup = q
build window = b
disable light effects = t
minimize quest indow = shift + u
toggle chat notifications = shift + h
toggle idle work ???? = shift + t

starting off in tutorial or =65
tutorial will walk you through the starting controls of the game such as moving and attacking
you start off sleeping. press e to continue through the speech
once done reading you have to go to the "kitchen"
you will see robbyz again! talk to robbyz and he will tell you to fight 5 lobbyist slugs after fighting 5 lobbyist slugs return to robbyz to talk to him...
he will tell you to enter the teleporter [/previewimg] go to the teleporter and press e
you will be teleported into the second part of the tutorial... it should look like thisgo to the right intil you see this sign walk through the side and keep going through the gaps to the right until you see another sign. it should say you can walk faster on road. proceed upon the road
walk up the bridge and jump into the pit
it will say something to the fact of game over
dont panic just press e and read this press respawn root if done right you should be somewhere like this
then talk to robbyz again... after that choose a quest and continue the storyline
working on your pocket universe
pocket universes are a crucial part of 8bitmmo since wilderness land is very scarce and vets like to clean it and keep it clean !
here is a prime example of my pocket universe
its much larger than that and if you do wish to come here for the gold farm or maybe to read the funny signs the tele is /tele blakeland

the mob farm
to the left is emergency food and to the right is a checkpoint

a beginning pocket universe or pu will be completely empty like such
feel free to build in yours and make it amazing! dont forget to make a townstone for it though
this will make your land larger slightly and turn it into an official town
what to do if 8bitmmo servers are full
if you see this dont panic... just wait! it may be rebooting if its 3:00 or it could have crashed and be rebooting...
if the server is down for longer than a day contact me @ http://steamcommunity.com/id/The8bitvet/
making your character look less nooby
/color 1-9 changes the color of your character
to change your characters clothing press open on this

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