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Garry's Mod

Not enough ratings
Realistic Gmod
These are some of the mods that make Garry's Mod look and feel pretty damn good

I also don't play Gmod anymore, nor Steam in general to be honest. I added multiple GOOD mods to this collection so only around 80% of it is considered realistic.
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Better Error
Created by mastergir
I've changed the Error model to be smaller and translucent so you know there's a problem without it blocking everything....
Better Grass
Created by marcus
THIS IS A GARRYSMODS.ORG REUPLOAD. If the owner wants me to take this down I will.

Replaces the grass texture with something noticeably smoother....
Camo Combine Arms.
Created by josephfra
A camoflauged reskin, hexed for use on the Combine Soldier playermodel.

Camo Combine Soldier Arms model

josephfra - Original reskin
Gmod Dev Team - Original model
The Class In Yellow - Model...
Camouflaged Antlions (Reskin)
well, basically i just took my scans of different rusty metal plates, concrete pieces, bricks and other surfaces, and applied them to the beta themed antlion skin, then added some overlays to make it look more even, that's it, enjoy.

credits: to valve,...
Citizen Zombie Reskin
Created by pillow
This addons reskins the Zombies to look like Citizens instead of Refugees.
It does not retexture the Zombie playermodel and is a reupload....
Colourable HL2 Stunstick/Stunbaton HD
Created by Big Black Orc
Just like that old mod of mine, which redoes and allows the stunstick to have colour, this one does the same but with a "HD" model.

All you have to do is go to your Context Menu,...
Colt Toolgun Python Reskin (Garry's Mod)
Created by Tsumugi Shirogane
Because we need something "modern"

Another small addon from me. It's time for weapon reskin, escpecially - Toolgun. From old revolver to "modern" version - Colt Python. It changes V_, W_ and C_ models, so no problems should be. No FPS drop.

But if yo...
Combine Elite Hands
Created by josephfra
A hexed model replacing the viewmodel hands for the Combine Elite playermodel.

Combine Elite c_hand model

zombie146 - Colourable armpads
josephfra - Original reskin
Gmod Dev Team - Original ...
Combine Prison Guard Arms
Created by josephfra
A hexed reskin replacing the default combine arms for the Prison guard.

Prison guard arm model

josephfra - Original reskin/hex
Gmod Dev Team - Original model

If you're fe...
CSS Weapons Retexture
Created by Rymd
Replaces your old low-res CS:S weapons textures with a new high-res one also includes HD Worldmodel textures.

I know there's already one uploaded but that has some textures that just doesn't fit the vanilla style.

Besides, that pack is rea...
Dark UI Spawnmenu
Created by ♔ AquaRex ♔
[img] [/img]

[img] [/img]

A Dark version of the spawnmenu, with inspiration from the original Garry's Mod UI

Made by me (AquaRex)

Death Animations
Created by MysteryPancake
After 6 years since the original thread[], hopefully it'll be worth the wait.

This addon adds death animations to Garry's Mod similar to the ones in TF2, meaning when a player or...
Default Gloves HD Retexture
Created by Rymd
What is this ?

Overhaul of the default Garry's Mod Viewmodel gloves textures


-HD new normal map.

-Added gloss map for better shining.

-HD new leather texture with crispy noticeable stitches and dirt.

Dynamic Fire Glow
Created by Hds46
Donate to support me and for more stuff[]

Adds back dynamic light on burning objects which is featured in Source 2007 beta but then it is removed.

It is also adds dynamic light to entity which em...
E3 2004 Corpse
Created by whynotll83
reskins corpse and playermodel

not hexed

playermodel is recolorable...
Enhanced Hunter-Chopper
Created by Rymd
What is this ?

Hi-res retexture of the Hunter-Chopper in Half-Life 2


High Resolution textures

Normal maps

Based off [url=
Extended Spawnmenu
Created by Rubat
A small script that extends abilities of your spawnmenu:
* Allows you to browse through Garry's Mod 12 / Legacy addon models
* Allows you to browse through Game, Addon, Legacy Addon materials and sounds
* Gives you detailed information on installed Work...
Extended Properties
Created by Rubat
This addon adds a lot of properties to Half-Life 2 and Garry's Mod entites such as turrets, rollermines, suit chargers, flashlights, dynamites, NPCs and anti-antlion thumpers. There are over 72 different actions for different entites and NPCs.

Garry's Mod Reskinned Part 1
Created by Megatoxin
A reskin of the default props in your spawnlist. I always hated the yellow layer some props had, but now it's fixed along with other texture edits. This is not for ALL the props, just the ones that I thought needed changed. The icons also stayed the same. ...
Garry's Mod Reskinned Part 2
Created by Megatoxin
A reskin of the default props in your spawnlist. So here is part two. Remember, this does not change all the props and the icons were not changed ether! Also a work in progress. I hope you all like it! =]

"mat_specular 1" for prop shine
"mat_specular 0...
Garry's Mod Reskinned Part 3
Created by Megatoxin
A reskin of the default props in your spawnlist. So here is part three. Remember, this does not change all the props and the icons were not changed ether! Also a work in progress. I hope you all like it! =]

"mat_specular 1" for pr...
Gravity/Physgun Remaster
Created by BlueFlytrap
Before you ask yes there is a Hl2 version. Check the thread linked below.

Updated January 22th
-Substantially reduced normalmap aliasing
-Lowered memory a little

Golly I sure do love animating everything multiple times.
Half-Life 2 : Models reskin
Created by CornFlakes
Replaces the textures of some basic Garry's Mod props (Half-Life 2).
I gathered several mods, that's why I put the credits:
- themanclaw (Improved Civil Protection & Ultimate Alyx Reskin)
- BazookaTooth (Supply Crates)
- J.Barnes (Industrial Ammo Cr...
HD Barrel
Created by Rymd
Barrel remake by Inaki

Works with all retextures.
HD Bird Textures
Created by Rymd
What is this ?

Hi-res textures for the birds in Garry's Mod and Half-Life 2 to replace that muddy and Low-res textures by Valve


2048x2048 base textures

512x512 normal maps


Models: Valve
HD Half-Life Crowbar
Created by DeadlyDeveloper
Hello, Cold Fusion here! This classic crowbar re-skin is from HL1:HD, only I added a phongmap, and normal map. I have you like it!!

PS: These few crowbar re-skins are under maps because I forgot to edit the .json file and change it to weapons....
HD Props Overhaul Part 1
Created by Rymd

What is this ?

Big Overhaul of the Half-Life 2 props that comes with Garry's Mod.


Hi-res textures

Normal maps

Overhauls ne...
HD Props Overhaul Part 2
Created by Rymd

What is this ?

Big Overhaul of the Half-Life 2 props that comes with Garry's Mod.


Hi-res textures

Normal maps

Overhauls ne...
HD Props Overhaul Part 3
Created by Rymd

What is this ?

Big Overhaul of the Half-Life 2 props that comes with Garry's Mod.


Hi-res textures

Normal maps

Overhauls ne...
HL2 Weapons [OUTDATED]
Created by MARK2580
OUTDATED...original from the autor

Selection of partial model change weapons 3rd person. Also replaced texture weapons from the 1st and 3rd person.
HL2: EP2 HD Jalopy
Created by alex :D
Working Muscle Car from Half-Life 2: Episode Two.
This absoutely does not require EP2.

Original muscle car script.
Working bodygroup. (I think)
Modified EP2 vehicle sound for awesomeness!
Can s...
Manhack reskin: Gibhack
Created by whynotll83
Reskins manhack...
Metropolice View Model Hands
Created by UndeadRyker
This mod doesn't replace every single viewmodel with metropolice hands. It only adds new hands to Barney, and (fem) Metropolice.

After seeing [url=
Nikolai's Water Retexture
~Requires no game at all!~

I am back making more submissions. While searching the web, I noticed that very little (if any at all) people released an addon that replaced the texture for water. I managed to replace as much textures as I could with a new w...
Painkilla's HD ammo boxes
Created by alex :D
This is the best one yet!
HD Detailed HL2 ammo boxes.


Rate and leave any comments!...
Particle Effects Rework Pack
Created by Dopey

I have decided to make my own approach to the most frequently encountered effects from the HL2-niverse.
Thus far, this pack includes:
-Animated Muzzle Flashes;
-Revamped Animated Sparks;
-Reworked Animated Tracers...
Prospekt — ReSkin Combines
Created by Смайл
Prospekt — ReSkin Combines models for Garry's Mod...
Rebel View Model Hands
Created by Misterlegodude
This addon replaces the first-person view models for Garry's Mod's default Half Life 2 rebel player models to have sleeves and gloves that match their character model.

In this addon are various combinatio...
Realistic Bullet Hole Decals
Created by Super Chief
Bunch of different decals from Gamebanana ported to Garry's Mod. Gives more realistic look than the original bullet hole decals.

Glass decals by .Strelok
Metal decals by ant 143.

Realistic Squirting Blood [Outdated]
Created by Leutner


The head exploding / chopping off mod is called "Dismemberment Mod".

Made it by toying around with the source particle editor....
Rusty airboat (Phoenix Storms skin)
Created by Nixel
A texture for the airboat I found floating around in gmod's files. It makes the airboat look a bit more 'used', with rusty spots, and a bit more common materials found in the half-life universe.
Has an updated spawn icon, made by me, too!

If you feel l...
Scientist's AntlionGuard Reskin
don't know what to add there, but if you have any questions, i'll answer
the logo is just for shiittsngiggles, i don't care about copyright....
Spas 12 Reanimated + worldmodel
Created by ShotgunnerFox
This is an animation rework of the HL2 Spas12 I did back in 2015.

This replaces the Default Shotgun from Half Life 2
The models I used are from two games, the front of the shotgun is from [url=
Brutal Deaths
Created by deadslop
(NOTE: Because some people are getting confused, these are just SOUNDS, no other addition or function. You can find how to make your death experience much more dramatic further in the description.)

Ever felt the overwhelming realizaton of silliness on t...
Abby's Blackout Deathscreen
Created by Awberry
The screen fades to black in 10 seconds by default, to edit this value you can use console command glxy_blackouttime to set it to any desired length in seconds. Incompatible with many well known gore mods and other mods that alter the player's death....
Ragdoll Death
Created by Captain Applesauce
Ragdoll Death replaces clientside death ragdolls with interactive serverside ragdolls that can collide with props and other objects.

This is an improved version of the "Ragdoll Death" addon that was originally on the workshop, but has since been taken d...
My Hands v8
Created by Vauxinox
Replaces the default view-model hands with your player models hands. This is accomplished by rendering a client-side-only copy of your player model. It is bonemerged onto your view-model and all non-relevant bones are moved behind a clipping plane. If you ...
Drop Weapon
Created by YuRaNnNzZZ
This addon allows to drop any weapon you holding.

  • Dropped weapon keeps ammo count in the magazine!
  • Auto-switch to picked up weapon! (but only if was dropped by player, toggleable, off by default)
  • Blacklist for dro
Empty Hands Swep
Created by Tatrabbit
Hands by your side for roleplaying, movie making, and when you just gotta put your crowbar away!

The functionality is pretty minimalist by necessity, but I've tried very hard to have a nice icon for the swep and everything, to match the theme of the HL2...
Enhanced PlayerModel Selector
Created by LibertyForce
It's the playermodel selector from Sandbox... but better! And available everywhere!

Like your playermodel? Want to easily use it in all gamemodes? Annoyed that nowadays even maps overwrite it and block the spawnmenu? Then stop reading, you're in the rig...
First Person Death View (Updated!)
Created by CommandHat
Hello everyone! this is my second addon. found this addon on the internets. Originally made by Jinto, fixed by me.

Let me know if your using this in a server! . Send me the IP of the server! Don't spam friend requests.

8/25/2019: I've fixed known iss...
Gesture Menu & Commands
Created by Bell
This addon adds a new sub-menu available in the Context Menu, named ''Gestures''. Clicking any option will make you perform a Gesture, like dancing, or agreeing.

You can alternatively use chat commands to trigger them:

- /gmc_dance (Normal Dance)...
Gmod Legs 3
Created by Valkyrie
Gmod Legs
Works with most custom playermodels
Actively maintained since 2012

Like this addon?
Award it!
and checkout my GmodRPG im working on[/url[]...
Hide names and death notice
Created by detectiveLosos
Script hides players names on your server. So nobody can see name and health % of his target. This also hides death notice in top right corner.
Use console command "toggleHideNames" to turn on and off. Default is on....
Manual Weapon Pickup
Created by Sofisaur
When enabled, player must press their +use key (default: E) to pick up weapons/items from the floor.


Also adds a command "dropweapon" to drop you...
Viewmodel Lagger
Created by zamboni
"Lags" your weapon viewmodel, as in HL2 Episode 2.

What is it?

makes your viewmodels wobble like HL2 episode 2 when you look left, right, up, down...

Why do I care?

dunno, perhaps you appreciate the immersion tha...
Weapon Remover/Giver
Created by FinFET
UPDATE: Finally after about a year of procrastination, being busy and other things, I finally fixed the label issue!
This handy little tool is my first add-on that took me about an hour to make.

All the features are located in the Utilities tab and und...
TFA Smod Kick Modified
Created by Felipe Vieira

*Fixed the kicking animation

*Fixed the door respawn

*Fixed the kick menu

*add new features
Can't kick above your head
Player moans when kick
Can or can't unlock the door (if set kick_unlock to 1)

*new consol...
No Blood Mod
Created by King Arthur
This mod removes blood from gmod, it works on both singleplayer and if you are a server owner it will work on your server too!
Before you start spamming as to why I made this and how its only for wimps, not everyone enjoys gorefests and there was no updat...
Entropy : Zero - Model and Sound Replacements
Created by Disco
As of 6/8/2019, all support for this addon has been dropped. No more updates will be released.

This mod replaces the models of

Fast Zombie
Fast Headcrab
Metro Cop

and changes them to ones from Entropy : Zero.
Combine Soldiers Melee Pack
This adds 3 New melee animations to all combine soldiers. The animations include a kick, a punch, and a headbutt.

This addon is incapable with all addons, that replace the combine MODELS, However any addon that replaces the combine TEXTURES will ...
HD Half-Life 2 Weapon Materials
HD materials (for view and world models) for all Half-Life 2 weapons including the:

- Crowbar
- 357
- Pistol
- AR2
- Shotgun
- Crossbow
- Rocket Launcher
- Grenade
- Bugbait

- The Coldsnap Leader/Vertthrasher: Original skins ...
Player Based NPC Relations
Created by ATaco
-- UPDATE AS OF 2017/01/1 --

Oh boy, I left this thing alone for FAR too long.

Looking back on my old code, I was quite dissapointed in myself, and how I did things, so I rewrote the entire addon from the ground up, conveniently releasing it on Janu...
AR2 BluePlasma v2.1
Created by Glad BR
I did not make this skin I just changed the sound of the shot

Original Skin
Longjump module (HL1 edition)
Created by same
For the Black Mesa edition with the new model and sounds, download this addon.

The longjump module from Half-Life. The default one is not working right now, so I named mine item_...
SaVav Parkour Mod |Abandoned|
Created by ΛLΞΧ


Second video, it's kick test

Yeah, real parkour skills

BackFlip = S + R + JUMP
FrontFlip = W + R + JUMP
LeftFlip = A + R + JUMP
RightFlip = D + R + JUMP
WallRun = W + SHIFT...
Half-Life SWEPs
Created by upset

The ONLY actual source port of Half-Life weapons in the who...
Weapon Holsters with editor
Created by Othereum
This add-on is currently out of support.
If you have a problem or want to add a feature, modify it yourself and feel free to upload it. Don't worry about copyright.

Enhanced Weapon Holsters

Unsubscribe other laggy, buggy wea...
NPC Spawn Platforms v3
Created by Lexi
A highly customisable STool that allows the wielder to create a SEnt that will continuously spawn the specified NPC with the specified weapons until stopped, allowing them to stage huge NPC battles, either against themselves, or against rival NPC factions....
Extinguishing Water
Created by GaussTheWizard
End of Support: This addon will no longer be updated.

Thank you for Mega Upload!

This simple addon adds a mechanic that should have been made far sooner. Burning players and objects will be doused after getting drenched in water. Is y...
Half-Life Speed
Created by Lead
This addon tries to replicate the speed in Half-Life and Half-Life: Source
If some speed seems fast or slow, that's exactly how it is in the code.
Use sv_hl1speed for changing speed
0 for default
1 for hl1
2 for hl:s
Made for the [url=https://steamco...
Half-Life Blood Decals
Created by Mr.Lazy
Blood from Half-Life 1
Pls give me your Like :D
P.s you can play "Resized maps" without this addon....
Half-Life HUD
Created by DyaMetR
This addon has been discontinued in favour of a more updated version.

Hello people! I present you a HUD replica from Half-Life for Garry's Mod!
-Health ...
More Half-Life 2 NPCs
Created by LOL DUDE
Adds and adjusts some Half-Life 2 NPCs for the Spawn Menu

I, LOL DUDE, didn't make the models or textures included in this pack. Credit there goes to the Valve Corporation. All I did was bring them over to help make some of the NPC...
Half-Life 2 background pack
Created by bunny ✿
Background pack from Half-Life 2.
Half-Life PS2 Playermodels
Created by Captain Charles
Name: Half-Life PS2 Playermodels

Version: 2

Description: Half-Life PS2 Playermodels for Garry's mod.

Requirements: None

PS2 Gordon
PS2 Helmet
PS2 Gina
PS2 Colet...
Half-Life 1 Footstep sounds
Created by Swag Messiah
Replaces the original footstep sounds with the old Half Life/Counter Strike 1.6 ones, brings some nostalgia to your game.

It includes:

- All footstep sounds
- Ladder sounds
- Fall damage sounds
- Pain damage sounds
- Shell impacts sounds

(All ...
Half-Life: Source HD Content Pack
Created by QuickNinjaCat

The Half-Life: Source HD Content Pack
Since there were many mods out there that had some of the HD HL:S conten...
Black Mesa Health & HEV Chargers
Created by alex :D
Black Mesa look-a-like chargers that glows in dark made by Romka.
Sounds are directly from Black Mesa (Source).

This replaces: Health Charger and HEV Charger's model and sounds.
Also replaces Medkit and Battery pickup sounds.

HEV C...
H.E.V. Suit Voice Module
Created by Agrimar
Remember the good ol' days of Half-Life when all you'd hear is your suit constantly telling you to get a medkit or something rather for that nosebleed of yours? The one thing we love to blame for our troubles is now available and functional within the real...
Exo Suit
Created by Kratox
This was a exosuit I made a while back when i was coding codmod. It allows you to boost strafe in the air and blast upward. You can also slam into the ground and cause damage to near by enemies.

Maybe future plans:
I might make it where if you collide ...
Entropy Zero AR2 reskin
Created by imelman
Replaces pulse rifle with Prototype Pulse Rifle from Entropy: Zero HL2 mod. Includes sounds, muzzleflashes and energy ball reskin.

Flashlight for immersion:
Juniez's Viewmodel Replacements for HL2 - SMG1
Created by YuRaNnNzZZ
Juniez's HL2 SMG1 viewmodel replacement ported to GMod.
Replaces both v_ and c_ models, works in multiplayer.

  • Juniez — Models, materials, textures, adapting models to o
HD Water Splash
Created by DPh Kraken
This is a simple sprite swap I made for when something splashes in water. Now the particle refracts light for a more realistic effect.

This may cause performance drops if your graphics processor is weak, or you fire way too many bullets into water at on...
Improved Fire! 🔥🔥🔥
Created by Naldo
[img] [/img]
🌀 This replaces the default fire particles with a improved design! Brighter, cleaning fire, with better smoke displaying! None of that just void inky-ness that comes from the normal HL2-Gmod smokey fire particl...
Medkit & Suit Battery Remake
Created by Rymd
Remake of the Medkits and Suit Batteries.

What's this ?

A-06's vision of an updated version of the Medkits and Suit Batteries.


The models and textures are not 100% faithful to the originals, but most of the changes ...
Construct texture remake
Created by MARK2580
It’s just my personal mod, because I’m tired of these horrible low-resolution textures in the original.
I decided to share these textures with the community. I do not give any guarantees or promises. The mod was made for personal use. I'm just afraid once...
Turret Tool
Created by nrlulz
Throws bullets at things...
[TFA] GMod Weapon Holsters [v0.2]
Created by AbeBoomer & Co.

Follow up on Progress at this Progression Board(Similar to Trello) [url=
Hide Player Names
so with this addon you will hide all player names on Client-side
i think you can use it on FULL RP server

you can still get names on serverside
Other Addons / Другие Аддоны
Created by Vawяiss

Wangan is a map set on Toyko's expressways at night, it is the perfect map for street racing as it has working traffic

The map has no mounting requirements just click and play

HECU Soldier's for Rebels
Created by BASYA
The resistance has scavenged gear from an old enemy of the Freeman, the Hazardous Environment Combat Unit of the United States Marine Corps. From where you ask? That doesn't really matter now does it? Rebels, now adorned with a PCV (that doesn't really pro...
Grass System
Created by ΛLΞΧ

Grass system!
This addon add grass on every map!
You can change size and shaking speed of grass!
or distance!
or make it physically! =D

in the future will be updated.


Seat Weaponiser 2 - DV Compatibility Patch
Created by Arctic
EXTREMELY simple compatibility patch for Seat Weaponiser 2 and Decent Vehicle.

After the Decent Vehicle 1.0.5 patch, this mod should no longer be necessary.

Join the OFFICIAL Discord server here:

RNG Pack
Created by Asais10
This adds RNG (random variants) to

Male humans (with facial hair and without, differently colored hair)
Female humans (differently colored hair)
Headcrab Zombie (default, E3 and citizen)
Corpse (default, fixed default and refugee)
Rebel uniform (d...
MysterAC Particle Enhancer V2 [BETA]
Created by MysterAC
After many tries and hiatus is finally here.
A Modification that nobody asked for it, and that everyone wants to have

My name is MysterAC, and if you already seen my youtube channel you know what i do.
and if you have not seen it yet, you c...
*REUPLOAD* [L4D2] CI Death Animations (Players)
Created by Shadowysn
Counter-Strike: Source Weapon Pack
Created by Полковник
This mod may conflict with other CS:S weapon mods. Please, unsubscribe from other CS:S weapon mods before installing this mod.
All weapons are made by me. Models, textures and sounds made by Valve. You don't need to have ...
Water System
Created by ΛLΞΧ

on video i show old water system

Just water system!

in the future will be updated.


vFire - Dynamic Fire for Garry's Mod
Created by Viox
vFire adds a realistic, firey experience to Garry's Mod.

Default fire is replaced by one that looks and behaves like the real thing - it grows, spreads, attaches to surfaces, animates, and burns everything (it can) to a crisp.
JersonGaming's Model/Real RNG Ammo Boxes
Created by ShadowRUN 幸運な
Some fancy ammo with RNG!

Yet another not-so-light mod with RNG applied to the ammo items, so whenever you spawn or find a new ammo box - you will get random variant of the item.
H.E.V Mk V Auxiliary Power
Created by DyaMetR
RIP after the November 2019 update, thanks for the support!

Tired of being able to run for hours?
Tired of that pesky perpetual energy flashlight of yours having too much of a lifespan?
Do you miss being able to drown because you left your
RNG Pistol And Shotgun Ammo Boxes
Created by Asais10
This adds random variants (RNG) to:
Pistol ammo (3 variants)
Shotgun ammo (6 variants)

Pistol ammo variants:

Pistolet Makarova
Old Russian stocks of 9x18mm Makarov pistol cartridges, for an old school post-soviet look.

Civil Protection "Verdict...
Combine CSS Counter Terrorists Playermodels [Reskin]
Created by Onizon
Change CSS Counter Terrorists Playermodels skin....
Combine Dog [Reskin]
Created by Onizon
Change dog skin.
Sorry for bad quality in the screenshots....
Combine Bugbait [Reskin]
Created by Onizon
Change bugbait skin + w_model....
Combine Phys Gun [Reskin]
Created by Onizon
Change phys gun skin + w_model
Sorry for bad quality in the screenshots....
Metrocop Hands [CSS Hands]
Created by Onizon
Change CSS Hands....
Combine Supply Crate [Reskin] [Update]
Created by Onizon
Change supply crate skin....
Combine Gravity Gun [Reskin]
Created by Onizon
Change gravity gun skin....
Half-Life 2 Pickup History
Created by DyaMetR
This addon for Garry's Mod attempts to replicate the Pickup History feature from Valve's 2004 game 'Half-Life 2'.

  • Iconic pickup history
  • Customizable
  • HL2: EP2 style
  • Support for the new ammo limit convar[/li
[RU]Decals pack in 4k![Part Two]
Created by кент
This pack translated for Russian community Garry's Mod,some times i do this this addon for English guys!

Я портировал пак с текстурами с сайта GameBanana,я не оригинальный автор.
В паке есть ретекстур постеров,плакатов на Русский язык,теперь вы смож
[RU]Decals pack in 4k![Part One]
Created by кент
This pack translated for Russian community Garry's Mod,some times i do tgis this addon for English guys!

Я портировал пак с текстурами с сайта GameBanana,я не оригинальный автор.
В паке есть ретекстур постеров,плакатов на Русский язык,теперь вы смож
Improved DOG NPC
Created by Hds46
Donate to support me and for more stuff[]

Hds46's Improved DOG NPC
Hds46's Improved DOG NPC(or Combat DOG NPC) allows Alyx's DOG finally engage to battle at resistance side. ...
AI Upscaled Combine Textures
Created by jQueary
HL2 downloadable mod now on Gamebanana (featuring mud versions):

AI Upscaled Combine Textures, utilizing calculation references, and based preparing data it's seen, this brand new addon will alter the combine enemies'...
Full HD Shells Pack!
Created by кент
This addon adds new textures + models for the sleeves of ammo that leave the shutter after shot. I’m not the original creator of the models and textures, he: - Soldier11.

Textures in the resolution of 1920x1080-Full HD!


Этот аддон
[EN]Decals pack in 4k![Part Two]
Created by кент
Этот аддон переведен для английского сообщества Garry's Mod.

I am not the original author, the original author, the author’s collection for Half-Life 2 and ported to Gmod.
The package has a retexture of posters, posters in Russian, now you can read
Airboat AI-Upscaled Textures [4K] [UPDATED 2022]
Created by Scruffygamer
UPDATE: After 2+ years, I redid it since it wasn't good. Phong didn't actually work. I redid it with the latest Gigapixel and made a custom normal map.

I do apologize for the bad thumbnail. This IS my first actual GMod addon, so I do apologize for any m...
Wasteland Zombies
Created by Lolozaure

Welcome to my recreation of the wasteland zombies. The poison zombie and fast zombie didn't have any textures appart for their faces and heacrabs. So i just reused the leaked models and ap...
Tactical Power Armor System [TPAS] V3
Created by ObanTR_SAO
+NEW UPDATE 14.07.2018
-Power Armor now can resist to Heavy Explosions using Explosive Shielding from FALLOUT 4.
-New Fallout 4 Power Armor now added you need to download playermodels
-New Fallout New Vegas Power Armors added you need to download player...
Half-Life 2 : MMod Weapon Replacements
Created by Қatka ♥
The weapons from HL2: MMod.
These are not SWEPs, but merely replacements for the default HL2 View Models. Don't ask me to make these into SWEPs, I won't do that anytime soon, only if I am extremely bored and not busy/lazy.

If you ...
SUP - Clean Glass
Created by Daelan
I retextured the glass to give it a clean look

You'll see this in the sit room, PD, Whitaker's Gun Shop, and at the Kellco Bar...
Ragdoll Blood
Created by Buu342
This addon makes your ragdolls/NPC corpses bleed when they take damage, be it from falling from big heights or from getting shot. Takes into account different material types, and even lets you add or remove more ragdolls to emit effects! Comes with a large...
Dynamic Gunship Glow
Created by Asais10

Pasted description from GameBanana.
I love the glowing effects that ...
Enhanced Audio Resources: CS:S
Created by Kel

Enhanced Audio Resources is a sound pack for the source engine that aims to completely overhaul the hl2_sound_misc_dir.vpk file that most games and mods that run the source engin...
Thirteen's Physgun Glow
Created by Thirteen
Makes your physgun and gravity gun emit light onto walls.

Its most visible on dark walls.

Also availible on GitHub:
High Quality Combine re-textured HD I Reloaded
It's models from HL2 combine but with HD textures and i pick from
Re-textured in HD:
1. Combine Soldier, ShotGunner
2. Combine Elite
3. Combine Soldier Nova Prospekt, ShotGunner
4. Zombine
5. Soldier of the combin...
Poly's Booby Traps
Created by Polymorphic Turtle
An addon in development with the goal to add semi realistic booby traps to gmod and aid with guerilla tactics.

List of Booby Traps (More on the way):

Spring Gun
Tripwire Grenade
Incendiary Grenade
Nitrous Oxide Jet
Directed S...
Rebel/Combine/Metrocop Footsteps
Created by Jai "Choco" Fox
Remember back in the days of Half-Life 2: Deathmatch players didn't have the default footsteps? There were rebel, combine and metropolice footsteps depending on your model. Now you can enjoy those footsteps back in Garry's Mod with this addon (or if you si...
Half-Life 2 Leak: e3_phystown
Created by Nice ass
Look at the Description!
don't use your flashlight or the "fog" does some weird stuff
The Hl2 E3 presentation e3_phystown from 2003 is now ported to Garry's Mod!
Other Hl2 Map Leak:
Wolfenstein II TNC - Da'at Yichud Power Suit
Created by ArachnitCZ
Da'at Yichud Power Suit from Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.

Don't remove the helmet.
Don't remove the helmet.
Don't remove the helmet.
Don't remove the helmet.
Don't remove the helmet.
Don't remove the helmet.
Don't remove the helmet.
Don't re...
Black Mesa Gauss for Physics Gun
Created by The Devils Own

The Black Mesa Industries is proud to pronounce the newly modified model of our prototype Gauss Weapon to replace the newly designed model of the 'Physics Gun'. It's st...
GoldSrc HUD
Created by DyaMetR
This addon attempts to replicate the Heads Up Display feature from Valve's 1998 game Half-Life and those mods/expansions that follow a similar structure.

  • Health indicator
  • Suit battery indicator
  • Ammunition indicat
HD HEV c_arms - Clean (HEV Only)
Created by Vuthakral
Welcome to the H.E.V. Mark V protective system, for use in hazardous environment conditions.
Higher-poly and better detail HEV Mk V c_arms for Garry's Mod.

There are four versions of this addon:
L4D2 Corpse Ragdoll Physics
Created by jQueary
This addon replaces HL2 characters and playermodel physics into floppy ones.

Physics fom the corpses' ragdolls from l4d2
tried adding hand physics but compiler messes up the joint mass value...
MysterAC New impact effects
Created by MysterAC
Important: Download the required item, it contains the textures and materials.

In this occasion i bring this new impact effects to you. This time, a bit less intrusive than the original [url=
Tau Cannon Physgun
Created by ekscelle
Replaces the Physgun with everyone's favorite Tau Cannon from Half-Life!
Post any questions or issues in the comments.


Bug: On certain maps, the chrome bits won't appear orange. There is nothing I can do to fix this, as it's an issue with the...
BMS Tau Cannon Physgun
Created by CubicApocalypse
Replaces the physgun model with the tau cannon from Black Mesa. Pretty much the same idea as this addon. May also replace your gravity gun worldmodel....
Manhack Remake
Created by ShadowRUN 幸運な
Someone at Combine R&D decided to make a scary flying meat grinder, and i made it look pretty.

All new HD manhack with custom gibs and some fancy effects.

Replaces Manhack NPC!
Get Half-Life 2 mod [url=https://gameban...
Combine Retextures
Created by N7Legion
Replaces the combine textures for both ragdoll and playermodel versions.

Made the skins just for practicing purposes and decided to share it. I borrowed some of the bloocobalt's textures as well.

Retextures for both ragdoll...
Retro Wave Backgrounds
Created by vas1lek

UPDATE 07.23.19: Add new 15 photos. Some of them you can see on preview.
UPDATE 11.06.19: Add nwe 20 photos. Some of them you c...
Black Autumn Playermodel Selector v1.86
Created by kuma7
Everything you expect of a playermodel selector, and more! Black Autumn is a replacement for the default playermodel selector with the following key features:
  • Change your playermodel, body groups, skin, player color and weapon color with the pu
hl2 beta ar1(ak47) for ar2
Created by Akis_02
hl2 beta ak47 for ar2 with sounds and world model

TheFurryCleric=making the models
Akis_02(me)=just porting to gmod
hl2 beta flaregun for magnum
Created by Akis_02
is the flaregun for magnum

the w_models is stuck on you pelvis i cant fix it

TheFurryCleric=making the models
Akis_02(me)=just porting to gmod...
hl2 beta stalker and more
Created by Akis_02
this mod contains the real beta stalker with the real models also changet the hl2 stalker to his old animations and added shine...
HEV C Arms Replacement For All C Arms
Created by Lead
Ever wanted to be Gordon with your C Model compatible weapons? Now you can!

Use with Orange HEV Arms for a gordon experience!...
Garry's Mod 9 Revival: Orange HEV Hands (Description!)
Created by QuickNinjaCat
Officially a part of the Garry's Mod 9 Revival Project; Garry's Mod 9 essence in Garry's Mod 13.

Required if you want HEV arms for all default playermodels: Half-Li...
MP5K - Missing Information (Discontinued)
Created by Kevin Thomas²
This addon exchange the default smg to the one from Missing Information / Half-Life 2: Beta

  • C_Model support.
  • WorldModel support.
  • Sounds.

e3_terminal - Half-Life 2 Beta
Created by MonarchMonk
Author: Valve & The Missing Information Team.
Content Required: None.

e3_terminal is one of the demos that was meant to be presented at e3 2002 but was cancelled due to the game not being shown and with Valve not being personally impressed with the tra...
Shotgun - Half-Life 2 |Beta| (Discontinued)
Created by Kevin Thomas²
This addon exchange the default shotgun to the Half-Life 2: Beta one.

  • C_Model support.
  • Beta sounds.

To do:
  • Fix fire animation.
  • Muzzleflash missing ?
  • Ironsigh s
hl2 beta sniper skin for crossbow and some other stuff
Created by Akis_02
this addon has the hl2 beta sniper skin with sounds
beta combine soldier textures + for the playermodel
and a fixed (not by me) hl2 beta elite sniper (thx to mr.pear / Memory access violation for porting the model)...
hl2 beta stunstick and slam skins
Created by Akis_02
is the beta stunstick and slam...
hl2 beta grenade skin
Created by Akis_02
it is the hl2 beta grenade skin w/o laser and sounds

next will be oicw for ar2 or smg what do you think comment below

TheFurryCleric=making the models
Akis_02(me)=just porting to gmod...
hl2 beta bugbait skin
Created by Akis_02
it has beta sounds

there are no bugs but atracts antlions

TheFurryCleric=making the models
Akis_02(me)=just porting to gmod...
hl2 beta rpg
Created by Akis_02
hl2 beta rpg
hl2 beta shotgun
Created by Akis_02
it has world model and sounds

TheFurryCleric=making the models
Akis_02(me)=just porting to gmod...
hl2 beta items ammo etc
Created by Akis_02
it has most of the ommo models of course i didnt make eny of those full credit to the guy(s) who made the models...
Created by whynotll83
this replaces hl2 models and textures to look like the beta.

this is a w.i.p....
Beta Stalker Reskin
This Replaces the Stalkers with the Beta ones. does not change the ai. for the most part.

Missing Information team[] - Model and vmts
Me - Adding Bump Maps

Extra Tags:
leak half-life 2...
e3_seafloor - Half-Life 2 Beta
Created by MonarchMonk
Author: Valve, Loki & BigDog[]
Content Required: None

e3_seafloor is a map that was featured at E3 2003 when Valve decided to show off Half-Life 2 to the world. The map featured Gordon Freeman roaming aroun...
HL2:EP2 Beta Jalopy for Simfphys
Created by Biozeminade

In 2006, Valve released trailers and footage of their then in-development Half-Life 2 Standalone Expansion, Half-Life 2: Episode Two. And in many pieces of media, you ...
d4_palace_01 - Half-Life 2 Beta
Created by MonarchMonk
Author: Valve & HGrunt
Content Required: Half-Life 2: Episode 2

d4_palace_01 is one of the maps featured in the Half-Life 2 Beta that takes place during the original storyline. It was meant to take place right after the "Weather Control" portion of the...
Half-Life 2 Beta Weapons Pack V2
Created by Battlepope
"After 9 years in development, hopefully it would have been worth the wait."
-Gabe Newell

Here it finally is, the version 2 of the Half-Life 2 Beta Weapons pack.
Here is version one if anyone missed it:
Leak Combine Sniper Playermodel
Created by MonkeysInRavenholm
The cloaked combine elite from the Half Life 2 leak! In the leak the sniper was suposed to be this guy, who would be difficult to spot due to the active camouflage it used. I did not port the model, I just made it into a playermodel and fixed some of the m...
HL2 Beta Hands (Colorable)
Created by Paynamia
Replaces the default HEV hands with a colorable version of the old hands seen on several weapons in the leaked beta and the stunstick viewmodel in the final game's files....
HL2 Leak Model Retextures
Created by AlphaBine
Hello there! This is supposed to be my first ever addon I published to the GMod workshop, aside from the dupes I was making before.

I dug around the files of the Half-Life 2 Leak(the very old beta of the game), and thought "Hey, how...
Civil Protection Weapons
Created by TranklΞR
Для игроков, которым нравится быть Метрокопами.
Аддон содержит:
- USP Match
- MP5k
- SPAS-12
- TS-750
Оружие идеально подходит для РП. Выстрелы из этих пушек сопровождается голосом Метрокопов.
P.S. Оружие использует рескин моделей из H...
TF2 Weapon Shading
Created by pillow
Please watch the video for a better understanding.
This only works on the default HL2 weapons, and does not require TF2.

This addon applies the Team Fortress 2 Cartoon Styled Lighting onto Half-Life 2 weapons.
It works in ...
Early HL2 Alpha Physcannon Skin for Gravity Gun
Created by Error.mdl
This is a view-model replacer for the gravity gun that changes it to an extremely early physcannon model which, until recently, was only known from a couple of pictures and a texture in the leaked hl2 beta. This is VALVe's original model, and not a remake ...
Beta Zombies Reskin Pack
Created by BASYA
Hello again everyone! Today I present to you the long awaited update to CWЗD beta zombies pack!
Today, I bring you the Beta Zombies Reskin Pack V2 (or something)!

It includes:

-Beta Zombie
-Beta Fast Zombie
-Beta Poison Zombie
-Beta Zombine
Thanos's Infinity Gauntlet SWEP and Model
Created by Xyz_
This is an Infinty Gauntlet SWEP (aka weapon) inspired by Thanos' use of it in Marvel's Infinity War movie. This item grants the user over 70 abilities to utilize, ranging from creating portals to wiping foes from existence!

Crashing and Laggi
NPC Death Fix
Created by Hds46
Donate to support me and for more stuff[]

Removes very annoying glitch when some NPCs died and their bodys stands in default pose floating in air.
This glitch is no longer occurs with keep corpses ...
Black Mesa Gordon Freeman
Created by Paynamia
  • Playermodel and ragdoll of Gordon
  • Ragdoll of empty suit
  • Viewmodel hands
  • High resolution clean and dirty face textures
  • Clean, dirty and Black Mesa glasses bodygroups
  • Removable back panel on suit
  • Bodygroups for d
Black Mesa: Source Weapon Pack
Created by Полковник
( REWORKED ) Almost all weapons from BM:S. All textures, models and sounds made by Crowbar Collective, ported to GMod by me. Included:
.357 Magnum
Frag Grenade
Gluon Gun
Satchel Charge
Payday 2 Gloves
Created by Woman
Guild Installation

How to activate?
1. Subscrible my addon
2. Restart Garry's Mod
3. Enjoy :D

Still got problem?
1. Try disable/unsubscrible/uninstall the other old
Half-Life 2: Episode Two Combine Units
Created by DMCH
Includes playermodels and NPCs

Reskins here.

Includes Combine Soldier, Combine Soldier Shotgunner and Combine Elite.

Does NOT require Episode Two.

Half-Life 2: Episode Two Combine reskins
Created by DMCH
This is a RESKIN of the in-game models

You requested it a lot, so here you go.

A hexed version with NPC's and playermodels can be found here

Includes Co...
Big red error remover!
Created by Blue22111
It does what the name says. It removes those big, ugly, and annoying errors that pop up when you spawn something that has a missing model.

The screenshots are from a time in which whenever I killed a npc I got a error for no apparent reason.

That is ...
Bullet Tracer Effects (HL2:MMOD)
Created by Dopey
Hello, everyone!

A nice little effect pack that aims to recreate the bullet effects of the popular HL2 Mod: MMOD!

CS:GO Sound pack for Gmod
Created by trickyman22
Replaces the footstep, explosion, and bullet wound sound with CS:GO sounds
all sounds included in this addon are from CS:GO.
Credit to Valve.
*I dont know if this requires CS:GO...
Garry's Mod 12 - Physics Gun
Created by wheatleycrab.mdl
Hello Person! This is the Physgun from the previous version's of Garry's Mod (Gmod 12 and below). It includes 3 things: Physgun Texture, Physgun Beam, and of course! Physgun Glow! You can't have any Physgun skin, after downloading you might have to restart...
TF2 Scout Hands (CS:S Reskin)
Created by Woman
Guild Installation

How to activate?
1. Subscrible my addon
2. Restart Garry's Mod
3. Enjoy :D

Still got problem?
1. Try disable/unsubscrible/uninstall the other old
TF2 Scout Player Model
Created by iM Pengstah intel
You can change the bodygroups and colour him. This player model does not require TF2 to be installed. Enjoy!

Please check my workshop uploads if you're looking for any of the other characters!

-Updated descriptions to specify that TF2 i...
[CW 2.0] Khris' Heavy Weapons
Created by Bill
If you have all the addons installed and something doesn't work it's not because of me or khris, like I said if everything is installed and stuff doesn't work that's on your side don't blame me, khris or the addon. A common issue is that you...
[CW 2.0] Khris' Pistols
Created by Bill
If you have all the addons installed and something doesn't work it's not because of me or khris, like I said if everything is installed and stuff doesn't work that's on your side don't blame me, khris or the addon. A common issue is that you...
[CW 2.0] Khris' Ranged Rifles
Created by Bill
This is the reupload of Khris' Long Ranged Rifles. I do not take any credit from making this addon I simply had permission from Khris to reupload it....
[CW 2.0] Khris' Rifles
Created by Bill
If you have all the addons installed and something doesn't work it's not because of me or khris, like I said if everything is installed and stuff doesn't work that's on your side don't blame me, khris or the addon. A common issue is that you...
[CW 2.0] Khris' Shared Content
Created by Bill
If you have all the addons installed and something doesn't work it's not because of me or khris, like I said if everything is installed and stuff doesn't work that's on your side don't blame me, khris or the addon. A common issue is that you...
[CW 2.0] Khris' Shotguns
Created by Bill
If you have all the addons installed and something doesn't work it's not because of me or khris, like I said if everything is installed and stuff doesn't work that's on your side don't blame me, khris or the addon. A common issue is that you...
[CW 2.0] Khris' SMG's
Created by Bill
If you have all the addons installed and something doesn't work it's not because of me or khris, like I said if everything is installed and stuff doesn't work that's on your side don't blame me, khris or the addon. A common issue is that you...
[CW 2.0] Khris's Revolvers
Created by Bill
If you have all the addons installed and something doesn't work it's not because of me or khris, like I said if everything is installed and stuff doesn't work that's on your side don't blame me, khris or the addon. A common issue is that you...
Kr1mal's HQ Ground Textures (PROP)
Created by Kr1mal

Здравствуйте! Я представляю ваш...
Advanced Settings
Created by Dopey
Greetings, everyone!

I reuploaded this old forgotten mod that I have been using for quite some time.
I don't remember the author of it, but he has removed it from the Workshop years ago, and I had a bunch of old addons including this on an old...
HL2 Hd World Models
Created by _Nemez_
This addon replaces world weapon models from Half life 2.

- Crowbar
- Pistol
- 357
- Alyxgun
- SMG1
- AR2+Magazine Ammo
- Shotgun
- Crossbow
- Grenade+Ammo pickup
- Bugbait
- Bullet

Models and textures taken from https://stea...
Russian Combine Voices
Created by Void
This addon replaces original combine voices with their russian equivalents. Game restart recommended.

This addon replaces voices of:

* Metrocops (Civil Protection)
* Combine Soldiers
* Combine overwatch voice (HL2 + Ep 1)

Look also: Russian Rebe...
Beta Antlions Pack
Created by BASYA
[img] [/img]
CW3D:This week has been a good one for Half-life 2 Beta content. Recently, a Facepunch user uploaded the ORIGINAL Beta antlions. Another u...
Tau Cannon (Fully Functional!)
Created by ARitz Cracker
Introducing Black Mesa's Fully functional Tau Cannon! Ripped right off the Jeep.

Primary: Shoot
Secondary (Hold):More powerful shoot

/!\ WARNING /!\
Uninstall all other addons that have a 'Tau Cannon' or something similar, as they may cause conflic...
Created by Draco_2k
Used to play in-game sounds and music.

You know that thing most admin plugins come with nowadays, when you can play some game sounds and everyone will hear it? Well, that's that. Comes with a playable Orange Box soundtrack and Overwatch announcements, a...
High-Definition Rebel Re-Texture Pack
Created by Venomrider

These are not hexed.

This is a High-Definition Rebel Texture Pack made by the talented Themanclaw, it re-textures all the generic HL2 rebels. The face textur...
High-Definition Citizen Re-Texture Pack
Created by Venomrider
These are not hexed.

This is a High-Definition Citizen Texture Pack made by the talented Themanclaw, it re-textures all the generic HL2 citizens. The face textures were originally made by FakeFactory, and were edited by Themanclaw.

Check out the HD ...
Half-Life 2 pre-release Combine sniper sounds
Created by Pico
Replaces the firing and reload sounds of the Combine sniper NPC with the older sounds used in the leak and the original retail HL2.

You can test them out in the console by using the "play (filepath)" command. The files affected are:
Throwable crowbar(alt attack)
Created by I)3tEяM(a\|)1|\|3D
Alternate crowbar attack
Now the right mouse button does wonders.
Simple addon which adds an alternate attack standard HL2 crowbar.(Press mouse2 by default)
After the throw, you can pick up the crowbar again...
And throw again...
And pick up....
Created by TankNut
I've always been a fan of the combine helicopter, unfortunately a lot of addons which allow you to fly them don't quite do them justice or have stopped working over the years. The included vehicles aim to mimic the original's behavior as closely as possibl...
Combine APC SNPC
Created by Bundii

It's a combine APC SNPC that has a machine gun and guided missiles.
APC attacks it henceforth it NPCs (the one being disposed towards him nearest).

-undo function repaired
-lua mistakes fixed

thanks for him: TheHelpl...
Customizable Weaponry 2.0
Created by sрy
Check out 'Intravenous', a stealth/action game that I'm working on!

Q: Why replace CW 1.0 on the workshop? Why not keep CW 1.0? Why not make it an update? Why are there so few weapons...
HL2 Quick Info
Created by zamboni
This addon has been made obsolete by a recent Garry's Mod update. Please use the built-in version from now on.
Thank you all for your support.

The quick-info bars from HL2. Not present in GMod by default for some reason.

This will function ...
Enhanced Audio Resources: Ambient Part 1
Created by Kel

Enhanced Audio Resources is a sound pack for the source engine that aims to completely overhaul the hl2_sound_misc_dir.vpk file that most games and mods that run the source engin...
Enhanced Audio Resources: Ambient Part 2
Created by Kel

Enhanced Audio Resources is a sound pack for the source engine that aims to completely overhaul the hl2_sound_misc_dir.vpk file that most games and mods that run the source engin...
Enhanced Audio Resources: Ambient Part 3
Created by Kel

Enhanced Audio Resources is a sound pack for the source engine that aims to completely overhaul the hl2_sound_misc_dir.vpk file that most games and mods that run the source engin...
Viewmodel Stains
Created by Krede
One thing I've always wanted out of Black Mesa (which they have since removed) was the ability to stain your weapons in different ways.
It's a subtle but immersive way of showing damage and other effects that bring the world to life....
Portable Force Field
Created by tau
A hand-held force field grenade!

  • Added a version that follows the player around! Shows up as "Hex-Shield (local)". Uses the suit battery as fuel, so you need to have the suit charged.
  • Added the cvar
Created by AZIZ
A map by Max Pow that wasn't on the workshop
Not by me
『The World』
Created by NoobPlayer_Baka
Wryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ! ! !

this is The World from jojo part3
I made this mod for a long time
now here it is
There are 3 weapons in this mod

『The World』
left click——normal attack
right click——special attack
R key——taunt
T key——stop the time(What...
[JJBA] Jotaro Kujo (Part 4) Playermodel - By Gaara
Created by Yes Mither
Greetings friends!

As an homage to F_gget 2.0, I've decided to rig Part 4 Jotaro since he never got around to it in his days of rigging Jojo's Bizarre Adventure models, if you're reading this buddy, I salute you!

I have all of the models ready to be ...
NPC Health Bar v1.13
Created by
THIS THING IS NO LONGER MAINTAINED. This means if the addon breaks in a future Gmod version, I won't be able to fix it for you.

If this ever does break, here's a version of the addon that's maintained by someone else:
Created by Syphadias
This map is a creative edit of GM_Fork! I did not edit this maliciously, so please owner of GM_Fork if you have an issue please contact me. I only creatively did this for an Afganistan based look for Military RP Servers.. I do hope everyone enjoys this map...
Created by ΛLΞΧ



Now you can easy create particles in serverside script!
Just use CLua_Particle function!~

Little Tutorial:

How to use it?

include it to serverside sc...
[JJBA DR] Diavolo and King Crimson Playermodels
Created by BULLYHUNTER_ゴゴ

Taken from the mobile game JJBA Diamond Records comes Diavolo, the Boss of Passione, and his terrifyin...
Physics Gun [Prongs Open]
Created by CnicK The Human
I change the physgun model which is not reskin...
Eye View Attachment
Created by Jai "Choco" Fox
This very simple addon hooks into CalcView and sets the view on the "eyes" attachment the playermodel may have. This provides a good output for roleplay or some realism. The addon comes with a Context Menu window, similar to my [url=http://steamcommunity.c...
Half-Life 1 Soundpack (Very Close to Original)
Created by hs_doubbing
I like these old sounds. ;)
Personally, I still like the Crystal Clear packs better, but I just thought I would make these for people who have different opinions. Feel free to extract this and reuse them, and don't credit me for them; the sounds are the o...
Keep Clean
Created by looter
A lightweight addon that will clean up a players stuff after they disconnect. Will add better support for client time-outs eventually.

keepclean_enabled 1/0 - Whether or not KeepClean is enabled.
keepclean_delay number - Dont remove a players th...
Jiggly Physgun
Created by gleb hleb#0981
This addon makes physgun jiggle, just like ellie's jiggly crowbar (i was inspired by that addon to be honest)
Gmod HD HEV Citizens v2
Created by KERRY

Jojo stands 1.7.1
Created by BeyondSoul
『Feel the beat of my Hamon』

Update 1.7.1
Mih - Speeding up time with R and Speeds up your player over time, while within R f...
Kr1mal's HQ Ground Textures Part II (PROP)
Created by Kr1mal
Second part of HQ Ground textures


Это не замена стандартных текстур, это замена текстур пропа(!), которого я нашёл давн...
Riot Shield
Created by Jordan Venti
"I can dodge bullets... no?" - Sinavestos

Anyway , this is a SWEP that uses the Modern Warfare 2 Model. The shield will stop any bullets from dealing any damage to you. It's great for DarkRP and Trouble in Terrorist Town , or any other game-mode that in...
Simple Troubleshooter
What is this?

STS (Simple Troubleshooter) is a in-game tool similar to Battlefield ones when some gameplay inconsistency happens, like connection or graphic performance issue. This will make you to enjoy more visually the game, hidding a "lot o...
Aperture Science Toolgun Replacement (Garry's Mod | Portal)
Created by Tsumugi Shirogane
Cave Johnson here.

Safe-to-use new product from Aperture Science - Aperture Science Personal Sandbox Tool Device (ASPSTD). You can always change your color with your Physgun color (but that leads some... effect on Toolgun). And... nothing I can say I gu...
Gravity Gun Styled Physics Gun
Created by xandycw
Welcome to my first addon!

It always bugged me how the Gravity Gun and Physics Gun looked really different despite using the same model. So here I am, fixing that problem! Now they share very similar textures and the Physics Gun can still be co...
Half-Life Co-op
Created by upset
Presenting Half-Life Co-op gamemode
True classic experience in Garry's Mod. Play Half-Life with friends. Any time.

  • Implemented all required coop-related stuff
  • Maps are expanded as muc
Goldsource Chrome Texture Fix
Created by oteek
This addon may not work for everyone.

This simple addon fixes Half-Life: Source LD, HD monster model and Half-Life: Renaissance chrome texture problems. Does not conta...
HL:S Fixed Chrome Textures
Created by Paynamia

This addon aims to give the best looking chrome textures for HL:S models possible.
All spheremaps used in Half-Life have been converted to cubemaps, and also include HDR versions. This eliminates the issue of tiling spherema...
Toolbow V3
Hello guys!(This is not a reupload.) This is my first replacement addon, Better yet, its a toolgun replacement addon. (Thanks to Designated Kitty for suggesting this mod to me.) At first I wanted to leave it the way it was, with the valve animatio...
Created by Sidewinder
Some SWEPS are made by Brian Nevec and Luafox while others are unknown (credit to them).
Those are fun SMOD SWEPS I've collected some years ago that have been fixed to be working in GMOD 13....
Alternate Running Animation
Created by AshraldRails
The original animation is from half life 2 i believe, however, the gamemode the floor is lava
had put it in and so I made it so it works in sandbox and (maybe) other gamemodes! I haven't tr...
Half-Life: Source Playermodels Textures
Created by albion
Contains the textures and materials for Half-Life: Source Playermodels.

This also works for Captain Charles's other Half-Life related packs (other than Deathmatch).

Captain Charles is the creator of the original playermodel pa...
Half-Life 2 - Cut SNPCs [ REUPLOADED ]
This is a re-upload, I didn't make that addon, so don't ask me to add anything.

(Edit: I make everything and am genius)...
Half-Life Resized Maps
Created by Mr.Lazy
***Required Half-Life: Source***

***Required Half-Life: Source***

***Required Ha
Half-Life: Source Playermodels
Created by Captain Charles
Name: Half-Life: Source Playermodels

Version: 3

Description: Half-Life: Source Playermodels for Garry's mod.

Requirements: Half-Life: Source

Day of Infamy: US Army Playermodels
Created by Fatigue
Everything in this addon was created by New World Interactive[]
(in order to avoid their wrath, i would highly recommend against using these playermodels for donator/VIP content)

NOTE: Mate
Quake/Half-Life View bobbing
Created by upset
A clientside script that adds Quake/Half-Life view bobbing to GMod. To make it work in multiplayer, script should be installed on server or clientside scripts should be allowed.

cl_q1_enable (1 or 0) - enable the script

Immersion Sounds - Realistic Bullet Cracks and Whips
Created by Carbine-Crazy

This mod is a sound replacer for the bullet whizzes which are triggered when a round passes close-by your character when under fire. It replaces th...
Half-Life Dreamcast Playermodels
Created by Captain Charles
Name: Half-Life Dreamcast Playermodels

Version: 1

Description: Half-Life Dreamcast Playermodels for Garry's mod.

Requirements: None

Dreamcast Gordon
Dreamcast Hel...
One handed tool-gun
Created by Trusty
Don't like the new "revolver" holdtype for the toolgun? Want to see it with the old "pistol" holdtype? Then this addon is for you! Just subscribe and it will revert the holdtype to the classic pistol holdtype.

Quake HUD
Created by DyaMetR
I know how to code something that aren't HUDs I swear

Hello there folks, it's me again.

This addon attempts to replicate the Heads Up Display feature from the 1996 game Quake.

  • Health, armor and ammunition indic
Half-Life (1&2) Death Screens
Created by DyaMetR
Hello there people! This morning I got an idea that I had to make, a really simple addon, an addon that would simulate the death screens of Half-Life 1 and Half-Life 2.

It's a simple addon that I made in about 5-10 minutes.

To toggle it's mode, or to...
Quake 4 Marine Playermodel
Created by Valkyries733
lol this is old and bad and cringy

The Marines from quake 4 as a gmod playermodel!

Default Green
Marine Tech
Marine Medic
Marine Medic (Bloody)
Quake 4 playermodel
Created by gamer
Model port from Quake4.


Rigging & Porting done by me.

Smaller details (Kidnation)

ID Software (Quake4)

Expect more Quake4 ports from me. A fightable NPC of this will be avaible soo...
HL: Gman P.M. and Ragdoll
Created by Lenoax
Borealis: Last Man Standing

You! yes you programmers, mappers, designers, writers and all kind of modders who want to help ups to become this idea to an amazing mod that transport us to unexplored narratives left by Valve, we hope to this could...
Stalker Playermodel
Stalker Playermodel for HL2RP Servers...
Garry's Mod 13 Beta Construct and Flatgrass
Created by Mechanic
Garry's Mod 13 Beta maps taken from my old hard drive, added map thumbnails for the menu.

What's different?

- No hidden rooms
- Nicer HDR
- Construct has a fancier 3D skybox
- Both maps have a brighter blue skybox
- Flatgrass has slighty differen...
Quake 4 SWEPs
Created by ( λ ) Hidden
After getting permission from Upset (the creator of Doom 3 SWEPs) to use his base, i was able to bring the weapons of Quake 4 into GMod.


-Machine Gun
-Shotgun (with magazine attachment variant)
Old Animations - Fixed
Created by Souper Marilogi
So, I went ahead and made an empty model file, used the include feature and included the old animations, then Garry's Mod 13 Update 159's animations, and that made this. This includes both male and female animations.

Walking an...
Garry's Mod 9 Revival: ":V" Physics Gun
Created by QuickNinjaCat
Officially a part of the Garry's Mod 9 Revival Project; Garry's Mod 9 essence in Garry's Mod 13

Addon that replaces the physics gun texture with the one from Garry's Mod 9....
View Model Bump
Created by xdshot
Adds bumping animation to weapon's view model when approaching directly to wall. For little more immersion. Includes options in Tools menu: Options --> Player --> View Model Bump Settings

  • This mod is completely client-side. I
Controllable Manhack
Created by Thomas
SWEP that lets you deploy and take control of a manhack.
Inspired by the "Human Error" Half-Life 2 mod.

  • Fully controllable manhack in first-person or third-person view
  • Custom HUD when controlling a manhack
  • Can
Hit Numbers
Created by ief~☆
Adds damage indicators whenever you hurt something.
This is a serverside (or singleplayer) addon. The server must have this addon installed in order to work in multiplayer.

Console Commands:

Black Mesa Blood Decal
Blood Impact From Black Mesa: Source

Replaces materials/decals/flesh
In other words it replaces the blood impact, NOT THE BLOOD SPLASHES!

If you have any other addons you want me to make just put it in the comments OR message me....
[SWEP] King Crimson Time Skip
Created by Copper
Have you ever wanted to erase time? Have you ever wondered what that even means? Well wonder no longer, your search is over!

Recently Updated with new effects!
King Crimson will allow you to skip time. What does this mean?:
AirWars: Battle In The Skies
Created by The HellBox
WARNING: Abandoned, might be broken after gmod updates. I'm not planning to support this anymore, I'm migrating into game development

Airwars is a unique gamemode where you can build your own steampunk ship and fight with other players.

Guide: https://...
Created by caramel
Basic dash/dodging with animations. Press the bind while moving.
Command: dash
Main dash command. Bind a key to this, e.g 'bind v dash'

cl_dash_armanim | Toggle the arm animation (1)

Con-synth-tency is a port of 2 gamebanana addons that bring all of the half life 2 synths to the standard that is the hunter.

give a thumbs up i need those sweet sweet cheevos
does not require episode 2 mounted you can play with only vanilla gmod mount...
Garry's Mod 12 spawnicons
Welcome to my Garry's Mod 12 spawnicons addon!

This replaces most of the spawnicons in the spawnmenu. This does not change anything in your props section. I know that I am missing some spawnicons but that is because I can not find them. Let me ...
Map Icon Maker
Created by 343N
Making mapicons is a pain in the butt.
Who wants to open PHOTOSHOP for crying out loud? Just install this, and press F8 and you will be greeted with a easy to use map-icon making menu. Simply move the frame to where you want to capture, set the si...
[GTA V] simfphys Muscle Pack
Created by WinningRook
Here they are, the all mighty muscle cars of Los Santos!
These awesome new cars also have the ability to have two colors rather than one and they also have working lights!


(They ar...
[GTA V] simfphys Vehicle Textures
Created by WinningRook
These are required for you to use the GTA V simfphys vehicles!!!!


"WinningRook": Exporting textures
"Rockstar Games": Original textures....
Enhanced Damage Addon
Created by neosloth
This addon makes the damage system in gmod more 'realistic'
If you get shot in the head the damage done is tripled.
If you get shot in the arm the damage is significantly reduced and there is a chance of you dropping your weapon
if you get shot in your...
Physgun Info Monitor
Created by Binary Wolf
A small monitor mounted to the back of the physgun to display useful information.

  • Shows id, class, position, angles, velocity, mass, and physical properties of entities.
  • Shows texture, normal, distance, and physical pr
Created by SkyCaptain
A map featuring two large seemingly endless hotels that can be used for both Sandbox and Roleplay. Map is fully noded, fully cubemapped, optimized and includes the Garrysmod 13 changeable skybox. Props also vanish when they reach the bottom of the level, ...
Full Body First Person
Created by dinner sandwich
With Full Body First Person, you will see EXACTLY what your character sees. This isn't just another Legs mod with limited animation compatibility, this will ALWAYS be compatible with EVERY animation.

fp_enabledbydefault <0 or 1>
HEV Helmet
Created by Captain Charles
Name: HEV Helmet

Version: 1

Description: HEV Helmet for Garry's mod.

HEV Helmet
HEV Helmet (playermodel)

Romka, for the HEV model.
Gearbox for the HD helmet.
Me, for hacking the model together....
[JJBA] The World Playermodel Jump Force Edition
Created by Copper
Ported from JUMP FORCE fighting game and rigged, imported, and textured to work in gMod, here is Jojo's Bizarre Adventure's The World!

This model contains 1 playermodel with viewmodel hands. This model has 5 skins, all with pseudo-pbr support, plus eye ...
Garry's Mod 12 Cameraphone
Created by Fesiug
Replaces the normal camera used in GMOD 13 with the classic GMOD 12 cameraphone.

It even makes you hold it like a pistol!...
Half-Life 2 Backgrounds
Created by Yell0wAt0m
A group of 20 backgrounds that replace the normal sandbox ones.

All images are 1920x1080 and are made by me....
spinny toolgun draw
Created by Red Spy
custom draw animation for the toolgun! :D...
HL2 Beta Airboat Reskin
Created by 루디 (Руди)
This is the real airboat from the Half Life 2 beta or leak as some call it. It replaces the old airboat skin, and is sexy............
Ported from

Realistic blood with Pool
Created by 루디 (Руди)
Add's Realistic Blood with Pool
Works on singleplayer
Works on multiplayer
Works on RP servers (Dark Rp,Stalker Rp etc)
Creator- Pokm [BWA]
Uploaded this addon BOB
If you found any bug contact the Creator Pokm [BWA]
Добавляет Реалистич...
Half-Life Player Death Sounds
Created by Don Juan
Add new player death sounds!...
[Obsidian Conflict] Valve Games Playermodel Pack
Created by 󠂪󠂪󠂪󠂪
This is a port of the Valve Models Pack[], originally made for Obsidian Conflict

- Combine Assassin
- Zombine (with Headcrab)
- Gordon Freeman (as Mast...
Suka Error Replacement
Created by mibogi
This addon replaces the error model, a huge inscription ERROR with a huge inscription SUKA.

I saw a lot of things here, even the BLYAT model, I decided to make my own literary version, namely SUKA.

History of the addon

The Suka a...
Inquisitor Saber [Model]
Created by Zero-Nine
This addon was provided to you by -
StarLight, David, Myself:
Programming / Rigging:
David / StarLight
Ingame Screenshots:
Star Wars Lightsabers
Created by Rubat
Fully working Star Wars Lightsabers with a lot of customization options.

Star Wars JFO: Inquisitor Ninth Sister
Created by Foranox
The Ninth Sister, formerly known as Masana Tide, was a female Dowutin who once served the Jedi Order before joining the Galactic Empire as a member of the Inquisitorius. In the early days of the Imperial Era, the Ninth Sister accompanied Darth Vader, the S...
HB Player Controller
Created by Hazbelll
The HB Player Controller is a SWEP that allows you to take direct control of other Players, or even Bots! You control their actions just as if they were doing it themselves, including movement, looking around, aiming, shooting, building, text chatting and ...
Crysis 2 Water Retexture
Created by kil565
Заменяет эффект и текстуру воды.

Replaces effect and texture of water....
Keep your weapons by your side ready to fire for this map you will find plenty of zombies to shoot. There is many puzzles to solve and alot of gravgun and flashlight use. Just try not to get killed. And yes its AI noded.

Half-life 2 Ep2 is required.

Cinematic Mod 13 Vortigaunt Reskin
Created by FieldersNL
This model is originally made by Fakefactory's Cinematic Mod 13 for Half Life 2. While most models from CM2013 are pretty weird, I do like how their Vortigaunts' models were made, so I thought porting it to Garry's Mod as no one else did. This is my fi
GMod 12 Viewmodel Origins
Created by Fesiug
This addon places the default c_ weapons how they were in Garry's Mod 12 and Half-Life 2.

GMOD 13's weapons are higher and closer to the center of the screen, this just places it back.

Even the Tool Gun has its older position!
Better Fall Damage Sounds
Created by Landy
Made these from various bone breaking sounds + the defaults. In my opinion, they're much better than the defaults....
Connect/Disconnect Messages
Created by LordiAnders
This script displays a simple message in the chat whenever a player connects/disconnects/loads, as well as the reason upon disconnect

Now why would i be uploading this if "messages already show in the chat"? Some gamemodes and in some circumstances sand...
[Unsupported] GM+ v1.22: Player Interaction Overhaul
Created by sev
>> NEW: Guest addon:
If for some reason you still use GM+, you may wish to subscribe to this addon that adds all GM+ options to your Q menu.

>> GM+ is now unsupported...
GM+ Utilities
Created by izaya
You can all now stop bugging the author with comments like "WEPONZ ON MAI BECK HOW 2 REMOVE??>>?>>??>"
Because he's not going to answer you since you're probably the reason he gave up on the addon.

Everything should be here. If anything is missing/brok...
Half-Life 2 EMP Tool
Created by Friction

[Extended Support]

This tool is taken straight from the game Half-Life 2, it is the tool that Alyx uses to hack into combine equipment. You can now use this in Garry's Mod! This mod is a modified vers...
High Definition Half-Life Textures
Makes some Half-Life textures high-resolution, just like they are in rp_sectorc_beta
can also be used as HL:S content for addons that require Half-Life textures
(that includes lily's maps)

could lead to texture scaling issues, should be only used as a...
Half Life 2 HD pack
Заменяет стандартные модели оружия в HD модели

спасибо за внимание.

Replaces standard weapon models in HD models.

Thanks for attention....
Citizen Zombie Reskin [Reupload]
Created by Yell0wAt0m
A HD remake of the headcrab zombie clothing reminiscent of the original 2003 models.

The original creator goes by themanclaw[]on game banana....
Male version of City Dispatch voice
Created by dj-34
Hi, do you remember the Dispatcher from HL2 City-17?
Now this new fan-made voice acting by a male voice in RUSSIAN will make you play
paint in a new way!

This addon replaces the City Overwatch from City-17, the addon does not include voice acting:
- ...
Created by "Sam"
A Better ChatBox that focuses on letting you make the ChatBox you want! BetterChat introduces channels, emotes, text modifiers, extensive per-channel settings, and even optional giphy support!

  • This chat requires ULX, and integr
The World Alternate P.M
Created by Ad's ma bitch
The World Alternate P.M

From: Jojos Bizzare Adventure Part 7

"Time has stopped... and now the fun begins."
- Alternate Diego Brando,

THE WORLD is the Stand of the Diego Brando from Another Universe, featured in Steel Ball Run.

An alternate ve...
Realistic Enhancements: Reloaded
Created by DeadlyDeveloper
Hello, Cold Fusion here! Today, I've brought you the very greatly anticipated Realistic Enhancements: Reloaded. This is sort of like the original, except it's better. THIS WILL OVERIDE ANY CURRENTLY INSTALLED ADDONS THAT REPLACES SOUND FX AND CERTAIN...
Gordon Freeman by DPFilms
Created by DPotatoman
-First person hands (thanks Classic Spaceman)
-HD textures
-Advanced shading
-Advanced physics
-Separate props for bodygrouped stuff (can be used as a...
HD Models 1
Pack of hi-res textures that replace the low-res default textures.

Objects reskinned:
-Combine APC
-Combine consoles
-City Scanner
-Cardboard boxes
-Plastic barrels
-Paint cans
-EP2 Jalopy
[JJBA] DIO Brando Playermodel Jump Force Edition
Created by Copper
Rigged, flexed, and skinned for your playermodel uses, here's DIO (Brando) from Jump Force!

This model contains 1 playermodel with matching viewmodel hands, a road roller and a knife model.

Dio has 6 total skins (Manga/Original, OVA, "Dio Doomguy", H...
Garry's Mod 10 Physgun
Created by Mechanic
This is an upgraded version of my (deleted) Garry's Mod 10 Physgun. All the files are taken directly from the old game.

I have re-compiled the models to use their own textures so now you don't have to worry about your physgun colour being set to white f...
『Gold Experience』
Created by NoobPlayer_Baka

I,GIOGIO,have a dream!

This is the weapon of Gold Experience.
(Had remade!)

『Gold Experience』
left click——normal attack
right click——special attack
R key——change the mode of life energy
T key——u...
Created by Chompski
Don't be No. 1, be No. 2! That's how Hol Horse rolls! Got it?!

The tarot card, the Emperor. Summon the power to control the bullets from a gun.
Left click again to stop firing or just hit a target.

WARNING: it gets a little messed up in multiplayer....
『Sliver Chariot』
Created by NoobPlayer_Baka
this is the weapon of J.P.Pornareff's STAND,Sliver Chariot.

『Sliver Chariot』
left click——normal attack
right click——flying needle
R key——strip off the armor
T key——assault sword

『Sliver Chariot Requiem』
no way to attack,you have to use other wea...
『Hierophant Green』
Created by NoobPlayer_Baka

This is Kakyoin's Stand,Hierophant Green from jojo part 3!

『Hierophant Green』
left click——normal attack
right click——to use emerald lines to fly through the buildings
R key——半径20mエメラルド・スプラッシュをッ
T key——to set hierophant ...
『Sticky Fingers』
Created by NoobPlayer_Baka

This is sticky fingers from jojo part 5!

『Sticky Fingers』
left click——normal attack(arrivederci while kill players)
right click——special attack
R key——change ability mode
T key——quickly move/through the wall
CD:1s/2s/20s(special att...
『The Hand』
Created by NoobPlayer_Baka
I have no idea which one is the enemy,so i will give both of you a beating

『The Hand』
left click——normal attack
right click——special attack
R key——taunt
T key——erase space(different effects by use ability in different scene)

Metropolice Remake
Created by Rymd
What is this ?
  • A complete remake of Metropolice

  • Replaces the NPC, Ragdoll.

  • Adds a Playermodel, complete with Viewmodel hands (c_hands)
  • New Model

  • New high resoluti
Combine Turret Remake
Created by ShadowRUN 幸運な
A brand NEW Combine Floor Turret!

A remake of Combine's Floor Turret, after 9000 years in development, finally arrived at the end of the year...
This mod is a REPLACER!

I almost forgot, here's the [url=https://gamebanan...
[Half Life : Alyx] FPS Hands Replacement + PM
Created by Kemot44
Alex lost her gloves after trailer of new Half Life 3 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), but she will have a new pair!

Own made model based on upcomming valve game : Half Life : Alyx

Now modification replaces all hands
Half-Life 2: 2002 HUD
Created by DyaMetR
This addon attempts to replicate the Heads Up Display feature from the 2002 development build of Half-Life 2.

  • Health indicator
  • Armour indicator
  • Auxiliary power indicator
  • Ammunition indicator
  • Custom pick
HD Upscaled Metrocop [RESKIN]
Created by Atronode
This is a reskin of the default Half Life 2 Metrocop, but upscaled and neatened up!

It's not that noticeable until you look up close. For those who want a more subtle HD reskin....
HD Brick Wall [Reskin]
Created by Onizon
Change brick wall texture....
Half-Life 2 Weapons Reanimated
The Weener Cleaner [author] Jan 8 @ 10:16am
I currently have no issues with this addon. Some have reported that reinstalling gmod works, but that is a huge inconvenience. I really can't fix anything, so just unsubscribe if the problems are bad enough. I ...
[EN][Retexture]Aide&Suit chargers!
Created by кент

I have prepared a new addon that changes the texture of the HP and Armor chargers.
I hope you enjoyed it

Original author:
Created by Combine_Soldier
Crowbar from BONEWORKS (replacement)
(weapon and model)
!!! This is actual model from the game, not a reskin !!!
Thanks to ShadowRUN 幸運な for editing the materials !
Please leave a c...
Automatic Player Looking
Created by Inco

This is a simple clientside script that mimics the way NPC's look around, but for players.

Player characters will look at and turn their head towards the most prominent object around them. This can be mostly anything that has a...
Player high speed collision damage
Created by 深代 佑佳里

This mod allows you to use speed to hit entities
For example, jumping from a height to the head of an NPC will cause damage to the NPC.
You can hit entities from any direction.
Without any ...
Half-Life 2 Weapons Animation & Models Pack
Created by The Virginlante
Half-Life 2 Weapons Animation & Models Pack

Hello. I presenting you pack of addons that changing simple Half-Life 2 Weapons Animations & Textures.
I hope you enjoy it.

This pack change only animation models, you can use retextures, exeption...
TARDIS 2005 extension Improved [READ DESCRIPTION!]
Created by JEREDEK

Created by TitaniumSpyBorgBear
Warning, before you comment keep in mind I will never make this into an npc

Ah I love Raccoons, it's too bad there hasn't been a good model of one up until now, and if you're gonna say my enhanced bites port is a good one, it ...
HL2 Dual Held Light Weapons
Created by NoobPlayer_Baka
Including 3 kinds of dual held weapons from hl2:

these guns are light so that you are able to hold double of them

dual held shotgun?Rifle?RPG? nope,they are too heavy.

have fun!...
Half-Life 2 Tools
Created by Rubat
A set of Half-Life 2 inspired/themed tools. Fully compatible with duplicator.

Tool list
  • Headcrab canister tool ( sbox_maxenv_headcrabcanisters )
  • Ammo crate tool ( sbox_maxitem_ammo_crates )
  • Item crate tool ( sbox_maxit
Juniez's Viewmodel Replacements for HL2 - Grenade
Created by YuRaNnNzZZ
Juniez's HL2 Grenade viewmodel replacement ported to GMod.
Replaces both v_ and c_ models, works in multiplayer.

  • Juniez — Models, materials, textures, adapting models t
Juniez's Viewmodel Replacements for HL2 - Shotgun
Created by YuRaNnNzZZ
Juniez's HL2 Shotgun viewmodel replacement ported to GMod.
Replaces both v_ and c_ models, works in multiplayer.

Juniez's Viewmodel Replacements for HL2 - AR2
Created by YuRaNnNzZZ
Juniez's HL2 AR2 viewmodel replacement ported to GMod.
Replaces both v_ and c_ models, works in multiplayer.

  • Juniez — Models, materials, textures, adapting models to or
Juniez's Viewmodel Replacements for HL2 - Pistol
Created by YuRaNnNzZZ
Juniez's HL2 Pistol viewmodel replacement ported to GMod.
Replaces both v_ and c_ models, works in multiplayer.

  • Juniez — Models, materials, textures, adapting models to
Juniez's Viewmodel Replacements for HL2 - .357 Revolver
Created by YuRaNnNzZZ
Juniez's HL2 Revolver viewmodel replacement ported to GMod.
Replaces both v_ and c_ models, works in multiplayer.

  • Juniez — Models, materials, textures, adapting models
Juniez's Viewmodel Replacements for HL2 - Crossbow
Created by YuRaNnNzZZ
Juniez's HL2 Crossbow viewmodel replacement ported to GMod.
Replaces both v_ and c_ models, works in multiplayer.

  • Juniez — Models, materials, textures, adapting models
Crowbar Remaster
Created by BlueFlytrap
No system requirements this time. A crowbar ain't the most complex thing in the world.

A complete remodel of hl2's bizarrely colored crowbar. Technically displays at a lower texel density than the original. Price paid for not re-using bits of the uv I...
Jiggly Crowbar
Created by ellie
Adds jigglebones to the crowbar

- Replaces the default crowbar viewmodel and worldmodel
- Compatible with any crowbar reskins!
- Viewmodel arms compatible as well!

This will sometimes break completely and the top will glitch out, this i...
Pipe Crowbar Replacement
Created by zelpa
It replaces the crowbar with the Matt Pipe.

“Piping Hot.” - IGN...
Matter Manipulator (Phys/Gravity Guns)
Created by Sierra Foxtrot
The Matter Manipulator from Starbound as a replacement for your Physgun and Gravity Gun.

Modeled, textured, and animated by yours truly.

Matter Manipulator and Starbound are copyrights of Chucklefish Games.

Always restart GMod after installing
Unbreakable Tool
Created by XxWestKillzXx
Ever want to build something out of boxes with out them breaking? Or want to use wood furniture from HL2 and not have it break? Well now you can! With this simple tool. Just left click on a prop and it will make any prop unbreakable :D

It works on multi...
Crunchy's Carnage Blood Mod
Created by CrunchySoap
Don't forget to support the addon and Rate it Up if you like it!

The Blood Father is back at it again, with the first installment of the next lineup of blood mods; Carnage Blood! More will be released over time, as well as the long-requested
Created by Buzz
GMod Server Lag Detection Routine
Written by Buzzkill --

LagDetector is a simple tool to help detect and manage server-side lag. It uses differences between SysTime() and CurTi...
Splatter Blood Decal Mod
Created by Imurderragdolls
So after accidently deleting all my blood mods on my computer and fucking up my Workshop mods, I'm back now. I orginally made this for CSS but then ported it to Gmod. Goremod recommended.

Map: Raid - The Heist

Goremod: Blood and Gore Overhaul IV...
Water Dripping Effects
Created by Zenlenafelex [PSF]
Don't you think its strange when something emerges from the water and its completely dry? This mod will make that look a lot nicer by making things start dripping when they exit the water.

This mod creates the effect
Chrome Shotgun Replacement
Created by Reshirom200
This addon simply changes the default matte Half-Life 2 shotgun metal with a fresh chrome paint job.

I did not make this addon, I've only ported it from HL2DM to GMOD for use on my server. I don't mind if you use it.
It was originally posted here: http...
Half-Life Emplacements
The M198 Howitzer is a medium-sized, towed artillery piece used by the HECU around the surface of the Black Mesa Research Facility. It can kill almost any enemy in one shot, with short cool down between shots. It is never seen being used by enem...
Half-Life 2: VR SWEPs
Created by cleric
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ [img][/img]


About the modification
This modification aims to bring the iconic Half-Life 2 firearm arsenal into the realm of virtual realit...
Half-Life: Source HD Zombie Playermodel
Created by TiberiumFusion
Is life at Black Mesa too hard? Did someone explode your microwave casserole again? Do you just want to take some time off? Well, now you can! Simply place an ordinary headcrab on your head and all your worries will fade away! It's that easy! Side effects ...
Plunder Ability
Created by Kalamitous
Inspired by Charlotte.


This addon allows you to possess any player and most human-like NPCs for a set amount of time.(Can be infinite.)


- Multiplayer support!
- Trick enemy NPCs into thinking you are ...
Half-Life: Source HD Scientists Playermodels
Created by TiberiumFusion
Sure, you might know how to scream DARGH!! and STAPH!!, but no one will believe your Half-Life Scientist roleplay unless you *look* like a scientist, too. Now, you can choose betw...
Half-Life 2: Missing Information HUD
Created by DyaMetR
This addon is a interpretation of the HUD showcased in the mod Missing Information. It resembles the HUD from the 2002 leaked build of Half-Life 2, but with time it has proven to not be an accurate replica.

Nonetheless it's a different take so I'll leav...
VRMod - Experimental Virtual Reality
Created by Catse
If you want to play in VR you need to have the vrmod module installed. It allows this addon to interface with SteamVR to access VR tracking, input, and display. It is not required for non-vr players or servers.
Module dow...
Concussion Gun
Created by Earu
You don't need a rocket to reach the stars... At least not anymore!

Inspired by the Half-Life 2 mod: Transmissions: Element 120.

This gun will give you th...
[TFA] Half-Life: Alyx - Shotgun
Created by Miyoglow
Half-Life: Alyx Shotgun, painstakingly re-created from the limited amount of released material available. In this recreation the model is nearly identical and animations were made from scratch to make the gun function well outside VR and in GMod.

Beta Combine soldier
Created by Cheddar
A recreation of a combine soldier from the E3 showcase

Now has an NPC
comes with bodygroups for the hands

Credit to kubiiik...
Random Quest HL2 Source Mod
Created by Willi Wakker
Random Quest HL2 Source Mod

This addon contains the ENTIRE story from the HL2 Sourcemod 'Random Quest'

The ModDB Page says:

This is a slightly experimental mod with an unusual story. It is...
Player Status Icons
Created by Haaax
What is this?
This addon will show what players are doing in the form of an icon above their heads.

Only the server is required to have this addon, it will work properly for any player that joins - Contains no additional mod...
Half-Life: Alyx Jerrycan Replacement
Created by whynotll83
This mod replaces the default jerrycan and metal jerrycan with the ones found in the hla maps.

Valve - original model and textures
whynotll83 - porting and rigging

tags: hla half life alyx half-life:Alyx Half-Life: Alyx hl:a HL:A st...
GTA IV Sounds
Created by Pyri
Welcome, welcome everybody!
This is GTA IV sounds for GMOD

The following features:
- Replaces weapon/ammo pickup sound
- Replaces Armor and Health sounds with money/health/armor pickup sounds.
- Replaces Half-Life 2 Grenade ticking with GTA...
Half-Life: Alyx style pistol Reskin 1
Created by whynotll83
This mod makes the pistol half life alyx styled.

The model is from estranged act 1.
I made the textures.

Gamebanana link
Hitmarkers for Gmod!
Created by Exho
This + Doritos playermodels + Intervention SWEP = MLG PRO

*** Info:
I saw that there was a lack of free, updated and good hitmarker addons on the Workshop so I decided to try creating my own! This addon works in BOTH singleplayer and multiplay...
[JJBA] Lisa-Lisa Hamon
Created by Mr. Heisenberg
- - - УПРАВЛЕНИЕ - - -
ЛКМ - Серия ударов,
ПКМ - Защитное поле,
Кнопка (R) - Самолечение,
Кнопка (H) - Удар концентрированным хамоном,
Кнопка (G) - Отдать свой последний хамон.

Чтобы отдать хамон вам нужен другой игрок.

Сделано специальн
[ALSR] Anti Lag System Redux - Optimization
Created by [FG] Shark_vil
Not recommended for use, the code is outdated and not optimal

antilag antilags anti lag lags system redux optimization boost bost fps server client player players fix fixed speed лаги анти лаг оптимизация ускорение буст фпс оптими...
Gm_Construct BLUE (Replaces Textures!)
Created by VHBC
This does not add a new map, this REPLACES the textures!

Any maps that use default gm_construct materials will also have their textures replaced!

This addon changes the textures for gm_construct from red to blue!
Looks snazzy!

(Not ...
Lower Weapon While Running ICEMAN
Created by TheIcyman
Have fun!
Now you can lower your weapon in world model while running.
Also its written in byte codes if you wanna see the code just decode it with string.char...
Custom Combine Soldiers [ PM / NPC ]
Created by Kemot44
Take on the role of a soldier from City17.
Fight the system's enemies!

This is an add-on to Combine Soldiers from le Auditore! Contains playermodels and npc of his soldiers. Requires subscription base to work properly!
NPC Fall Damage
Created by Kogitsune
Does what it says on the tin - npcs take falling damage....
CSM - New Shadows
Created by ΛLΞΧ
Watch the video please :з


New shadows with pseudo pcss support!
Reimagined version of Extreme Graphics...
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Backgrounds
Created by Finanzaufsicht
29 pictures of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
I hope you like it.

Addon only works when sandbox mode is selected in the start screen.

Attention i don't own any of the used materials

There are two easy ways to get the wallpapers.
- First one: U...
Half-Life: Alyx Styled Pistol Reskin 2
Created by whynotll83
i made another version of the alyxgun from half-life: alyx.
this replaces the default pistol.
2k gun texture
1k compensator texture

i think the world physics model is broken.

the compensator is from mmod.
the gun model and vmt is fr...
Half-Life: Alyx styled fuse zombie model
Created by whynotll83
this mod replaces the classic headcrab zombie with a poorly rigged fuse zombie model.

can someone give this fella some shoes?

Doesnt include half zombie model.

fuse : model
whynotll83 : rigging and texturing

tags ( ignore) ...
HD Combine Lock
Created by adi.
Join my brand new community, GameUnion!

This is a HD version of the Combine Lock, the original model and textures were made by JersonGaming so all credit goe
Gordon Freeman [PLAYERMODEL] // Half-Life: Alyx
Created by K

Gordon Freeman [PLAYERMODEL] // Half-Life: Alyx

- PlayerModel
- C_Arms



Playermodels (Fast and quality rig)
Weapons (View models and Wo...
New Hand Textures Reskin
Created by whynotll83
First screenshot is this mod, Second screenshot is the original texture.

i tried to recreate the default gmod hand textures.

This mod should replace the viewmodel hand textures.

this mod replaces the 1k hand texture for a 2k texture.

No hands
Created by TeslaVet
A simple mod that hides the hand and arm models but keeps the weapon and unique items

This mod will only work with the default hands from the gmod content, so if your using a custom playermodels that is using different hand models it will not work.

HL2 MMod Footsteps
I'm not making a video.

Replaces all of the default player footstep sounds with the ones in the grand-smacking, tasty new Half-Life 2 mod "MMod"

Now let's wait for someone to make some delicious MMod SWEPs

Medkit and Battery Sound Replacement + Bonus
Created by OldRecce
This is Replacement of sound Medkit and Battery

Bonus: Replacement Flashlight and ammo create, and pick ammo

Это замена звуков хилок и брони

Бонус: Так-же замена фонарика, ящика с патронами, и поднятие патронов...
The T H I C C HL2 beta texture replacement pack UPDATED
Created by Not a PonyE
as allways feel free to Decomp and use/edit anything u want.

to many whitelisted things so you will need to DL manual and put it in your Addons Folder
(this is to b...
HL:Alyx Combine Suppressor
Created by カルト_くん
Boy he is not ugly

Replacement mod here
SFM mod here

What you get:
* PM model +...
Half-Life: Alyx Replacement Pack
Created by whynotll83
This mod combines all of my hla replacement mods in 1 single pack.

Please report any bugs you find.
some vmts lines may be misspelled, example is "$halflambert" being "$halflamert", so please keep a look for that.

the font used in the thumbnail is "Ges...
[EN]Decals pack in 4k![Part One]
Created by кент

Этот аддон переведен для английского сообщества Garry's Mod.

I am not the original author, the original author, the author’s collection for Half-Life 2 and ported to Gmod.
The package has a retexture of posters, posters in Russian, now you can rea
Alyx Vance Cinematic Reskin
Created by KVAGA
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Tags : reskin replace alyx half life HL2 hl model g-man freeman gordon eli ely vance vanse vans black mesa east aliance citadel
Haves a 2 physical tits )...
Mantle + Wallrun
Created by caramel
Adds mantling (wall climbing) + vertical/horizontal wallrunning without the use of sweps.
To grab onto a ledge simply move towards it while in the air.
You can vertically wallrun up walls by jumping while moving towards them.
Horizontal wallrun...
Enhanced Camera
Created by Eliza
Garry’s Mod: Enhanced Camera

What is it?
Enhanced C...
Death Note
Created by Blue-Pentagram
This Addon adds a working death note for your Garrys mod

The Lua of this script was made by both TheRowan and Blue-Pentagram.
While the model comes from FluxMage on the old servers.
View and World modelling was done with th...
HL2 Backwards Bhop (un)Fix
Created by Plasticine
================~~~~~~ 𝑫𝒆𝒔𝒄𝒓𝒊𝒑𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏 ~~~~~~~~~~==============================

Hello, this is a simple script made by 𝘁𝗵𝗲𝗴𝗿𝗯𝟵𝟯, at GitHub,
that re-enables the accelerated backwards bunny hop (or ABH for short) from the source engine, that got "fixed"...
Created by NoobPlayer_Baka
A crazy DIO fan from jojo part3

While you using the ability of this stand,you will be blind
It's not a bug,this is how this stand work in anime


left click_punch
right click_punch
Half Life 2 Leak 2003 Combine Soldier Replacements
Created by cld722
This replaces the Combine Soldiers, Shotgunners, and Prisonguards with the Soldier from the 2003 era of the Half Life 2 Leak...
Half-Life: Opposing Force - Black Ops (NPCs and Playermodels)
Created by Human Grunt
-3 Models. (1 for hostile, 1 for friendly and 1 for playermodel)
-1 Playermodel
-2 NPCs (Friendly and Hostile)(Randomized heads)

I made this because I saw there were no opposing force black ops models in the workshop, so i just ported the...