Elevator Ritual

Elevator Ritual

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Simple Walktrough : Elevator Ritual
A simple and completed walktrough for Elevator Ritual to help you play and finish the game.
One Normal Evening
After cutscene, go to the lobby desk. Ask Janice if she has task for you to do.

1st Task : Cleaning The Rooms
Go to room 2F, 5E and 7A. Make sure you clean all the rooms properly before ask Janice for another task.

2nd Task : Delivering Laundry Clothes

Go to Laundry Room on 2nd floor. Ask Candice, then take 2 clothes on the clothesline.
Deliver those clothes to room 8B and 10H. After that, go to Janice again for another tasks.

3rd Task : Delivering Foods

Go to the Restaurant on the right side of lobby desk.
Talk to Wang on the cashier table. He will give you 2 foods.
Deliver those foods to room 4B and 6H.

After finishing the 3rd task, go lobby desk again and talk with Penny.
Save your game.
Go to the elevator.
After cutscenes, clean the elevator from the frozen ices.
You will found a note. Then interact with the elevator panel.
Things Getting Strange
You’’ll be arrive on the 3th floor and everything becomes “red”
Go to the Security Room, it’ll be dark in there. Just explore the room in the dark until something happen. Then try to get out from the room, someone will appear. Talk to that man. And the adventure will begin.
Darkness Everywhere
Find a Flashlight in the locker. Get out from the room and head to lobby desk using main stairs.
Go to the Generator Room on the LG floor. Try open the green door.
A monster appear. Check on it. Hide in the locker beside the greendoor, then run away when the monster is careless.
Go to the 5th floor, try open room 5D the room 5C. Go inside room 5D.
Try open the chest. Head to where the painting fall, check the wall. There is a clue or password to open the chest.
Input the password (OPEN) to the chest. Monster come out from the bathroom.
Get out from the room, head to the front hall where there is big hole in the floor.
Take the jar glass on the corner the throw it to the monster across the hall. Then go downstairs. Check the monster. You’ll get a key. Now you can open Emergency Exit Door.
Go to the 8th floor via Emergency Exit Door, then head to Mrs. Rose’s office.
Explore the room until (CUTSCENE) appear. Get out from the room.
Head to the left and another (CUTSCENE).
Meet Mrs.Goldie

After talking with Mrs.Goldie in her room, go outside and head to the 6th floor. Go to the Swimming Pool, then head to the right side. Take a nets on the floor. It’s to catch a rat (press Space Bar when you touch the rat).

Go back to Mrs.Goldie’s room and catch the rat in the laundry room near blue crystal. Then give it to Mrs.Goldie.

Go to the Bakery on 1st floor. There is a rock outside the bakery in the corner. Take it and throw it to the glass (bakery).
Go inside, check the paper beside the chest. It is a clue for password to open the chest. (7625).
Open the chest and you got Matches.
Go to the room 7E. Use the matches on the vines, then open the door. Explore the room and you’ll find a note. It is a clue for the password to open the bathroom door.

Go to the bookstore on UG floor and check the bookshelves. You’ll find the password based on the note you’ve found before in the room 7E. (Password is 2016). Use it to open the bathroom’s door before in the room 7E.

Check the toilet and flush it. Take the Staff Room Key. Go to the G floor, head to the Staff Room no.2 or the one in the middle. Use the key.

There is a chest. The password is on the wall near the bathroom. (Password : MILDEW)
Open the chest, then get out from the room.
Hide in the wardrobe. Wait till the monster get out from there. Check the wall that the monster destroyed. You can go to the next room through this wall.

Check the bathroom door. Then get out from the room through the wall again.
(CUTSCENE). Go into the bathroom. (CUTSCENE) again.
Now you need to find paper and pen.
Lin’s Letter
Go to the room 4H. Talk with the man in there.

After you talk with him, get out from the room.

Head to the swimming pool, head to the left side. You’ll find a boutique.
Take the rock in the corner and throw it to the boutique’s door. Go inside.
Check the fitting room. (CUTSCENE).
Password for chest : PIANO
Take the Mrs.Barkley to the room 4H. (CUTSCENE).
Now you need to find a good title for Mr.Barkley’s novel.

Go to the parking lot on UG Floor. Check the wall and you’ll find a poster. Remember what is written in the poster then go back to Mr.Barkley. Now he will give you a pen and paper.
Go back to Staff Room no.3 and talk with Lin. (CUTSCENE)
After you get Lin’s letter, go to the praking lot on the right side Staff Rooms, you’ll find Joe’s Garage. Check it. (CUTSCENE)
Now you’ll face the first Boss.
Salt And Squid
Joe will give you his Garage’s Key. Go there and find Iron Scissors. Take it.
Now go to 7th floor, and head to Secretary Office. Use Iron Scissors to cut the wire that blocked the door. Go into the office room.

Check on the Giant Squid that stick to the wall.
Now check photo frame in the table. Solve the puzzle.
Take the salt that came out from the photo frame. Use it on the squid.

Now get out from the office and head to the restaurant in the Lobby Floor.
Go to the kitchen. Take empty jar on the table.
(Password for chest : SALT)
Now get out from there. And you’ll face the 2nd Boss.

After you defeat the Boss, check on it. Use Empty Jar on it to collect the salt.
Now you get Jar Full of Salt. Go back to the office room with squid in it.
Use the salt on it.
(You can take the squid NOW and throw it to the bucket of water near the the door, or you can do it later)

There’s a hole in the wall, check it and go inside. It will connect to the next room.
Check bookshelf, a photo will drop. Take it. It is a clue to solve Piano Puzzle.
After you solve it, a painting will drop. Check it and you will get Red Gem Key.
(Password for chest : SQUID)
Get out from the office. (CUTSCENE) will appear.
The Bats
Go to the clinic on the 1st floor near bakery. There will be a lot of bats swarming in the room.
Go to Laundry Room and meet Mrs.Goldie. Then check the drawer in the corner. You’ll get Empty Perfume Bottle.

Go to the squid room before. (If you haven’t throw the squid to the bucket, do it now). Now check the water. Use Empty Perfume Bottle to fill it with the water from the bucket.
Now you’ve got Stinky Water Spray.

Go back to the clinic and use the Stinky Water Spray. Then check the cupboard on the corner.
(CUTSCENE) appear.
Botanical Garden
Now you’re in a daycare. (The password for the chest : CLUES)

Get out from the there. You’ll see clues written in the walls and floors.
Follow the arrows sign. Go downstairs. (Pay attention to the words that is written in every clues, the alpahabets with different color is the clue for later puzzle).

Follow again the arrow signs, then go downstairs again to the 3rd floor. Head to the Security Room. Check the words until the monster came in. Get out from there.

Go downstairs again to the 2nd floor. Stand on the “X” sign. Go to the back hall (laundry room entrance), and see what is written on the walls

Go downstairs again to the 1st floor. Follow the arrow signs until you reach room 1H. See what is written on the wall. But don’t try to go in there.

Go downstairs again to the lobby desk and you’ll find Green Chest. Input the password to open it. The password based on the the green alphabets that written on every clues before. (it is : GARDEN). Now you’ve got Garden Key.

Go back to the 4th floor, head to the locked gate and open it using the Garden Key. Go there.
You’ll find Ryu, talk to him. You’ll face the 3rd boss now. But you can’t defeat them.
All you need to do is to match every crystal tokens with the floors based on the colors.

Now you’ll go back to the daycare with Ryu. Get out from the room, and find Ryu in the outside. Talk to him and he will give you Green Gem Key.
Where is Mrs.Blue?
Go to the 8th floor, head to the front hall. You’ll meet Mrs.Goldie. Talk to her. She will following you.

Now go to the swimming pool. You’ll found Mrs.Blue. Talk to her and you’ll face the 4th Boss.

Mrs.Blue will the drop a key, take it, and you’ve got Blue Gem Key.

Now you’ve got Blue, Green and Red Gem Keys.
Go to the 8th floor again and head to Mrs.Rose Office. Check on the gate with 3 different colors. Use the 3 keys to open it.

Go inside, talk to the man and (CUTSCENE) will appear.
Chase The Purple Suit Guy
After the (CUTSCENE), go to the main stairs on the 8th floor. You won’t be able to step on it.

Go to the Minimarket on UG Floor. There is brown chest in there, you need password to open it.
The clues are by pushing the boxes and you’ll find an alphabets. Collect them and arrange to make one word which is the password for the brown chest. (The password is : SLIME)
Open it and take the boots in it. Go back to the main stairs in the 8th floor. Try to go up again.

Now you are at 9th floor, go to the back hall and head to the bar.

Go to the door with red curtain on the corner. You’ll find The Purple Guy again, talk to him and you’ll face the 5th Boss.

(CUTSCENE). Follow him to the secret door. Pull the lever to open the lab’s door. Go inside.

Check the whiteboard behind the table. It is a clue for the password to open the safety box on the right side. (The password is : 707458).
Open it and (CUTSCENE) will appear.
The Final Part 1
Go to the 10th floor and head to the Ballroom in the back hall.

Check on the door.

Save your game.

Now you’ll face the Final Boss.
The Final Part 2
After (CUTSCENE), go to the Generator Room, use the Generator Room Key to open it.

Turn the switch on, get out from there, head to the nearest elevator.
(CUTSCENE) will appear and enjoy the ending scene.
Red Chests Passwords
MILDEW (Staff Room no.2)
HINTS (Bookstore)
SALT (Restaurant’s Kitchen)
7625 (Bakery)
CLUES (Daycare)
PIANO (Boutique)
SQUID (Secretary Office)
MAGIC (Mrs.Rose’s Office)
OPEN (Room 5D)
RATS (Room 8F)
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