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p0kiehl's Satrap's Court
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Mar 31 @ 5:04pm
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p0kiehl's Satrap's Court

This mod adds the Satrap's Court district, unique to Persia and Macedon.

It does not replace or remove any other components of those civilizations.

Satrap's Court Description
The Satrap's Court district does not replace any other district. It is unlocked at Political Philosophy and cannot be built adjacent to the City Center. Its effects are as follows:

  • +1 Housing
  • +2 Gold per turn from each foreign Trade Route passing through its city
  • +1 Gold per turn from each domestic Trade Route passing through its city if a Trading Post is present
  • In cities with maximum loyalty, the Satrap's Court provides +1 Influence Point per turn towards earning Envoys.

I created this mod because I love seeing more pretty things on the map and I am very fond of ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern history. Gold from trade routes passing through, as well as the increased gold for the Capital, represent the fact that Satraps were tax collectors and funded the empire. The increased yields from resources represent the efficiency that comes from centralized rule.

If you enjoy this mod, check out a similar mod I made for Egypt and Nubia: the Precinct of Amun-Ra!

Concept and Design p0kiehl, ChimpanG
Code p0kiehl
Assets and Texturing p0kiehl
Icon ChimpanG
Text p0kiehl
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buchananclan Apr 7 @ 3:27am 
I like people that are really into history, and you obiously seem to be one of them.
Laurana Kanan Apr 6 @ 10:31pm 
@p0kiehl - I didn't have time to look into it further, but I'm getting the following error: [Gameplay] ERROR: UNIQUE constraint failed: ExcludedAdjacencies.TraitType, ExcludedAdjacencies.YieldChangeId when loading Core/SatrapsCourt_Data.sql
Keygentlemen Apr 6 @ 9:21pm 
This is an extremely neat idea, and I love the motivation behind it. Let's hope more inspiration strikes you frequently.
nice mod, gonna main persia nmow :steamhappy:
hhem Apr 5 @ 6:00am 
I think Aztecs could do with one as well as Japanese. If you were to do colonial nations then that would be England, France, Netherlands, Spain and also Portugal if it was ever added.
p0kiehl  [author] Apr 5 @ 5:43am 
thanks for the idea! As of now I'm not planning on doing something for every single civ/cultural grooup because it'd be a huge amount of work, but who knows when inspiration strikes.

I will say that I have another one in the works for Egypt + Nubia, shouldn't be too long before I release!
TH3GHOSTWAFFL3 Apr 5 @ 5:32am 
would love to see more unique districts for multiple civs. One for colonial nations, e.g England, Spain etc. would be great. Maybe can only be built on another continent and gives food, production and loyalty?
hhem Apr 3 @ 1:35pm 
mhmm I thought that it would have had something similar that is all, nahh its fine thanks tho
p0kiehl  [author] Apr 3 @ 11:43am 
I didn't add it to this mod since it doesn't fit historically. If you really want it for Sumeria, though, I can tell you how to edit the file so you can activate it for Sumeria.
hhem Apr 3 @ 8:38am 
would Summeria ever get this ???