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'Scout Pilgrim' Set for SFM
Created by donhonk
Heres a quick upload of my 'Scout Pilgrim' set, please check it out in the TF2 workshop too!

And if you liked this set, it would be a huge help if you showed your support by voting on the set. Maybe it will get added to TF2. Thanks!
[url={LINK REMOVED}...
(Almost) HWM Aperture Scout
Created by Pte Jack
I received a request to redo the Aperture Scout I posted a while ago. To make it so the pack was removable and that his hat was the colour of the original scout. So after some revamping I decided to go one step further and tried to make the head meet HWM s...
(Not) Venice The Map
Created by Triiodine ✇
Yes that's right, you saw the title. It's not the actual Italian city of Venice, it's just some weirdo town with canals. Cool right?

This is a work in progress so if ye've got things to say, things ye want, or find something that's broken make sure to c...
(WIP) Enhanced Ubersaw
Created by Craftosaur
NOTE: The charge_level bone doesn't start in it's normal position, so you have to position it manually.

This has a higher poly-count than the normal Ubersaw and lets you take the container off it.

1940s Spy
Created by 42.58 MHz/T
According to the Track Terrorizer (a cosmetic item for the scout), Scout's age is around 23 years old.

The Gravel Wars (the main setting for TF2) start at around 1968.

This means that Scout was born in the 1940s.

If Spy was actually his father, th...
2k Earth-[SFM]
Created by KiT
A earth model with 2k textures and normal map.

To add an atomsphere to it, spawn the player_intel_trail particle and lock it to the models root transform.

All textures are from NASA data.

3 Story building stairway
Created by [XI] paterance
Comes with a nolights version.
No doors or any props.
The "dead end" doorways are blocked with a black wall.
I might expand on this, thought very unlikely that i will.
Do tell if you find issues.

4 Poseable Rooms
Created by MrShlapa

They're .mdl instead of .bsp, so don't look for them in maps!

Red Menace - porting
MrShlapa - preview images
A Glass of Wine
Created by Revzin
A glass of wine. Has flexes to adjust the wine. Unrelated to the popular Linux program for closeted Windows sympathizers. Apply rim lighting before use.

a rose
Created by episoder
who rigs a rose?!? x)

original model/textures by drdean. gmod.

additional $color skin.

A Star System
Created by BumbleBee Fan
Have You Ever Wanted A Random Star System For No Reason? Well Maybe Not But If You Did Here You Go!

Includes 3 Particles In 1, Use The Star_System_Gigantic For The Medium, Small, And Gigantic Stars

If There Is Anything Wrong With It Just Tell Me And ...
Created by Blade x64
Some kind of scifi underwater volcano base. I made this for TF2 but figured it might be useful over here.

I'm interested in helping out with Saxxy projects. I'm able to modify this map or edit/create any others.

Mayann team for the temples.
Addie McAlister (Emoji Movie)
Created by Mikey {Jaw}
You could have prevented this.
(Mavis was already taken, so here, have some cancer instead)

- rig_biped_simple (activate "show hidden controls")
- all face flexes kept intact...
Animated Computer Lights [Ambience]
Created by мяFunreal
Various Computers from Team Fortress 2, edited for ambience purposes.
This pack contains several computers that now have animated lights, that way the environment seems livelier. this was originally designed as a TF2 mod, but works just as good in SFM
All\Multi-Class Cosmetic Texures (FIXED)
Created by Sprocket
Y'know those black, unpaintable cosmetics like the Patriot Peak n' whatnot? Well, I went ahead and fixed all of them and decided to put them all together in one big group of an addon!

Note, for these to properly work, you must have Workshop's search p...
Animation from TF2
Created by 8Yaron8
Animation from TF2 from SFMBOX

never gonna stop.dmx
party hard.dmx
pimp walk.dmx
Apartment 2017
Created by renzk
This map is designed for the creation of posters and animations.
A apartment, with a bit of creativity, can turn into a scenary for several scenes!
Aradia Megido
Created by BabyFawnLegs
Aradia Megido from Andrew Hussie's webcomic, Homestuck!

It's finally here.

Version for Gmod :


Bodygroups :

1 - Apple
2 - Apple bite
3 - Apple cut
4 - Apple half
5 - Apple slice

0 - Leaf
Backfire V2
Created by Astute
This is the SFM version of my TF2 workshop submission: The "Backfire"

It's a wire-taser inspired miniature hand-held sapping device. It's designed around various retro spy gadgets found in old school spy movies. It features that tan-gray metal/plastic t...
Astral Signs
Created by Gray
For your homestuck needs.

Bash Something & Vulture's Steam Workshop Items (wip)
Created by DPV
The other items will be uploaded soon or later. Have patience and thanks. :P

Blood,bullet,explosion decals,blizzard and fire embers
Created by Dank de la Meme
Enhanced version of my old mod,now with more blood decals,small blood decal to simulate blood stain on characters,fire embers and a blizzard storm (including snow mist)!
EDIT:a blood decal and wood bullet hole got this weird texture because my pc was glit...
Basketball & Hoop
Created by Calvin JD
A basketball and a hoop

Blue Team Better Textures and Fixed
Created by TheYoshiPunch
The Other Blue Team has better quality texture except Sniper and it isn't fair that Valve are too lazy for the BLU Team and their care about the RED Team skins.

Just Re Textures
The Blue Demoman have 1024x512
The Blue Engineer is kind of blurry
The SFM B...
Box Trot Model
Created by Roberto Ravioli
A model of the Box Trot taunt, WITH SEQUENCES! (and 100% less invisible)

Bonk! Sugar Frenzy
Created by Gadget
Bonk! Sugar Frenzy

This is a remake of my very first workshop item.

o Scout Lunch Box Item
o Tweaked mesh proportions
o Jiggle boned slush and straw
o New textures
o Bodygroup for ...
Created by GamingTaco
The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth promotional item.

Bread Models Imported From Team Fortress 2
Created by 9joao6
The new bread models that rarely spawn from teleporters, now in SFM! Enjoy!
Thank RedMser for that beautiful showcase picture!

The Golden Sword of the Victorious, Wielded by king arthur, Caliburn

This one really took a while to make, had to remake it four times due to the model being messed up in someway, then the textures didnt look right so i had to remake them, then had to m...
Casual Heavy and Medic Models
Created by Doctor Birdbrain
EDIT 10/16/15: Reuploading these models (which appear to be loading properly into SFM after I subscribed to my own content for some reason) in the hopes that it will fix the problem with the invisible textures. Let me know if they're still broken.

My cust...
Cat by Sumpitueslag
Created by Zeox
Original link to the model here:

Cigarette-less Minnesota Slick
Created by Skuggi
Heavy quit smoking, Heavy feel healthy.

Model is completely seperate, so you can use the original and this version at the same time.
Still paintable as well.

Cigarette pack
2 different packs - rigged
cigarette - rigged with 2 flexes for size

3 skins for cigarette:
2-burning with burning ashes

Gmod version:

Cellars (Slender Fortress 2)
Created by fucking dust
Even tho I already uploaded a SFM Map. I decided to upload another one, The map is Cellars.
This is also based off of the popular horror game Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

*Includes the Minigame/Spawn area.
*Has SFM-Friendly HDR.
*You may have to p...
After School Club Room
Created by STBlackST
Model of the School Club Room with stairway and hallway.
Door and Furniture inside the room are posable.
Version 1.01


-added missing door on the second floor.
-added collision model.
-changed resolution of textures.
-changed smooth...
Anime Lightwarp
Created by 9joao6
Ever wanted to make your characters look more kawaii desu nyaa~, whatever THAT means? Well now you can, with our latest advancement in technology, the ah-nee-meh lightwarp!

To apply to a model:
1. Right-click the model > Add Override Materials
2. Right-cl...
Asgore's Trident (Undertale)
Created by Pipann
Asgore Dreemurr's weapon. This is my very first upload, mostly just to see if I could pull it off. It caused me a lot of headache haha. So there is a good chance I didn't do something right. If so please do let me know in the comments. :)

Also let me kn...
Class lineup Session (Meet the Team)
Created by Mio :~)

This item was not created by you (see below, I did not create it either), so you should not be using this for personal profit.

Created by Galaxyi
Small, little claw, with over 30,000 polys!
Model and port by me.

(Please forgive me for FnaF-Related images, this is what inspired me to model this, lel)
(don't hate on me, either, everybody can like whatever they want., thank.)

If the claw is too...
Colors filters
Created by YoshiPoland

Step 1: Create new folder and call: "colors filters"
Put all files here

Step 2: Go to SFM and make new Materials Overlay Effect

Created by Christoffer395
Catch up with the latest post-modern "art"!

This is a map only suitable for post-processing chroma keying. It is a medium sized box with a solid green backdrop that can be changed to other colors if desired (see images). Everything inside the box can al...
Colt 1911
Created by Nanodesu
The title says it all. The legendary pistol which you cannot mistake for anything else, now in SFM. This model has been sitting around for a while, and now I decided to post it here - maybe somebody will like it and put it in a good use.

The model scale...
Commando's Cut
Created by Handsome Mug
the original model is in tf2 workshop

Commando's Cut Remaster
Created by Handsome Mug
Better look good while in a gun fight

Competitive TF2 Animations
Created by wicked
The win/lose animations from the compitive match end screens
Don't forget to rate it!

If you dont know how to import animations:
They are located in:
Created by Blackburn
Just a cookie I made in blender free to use in all of your SFM videos but please consider crediting me! Enjoy!

Corvalho's Fempyro Beta
Created by Corvalho
A fempyro model I've beebn working on, figured some people would enjoy having it on the SFM workshop as well

It includes some of the full body miscs such as:

- Sub Zero Suit
- Steel Sixpack
- Scorched Skirt
- Lunatics Leathers
- El Muchacho
- Se...
Cover animations
Created by TheFrozenMonkeyKing
This is abandoned thanks to glitches, low FPS and lack of interest. If you want to make anything or fix anything for this pack, be my guest.
Ever wanted that merc to use cover properly, instead of just standing there in a default pose?
This pack contain...
Cowboy Sniper grip animation
Created by ThePuppeer
not the perfect pose, but for tse who need a high noon animation, that's it.
I also figured out, you need to pose the left arm by yourself in the position you need it.

Created by URMarty
You need Crystalized_material_pack (4.37mb) in order to play the map without any missing textures/models.
нужен Crystalized_material_pack (4.37mb) для того, чтобы играть в карты без каких-либо пропавших текстур / моделей
Daisy room
Created by [FR] night
Source : Daisy in Summer

== Features & versions ==
- 32 switchable bodygroups (everything can be turned off)
- v1.0 : first release

== Usage & credits ==
- You can use/mod/redistribute the model whatever you want. At least credit me for my work.
Dark Cloud TF2 Item/Weapon Pack
Created by Astute
This is an SFM Item/Weapon based pack based around a set I made for the TF2 workshop. These items were made in reference to the game "Dark Cloud" / "Dark Chronicle".

Originally, I made this as a sort of gag set for the TF2 workshop, long before the SF...
Dark Souls - Kiln of the First Flame
Created by KillerSpring
"The Area beyond the Lordvessel which can be accessed after offering the souls of Seath the Scaleless, The Bed of Chaos, Gravelord Nito and The Four Kings to the Lordvessel. It is a vast area which appears to be covered in ash. It houses 5 Black Knights an...
Dark Hightower
Hightower with no lights.

Das Maddendoktor (aka madman's_mop) Material Fix
Created by Pte Jack
This is the material only. It will install to your Workshop folder and will not replace the original material unless you have given the workshop folder a higher priority than your TF folder in the Gameinfo.txt file.

If you're still having problems, see ...
Dead of Night (All-Class)
Created by Lk.
Export from Main folder TF2

Deeakron's Very Useful Panel V2.2
Created by Deeakron
The new and improved very useful panel, useful for your scenebuilding needs!

This panel takes every thing that was good with the previous panel and makes it better!
It has 6 more textures, and some of them are special textures (bump map, scroll, self i...
Deep cover operator [Paintable Fix]
Created by ᴇʟɢᴏᴛʜ
I tried a little bit fix on vtf, it's paintable

Degroot Keep Night
Created by JustSavage05
Hello and welcome to the fourth day of my six day upload of different maps that I have "Nighted".

Sorry for the unusal upload times! My SFM has been super buggy with the recent update. I downgraded and now I am able to use it again.

This is a map I p...
Delinquency Do
Created by Just Silver
Now you can make your characters more stylish than this amazing hair

Credits to their respective creators:
-Lunar Scythe:
-Dapper Dog: {LINK REMOVED}....
Director's room
Created by Slim Charles
Here is poseable room prop from an unkown game, furniture is poseable. It's a model prop as opposed to map so you're better off loading it inside another map like blackvoid.

Red Menace - Porting to Source Engine
Huggybear - preview pictures...
Demoman Run Cycle
Created by Spot on Steven
My First Workshop Item!

This is just a quick animation i did of the Demoman running. If you wanna use it in your videos, just credit me. Also, send me a link to this!

sessions\The TF2 Run and Walk Cycle pack\demoman run.dmx
EDI ring [ME3]
Created by MARK2580

Ring as a gift from EDI. Because DLC for Mass Effect 3.
Includes 2 model. 1 - ring in a box. 2 - ring separately.
In the box there is bones that allow to close / o...
Doc's Improved Cloaking script!
Created by Doc_ock_rokc
What is that in the shadows?

Is it a Ghost?

Is it a Monster?

Is it a French Madman with a Extreamly Pointy Knife?!


With this script You can activate and color the cloaking process of ANY MODEL!!!**

and i...
Dirty lens
Created by YoshiPoland
Step 1:
Right click on "Effects" next click "Add Clip to Track" and choose "Materials Overlay Effect".

Step 2:
Right click on "New Clip" and choose "Show in...
Electric Chair
Created by isis
The title says it all..

Porting By: MegalexMaster
Modeling By: EmeraldMadness
Textures By:

Make some artwork pls.

End Of The Line Props
Created by Rebbacus
What is End of the Line?
Some nerd made a video about trains and cats in TF2 and Valve noticed. It got an official update focused around it. Pretty swanky.
Here's some props from the video! Ooh, it's g...
End of the Line Unusual Effects
Created by GamingTaco
That's right, you can have a flaming rubber duckie fly around your head in your SFM works, just like in real life Team Fortress 2!

NOTE: The eotl_orbiting_burning_duck was acting wonky, so you have to use the three duck particle...
Engineer Breathing Animation
Created by Black Eyeliner \m/
A simple breathing animation to be applied to bip_spine_0.

Expanded Gibbed Characters
Created by Populus
Fully bodygrouped and rigged gibbed character pack!

Featured in the Frontline! - A Call To Arms video

Check out the Gmod ver...
Eridan Ampora
Created by BabyFawnLegs
Eridan Ampora from Andrew Hussie's webcomic, Homestuck!

Equius Zahhak
Created by BabyFawnLegs
Equius Zahhak from Homestuck.

Environment Particles
Created by Sapphire Sky
Added a couple of new efects and improved a few of the previous!

Particles used to generate environments randomly. Though you're welcome to adjust the sizes within the editor. More effects will be updated and included over time.

[img]{LINK REMOVED}...
Expialidocious Skies
Created by Timcor
Hello there you fantastic person! If you're reading this, you most likely are interested in the Expalidocious SkyPack, or as I like to call it, the Super Special Mega Ultra Awesome Alpha Beta Expialidocious Sky Pack. This pack includes a bunch of di...
Expiration Date Bread Van
The Red Bread Van from Expiration Date (with some repairs)!

Is fully rigged and includes some bodygroups.

Also has a (very basic) interior.

Extra Scout Sounds/Voicelines!
Created by TheSpyCrap
All credit goes to "Nathan Vetterlein" (The voice actor for the Scout) All I done was edit it and split it slightly.

Be sure to subscribe if you are interested or if you think this might help you out in future videos!

Have fun and have a great day. :)

Exterminatus - Complete Particle Systems Pack - Section 1
Created by Slypear
Get the entire Collection for a Full Array of particles!
Videos courtesy of the Leviathan Rising Team:

The Complete and final port of the Warham...
Expiration Date Soldier Sounds
Created by ItsameWario
Straight from Rick May's own Magical Mouth! Cameo by Nolan North!

Expiration date\Soldier\You told me to..wav
Expiration date\Soldier\You did not read mine!.wav
Expiration date\Soldier\Yes!.wav
Expiration date\Soldier\WE CANNOT TELEPORT BR...
Eyes pack
Created by Tiozinhodaesquina
so i was just there, doing my things, and i found this lmao, btw it works for FNaF models too because yes.
(i need salt people, please, this is why i make it public, i need salt)

False Alarm
Fake Medic Call :D

*All Class Hat
*Team Colors
*Only 1 LOD
*Physic with Jigglebones

Tf2 version HERE

Fazbear's Fright Entrance
Created by [RESIST] Mr_Mike
"We found One.. A real One..."

After about a month in production the map is finally complete!
there is soo much that I put into this map that I thought it deserved being Much More then just a new version of the [url=
Fancy Sky Particle V1
Created by Tyler
Hello! This is a Sky particle I created with help from one of Zachariah Scotts excellent tutorials. You will need the dota 2 assets installed. The sky can be easily manipulated with basic knowledge about particle systems. If you have any questions or i...
Feferi Peixes
Created by BabyFawnLegs
Feferi Peixes from Andrew Hussie's webcomic, Homestuck!

FemScout Teenage Hair
Created by ☣ Blu Scoutit ☣
FemScout Teenage Hair


Credits to [EU] Mark Unread | TF2SP for help on model

Femme Scout Voice Pack
Created by Sir_MikhailW
All credit goes to DustyOldRoses and others that helped make these sounds

For the ones asking, i can not add the Female Scout Model, Maxofs2d does not like the workshop so he will not add it, thank you :D

Original Sound Pack made by DustyOldRoses for...
FemScout Ash Hair
Created by ☣ Blu Scoutit ☣
FemScout Ash Hair


Inspiration on model is from Paladins game .

If someone want make this model for Gmod u can but u need credit me .

Credits to [EU] Mark Unread | TF2SP for help on model .

FemScout : Sydney hairstyle
Created by
It took a lot of time but I'm still new in Blender modeling so it's nothing special. (I think...)

Definitely not the same like Sydney from Payday2 but worth of tryout.

2 textures:

1 - Basic blue
2 - White / Grey Colorable

Gmod Version
Femscout Jacket
Link of the right femscout:

A jacket for femscout.
UPDATE: added the MaxOfs2D-compatible version
Featuring three skin styles: Normal, Wolf and Biker
Featuring two model style...
Enhanced Default Scout Hat
- Higher poly
- Cap peak is rigged so it can be animated.

I made this because the normal one uses a total of 2 tris. (Also I know you people like things that can jiggle)

This one doesn't include the headset, but it's more fa...
Female Spy Voice Pack
Created by Sir_MikhailW
READ THIS!!: i am not putting the model, ask the creator of the model too. stop asking.

All credit goes to DustyOldRoses and other that helped make these sounds

Original Sound Pack for TF2 -

SteamPipe Sound...
FemScout Rock Hair
Created by ☣ Blu Scoutit ☣
This is my first model made in Blender for FemScout I hope you guys like it :)

Femscout's Apartment, Version 2!
Created by SmoggyLamb49
Now serving over 4,000 subscribers!
Now it's been put in a collection so that you can subscribe to this and other prerequisites at the same time, so it saves time!

Now YOU control what goes on in Femscout's apartment. It's like playing...
Femscout's Improved Bodygroups
Created by Prince
[img] [/img]
  • 2 models [Shirtless Physic with Old Enhanced flexes]
  • 2 clothing [With and without bag]
  • 5 Hair [Enhanced ponytail,Normal ponytail, Long ponytail, Jill Valentine Hair, S
Fire particles
Created by BalbertDickens™
I wanted to make some custom particles and upload them to the workshop for you fine people. If you want, you can suggest that I should make more particles that follows the fire theme. Post them in the comments or add me (State why though). Currently has t...
Fender Stratocasters (Converted, read desc!)
Created by Gallup
These are Fender Stratocaster models made by Festive Vintage Sniper, originally for Gmod. I converted it. These are not my models, and full credit goes to Festive Vintage Sniper. If these models don't work, inform me!

Please, make sure to check out Fest...
Fixed Scout Cosmetic Textures [Possibly Outdated]
Created by MixedUp
These are the fixed Scout cosmetic textures for the broken Scout textures I know of. This includes the backwards ballcap, the essential accesories, and the superfan.

These fixed textures turn the broken, not paintable, odd looking textures into normal, ...
Flash's Suit For Ponies
Created by InfinateXtremer
Literally my first completed texture/model.

It have clipping issues with bodies.

I'm planning releasing it on Gmod too but for now it's for SFM.

It's not optimized for low end computers(I suck at optimization)

Floating Particles
Created by Walter Kadecky#5927
Previews use Portal 2 Version

For all your floating particle needs.


Floaty magic crap
Created by Otsutski
To make some crap look floaty and cool.

Free + shipping and handling.

Volumetric lighting not included.

Make that stuff on ur own :p

Food and Household Items
Created by John 11:35
made by CHILI, imported to sfm workshop without permission by me
French Bulldog

The Nintendog trophy assist from Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

1st skin is original. 2nd and 3rd skins have a bump map and was added by myself.

I do not o...
[TF2] Rainy Day Cosmetics
Created by Suijin ▽
Lastest Cosmetic case on Team Fortress 2 - Rainy Day Case cosmetic pack
WARNING: SOME ITEMS HAVE BUGS (Video by DesmondTheMoonSenpai)

[SFM] The Conquest Conmen
Created by Tabby
Check out the set on the TF2 workshop here!

The tale of two amigos, and their simple plan to scam an entire nation of their wealth, fortune and unusuals.

Model by [...
[SFM] TF2 Smissmas 2016 cosmetics
Created by Gali
hi this folder contain some tf2 Smissmas cosmetics [whitout taunt there coming later ^^]

[SFM] Model Pack 1
Created by MegaCreator
NOTE: I do not own anything here, all rights go to there respective owners I just ported the models into sfm.

I will be taking a break for a while so I won't be doing any requests.

UPDATE: some of the textures are fixed for these models.
If there ar...
[Particle] Snow Spray
Created by Cat Jones
It's a cool particle.

Get it?


snowspray.pcf - [SFM] Garry's Bombs 5 Particles Pack
[Particle] Snow effects
Created by TacoVFX
I felt the default TF2 snow effects were kind off lame. So I went all Elsa up in the particle editor to bring you these particles

It comes with different sizes of a spawn radius for snow, that way you get to decide how much frames you lose and how much ...
[Particle] Smoking Food
Created by TacoVFX
Some cartoonish looking smoke to add to hot meals. Its not meant to make it taste any better, just to look better. So dont come crying to me when your moms meatloaf still tastes like a fish stuffed with rotten nacho cheese and liver.

The Cookie model u...
[Particle] Smissmass lights
Created by TacoVFX
Have you ever wanted to decorate objects in shiny lights that pose a fire hazard?
Where you disappointed at the lack of fire hazards in SFM?
I, the hero and savior and beloved and amazing Taco, have created these particles to solve both of these problems...
[Particle] Magic Spell effects
Created by TacoVFX
Some particles that where inspired by skyrim and motivated by seeing many posters with characters holding unusual effects and a bunch of other non-magic/merasmus level magic stuffs

How to use;
Use the particle Systems that start with numbers. If it doe...
[Particle] Firework Effects - Big Blast
Created by TacoVFX
More Fireworks! When I first started planning on making the firework explosions bigger. My legal advisers told me that would land me in jail. But I did it anyway. Now I am releasing these bigger explosions with only 3 colors (Red, Green, Blue). That is due...
[Life is Strange] Chloe's Room
Created by CamBen
Chloe's room from Life is Strange. IF USED IN FANART OR FAN VIDEOS, PLEASE LINK BACK TO THIS PAGE. Thanks! :)

Do not reupload without my permission.
Some props used from ZelzStorm's conversions, but the map has been fully recreated with additional cont...
[Particle] Acid Spray
Created by Cat Jones
More of a liquid spray particle, since there's no loss of color when color is changed.

acidspray.pcf - [SFM] Garry's Bombs 5 Particles Pack
[Life is Strange] Arcadia Bay Forest
Created by CamBen
Custom made forest based off those seen in Life is Strange. Contains content ripped from Life is Strange.

Requires Counter Strike content for the sky and HL2 EP2 content for the dumpster in the campsite and mountain background.

Map is called lis_for...
Zippo Lighter
Created by Panic
Contains 2 Zippo lighters which come in Silver and Black.

Reupload because version was not available elsewhere.

Dominic Struczynski - Originally downloaded from sfmbox....
Z-Fighter II Game Console and Cartridge
Created by donhonk
Comes with rigged buttons so you can meme with the best of them.

Cartridge by zobot
Superb Beepman texture by NeoDement
Rest by donhonk

Yellow and Green Scouts [Requested by JoshuaGamer0626 and Bone is Bored]
Created by [N-cognito]
Made and uploaded for JoshuaGamer0626 as a request

Pictures by JoshuaGamer0626

-Added a Green scout + Green Thermal Sleeves for Bone

You'll have to use material overrides to use these (I didn't feel like recompiling any models for this)

Here's ...
[Particle] Raining money
Created by john rigatoni
A particle system I've built for one of my posters. Thought I'd clean it up and release it.
It spawns roughly 1600 sprites and fades out ones that have been active for more than 5 seconds. Contains two types: normal and turbulent.

[Particle] Improved Cigar Smoke
Created by TacoVFX
This smoke aims to make this as realistic as possible...
That is probably it... I should of written a better marketing campaign.

1. The smoke WILL cause stuttering/lag while its in a scene. This is caused by the smoke being made up...
[Particle] Campfire
Created by TacoVFX
Campfire fire for campfires, nuff said. Comes with simulated wind(watch video).

How to use;
Use the particle Systems that start with numbers. If it doesnt start with a # it means that its one of the many parts of the effect.
1. Add Particle system ...
Wooden Castle Front
Created by bakscratch
A Small set of a wooden castle.
Its perfect for any sfm images or small animations.


Wine Glass Prop
Created by Arby
This is my first model I've ever created so feedback is welcome.

So, I thought that it would be nice to share this thingy with others. I hope it will be useful. Sadly, my modeling skills are VERY limited because I just started to learn it, so for now th...
Widow's Tail
Widowmaker's hair conversion.

Original model by Blizzard.

Pictures by Prince

Created by cobra chicken
[flushing noise]

-has narrow, wide and wavey flex
-bones for each vortex
-animated and non-animated skin

Wheat Pack
Created by Rantis
These wheat clusters look spectacular and they can animate!

DISCLAIMER: These models are absurdly high poly and having an entire field of these might lead to instability. Also you'll be rendering all week.

Western Town Map
A TF2 styled western town. Includes Saloon and Jail with interiors.

Now includes a night version by Hideous.


Manual download[]...
Wall of magic stuffs
Created by Otsutski
A wall made of particles with some that zigzag their way outwards and stuff or something.

Vriska Serket
Created by BabyFawnLegs
Vriska Serket from Andrew Hussie's webcomic, Homestuck!

Water/Blood/Liquid Droplet
Created by caseytube
A simple liquid drop with 3 skins, one for you to customize for your own purposes. Comes with a couple flexes to deform the model when it's falling, landed, etc.
Water is a blue, slightly translucent, reflective material, blood is a phong based reflective ...
Voice Acting: The Bombinomicon (Now with class sounds!)
Created by NefariousDrH
BOMBINOMICON!!! Giving you more Bomb book sounds!
This next update is more of a "What if the Bombinomicon was a class" kind of thing. Enjoy, and expect more updates when this raspy ol' throat of mine clears up xD

And once again, I will be available if any...
Created by Gigazelle
A violin (or viola) with basic collision, phong mask, and accompanying bow.

If you use this asset in a video, be sure to post a link here!

Villainous Visage
"The scratch in the eye."
Hexed from
The original creators and their images :
Gmod version:
Have fun!

Various Misc TF2 Promo Props
Created by The Epickle
These are just custom tf2 props made for the use in the promotional artwork me and daesdemona have done for QuestionablyInsane's latest sets. Might not be the most useful stuff you seen, but there's always one use.

The items are basically:
-A book wit...
Upvote/Downvote Arrow
Created by Sparkling Forklift
A simple arrow akin to the upvote and downvote arrows from Reddit. It comes with three skins: A blank one so you can recolor the arrow, an upvote one, and a downvote one.

Also, be sure to scale the arrow by the "root" bone, and NOT the "root transform" bo...
Created by Ethosaur
Updated for sfm, this is a map made for tf2's mannpower mode. I hope you can find some nice uses for this in a video if you wish to make one. There is a minor issue with some props flipping sideways for some odd reason (Candles etc) You can cover them up o...
Undertale Door
Created by Detonatress
A friend of mine requested this model and Strashniy Velikhan and I teamed up to make it.

What it can do:
- Allows characters to pass through it.
- Has six skins (purple, gray, and paintable; with or without graininess).
- Pretty much every piece is b...
Turbulence prop pack
Created by OverPovered
Pack of models used in the interior of the scout plane.

TRONY Pack - overhaul
Created by SRicK91
Ponies to the Grid!

With the mane6 and their accessories! (discs, helmets, lightcycles, lightjets)

Create your own! Use the standalone TRONY suit, color it the way you want and put it on your oc! Give him/her a disc, lightcycle, lightjet and helmet w...
Triple Shot Spy Animation
Created by MrKevin
This animation was created just as a practice, but it could be useful for the community, so here it is!

How to use it:

-> Spawn a Spy model
-> Right click on the Spy, then Import -> Animation
-> Import tripleshotspy.dmx in Steam\steamapps\common\So...
Trees From Half-Life 2: Episode 1
Created by Valve Artists
Trees From Half-Life 2: Episode 1

Tosslecap for Femscout
Just as name says...

Edited by me

Don't forget to credit us for this editing and to subscribe to my workshop for more enhanced models and new models. I don't take full credits in any case since the item is made by others and added by Valve.

Tomboy Tuque
Created by Sync.
Don't mind me, just gonna sit in the corner, emo-ing. (´ヘ`;)

  • Hair, me likey my hair ok
  • 8 Paintable Skins

Please credit all of us (not only 1 person, 3 people are involved) for using the model, in your ...
Thirst Blood, Death Racer, Hyperbaric Bowler AO Fix
Created by CR4SH
AO fix for these 3 items. Not too sure if someone already done it.

Make sure you have updated TF2 content.

TheImperium TF2 classes texture pack (VTF files)
Created by Byun Slug
Texture made by - Byun Slug (Me)
Original Idea - Finn866 (Augustus)

Want to join the group? - (TheImperium) =[s.S.i]=

The Twin Snakes [Solid Snake & Liquid Snake] (Metal Gear Solid)
Created by Stealth211
I want to talk about how excited I am to finally have these 2 release ready. A tiny few details need to be edited so it'll be marked as incomplete. I could go on about it but I will save you all the drawn out description. ENJOY!

- Rigged with valvebiped...
The Track Tracer (optimized for Femsout)
Created by renderpunk
Brought to you by SedimentarySocks and Robot Agent with slight changes in mesh geometry.
Contains bodygroups to remove glasses and ear piercings.

Vote for this item on TF2 Workshop:

The Track Tracer
Created by Jimbocius
Hai, I noticed this wasn't in SFM's workshop, so here! (Credit to original creators SedimentarySocks and Robot Agent) I didn't make this model! I only ported it!

The Tie-In
Created by OverPovered
a warm shirt for the heavy.

Promos by iiboharz and onefourth

The Swift Undercut
This is the same item as this
I just thought some people might be interested in it for SFM as well :)

The Siren Cut
Request of a friend of mine.

Lilith's hair for Femscout.

Only for femscout.


Credits to Gerabox for Borderlands.

The Strange hairdo
Note: I take no full credits for this model. All rights goes to the proper maker of the Das MaddenDoktor. Credits to me just for have removed the goggles.

An edit to the "Das MaddenDoktor", now without glasses.

Thanks to Piallators for the second ima...
The Sims 4 "Single/Double Mission" Beds
Created by 6000 ANGRY BEES
Hand-crafted to solid perfection, this refined Mission-style bed is as solid as they come, so you can sleep in sturdy comfort, no matter how much your partner's tossing and turning. Not only is it great for sleeping, its broad headboard and footboard are g...
The Scout's Breakneck Baggies (aka jogon) Material Fix
Created by Pte Jack
Materials repaired for both the red and blue team models. Fixed the black areas and make properly paintable.

This is the material only. It will install to your Workshop folder and will not replace the original material unless you have given the workshop...
The Scientist's bearded Proudness
Also known as Enhanced Brush With Death

Comes with normal face flexes (once I will understand how to add HWM flexes I will do an HWM one)

Made by MarcoMetalWolf. Don't forget to credit us for this editing and to subscribe to my workshop for more enhanced...
The Puffy Provocateur (aka dec2014_the_puffy_provocateur) Material Fix
Created by Pte Jack
This is the material only. It will install to your Workshop folder and will not replace the original material unless you have given the workshop folder a higher priority than your TF folder in the Gameinfo.txt file.

If you're still having problems, see ...
The Room (Contest / Collab Map)
Created by Anomidae
This map requires:
- The Portal Content Pack
- CS:GO Content


"What is this about a contest / collab?"
see the video on this page for info about the contest / collab

"There aren't any doors!"
Right click the v...
The Nuke
Created by Hotrod McCoolguy
I have testicles of Titanium.

Hair/Sunglasses for the Heavy and Soldier

Click here to vote for it!

Model by Drew
Sculpt/Texture by OverPovered
Concept by Square
Promotional Re...
The Moon Enchanced
Created by Rayko
This model is a panel, not a sphere.

+ 10 skins: 0-3 - realistic moon phases; 4-7 - cartoon moon phases; 8 - sun; 9 - placeholder for those who want their textures on this particular panel.
+ Flexes to control shade and resize i...
The Medic's Head
Created by Pte Jack
Sixth in the series.

Red and Blue, Ubered, Zombie, Iced and Golden Player Skins.

The glasses are a bodygroup, so you can actually turn them on or off completely or use the prp_glasses bone I've added to move or rotate them.

The Mad Mann Complex (SFM)
Created by StovePipe
Why give life, when you can take it away just as easily?

Here's a taunt I've been working on for a while, hope you'll rate it.
The Internal Haircut
People currently banned from using this SFM model: This-Is-Singy (unless you remove me from the blocked list)

UPDATE: Added paintability.

Gentlemen. Tired to find a good hair model for your videos or images? You tried to do your own model of hair, bu...
The HWM Medic's Shirt Fix
Created by Pte Jack
Place the VMT and VTFs into a mod folder that has a higher priority than TF_Movies or give your Workshop folder a higher priority than TF_Movies to use.

There maybe a paintable version of this coming later. For right now though, this is it.

The Hallowene Prop Fridge - Enhanced...
Created by Pte Jack
Top and bottom doors open, added interior to the fridge so no out cropping, Fixed materials, added 3 removable racks...

Fridge is BYOB, so stuff it up with your favourite beverage...

The Croaking Hazard (SFM version)
Created by EmperorFaiz.vmt
"This little frog has decided to make friends with your shoulder, and is now ready to travel with your team!"
-3 different lods.
-A paintable texture! ...
The Cinema
Created by Auld.Jenkins
Also check out an alternate version of this map, The Theater!

A cinema room for midnight screenings, flashback sequences, and hipster film festivals. Contains rows ...
The Blitzwurfanzug
Created by PeculiarPsychopath
Who you gonna call?

Hexing: PeculiarPsychopath
Original Concept: KibbleKnight(Count Kibble)
Original Model/Texture: Rozzy

Model is not mine, nor do I claim any ownership.

The Blightcaller (A.k.a Bioyer)
The Bioyer form Freak Fortress 2
He it's a Plauge

The Bat-Flip
Created by weelX
Be the best Boston boy on the block by showing your sick new parkour moves!
...Cause, you know...that's never been done before.

I made everything featured - the animation, poster, thumbnails, icon, etc, etc. Would explain why everything sucks.

The Angelique Hairstyle
That's right, Mercy's hair for Femscout.

Team colored band

Only for femscout.


Credits to Blizzard for Mercy's original model (hair included)

Credits to Craxy for the picture.

Tf2-Chilled Sidewinder
Created by willwhitt56
I take no credit for th creation of the model,only for porting it and thats it

TF2- Wasteland Waistcoat
Created by willwhitt56
I take no credit for the creation of the model,only for porting it and thats it. The model for the sleeves are completely black at the moment IDK how to fix this issue. there are videos on youtube on how to fix it or paint it
Some links that might help:htt...
TF2- Glasgow Greaves
Created by willwhitt56
I take no credit for the creation of the model,only for porting it and thats it

TF2- Four-Season Wonder
Created by willwhitt56
I take no credit for the creation of the model,only for porting it and thats it

TF2- Fanciful Flannel
Created by willwhitt56
I take no credit for the creation of the model,only for porting it and thats it

TF2 | Eyes from Naruto | Sharingan | Rinnegan and more
Created by YoshiPoland
Step 1:
Right click the model and add override materials.

Step 2:
Right click the model again, and SHOW IN ELEMENT VIEWER.
TF2 Walk Cycles
Created by SFM
UPDATE: Roottransforms now follow models, allowing for easier posing and positioning. Thanks to dG|Aimbot for the keyframing suggestion.
Spy's roottransform is now in its proper place and follows him.

NOTE: While fixing the roottrasnforms I noticed th...
TF2 The Driver (Weapons and ATV)
Created by Rad
Important: This is just a reupload of the model from garrysmod.ord to Source filmmaker all the credit goes to SuperFrog and Mosquito.

For the driver:

check the facepunch original thread: htt...
TF2 Styled Zelda Bottles
Created by Taco
Bottles based on the ones found in The Legend of Zelda, specifically these are modeled after the ones in Skyward Sword.

Contains skingroups for Red, Blue, Green, and Purple Potions, as well as Lantern Oil, and Pumpkin Soup with jiggleboned floaty bits. ...
TF2 Scout Walk Cycle
Created by FlawlessRemix
There's not much I can really say about this :P enjoy :D
Tutorial I worked off of:

Also check out my Scout Run Cycle!

TF2 Scout Run Cycle
Created by FlawlessRemix
Seeing as I uploaded a Walk Cycle, Why not upload this too? Have fun :D
If you use this, there is no need for credit. :)

also Check out my Walk Cycle here!

TF2 Pardner's Pompadour - No Glasses!
Created by The Midas Lick
Hey fellas! Yesterday I was practising in Blender to edit tf2 items, following Pte Jack's tutorial. And after some hours of work, I bring to you my first edit! Pardner's Pompadour with no glasses!

NOTE: You'll see that there's a useles...
TF2 Invasion Update Particle Systems
Created by Practical Problems
A companion asset pack to the Team Fortress 2 Invasion Assets, this contains all particle systems from the Invasion update (with the exception of 2Fort particle systems, because 2Fort no likey SFM.)

This means it has:
TF2 RANDOM Weapons Update 2018! *read the description or be Logan Paul*
Created by SCP-D0gg0
First of all, DO NOT sub to the workshop item.

Workshop can't handle too many downloads, unlike Gmod workshop.


All credits to their respective creators.

Sex Robot
TF2 HWM - Just Right meme - Pose
Created by FD Daylight
Just something silly.
This is for people who can't be botherd to pose the "Just Right" gesture.

TF2 Glubbable~ model SFM
Created by Maxxy
A player model created for a custom Team Fortress 2 Server's host: Glubbable.
The initial model didn't have an official release for the community.
We've brought the model with an entire overhaul...
TF2 Female Scout
Created by MaxOfS2D
Enhanced version of AyesDyef's original TF2 playermodel mod. Now with HWM, lots of bodygroup options, as well as tons of other little fixes and improvements.

Due to technical issues in how studiomdl works, cosmetics that are weighted to the arm and leg...
TF2 Female Civilian SFM
Created by Maxxy
The female civilian is a custom character created for a 2016 Saxxy entry: Family Fortress which didn't make it to the deadline. After a match in badwater the mercs visited a restaurant where Scout tried to impress the waitress, but ultimately failed. T
TF2 Enhanced Soldier V3 (by Maxxy)
Created by Maxxy
Celebrating more than 1 year of model creating with a brand new release!
The Enhanced Soldier really needed an update now, so I added a bounch of new features!
Enjoy using the models, make sure to leave a rate and share it to your friends!...
TF2 Class Bandage
Created by DoctorScarlet
Bandages in class emblems from the game Team Fortress 2.
Has 18 skins for nine classes, for both teams.
Has flexes


TF2 Campsite Map
A TF2 styled campsite map. Includes night and day version.


Manual download[]
Created by SCP-D0gg0
I've been working on this group of hexes and reskins for well over a year. Trying to make them look as detailed and almost perfect looking to match the nazi zombie crew for COD-World at War.

*DISCLAIMER* I do not own the soldier model, that is the en...
TF2 Ashtray
Created by donhonk
Completely orginal model / texture by me. ( donhonk ) Also the ashtray is kind of the TF2 logo too. Neato huh?

Bone for cigarette.
Self Ilum Lit Tip


Consider voting for my new weapon, the Rhino! T...
TF2 : Female Medic
Created by JuegosPablo
Okay hello everygone today i gonna public the model of female medic

Credits to

Chemical Alia to make original model
Me edit and fix some bugs

Any suggestion to upload/work please tell me

Feel free to add me on steam

Any problem pls comment ...
TF Wrestling Ring
Created by Jojje
Perfect for wrestling, boxing or any other ring-related activities.
Five skingroups, one red, one blue, one unmarked gray, one TF logo and one TF Performance Center.
If you wish to edit the gray apron to fit your scene with logos and whatnot, be my guest.
Terezi Pyrope
Created by BabyFawnLegs
Terezi Pyrope from Andrew Hussie's webcomic, Homestuck!

Tesla Shock
Created by OverPovered
a sci-fi weapon designed around the scattergun.

TF Tomb Cosmetics
Created by GamingTaco
The three winners of the TF Tomb cosmetic contest, including the Heavy's sexy booty shorts.


Tear Streak Texture for the Scout - (VTF Only, to be used with Override Materials and the $basetexture Commands)
Created by Pte Jack
This is a reskin I did to The Scout Head Texture to add tear streaks.

To use,

Load a player or HWM Scout... Right click the model and add an override materials then show the model in the element viewer

Scroll down and click the + beside materials then ...
[SFM] The One
Created by Tabby
I'm afraid I don't know a fix for this, but if someone knows, please message me or comment below!

Check out the set on the TF2 ...
The All_Class - DEAD OF NIGHT - Enhanced
Created by Pte Jack
I really hate the way these community items don't perform in SFM like they're suppose to in game.

I received a request to fix the All_Class Dead of Night. On first quick inspection I actually thought that the extracted TF2 Game item worked as it was sup...
Team in White - (VTF Texture only - to be used with override materials and the $basetexture command)
Created by Pte Jack
Well, I think they're ready...

These are reskins I did to dress the team in a white uninforms.

To use,

The Workshop texture (vtf) will download to your



Load ...
Team in Black - (VTF Texture only - to be used with override materials and the $basetexture command)
Created by Pte Jack
These are reskins I did to dress the rest of the team in a black uninforms.

White textures are ALMOST done, I have a couple of bug to iron out before I can release them, but soon!

This pack also includes the Black Medic Skins I posted earilier.

Team Fortress Trucks Enhanced
Created by Kalimando
Please rate this up if you find it useful, the higher the rating, the more likely people are to see it.

The video above was created by YouTuber 'Konstantine Rymaruk' and features this prop in the intro to his story. Watch it and see the potential for us...
Team Fortress Enhanced Pickups
Created by Kalimando
All of the ammopacks and medkits in tf2 with detachable openings for bones, with a few extras.

There is a version of this mod available for garrysmod, look for COVEROP on the workshop.

If you use this in a video, please let me know so I can see it i...
Team Beer
Created by Soldier
The beer model from TF2 with a RED and BLU skins.

Swanky forest road [SFM]
Created by Zatemedek
A simple road map made with machinima in mind.
Hope you find it useful.

Includes both day and night versions.

Road texture used can be found here: (Link now busted.)

All other models and mat...
Tavros Nitram
Created by BabyFawnLegs
Tavros Nitram from Andrew Hussie's webcomic, Homestuck!

Swanky forest road snow [SFM]
Created by Zatemedek
A simple road map made with machinima in mind.
Hope you find it useful.

Includes day and night versions.

Road texture used can be found here:
Ice texture used can be found here: https://www.yo...
Sunset Island
Created by killohurtz
Originally a contest entry, now recompiled for use in SFM.

SunDale Apartments
Created by GammaGoose
One bedroom one bathroom empty apartment ready for scene building. Comes with a lit day version and evening unlit verson.

Suited Demoman
Give Demoman a bit of class with this suit.

- Tie is paintable using Doc_ock_rokc's marvellous colour script["]
- Full set of helper bones etc
- Class

Studio Backdrop
Created by Calvin JD
This is a simple studio backdrop, to make a smooth gradient background, or to make it seem like the character is in the middle of nowhere.

Hope you find it useful.

Posters in order by:
Hex [...
Strongbox Pack Models
Created by Professor Heavy
Mind if I note, this was a request. not something of my own idea, so all of you have probably already taken care of this update. So don't mention the fact the update came out 5 months ago.

All of the models used in the Strongbox Pack. also co...
Created by MagMallow
Stands/Platforms with illumination

Main Features

- Cubic and cylindrical forms (can be changed by flexes).
- Models have 8 skins. (0-1 Wood;2-3 plastic;4-5 metal;6-7 glass + optional illumination)
- Stands have few flex...
spy specs
Created by hostilePacifist
a little tf2 workshop project that I did some time ago, I have decided to release it now.
If you decide to use this in some sfm work, please be kind and give credit.

Wanna see it ingame? click here:
Spy Eyepatch
Created by Jojje
Yeah. Spypatch. I get it. You're not the first to think of that.

Fits the Spy's face perfectly.
Has two bodygroups and two skins.

Regrettably, since I am not well versed in matters of face posing, it does not have flexes, HWM or otherwise.
If someo...
Splatoon - 3D Letter Models
Created by DaRealUser
(SFM Images coming soon)

Surprise! Did'ya see these coming? Didn't think so!

[img] [/img]

Just another addon I worked on while I finish up more stuff for other Spatoon packs. These contain all letters from the alphab...
Created by Chaofanatic
A set of speedline particles. Attach them to the camera and watch things suddenly become exciting and over the top like (popular anime here)!

Warning: To get the most out of this you to at least know how to instance things and have a basic understanding...
Spike Collar
Created by Old Bill
Now your neck is protected like a fortress

Please don't forget to rate it up so we might see it in TF2!

Sonic Groom
Created by Hotrod McCoolguy
One more down. On with the war.

Model: Spacedad
Texture: Ernest
SFM: Hotrod

-Paintable with Override Materials
Vote for it on the TF2 Workshop Here!

Sollux Captor
Created by BabyFawnLegs
Sollux Captor from Andrew Hussie's webcomic, Homestuck!

soldiers apartment
Created by Yachna
i made a loosly based replica of soldiers apartment shown in the war comic

sessions\soldiers apartment .dmx - meet the medic beta props
Soldier Hand Slide Taunt
Created by gnubeutel
Very first attempt at a taunt animation.
Soldier changes facial expression with hand sliding up and down.

Snowy castle
Created by Ethosaur
Hello, I did some edits to make this compatible with sfm, as it was made for garrysmod originally.
Enjoy! Works really well for winter themed stuff.

What is this?
* A big snowy castle that features outside and inside area, originally made for garrysm...
Sniper rifle with all decorated collections
Created by Baldurs Tod
Imported sniper rifle model with additional materials. To use select skin 10 to 37. Wear is factory new.

List of materials (+1 for blu)
10: Night Owl
12: Purple Range
14: Lumber From Down Under
16: Shot in the Dark
18: Bogtrotter
20: Thunderbolt
Sniper Epic Sax Taunt Loop Thing
Created by SFM
In case you couldn't tell, this is a modified version of the Killer Solo (also the name of the sax model).
I did not animate this.
I am a lazy shmuck.

Sniper Camping Animations
Created by Fat Shady

This is my first animation for the Sniper.

Note: This animation works best with the Hitman's Heatmaker. If there are a lot of request, I will make animations for the other Sniper Rifles.
I didn't do facial animations, as you guys might want...
Created by Z A M E S №1
Model and porting by:TigenNas

Slender Pages
Pages (c) Parsec Productions
Credit to person who ported them to GMOD


Slender Man and Kate
Created by Rokay
Slender Man and Kate from Slender: The Arrival


Models and textures: Parsec Productions, Blue Isle Studios
Porting, rigging and compiling: Rokay "Rambo"


Slender Lockers for Source Film Maker
Created by Glubbable~ ❥
Map Port for the Slender Fortress map, Lockers, which is a custom map for the TF2 Gamemode Slender Fortress.

This map requires addition assets such as The Bullet Crops Project & The Construction Theme Pack along with some decal materials for Slender, li...
Sleep symbol
Created by Sync.
My first particle, credit me if you used thiszz ...

Slender Fortress - Cry Of Fear
Created by The Midas Lick
Sup fellas! It is time to collect gas cans at midnight in: Cry of Fear!

This map was resurrected, it belongs to the Classic content.

Remember, update your TF2 content before using these maps.

skin / bodygroups animation setup
Created by 8Yaron8
Create a several controllers bounds to the skin number and the bodygroup selector of a gamemodel. So you can change them over time.

1. copy '' to [sfm folder path]\game\platform\scripts\sfm\animset\
2. apply it same w...
Sharpie "Bluntie" model (Color Script Compatible!)
Created by Nomad
Hi, here is a sharpie ripoff called Bluntie (for copyright reasons).

This supports out of the box, Doc Ock's color script.

If you use anything I have made that is Original Universe (Excluding the 3d maneuvre gear due to copyright issues) in the saxxies...
Simple Snow
Created by //OPΔL//
220 subs!!! i was expecting only a few like 3 or 4 but over 200 im so happy thank you all!

Created by Custard1
"Good evening Mr Mundy. Please, take a seat. This will only take a moment..."

Anyways, welcome back to the inner streets of Hong Kong (as featured in the map, Koth_King). This map was inspired by those streotypical old movie scenes, with the man smoking...
Created by Quin
The idea was made by py-bun and the map itself made by me. It's basicly a run-down turbine. Mo neat description this time, sorry guys.

The download also contains some portal 2 props that were compiled to work in TF2.
the turbines in the middle still l...
SFM_SUBURBIA - A Team Fortress 2 Neighborhood
Created by Benjamoose
[NOTE: This was made for the SFM Workshop, and compiled with the SFM version of Hammer. Therefore this map will NOT work with Garry's Mod or any other Source mod (as far as I'm aware).]

A Team Fortress 2 themed neighborhood.

Current Version: B...
Created by Anomidae
A TF2 map I made, ported to SFM

Features two opposing trainyards, and a large flowing river with wooden structures.

Requires no game content other than tf2, and free to use for any purpose

You can find the map's tf2 counterpart here, in case you w...
Created by Custard1
"I need you to listen very carefully, giant hot dog..."

Welcome to Howlin, a one day learning experience. This is actually part of an assignment at school believe it or not in which we have to create believeable terrain in a 3d design program (for some ...
SFMLab Logo Model
Created by Ganonmaster
The SFMLab Logo. Includes a little canned animation or you can make your own. Append to your videos to support SFMLab.

About SFMLab
SFMLab is an independent site that means to provide a place for artists to share files for use in Source Filmmaker wit...
SFM/TF2 Medic's oWn Skin Team Pack (VTF Only) (Buildables)

SFM/TF2 Medic's oWn Skin T...
SFM/TF2 Medic's oWn Skin Team Pack (VTF Only)

SFM/TF2 Medic's oWn Skin T...
SFM/TF2 Medic's Herr Helmet (Imperium Hex) (VTF Only)

SFM/TF2 Medic's Herr Helme...
SFM/TF2 Medic's Crusher Cap (Imperium Hex) (VTF Only)

SFM/TF2 Medic's Crusher Cap (...
SFM/TF2 Medic The German Nazi Skin Pack (VTF Only)
Note: Despite being "Marked Incompatible", this item is still fully compatible with SFM, as it has been since Sep 4, 2015. I have no idea why this has been incorrectly marked, as no actual reason has been given.

This is part of the GMOD pac...
SFM/TF2 Craftsmann Collection [Gun Mettle] Skin Pack (Full) (VTF Only)

SFM/TF2 Craftsmann Collect...
SFM/TF2 - Medic The Second Opinion Pack [No Scars/Scars] (VTF Only)

SFM/TF2 - Medic The Second...
SFM/TF2 - Medic The Joker Skin Pack (VTF Only)

SFM/TF2 Medic The Joker Sk...
SFM Target Times of Day Pack
Created by Sunny D.
This pack includes 4 versions of tr_target (Morning, Day, Sunset, Night)
Yes, you can use this for your Saxxy Videos, but remember give credit (It's no needed but it would cool)

Join my Steam Group:

SFM Microphones
Created by aln447
A Source Filmmaker compatible mics. Great for posters and music videos.

Comes in 3 sizes. The smallest one for the scout, the biggest for the heavy, and one in the middle.


My blog thing:

SFM Map - Huge Box - Black Sky
Created by Kalimando
A very large map that is low lit with a black sky for dark scenes

The above render is from corner to corner of the square map with heavy models for scale.

SFM Map - Huge Box - Black Sky Unlit
Created by Kalimando
A very large map that is pitch black with a black sky for customized lighting and night scenes

The above render is from corner to corner of the square map with heavy models for scale.

SFM 2Fort Times of Day Pack
Created by Sunny D.
This pack includes 4 versions of ctf_2fort (Morning, Daylight, Sunset, Night)
Yes, you can use this for your Saxxy Videos, but remember give credit (It's no needed but it would so cool)

Note: This version can have changes from the original.

Join my ...
SFM - The Warehouse
Created by Frosty Dr.
No, its not an actual warehouse like the title might suggest, that's just what I decided to name it. It's mostly for making concert scenes/videos and what not. This is my first SFM map, btw.

The map contains:

-A stage
-A public toilet area
-A ba...
Sessy hair workshop upload
Created by aceman11100
still just as shitty as it was back when i first made it, but someone wanted me to upload it to the sfm workshop so here i am.

Keep in mind that it really is and old model, so any comments about it being bad are a few years too late.

Separated Megalomaniac w/o Scar
Just as name says...

Separated by me. COming soon only the scar.

Comes with normal faceposing for the beard.

Don't forget to credit us for this editing and to subscribe to my workshop for more enhanced models and new models. I don't take full credits in...
Segmented Chain
Created by BlueFlytrap
Now with two sizes.

A 32 boned version of the chain sitting inside the tf_movie folders. Useful in the event you need a chain that's actually opposable.

Also comes with an alternate version for pudge since particles just don't cut it.

Seduce me.
Created by John 11:35
all 3 seduce me's
third time i uploaded it
and the picture i meant to use doesnt exist according to valve

seduce me3.wav
seduce me2.wav
seduce me1.wav
Scream Fortress 2016 Cosmetics
Created by GamingTaco
Spooky Cosmetics along with the sexy Medic chest!

Please do not use the Burly Beast to make weird crap.

Searching the in-game names with _underscores_ in the workshop tab will yeild the hats in SFM.
Scream Fortress 2016 cosmetic pack
Created by Baldurs Tod
I don't own anything of this. Uploaded to SFM workshop for convenience.

All class
Lil' Bitey hwn2016_lil_bitey
Class Crown hwn2016_class_crown
Pestering Jester hwn2016_pestering_jester
Nasty Norsemann hwn2016_nasty_norsemann
The Toadstool Topper...
Scream Fortress 2015 Cosmetics
Created by GamingTaco
A few months late...
Roboot color is weird, don't know how to fix it.
Suggestion by Enrimeus

Scout Run Cycle v1.1
Created by Mage Kid
Update: Version 1.1 is now out.
- Fixed the spine animation to where it turns left and right properly.
- Fixed the arm and hand animation.
- Fixed the "snapping head"
- Adjusted the hips to match the spine animation
- Adjusted the elbows to match the ...
Scout Pistol Pose
Created by Exe(cute)ioner
Its been a while since my last upload to the workshop (trash that I deleted). I think I've improved, but anyway here is the scout's pistol pose. Just something different to pose with for those not so strong in posing. P.S. Tell me what pose should I do if ...
Doesnt includes Scout and stuff, with that said read this lot of tl;dr text down there!

You know what does sb stands for? It's stands for scenebuild!

I haven't noticed 400 subs but okay.
This is another milestone in my Workshop Career!

RT_Camera Panels
Created by Pte Jack
There are 6 Rt_camera panels Body Groups in this model, so you don't have to go looking for separate models. They can be turn off in scene by chosing the None Body Group.

1) Circle
2) Horizontal Oval
3) Vertical Oval
4) Horizontal 16x9 Rectangle
Samsung Galaxy S4
Created by Albin1997536
I made this model myself, im still a biginer tought.

Oh and theres a Gaben face in the backround of the homescreen :3

Im also working on making it a reskin for the invisable watch in tf2.

Feal free to edit the texture and re upload it just give me...
Rottenburg Night
Created by JustSavage05
Since I felt a very creepy vibe off this map the first time I played it, I figuered might as well.
Any problems let Me know!
This is the Rottenburg map with just a night setting and a few lights in needed areas.

<Quick Apology>

Rose's models
Created by MARK2580
2 roses models from battle carnival and rocket league
  • WMZ - Z230289182916
  • WMR - R172079828218
  • Yandex money - 41001776878245
Rivalry Rush Content Pack
- Robot boots
- A button
- A grappling hook
- A rope
- A jeep
- A map
- 2 mountains
- A pizza slice
- A pizza hat logo
- Arm boosters for Scout

Rising magic particles
Created by Otsutski
These things fade into existance then fade out slowly as they rise. My first particle/workshop upload thingy


You can also see them in use in one of my older videos that is displayed above....
Created by Christoffer395
For the sake of this map I recommend getting the L4D2 content pack to ensure you don't get any missing textures/models, hunting and packing assets into the map is an absolute nightmare and I really don't want to spend nights trying to get it packed 100%.
Resident Evil 4 - House [SFM]
Created by Auditor ♦
Model of the house as it appears in the game, port, and previews by me.

Bodygroups included

Known issues: Chimney uses wrong texture

Please make sure to rate up and favorite, if you liked the addon or even subscribe if you like what i post, it rea...
Real Horse WOAH!!!!!!!!!!!
Created by Ghostie
Requested by:



-New Textures by Attention Horse.
-Black horse.
-The most real
RE0 Train
Created by HardlySeemsFair
A train

It's too big to work as 1 model so you have to spawn all parts.
Then for parent one of part's ROOTTRANSFORM bones to ROOTTRANSFORM of others
after that, select child ROOTTRANSFORM and press ZERO slider in animation set editor
that will sna...
Punching Bag
Created by Critical Hit!
if video didn't work:

*Updated: includes the bag minus the metal hanger and a hopefully working AO texture.

Team fortress 2 styled punching bag is now yours .

Jigglebone for the bag and ropes for both versions.
(model anima...
Poseable Syringe
Created by ai_chicken
Paintable liquid with material override. 2 flexes (fill, empty) for liquid. Can be taken apart.

To make parts shinier, add "$lightwarptexture" "models/player/pyro/pyro_lightwarp" to appropriate .vmt files, and adjust $phongboost value

Post-it notes
Created by Nomad
This model was requested by [SAUK] Alex Wisdom.

Post-it notes model includes two skingroups and the top piece is rigged to bones to allow some movement.


Precious 2007 (Femscout hat)
Created by renderpunk
Adds more variety for those, who likes AyesDyef's female Scout and wants to make her more pretty.
Made using Blender, Adobe Photoshop and Crowbar.

Pose Sniper
Created by DedBoy
It juste pose Sniper


Name: workshop\elements\pose sniper.dmx

pose sniper.dmx
Posable TF2 Props
Created by мяFunreal
Various props from Team Fortress 2, enhanced for film making.
This pack contains several props which weren't suitable for individual releases.

  • Posable Propeller.
  • Posable Gasoline cap.
  • Posable Throttle.
  • Pos
Posable Scout items
Created by мяFunreal

  • Posable Boston Boom Bringer
  • Posable Caffeine Cooler
  • Posable Half Pipe Hurdler
  • Posable Shortstopp

If you have more ideas for Scout items, tell me. I might add them to this pack

Posable Briefcase
Created by мяFunreal
The TF2 briefcase, also known as "Intelligence" is now fully posable and even hollowed out so you can put stuff in it.

  • Posable front locks - individually.
  • Posable number wheels on top and on the front.
  • Posable hand
Pooling Blood Animated Prop
Created by Mickyan
Use the "bloodsmall" slider to animate/change size

PlayStation Portable
“come out and play”

psp 1000
psp 3000

5 skins
1 blank texture so you can make your own.

Version for Garry's Mod :


If y...
Playing Cards (With Bones)
Created by Anomidae
Poster 1: by Sult4n
Poster 2: by Sparky
Poster 3: by Potatohead
Poster 4: by Hidden-Maverick
Poster 5: by Pandra

This here is a small project of mine that I started for some reason

2 full decks of playing cards (minus the advertisement car...
Pistol with all decorated collections
Created by Baldurs Tod
Imported pistol model with additional materials. To use select skin 10 to 35. Wear is factory new.

List of materials (+1 for blu)
10: Red Rock Roscoe
12: Homemade Heater
14: Hickory Hole-Puncher
16: Local Hero
18: Black Dahlia
20: Sandstone Specia...
PC Monitors (pack)
Includes :
LG 4:3 monitor
Acer 16:9 monitor
LG Ultrawide monitor
LG Ultrawide curved monitor
Samsung Super Ultrawide monitor

All models have 6 skins:
RT screen
Green screen
2 custom

Body groups and bones for everything
Penny board and Skateboard pack
Created by voyager
Penny board and Skateboard models.

Pile of Books
Created by Tumbolisu
As seen in the TF2 2015 halloween event.
Taken straight from the gargoyle model.
All credit goes to Valve.

Patriot Peak Material Fix
Created by -ZeuS-
When it doesn't work, launch SDK go to Edit search paths and put worshop above everthing. Then it should work.

When you need a Material Fix for any TF2 model in SFM let me know.

I hope i helped you :3

Paintable Scout - Material and Texture Files Only (Repaired)
Created by Pte Jack
The entire team is available as a collection here...

Guide for use found here

These materials and their textures r...
Paintable Medic - Material and Texture Files Only
Created by Pte Jack
The entire team is available as a collection here...

Guide for use found here

These materials and their textures r...
Paintable Bullet Wounds
Created by HotPockette
Goes great with

How to paint these:

It bothered me that this did not exist, so I asked a pal to make it.

Use these to spice up ya...
Overwatch: Winter Wonderland (Christmas) Pack
Here we go mah dudes, this is more or less complete pack of props from the Overwatch event called "Winter Wonderland". They have skins, bones, etc. Materials are ok, I guess, altrough I'd like to make them look better in some time in the future. Merry Chri...
OUTDATED,SEE NEW:Blood,bullet and explosion decals
Created by Dank de la Meme
Tired of not having the blood placed on the exact place u want ?tired of not getting your bullet holes and explosion marks placed on the place u want ? then this is for u :)) just add the particles and place wherever u want :))
i dont want any credits for...
Ominous Button
Created by NeoDement
A TF2 styled big red button. Includes bones for the hinge and button depressor.

This is an unused prop from Team Fortress 2 Robotic Boogaloo.

Old Time Lantern
Created by Pte Jack
I can't take credit for the lantern, it's the one from Pirates, Vikings and KnightsII, however, I remodeled the pattern in the glass so that is is an actual mesh so that it will cast a shadow and block light. I also added a candle that is a bodygroup membe...
Oh merde! (Animation)
Created by Methmeme
Animation for Spy's face and body. Use with hwm model to get the facial expressions right.


File is located in
\C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\SourceFilmmaker\game\workshop\elements\animations...
New Your Worst Nightmare for Sniper
Created by Lk.
Export from Main folder TF2

New Spy-cicle Taunt
Created by Eso
A new animation for the Spy's Spy-cicle taunt.

Nepeta Leijon
Created by BabyFawnLegs
Nepeta Leijon from Andrew Hussie's webcomic, Homestuck!

New HD Eye Textures
Created by The Helper
Each iris carefully and beautifully hand-made!

I'm not taking suggestions for new irises at the moment - they'll return eventually.
Sorry for any inconvenience.

I'm in the middle of remaking and improving all my irises, a
mocap animation's
Created by Anthony_python
now 11 animation's, thriller,60 dance, strong poses(for heavy), druken master (for the demo), and look at me (for pyro), etc..., but i guess you can use the animation's for any class except the strong poses as it will do exactly what every other heavy an...
Miss Pauling HWM (Crazyb2000)
Created by Crazyb2000
Miss Pauling, the assistant of the illusive "administrator". Pauling is a hardworking girl
who just so happens enjoys quiet nights of surveilance and gun shows.

-Detailed recreation of the Miss Pauling Character as seen in "Expiration...
Miqo'te ears and tail
Created by Vyers Ametisto
I have separated the ears and the tail of Lightning Miqo'te suit for better and easier posing.
The ears are separated for easier posing also.
The only problem here will be with the tail and it's weird lightning issues and the little "hole" {that i couldn't...
Melancholic pose
Created by kiddo
Simpliest pose for a scout
I have no idea why I did it, huh

The model will fly out of the shot somewhere, you need to drag the root_transform back in.

To apply an animation to your model, right click the scout model in the Animation Set Editor, then...
Meet the Spy Soldier Sounds
Created by ItsameWario
Straight from Rick May's own Magical Mouth!

Soldier\Aaaaany second now....wav
Soldier\Alright, I got it. Stand back, son..wav
Soldier\And A Knife....wav
Soldier\A RED Spy is in the Base.wav
Soldier\Big problem....w...
Meet the Spy Announcer Lines
Created by RIP me
One big take of all the lines from Meet the Spy. Thanks to maxofs2d[] for uploading the original leak.
I'm just putting this up for ease of access.

Meet the Sniper Assets
Created by Sam
All (some) props seen in Meet The Sniper video.

Models and textures are made by Valve.

AO removed (temporary fix).

Meet the Mercenary test map
Created by Circle Pipe
Bla bla text....

MAP name: sfm_hugebox1_bluesky_d.bsp (i'm lazy :v)

sfm_hugebox1_bluesky_d.bsp - SFM Map - Huge Box - Blue Sky
Meet The Scout Raw Lines
Created by RIP me
Originally uploaded by maxofs2d to his website ( . Uploaded to the workshop for ease of access.

Meet the Medic outtakes
Created by ItsameWario
Straight from Robin Atkin Downes' own magical mouth!

ItsameWario's MtM Outtakes\ItsameWario_Creating gods.wav
ItsameWario's MtM Outtakes\ItsameWario_Darkest Moment.wav
ItsameWario's MtM Outtakes\ItsameWario_Field Medic.wav
ItsameWario's MtM Outt...
Meet The Medic Lines
Created by RIP me
Ripped from Surgeon Simulator, sounds with the fx\meet_the_medic\ file path is from maxofs2d's website.

meet the medic beta props
Created by Yachna
these are the props from the meet the medic video realest by valve i do not take credit for these props as they are imports from garrys mod but im uploading them to the steam workshop for all you guys

Meet the Medic - Official Model Revamp
Created by Taco

This is an enhanced version of the official Meet the Medic Medic model.

It has been recompiled to support more skin groups, and has been seperated from the default Medic model and made into i...
Medigun with all decorated collections
Created by Baldurs Tod
Imported medigun model with additional materials. To use select skin 10 to 33. Wear is factory new.

List of materials (+1 for blu)
10: Masked Mender
12: Wrapped Reviver
14: Reclaimed Reanimator
16: Civil Servant
18: Spark of Life
20: Wildwood Medi Gun
Medical Exam Room
Created by Shalashaska
I noticed there was a lack of good medical maps for SFM, so I went ahead and made one.
This map is a small section from an upcoming larger map, which will feature an entire small medical building, but I decided to release this room early since I enjoyed ...
Medic's Slick Cut Texture Fix
Created by Pte Jack
This is the Texture only. It will install to your Workshop folder and will not replace the original material unless you have given the workshop folder a higher priority than your TF folder in the Gameinfo.txt file.

If you're still having problems, see ...
Medic: Ace Attorney
Created by 84F Studios
A set of Medic poses based off of Miles Edgeworth, from the game Ace Attorney.

Please suggest in the comments which character's animations should be used with which class!

TF2 Ace Attorney\Medic\casefile.dmx
TF2 Ace Attorney\Medic\
Medic session
Created by Slash
for your use in sfm. Edit it, make your own loadout ect.

sessions\medic session.dmx
Medic in Black - (VTF Texture only - to be used with override materials and the $basetexture command)
Created by Pte Jack
I've uploaded a team pack, this skin is available in that now.

This is a reskin I did to dress the medic in a black uninform.

To use,

The Workshop texture (vtf) will download to your

Medic cosmetics pack
Created by Baldurs Tod
I don't own anything of this. Uploaded to SFM workshop for convenience.

Medic Cosmetic Texures (FIXED)
Created by Sprocket
Y'know those black, unpaintable cosmetics like the Surgeon's Shako n' whatnot? Well, I went ahead and fixed all of them and decided to put them all together in one big group of an addon!

Note, for these to properly work, you must have Workshop's searc...
Med-Mask Material Fix
Created by ᴇʟɢᴏᴛʜ
No more white texture, unreal bright.

Created by 9joao6
Also known as a smore. It's a food. You eat it. Made with a melted marshmallow and chocolate sandwiched between graham crackers. It's pretty messy, I hear.

Single model, each part can be shown/hidden through the bodygroups.

Furniture For Home And Office [ 95 Models ]
Created by Настюшка :3
Furniture For Home And Office [ 95 Models ]


Furniture [ 147 Models ]
Created by NeneroG⭐
Моя группа / My group

Gamzee Markara
Created by BabyFawnLegs
Gamzee Markara from Andrew Hussie's webcomic, Homestuck!

Gangam Style animation
Created by 8Yaron8
Ganganm Style animation was converted to the bones with TF2 and HL2 with animation for the FUSE model.

German Gentleman
Created by Just Silver
Now you can do your Medic look like a real GermanGentleman with this beautiful set.

Credits to their respective creators:
-SedimentarySocks http://steam...
Created by Masterlegodude
Reuploaded due to an uploading error, hopefully it works now

An edit of the glasses that came with Bloocobalt's Enhanced Citizen pack that makes the glasses fit each of the Half Life 2 citizens, that includes almost any custom character models th...
Gobo Essentials
Created by Patrick Hunt
This is a very simple yet useful pack of gobo textures to use with light sources.

How to use:
1. Right click your Light source and press "Set Light Gobo Texture"
2. Filter by "gobo"
3. Select desired texture and press "Open"

If you need customizat...
Gorillaz 2D and Noodle's Mask
Created by AustinTheBear
The Release of The Two Masks from Gorillaz Music videos
2D's mask from Stylo
Noodle's Mask from Melancholy Hill
Ported By: Dirty_Tree
Model By:AustinTheBear

Posters by:

Grab Bag #1: Misc. Requests and Stuff!
Created by Anomidae
POSTER 1: Red Sky At Night By ZeÜberMedic
POSTER 2: Gamble GrabBag By Silvermace
POSTER 3: [url=http://ste...
Gray Mann for SFM
Created by Rebbacus
Check out this short old guy I modeled, you can have him in your SFMs now

Great White Shark
Created by Sparkwire
A shark model i made for a tf2 item promo poster. I've decided to release it as a SFM prop, and later a tf2 map prop. Enjoy!

If you use this in a video, i'd love to see! post a link in the comments or on my profile.

Grey Mann sound clips
Created by {CB1} Doho
I have had this idea of what Grey Mann Sounded like. I'm not sure if I portrayed that, but I just felt I'd give it a shot.

Greymann\destroy them.mp3
Greymann\drop point.mp3
GTA V apartament sofas pack
Created by MARK2580
6 sofas used in homes commodities of sp game GTA V. Each bed has for each piece of bone, for example pillows or separate elements.

● Support author
  • WMZ - Z230289182916
  • WMR - R
Guardians of the Galaxy: Peter Quill
Created by Lottie
=== UPDATED August 9, 2017: Improved textures. ===

I ported Peter's model without having played the game, or even watching a YouTube playthrough video of the game. I did a Google image search, but I discovered that was inadequate. Unfortunately, I disco...
Hair Rips2
Created by Mister-E
So, more hair rips

original credit goes to moogleoutfitters, for rigging and converting textures to xnalara

Even more credit goes to teamninja and xmsims and skysims for creating the original models

added a jiggleboned version of fang's hair

I added a ...
Heart taker
Created by Handsome Mug
not sure if it means good looking or literal

Heavy Cosmetic Texures (FIXED)
Created by Sprocket
Y'know those black, unpaintable cosmetics like the Borscht Belt n' whatnot? Well, I went ahead and fixed all of them and decided to put them all together in one big group of an addon!

Note, for these to properly work, you must have Workshop's search p...
HipHop Harmony
Created by Pte Jack
These are made for the scout, however, I've added bones in the ear pieces so they can be fitted to the different classes.

If you lock the model (root transfer and bip_head) to the model and zero, the ear phones will collaspe inward because there is n...
Heavy Run Cycle
Created by Deadmeat
Custom run cycle for heavy I had to create for one of my projects.

Spawn a heavy in the animation set editor - right click on it - import - animation -
navigate: \game\workshop\elements\animations\heavyruncycle.dmx
Use the roottransform...
Homestuck Weapons
Created by BabyFawnLegs
Weapons to be used wth my Homestuck character models.

Homestuck Model Pack
Created by Skyplayer
Over the last year and a half I've been making various Homestuck models for Garry's Mod. Now you can use (most of) those models in SFM! There's a few that were broken by SFM, so l...
House Furniture
Created by Old Bill
Credits go to Sweet Home 3D, I did the editing, texturing, and porting job

After hours of working, I finally ported these props to support Source Film Maker and Garry's Mod communities; plus, I'm going to port more if I get enough subscribers, rates, a...
HWM Helen
Created by 42.58 MHz/T
Let's end this.

Once and for all.



The administrator, as she appears at the end of TF comic issue #6.[]

-HWM Flexes (with Emotion...
HWM Demoman Belch Taunt
Created by Eso
An enhanced version of the Bottle Taunt, with the animation focused on the belch.

I'm a Banana! [SONG]
Created by mot-datrix (Chaz)
I'm a banana, I'm a banana, I'm a banana.

im a banana\im a banana.wav
Hyperdimension Neptunia Sisters Picture Frames
Created by Nepped Waifu
You didn't ask for them, but here they are. The CPU Candidates in a glorious picture frame!

Type of addon: Prop

A simple picture frame with various images of the CPU Sister Candidates from the Hyperdimension Neptunia series

There are eight pictures fo...
Ice Beam - Metroid Prime
Created by Chaofanatic

Blast things and freeze them solid with the searing hot frigid cold death rays of the Ice Beam! Includes char...
Iceblock & Freezie - Super Smash Bros Brawl
Created by Chaofanatic
A block of ice to freeze things in and a freezie to initiate said freezing! Just in time for winter!
Comes with normal versions of the models which use the texture from smash bros, and fancy versions that use two layers of texture to make a more complex i...
Improved Spy Model
Created by wicked
Improves the Spy's materials and stuff.


Inside the Sniper's camper van
Created by Segab
A model of the Sniper's camper van with the inside modeled and a door that can open.

This is what FLOOPtRON asked me to model for the short "The Chase", which got finalist in the "Action" category of the Saxxy Awards 2012.
Iris Retextured
Created by Linny
Someone asked for more colors :)

These are retextures of eye-iris-blue.

If u want to use it, u should download VTFEdit first.

How to use these retextures?

put files into:

Intergalactic Outlaw [SFM UPLOAD]
Created by donhonk
SFM Upload of my Intergalactic Outlaw set for TF2. If you like this, please consider going to the TF2 set and give it an upvote! It would help the set become a reality!! LINK BELOW

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - Menacing text particle
Created by snarleyharley

A particle version of the Japanese characters used in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure to signify that ****'s probably about to get real, or that you should be seriously scared of someone or something. Sometimes even both.

If you mak...
Jungle Inferno Cosmetics
Created by GamingTaco
Yep, all of them (most likely). Just comment if anything is missing or has broken textures. Weapons to come tomorrow if nobody else gets them, I'm busy for the rest of the day.

I hit the text limit when including the model names, but the models names shou...
Junkie Femscout (retexture) v1.0.0
Created by Aureold
A simple re-texture for femscout's head; to apply it :

Right click on the femscout model in the Animation Set Editor,
Then add an Override Material.
Right click again -> Show in Element Viewer -> Model,
At the bottom, unwrap "materials", after that,...
Kanaya Maryam
Created by BabyFawnLegs
Kanaya Maryam from Andrew Hussie's webcomic, Homestuck!

Karkat Vantas
Created by BabyFawnLegs
Karkat Vantas from Andrew Hussie's webcomic, Homestuck!

Kid Icarus: Uprising - Hearts
Created by Chaofanatic
The hearts from Kid Icarus: Uprising. Built from scratch using the card artwork as a reference and with a few personal touches to make them work better as models..

Chaofanatic - Modeling
Geibuchan - Textures

Kitty Model IK Rig Scripts
Created by Rebbacus
For use with the cat models from my End Of The Line Props pack! Only useful with those models, and comes in two flavours:

a "kittyIK", with foot roll controllers for dianty tippy toe animation potential.
a "kittyIk-NoFootRoll" version, for the more cla...
Killstreak Eye Particle Effects
Created by Blobinet
This is a compilation of .pfc files for every possible effect color, made for convinience.

Contains all the effects.


If you are importing MORE than one COLOR into your scene, you MUST instance every (killstreak) particle s...
koth_dewm (SFM)
Created by Invalid nick
SFM version of my TF2 map koth_dewm

Welcome to Dewm, a remote research facility on your favorite red planet



To fix the missing textures (shows as white wireframe) download this texture pack:
Koth_suijin fix!
Created by Titus

I have only converted it for Every one!


Includes \koth_suijin.bsp

koth_suijin.bsp - Koth_suijin Fo...
L4D Elevator Cabin
Created by CozyChicken
This is the Elevator Cabin map for SFM. I made this map using Hammer Editor and tried to make same as the L4D one. Hopefully it will be useful for SFM users. And I know most SFM users want this.

Get the model version from here!: {LINK REMOVED}...
Large Cage
Created by sonosublime
For the supervillain of your movie to trap the hero in while they devise an unnecessarily complicated death for him/her.

Cage door opens, as well as the plate for a padlock.

Created by Contron
Completely re-done from scratch, with way better textures and overall appearance.

Lens pack
Created by YoshiPoland
Step 1:
Right click on "Effects" next click "Add Clip to Track" and choose "Materials Overlay Effect".

Step 2:
Right click on "New Clip" and choose "Show i...
Lenseless Graybanns
Created by Demoman
Have you ever wanted to make your Scout or Demo look like a full on hipster or a nerd?
well here ya go!

-Something else!
Heres the gmod version (hope it works) :
Lockers (Slender Fortress 2)
Created by fucking dust
At the same time, Here is the Lockers map from the Slender Fortress 2 gamemode.

State of the art spawn room (Where you first spawn when you open this map in SFM)
High quality HDR
A perfect Facility map for your SFM!

Lockers, Slender Fortress (c) Gl...
Limewood Leg-Up
Created by Astute
This is the SFM version of my TF2 workshop submission: The "Limewood Leg-Up"

A fancy medigun made using the torso of a large marionette. The original marionette was split and hollowed out to make room for the medigun components. The arm and leg holes...
looney tunes style circle
Created by Medusa
black screen card with resizable round hole in centre.

стратегическое отверстие с изменяемым диаметром

preview by Vodka Drunkenski

Lost Forest Map
Created by theFaceless
Presumably fixed the lamppost missing model.
Updated with a daytime version of the map.

The map that i've made for personal use in project.
So, i thought that perhaps someone will find this useful and stuff.

From now on you no longer need to sub...
Love And War Update Models (Read Description First)
Created by Professor Heavy
Does not include:
Taunt item animations
Particles (ARE there any particles, anyway?)

Some things I may have missed out that need to be there.. let me know.

M151 Jeep Mutt
Created by Dio Joestar
A Jeep Mutt with a TF2 style.

Magic vortex (Beta)
Created by Otsutski
I am currently away from my normal work area and I do not have a computer strong enough to run Source Filmmaker, particle uploads will be VERY spaced out and creating something well will be difficult. This is just a beta particle so you guys know i'm still...
Mann Co. H2O
Created by MysteryPancake

Manor Rooms
Created by Christoffer395
Has enough rooms to house your projects!

This manor comes with 16 rooms, in different shapes, sizes and looks. All rooms are almost empty, meaning you can decorate it from scratch. How you use the rooms it up to you, most of the rooms doesn't serve a purp...
marijuana Plants
Created by StickyFingazFo20
Marijuana Plants.
Short version and tall version. each with 11 skins, and different sizes.


Tall version
Short version
Different sizes...
Max Payne 3 : Stadium Locker Room
Created by sunkenr
This is the dressing room from Max Payne 3 .
The room is in 4 several parts due to it's size and material count, so to assemble the room you must parent the root bone of one of the parts to the other 3 and drag the zero slider whilst having the 3 parented...
Maya's Mohair
A port conversion of Maya's hair from Borderlands 2 for the Femscout.

I gotta stop doing all those ports, I promise, I am going to bring you something else soon.

Max Payne 3 Bullet Wounds
Created by Jin
These are the Max Payne 3 Bullet Wounds! Quite a few people have ported them and used them in their animations, so i decided to just make it easier for everyone and upload them here, i have permission from the originial uploader!

Don't judge the video, ...
Ice Beam Shard Models
Created by Chaofanatic
The 3D ice shards needed for my Ice Beam particles. Go get them here!

Update: Added scaled up versions of the models.

Created by Christoffer395
Waterver floats your boat.

This map was done by request, it is a roughly 3500x3500 sized pond surrounded by a grassy meadow.

Partially submerged models will look really awful when rendered.

Olivia Mann HWM (Crazyb2000)
Created by Crazyb2000
Olivia Mann, the supposed daughter of overall TF2 universe antongist, Gray Mann. The same girl who challeneged Saxton Hale to a fight over the title of CEO of Mann Co, and WON.

-Detailed 3D rendition of the comic character