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13 RNG BO2 Soda Pack(Pain Pills)
Created by Cele
So thats the interesting thing i brought u that i said before,well,maybe for u it isnt funny at all:D,anyway,its not the point today,the point is that u wont swallow the whole bottle any more,just drinking time,if u have ever subscribed Ellie's any RNG rel...
Adidas Shotgun
This is an Adidas Shotgun and my second work
If you use this skin too , I'm very happy

smg_silenced (that uploaded the past) has had too shiny .But This Shotgun doesn't have that fault

Adidas magnum , hunting riple are fixing
I don't know when t...
Airplane Launcher
Created by Ellie
This mod replaces the Grenade Launcher Pellet by an... airplane ?! Yeah, what would be more logical than an... airplane launcher ?
Anyway, like the Pizza Party mod, the goal of this mod is not to make the game more realistic, but just a lil' bit funnier.....
Alien Xenomorph Hunter AVP Colonial Marines
Created by aNILEator
Replaces the Hunter with an Alien Xenomorph Lurker from Aliens Colonial Marines
Also includes a View model and Hud Icons (for Versus mode)

(Yes I know the view model hands are crap, any help welcome, the hud icon is pretty awesome though :D)

You ma...
Alien Xenomorph Spitter AVP Colonial Marines
Created by aNILEator
Replaces the Spitter with an Alien Xenomorph Spitter from Aliens Colonial Marines
Now includes a View model and Hud Icons (for Versus mode)

You may encounter server consistency errors on some servers that are enforcing strict/pure consistency (to have...
Benny Moon
Created by HomeDepo410
From My Youtube Channel Benny Rathre...
Big Smoke Model as Coach
Created by Tksharmely
This addon changes Coach's visual to Big Smoke character from Grand Thef Auto:San Andreas game. This mod converted from GTASA txd to L4D2 file format. Enjoy.

NOTE: Please vote for addon if you liked it.

Big Smoke OOOOH Item Pickup Sound
Created by ♫ Chicago ♫
Replaces the default pickup sound with Big Smoke's operatic OOOOOOOH....
big smoke you picked the wrong house fool bat noise
Created by Moomy
i made this amazing mod so give me items

I know about the tags, it was my first mod and i wanted it to get out there and to show up, sorry about the tags.

Total ratings 417
Positive ratings 385 (92% of total)
Negative ratings 32 (8% of total) ...
Bill Chompski
Created by Mother Gem


Black Chainsaw
Created by LaCostraMotra
A black reskin of the default chainsaw....
Boomer Music - "Tunak Tunak Tun" by Daler Mehndi
Created by Country Steaks
Replaces the default music when the Survivors are hit by Boomer vomit.

Now taking sound mod requests: http://countrysteaks-net.webnode.com/request-a-custom-mod/...
Cannibal Corpse Concert
Created by Son of Anarchy
A small tribute to CANNIBAL CORPSE. This addon replaces posters, cases and the banner with reskins. All textures and sounds modifications were created by me.

Set List:
The Bleeding
Hammer Smashed Face
Drowning In Viscera
Blood Drenched Execution

Carl Johnson GTA SA
Created by JackLierDie
Carl Johnson its here to kill zombies like in San Andreas

(Replaces to Ellis)...
Charger Donkey Kong
Created by LeftyGreenMario
Please support us on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/MarioBabyLuigi

CEDA was hard at work monitoring at stopping the spread of illnesses, but they didn't bother monitoring the zoos or the tainted cartridges of the SNES game, Donkey Kong Country. One hi...
CS:GO Incendiary grenade
Created by Twilight Sparkle
Well hello everyone again, so as again i bring you another small replacement which is again for another throwable, so this one's Incendiary grenade and it will replace the
, it also comes with its own sounds as well and it also uses its ori...
Delorean Time Machine - Jimmy Gibbs
Created by мяFunreal
This fashionable time machine built by Doc. Brown now replaces Jimmy Gibbs Stock car. It comes with custom animations and custom sounds.

I don't know who made this model, but i'm assuming it came from some game, since the textures are a big mess.
Diddy Kong (Jockey)
Created by Stay Puft
This mod replaces the Jockey model with Diddy Kong. It's on, like Diddy Kong!...
[Chainsaw] Doom - Sound Replacer
Created by Dante
Simply replaces the chainsaw sounds (Start Up, Idle, Attack) with those from Doom, since this was heavily requested.

Delayed a while since I lost most of the game files I had extracted.

Let me know what you guys think and I'll consider any changes, t...
Duke Nukem's Gold Pistols
Created by Lt. Rocky
By popular request, I've re-released the Duke Nukem pistols with both handguns on the golden skin.
Damn, those zombie bastards are gonna pay for screwin' up my vacation. Replaces the pistols, on Arby's cz75 animations.

See the original version [url=http://...
Duke Nukem's Pipebomb
Created by Lt. Rocky
Come get some! The pipebomb from Duke Nukem Forever is primed and ready to let God sort 'em out.

Thunderwolf05 - Idea & concept
Jason278 - UV correcting; the UV mapping for the model I ripped from DNF was messed up. I used the props from the DNF ...
Earrape/loud frying pan
Created by Dogmeat 2
This addon makes the frying pan attack noise very loud.AKA the attack .wav file is earraped.Enjoy bashing the skulls in of zombies with this insanley loud frying pan...
Fire Axe High-FoV Fix
Created by Lt. Rocky
And baby, they were fixed with a vengeance.

I'm a little disappointed I had to put the indefinite brakes on the Halloween project I was planning, so I decided I'd whip up this quick little fix to help bring out the axe murderer in everyone this Hallowee...
Flying V Bonnie's Guitar
Created by Tя!cky ツ
Bonnie's Red V Guitar of Five Nights at Freddy's. Retexture of the HD Brütal Legend Flying V in "Red and White" has black knobs with EMG double pickups, white carbon pick guard, rosewood fret board, Gibson logo.

GTA: San Andreas Mission Complete Saferoom Music
Created by Leviathan
This sound mod replaces the saferoom music with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Mission Complete theme.
Heather Mason
Created by Pajama
Replaces Rochelle with Heather from Silent Hill 3...
Huebox - Jukebox
Created by Dragonyk
Muda a jukebox! Para a HUE HUEBOX...
Improved Bots (Simple)
Created by Ziggy
This addon makes several changes to bots to make them act more like human players and make them more reliable as teammates. They can use melee weapons, rescue you if you die, react quicker to a teammate being attacked by a special ...
Initial D Escape Themes
Changes the l4d1 escape theme to Deja Vu and the l4d2 escape theme to GAS GAS GAS

Please rate if you like this mod :)...
Machete Hands Fix
Created by ɪяɪѕ
Fixes a problem with survivors' melting(?) left hand when using the default machete in high-FOV.
Compatible with machete reskin.

Credits :
Twilight - Animations fix
Valve - Model, Textures
IRIS - Compile

Menu UI Fixes and Improvements
Created by Olde
This addon combines several very useful modifications and fixes to L4D2's menu without changing the basic structure or integrity of the UI. Namely, this adds a Server Browser, the ability to create private games, enables single-player option for Realism an...
Original Francis
Created by Splinks2
Found Deep within the Valve Archives and now polished to make his first public appears to you all.


This mod is part of the Community Update. Please visit and read more about it at the follow.

Legacy Particles Support ( muzzle effects )
Created by Urik
Important: for modders.
It has come to my attention that people often create their own muzzleflash mods and include contents of this mod in it.
I don't have any qualms about that, but for sake of conlicts, DON'T just copypaste materials and effect...
Original Louis
Created by Splinks2
Another gift from the Archives.


The Fro is Back!!!...
Painis Cupcake (Witch)
Created by BriefCasey795
"I am Painis Cupcake. I will shred you to pieces!"

Painis Cupcake has somehow made it into the L4D world, and has eaten the Witch to take her place. If you see this guy around, do not make him mad, or you are screwed.

-Sound replacement
Real, actual HUD icons
Created by Alex_D_Vasilkov
What started as a mod that fixed the odd M1911 icon for pistols, now replaces most of these icons.
  1. Replaces the default pistol icons (that are old L4D1 Colts) with real, actual SIG-Sauer P220 SAO and Glock 26 silhouettes from my artwork.
  2. T
Red Tiger Uzi
Created by choco
A red tiger skin for the Uzi!
Based off of the Call of Duty: MW2 Mini Uzi...
UT99 Minigun (for M60)
Created by Alex_D_Vasilkov
Minigun from Unreal Tournament (1999). Yeah, it only has five barrels.

Replaces the M60 on Lt. Rocky's animations from his "Serious Sam 3 Minigun".

One of my first compiles. ...
Van Halen's AK-47 Style
Created by Kira Yoshikage
AK-47 with new textures, inspired on Eddie Van Halen's customized guitars.
* It has Luminous details....
[L4G2] Pudge Boomer
Created by Peka
Part of a set named Left 4 Gank 2, this mod feature Dota 2 Pudge as Boomer!

Many thanks goes to Splinks for the tip. no need to use the console to play the mod!
mod is updated.

Check my workshop to get Undying Spitter and Death Prophet Witch!...
Star Wars Red Lightsaber [Baseball Bat]
Created by Nicky_Da_B
Star Wars

In the days of the Old Republic the color of your blade signified your role in the Jedi Order. Red blades were the exception. Red blades were synthetic crystals created to be more powerful and deadly than the natural crystals. As such t...
Star Wars Green Lightsaber [Katana]
Created by Nicky_Da_B
Star Wars

In the days of the Old Republic the color of your blade signified your role in the Jedi Order. Green blades were usually wielded by Jedi Consulars. Consulars sought to bring balance to the universe. They focused less on physical combat ...
Star Wars Blue Lightsaber [Golfclub]
Created by Nicky_Da_B
Star Wars

In the days of the Old Republic the color of your blade signified your role in the Jedi Order. Blue blades were usually wielded by Jedi Guardians. Guardians battled directly against the forces of evil and the dark side. They focused on ...
Roblox death sounds for every death
Created by ✦Arikata Morin✦
This mod replaces just about every single sound that has to do with death with the Roblox death sound. Common infected, special infected, the pipe bomb explosion, dark carnival mini games and more will now release the beautiful sounds of "UUUHH : )"
Keep ...
Secret Agent Zoey (Geared)
Created by Lt. Rocky
Bill's been giving his girl some special training. Doesn't neccesarily explain where the fancy suit came from, but it certainly justifies the new level of expertise everyone's favourite girl has achieved.

Strong indepedant woman! Don the Suit of Curves ...
Serious Sam Mounted Minigun
Created by Lt. Rocky
I said in my previous release that it wasn't too much a serious one, and what better way to make up for that than with the most serious release of them all?


When you've got a Motley Crue of colorfully varied alien species stor...
Shrek Tank
Created by MasterGir
He'll make jelly from your eyes.

Comes with Shrek voice clips and All Star tank music.

If the music doesn't work then another mod is conflicting with this one. Disable the other mod(s) to fix it.

Credit goes to GormlessTosser for making ...
Created by Splinks2
They're Spooky
They're Scary
They are Skeletons!!!

In the spirit of halloween it only feels right to honor the true characters of the holiday,
so welcome our guests the skeletons.

Special Thanks: The Mask.
If you enjoyed the m
Run Bitch Run Horde Sound
Created by ToScano
Replaces horde sound with the quote "Run Bitch Run" from Scary Movie

Spanish Version:

German Version:

Russian Ver...
Screaming At Yellow Paint Minigun
Created by Smokinhotpickles
Art is full of emotion.

Replaces the Minigun's sounds with a man screaming at yellow paint....
☝︎✌︎💧︎❄︎☜︎☼︎ (Nick)
Created by MSF
☜︎☠︎❄︎☼︎✡︎ ☠︎🕆︎💣︎👌︎☜︎☼︎ 📄︎🗏︎

❄︎☟︎☜︎☼︎☜︎ ✋︎💧︎ 💧︎❄︎✋︎☹︎☹︎ ☟︎⚐︎🏱︎☜︎

💧︎⚐︎💣︎☜︎ 💣︎⚐︎☠︎💧︎❄︎☜︎☼︎💧︎ ✌︎☠︎👎︎ ☟︎🕆︎💣︎✌︎☠︎💧︎ ✌︎☼︎☜︎
✋︎💣︎💣︎🕆︎☠︎☜︎ ❄︎⚐︎ ❄︎☟︎✋︎💧︎ 👍︎⚐︎☼︎☼︎🕆︎🏱︎❄︎✋︎⚐︎☠︎

❄︎☟︎✋︎💧︎ 👎︎✋︎💧︎☜︎✌︎💧︎☜︎

🏱︎☜︎☼︎☟︎✌︎🏱︎💧︎ 👎︎☜︎❄︎☜︎☼︎💣︎✋︎☠︎✌︎❄︎✋︎⚐︎☠︎ ☟︎✌︎💧︎☠︎🕯︎❄...
Desert Eagle | Blaze
Created by CombatBowl
Replaces *Desert Eagle*

CS:GO Desert Eagle With Arby Animation
Detailed Rusty Jerrycans, Propane and Oxygen Tanks
Created by miztaegg
A set of Jerrycans, propane canister and oxygen tank reskins. Texture resolutions boosted to 1024px completed with custom normal maps and shader settings....
DOOM Vortex Rifle
Created by AvengedDeathAlert
Replaces Hunting Rifle.

Stefano - model
ImBrokeRu - Animations...
DOOT Clowns
Created by Jkaezorz
makes the clown noses make the doot meme sound...
Improved Blood Textures
Created by BakaKemono
Adds higher resolution textures for splatters and wounds. Splatter textures cover a wider area while splats/blobs of blood are cover less which helps to diversify the way blood appears.

Note: Blood not layering on top of each other is a bug with the Sou...
Panic! Chair[Fireaxe]
Created by Rex The Impaler
the holy grail, the savior of humanity. you mean to tell me i can live as a WWE superstar in a zombie outbreak AND i can use the same weapon to relax after bashing in zombie heads? what the hell more do you need?

-zps animations[works ...
PAYDAY 2 Medic Bag
Created by Salad

Replaces the first aid kit with a medic bag from PAYDAY 2. Uses MaxG3D's animations.

FYI, it appears on the heisters' sides in the screenshots because the heisters have a custom medkit attachment poin...
Loot Crate Fireworks
Created by Doktor haus
Replaces the fireworks box with a Loot Crate. It contains nothing of real value, just like in real life.

Doktor haus - textures
M16A4 Version 2[M16]
Created by Rex The Impaler
The M16A4 mod i did earlier but with new animations, i like these better since it makes the gun cover less of the screen but you still get a good view of it, enjoy.

-new animations[works online]
-firing and reloading sounds

Battlefield 3 SCAR-L
Created by Twilight Sparkle
Today i bring you the SCAR-L, it will repalce of course the Desert Rifle which is the other Scar or whatever its called, it comes with custom sounds and so i have nothing much else to say, well hope you guys like it or not, and so, good bye.

In any case y...
Beverage Cooler & Fountain Drink Machine Retex
Created by miztaegg
Beverage Cooler & Fountain Drink Machine Retexure, in higher resoultion 1024px....
Dark Souls Bonfire (ammo pile)
Created by RayScarlet
You guys can finally kindle the fireXD.
Replaces ammo pile.
替换 弹药

Models and textures:Fromsoftware ...
DOOM Gauss Cannon
Created by AvengedDeathAlert
Replaces Military Sniper.

Note: I know the thirdperson animations don't fit with this, but at least the right hand can hold it correctly.

Original - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=854972559
Bethesda - Model, Sounds , Text...
Ed (Chopper Pilot)
Created by Salad
"Here she is! Willamette, Colorado. Population: 53,594. Distinguishing characteristics: Jaaaack shit !"

It's Ed DeLuca, Frank West's ponytail-sporting helicopter pilot from Dead Rising, filling in for the News Chopper 5 pilot.

Created by Zeon
The original ZoneBox. Be fancy!

Skyboxes made by komaokc[gamebanana.com] used for:
HD Ammo Cans (+RNG)
Created by Ellie
Hello everyone =), let me introduce you to another mod that uses the new RNG techniques. With this mod, you'll first get new HD Textures for the Ammo Tin Cans, but you'll also get a 1/2 chance of getting a "special" Tin Can every map (special = rusty or wi...
HD Animated Clocks (+RNG)
Created by Ellie
This mod does 2 things :
- It gives HD textures to the Wall Clocks and the Alarm Clock (digital and analog)
- It makes them display the time at the right speed (so the Wall Clock have the hands that move at the real speed etc.)

I had to...
HD Explosion Decal
Created by Ellie
While I was playing L4D2 the other day, I noticed that the Explosions Decals were really low (the decals that appear when you blow up a Propane Tank or a PipeBomb). So I decided to replace them with new ones, that are in 2K (2048x2048) Resolution. Enjoy ;)...
HD Interface, HD Textures for UI
Created by Royami-kun
Original L4D2 User Interface is fine, but when you set display resolution to 1920x1080 or above, you may see pixelization. To avoid this I offer you this mod with accurately recreated elements. x4 increased textures size. Even 4K-ready.

This is early vers...
HD RNG Soda Machines
Created by Ellie
At every map, you'll get a new unique texture that will stay the same for the entire map, giving you a enhanced reality feeling. Enjo
HD Water Dispenser (+ RNG)
Created by Ellie
Ever thought that water in that game tasted like Pißwasser and you're not Bear Grylls ? Well, thanks to that mod, you'll be able to get proper water to drink ;). This mod replaces the Water Dispensers / Fountains by new HD ones that use the "True RNG" syst...
Healing Sounds: Sexual Healing!
Created by deckard
Replaces healing sound from medkit with Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye. Sweet, sweet healing.

*THANK YOU guys! The reuploaded mod has been removed :)*...
Hitler Witch
Created by Spartan464748
I have made a disturbed hitler in the role of a witch!!!

- Hitler is talking and screaming too :P


and the mod does not, in any way, propagate nazism.

Hitler zombies !!! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=231930698...
LaserMax Laser Sights Box
Created by miztaegg
An old skin I made long before that never been published, I know someone has been done the simliar skin before, but again I found it in low resolution so made one, resolution doubled to 1024px....
Loud Nigra Charger 2.0!
Created by Koitus
Remember the old Loud nigra charger mod i made? well, this one is an improvement made by Mr.ownage!
Pretty much he gets 90% of the credit since he re-worked the mod and made it 10x better than the old one.
I feel i get 10% because i kinda made the original...
NHIndustries NH90
Created by Ellie
This mod is a Model replacement for the Parish helicopter. It turns the Parish helicopter into a high definition black NHIndustries NH90 ; the animations works (back ramp and rotors) and it will also replace the former MH-53 in every custom campaign that u...
Killing Floor 2 AA12
Created by Lt. Rocky
You're welcome.

Replaces the standard Auto shotgun on its own imported animations.

Alternate Version:
You can get a clean version of the AA12 with no digital camo https://www.dropbox.com/s/e1aj0i2mb0e9i5b/kf2_aa12_clean.7z?dl=0...
Kriss Vector The Division (Silenced SMG)
Created by scream
When we were activated, we knew the situation was bad. Worse than anyone knew. We're an elite, highly-skilled group of embedded agents. They only call us when everything else has failed.

We have no rules. We have no limits. Our job is to protect what re...
Snack Machine Skin HD
Created by Buket
Snack machine skin I made after being fed up with the current one avaliable from derandy123, which featured parody products and extremely poor quality images....
TF2 Heavy Death Sound
Created by Mr.Khaled
You are dead Not Big Surprise.
The Ring TV
Created by Ellie
[New] : Non-linear TV Animation Mod with Proxies Programming Showcase (the animation depends on the player position and the player view)
Valve's Missing Content Fix
Created by Rayman1103
Adds missing textures and models. These files came in with the first revision of Cold Stream, and the reason they have been removed is because Valve had to remove some content that was unsourced when they released Cold Stream.

The content was removed af...