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APSR: Anomalies, Planetary and Space Resources
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APSR: Anomalies, Planetary and Space Resources


Does the galaxy seem boring and monotonous?
Are the planets different from each other?
Do you want variety?
Then you found what you need!
This modification adds 24 special, unique planets to the game. On each such planet there is a planetary deposit that exists in the galaxy in a single copy. Using this planetary deposit you can get incredible amplification in any area.
Do you want to know what these special planets are?
Just click on the resource of interest!


The mod is fully compatible with other mods. There may be problems with mods that change the mechanics of planetary development.
Due to changes in the game code, Stellaris version 3.2 and higher is required.
Mod version 1.08 for Stellaris version 2.1:GoogleDisc[]
Mod version 2.04 for Stellaris version 2.3 (old launcher):GoogleDisc[]
Mod version 2.08 for Stellaris version 2.8:GoogleDisc[]

We need help!
We are faced with a big task: to create a global story for modification, which will overshadow all crises and stories from other modifications. But doing it with a small team is incredibly difficult. If you want to create a new story, and contribute to the development of the modification - join us on our Discord server:
Thanks to your attention, the mod continues to develop. Thanks to everyone who reports found bugs and errors. Thanks for the grateful comments. Thanks for using our mod!

But some things require financial investments. For example, creating quality models, writing a thoughtful scenario, and much more. Therefore, our modification has acquired its own page on Patreon. It is there that you can support us financially. And in gratitude, we will provide you with all the information about the development of the modification.
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Jul 20 @ 12:16pm
Dimuch62 [RUS]
Jul 4 @ 12:59pm
Dimuch62 [RUS]
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Discord-Lexia Aug 6 @ 12:55pm 
Never mind, found it.
Discord-Lexia Aug 6 @ 12:03pm 
Is the Anomolous Zone supposed to just disappear? Like, it got turned into a tomb world and by the time I got Climate Restoration, it was gone. Disappeared entirely.
Dimuch62 [RUS]  [author] Aug 2 @ 4:36am 
@GlitchFling108 Because this technology increases the chance of *something bad*
GlitchFling108 Aug 1 @ 5:29am 
Why Galactic Market is counted as dangerous technology?
UncleYar Jun 11 @ 11:32am 
I find this mod fairly interesting, but it kind of fails in its goal of making things less monotonous: there's nothing unique about world called "Unique World" with Unique minerals, Unique flora and Unique soil. For the feeling of uniqueness, those should have actual names. Otherwise adding variety to the galaxy would just be a matter of adding an "Interesting Planet" modifier to every planet with "never before seen, astounding to scientists, completely different to every planet you've seen" in the description.
Dimuch62 [RUS]  [author] Jun 2 @ 10:31am 
@AlienFromBeyond, This is a way to disable certain things in the vanilla game (like terraforming from buildings). So far there are no plans to change this. You can make a mini-patch that changes this, just one file.
AlienFromBeyond Jun 2 @ 7:29am 
Could the Ancient World and Unique World be changed to not be considered artificial? It's very strange, and means you can't build some stuff on them that you would expect to be able to, especially from other mods.
Dimuch62 [RUS]  [author] May 28 @ 11:07am 
This mod should be fully compatible because it only adds, not changes content.
Calaros May 28 @ 8:00am 
Anybody know how compatible this mod is alongside Real Space and New Frontiers? As they're both mods adding loads of planet types and resources
Rio_Mizuhoshi May 24 @ 11:48am 

We have created a Japanese version of the mod. If you are in Japan, please use it if you like.