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Aburrito: Fully Loaded
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Aburrito: Fully Loaded

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MOD ID: 1345979414

An Aberration port mod, requested by friends and subscribers. This is a simple, non-cancerous-spawns Aberration creature port mod. Designed to work with vanilla/modded maps, as well as scorched earth. In case you're wondering, several friends and I call Aberration, “Abburrito”, so...yeah.

////Need to Craft Saddles?///
The crafting station for the mod is called the Burrito Stand. Go there!

///Where does stuff spawn?///
Bulbdog: Beach, Oasis
Glowtail: Jungle, Redwoods, Oasis, Green Desert
Featherlight: Jungle, Redwoods, Green Desert
Shinehorn: Oasis, Beach, Jungle
Ravager: Grassland, Mountains, Badlands
Karkinos: Ocean (rare), Beach (rare), Inland Water, Oasis (rare)
Rock Drake: Redwoods, Scorched Mountain
Nameless: None (seriously, nameless wont pop out of the ground on a non-aberration map)
Surface Reaper King: None (same as Nameless)
Reaper Queen: Monster Island, Mountains (rare), Dunes
Rollrat: Green Desert, Badlands, Mountain, Grassland
Basilisk: Jungle, Dunes, Redwoods
Glowbug: Oasis, Green Desert, Redwoods, Beach.
Lamprey: Inland Water


This mod has been built using vanilla methods to be as clean as possible. Let me know if you think certain spawns are too rare or too common, and i'll take them into consideration.


Listen closely


This is because these are vanilla rock drakes, for compatibility and cleanliness's sake. Thus, they're also compatibile with Classic Fliers. The only two ways to tame Rock Drakes here are by using Immersive Taming or Wyvern Nests Plus. Vanilla Rock Drakes will NOT lay eggs on any not-aberration map. If you have Immersive Taming, you will need Rock Drake feather bait arrows. If you have Classic Fliers, you're in luck: Classic Fliers Rock Drakes, as they are not normal Rock Drakes, will not want Rock Drake feather bait. Just use normal prime meat bait!


Due to the Rock Drakes within the mod being vanilla, you will NEED the mod Immersive Taming in order to tame them, using Rock Drake feather bait arrows.

If you have any questions or comments, leave them and i'll get to them!
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Jaxz115 Dec 5 @ 1:30am 
wish you the best get well soon!
Shadlos  [author] Nov 29 @ 9:10pm 
Can't do anything about it because my computer's currently being repaired, and i'll be getting it back on the 7th

Trust me im in physical pain not being able to mod, lol.
Jaxz115 Nov 29 @ 8:54pm 
dev kit update wooooohooooooo! hopefully see this mod on extinction, out of all additional creature mods this is flawless thank you so much for this !
Shadlos  [author] Nov 9 @ 8:09am 
The dev kit does not have Extinction yet, so no creature mod will work with Extinction outside of those that have swamp spawners, because there's one very small swamp biome in the middle of the city.
KailIzzraham Nov 9 @ 7:25am 
Will this mod work with Extinction?
scubadivingmaui7 Oct 26 @ 9:06pm 
Does this not have seekers in it?
Dragonbreeder Jul 27 @ 4:44am 
mmm this burrito is good
Dragonbreeder Jun 24 @ 3:06pm 
good point
Shadlos  [author] Jun 24 @ 2:29pm 
Because that makes them not vanilla and potentially incompatible with certain mods.
Dragonbreeder Jun 24 @ 2:25pm 
im pretty sure this question has been awnsered but. why not just make it a tranq tame? cuz all creature besides bosses have a knock out animation and i know cuz i tried to tranq tame a reaper and rock drake. it did not turn out so well, both times