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Umbrella Corps - G.R.U Redux [Playermodels]
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Mar 28 @ 8:08pm
Jun 9 @ 8:59am
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Umbrella Corps - G.R.U Redux [Playermodels]

Hello guys and welcome to what I persoanly think is one of my best models I have done yet. Essentialy, these are just Bloocobalt's RE6 BSAA models but with less bodygroups and new textures. I have also edited stuff like the headset for example to remove certain things that may conflict with other bodygroups. Anyways, these aren't actually part of official Resident Evil lore, however they would fit right in. G.R.U stands for Ground Response Unit, and they do just that. It is basically the Millitary wing of the Umbrella Corporation. Anways, without me babbeling on for too long, let me show you its features (Insert Slingshot Channel joke here).


*15 different Bodygroup catagories with 1-6 Bodygroups under each

*Multiple face skins for Officer

*Good rigging (The originals werent rigged to the valve skeleton)

*Cool textures

And um....Well thats kinda it

Note: I did get Bloocobalts aprooval to edit these..Not that it matters, but nice to have. I will also not make these NPCs.


Me: For doing the UmbrellaCorp textures and some editing to the meshes
TFA: For helping me with rigging
Bloocobalt: For doing the original ports of these models
CapCom: For actually making the original models used
USSR-Compas: For making some of the screenshots
xSevenOneNaWaF: For also making some of the screenshots (His signature can be found under the ones he did)

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this addon is super fuckin good, one of the better ones on the workshop atm
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