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Mar 23 @ 1:10pm
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"Muscles hold their hard and dry bones covering their bodies.
Twisted and evil flesh weapons and dangerous living explosives.
They come from a barren planet in another galaxy, nothing stops them as they conquer worlds all over different galaxies.
They already dominate countless galaxies. They communicate via telephathy.
This is Phirux."

This mod is actually quite special to me, the very reason for this is because this is an idea i had in mind during my early days of modding CC.
I wanted to create this waaay back, and so came the creation for the actor..
But I didnt get much farther than that because my modding skills were obviously not anywhere good back then.

During those times i switched PC's alot and I wiped my memory drives quite often..
Which of course led to alot of losses. I lost alot of CC mods ive made aswell as other important stuff.
Except for that image. Somehow that image survived from all the things that happened to my PC's. Saved in a memory stick.

Then this last year before i "Quit" modding. I continued on this mod again.
This has been lying around in my unfinished mod folder for quite some time.
I created a few more things and polished some of the old stuff.
And now i think its ready to be released to the community! Even if its small.

Please enjoy this mod!

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RandomCoderZ  [author] Jul 15 @ 2:37pm 
Yes i do remember you Hypaiva, thanks for your nice comment. I really appreciate stuff like that. I sometimes rinse my friends list and im sorry if that offended you. If i unfriend someone its not something offensive from my side. I unfriend people that dont write to me to keep track of the ones that actually do write. (I'm very forgetful)
I remember every single nice comment people post on my mods. I always put 100% of my passion on the mods i release. Sadly i havent been so active on CC modmaking as i have been busy with my network i constantly work on.

Overall i really appreciate everything you said in that comment, Thanks! :cortex::ccgold:
Hypaiva Jul 8 @ 2:11am 
This looks awesome, you always seem to have great concepts for your mods then execute them very nicely. Glad to see you pick up this old project of yours after so long :). Im not sure if you remember me but i was one of the dudes that commented on your Myskoplex mod back in 2016 (jeez times goes by fast).

This is getting a bit off topic but since you unadded me, this is the only place to say it where you might see it but sorry for not responding/talking that much to the point you felt like unadding me. Life just got busy and i lost interest in this game.Your abviously probably past it by now and/or this probably didnt effect you at all like im making it to be lol, so i hope i didnt make this awkward, anyways i will definitely set some time aside to try this mod and all i got to say i wish you well, also i appriciate all youve done for the CC community by sharing your creations.
Strange_Texan_man. Jun 30 @ 10:20am 
I kinda wonder how would these function in real life.
JohnnyCanuck Jun 27 @ 9:05am 
*when the warhammer mods don't have tyrannids but then you find this gem*
Аsd072🌙 Jun 25 @ 4:23am 
please make it as playble race
it would be really nice to fight vs 3 bots with this race in skrimish def
ANGER ATTACK Jun 11 @ 6:49pm 
Ahh well that stinks. oh well!
RandomCoderZ  [author] Jun 11 @ 12:05pm 
I dont know how to make void wanderers support. I know i tried with my EXTREME mod before, but it didnt end so well.
ANGER ATTACK Jun 6 @ 8:35am 
Any chance of getting Void Wanderers support? I'd love to have these guys antagonize me! (or antagonize other factions as them :claugh:)
RandomCoderZ  [author] May 31 @ 9:26am 
I hear that alot. Never seen stuff about the gathering since someone else mentioned it after i released this.
Innocent Bystander May 27 @ 11:17am 
This reminds me Alot of the Phyrexians From Magic the Gathering (mostly the White ones from the Scars of Mirrodin Block).