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Weapon Data
By Blastom
I want to put an end on the arguments about the efficiencies on each type of weapons.

This guide shows the average damage of a weapon against a certain type of armor in a turn or in a successive attack. For example, how many hits a hand axe need to score to kill a bandit raider in average.

The data is preciously calculated out by exhaustion all possible dice combines in a serial of turns.

TL; DR, you can directly jump to the conclusion, to see the general ideas on the efficiency of different types of weapons under different situations.
All the calculation is based on data from Battle Brothers Wikia
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The accurate formula for damage used in Battle Brothers was not clearly explained. From the observation in game, the damage would carry over when destroying the armor, but could match neither the armor damage nor the possible flat damage. So I used an individual dice for it.

The basic data formula is like below:
3 separated dices for armor damage (aDamage), health damage from penetration (pDamage) and flat health damage (fDamage) as what appeared to be in game.
A armor soak ratio from 1 to 0 is calculated by target armor / armor damage - if target armor is higher than armor damage, the ratio is 1; if the target has no armor, 0.
The damage on health will be ratio * pDamage * ignore armor + (1 - ratio) * fDamage - 0.1 * remaining armor(if any). The damage will never be lower than minimum health damage (0 for most of the weapons and 10 for hammers).
The algorithm exhausts all possible combination of the 3 dice throws and give the average damage of all.
If a weapon can strike twice, the second attack will against the damaged armor instead of original, to represent a continuous attack with full ap. This is carried out by exhausting 6 dice throws (3 per attack).
The full calculation had taken like 10 minutes or more for one core of my cpu to complete.
Damage In the First Turn
The first line in the data sheet is the start armor value of the target.

If a weapon can attack twice the damage is the SUM OF BOTH ATTACKS, and the health damage of the second attack will count the ARMOR DAMAGE OF FIRST ATTACK in.

The line with -m after weapon name shows the damage with weapon mastery. Dagger mastery allow 3 strikes in a turn, crossbow mastery adds 20% ignore armor damage, etc. The throw mastery is calculated with highest bonus - 40%.

You can see the weapons with high ignore armor damage generally do better in the first turn.

Note: the algorithm didn't count the secondary part damage from split man. So all TWO-HANDED AXES are underrated about 20%.

Data for Tier 2 One-Handed
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Data for Tier 3 One-Handed
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Data for Two-Handed
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Data for Ranged
The damage for throwing weapons with Mastery is calculated on the closest cell (+40% raw damage).
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Damage In Two Turns
Some weapons have a high armor damage but low ignore armor damge, so it may not be fair to show only damage on one turn.

This part shows how much damage a weapon can do with 2 full turns - 4 attacks for weapons cost 4 ap to swing, 2 for 6 ap.

This part shows how a weapon can do in 2 turns. Generally, the weapons with high armor damage go up and become superior.

Tier 3 Melee Weapons In Two Turns
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Damage In First Turn For Duelists
The duelists get bonus from both double grip (+25% raw damage) and the perk (+25% ignore armor damage). This boosts mainly the damage dealing capability in the first turn.

Damage For Duelist
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Total Damage On Successive Attacks
There charts show how much health damage the weapons can do in a certain number of strikes.
These charts have multiple usages.
You can see how many strikes from a certain weapon can kill a certain target. Like, for a bandit raider in a 115 armor with 75 hp takes 5 hits from morning star to kill, while a raider with 50 armor takes only 3.
Also, this chart shows you how much protection a set of armor can provide to your brother or how many punches a brother can take before being knocked out.

Ok, I have to admit, these tables are far better than the ones above :) for both the analysis on damage potential of the weapons and armor protection. Accurately, most of the conclusions are based on there tables. But as I've already made the ones above, I just keep them.

Tier 1 One-Handed
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Tier 2 One-Handed
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Tier 3 One-Handed
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With Duelist Perk
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For Tier2 One-Handed Weapons:
Morning Stars and Hand Axes are top against Raiders (75 hp with 50 to 115 armor).

Arming Swords averagely kill a hp 75 armor 50 target in 3 hits like Morning Stars, but less likely and falls down greatly against heavier targets. Also it shall be considered as a Tier 2.5 weapon in fact.

Military Picks are better weapons against targets with 100 or more armor.

For Tier3 One-handed Weapons:
Orc weapons (Head Choppers and Head Splitters) are on top on overall damage dealing capability. Head Choppers bleed the target, while Head Splitters are better against targets with 80 or more armor.

Among the common weapons, Winged Mace and Fighting Axes are still top against most of the targets. Generally Fighting Axes become better on the 3rd hit and above, but they're pretty close.

Military Cleavers can be better against targets with 115 or less armor with extra bleed counted in.
Warhammers are better against targets with 115 or more armor. But it falls off after the armor of the target being shredded below 50.

With Duelist perk, Orc weapons are still on the top.

Winged Maces are overall better than Fighting Axes now.

Military Cleavers are generally better than Fighting Axes also now, when counted the bleed damage in.

Warhammers need the target has 150 or more to become superior now.

For Two-Handed Weapons:
Man-Splitter is best overall as it's an Orc weapon. Only against target with 60 armor or less, it becomes under Crypt Cleavers.

Surprisingly, Crypt Cleavers are on top of single target damage on both first turn and successive attacks among the common weapons. Due to its exceptionally high base damage and good armor damage.

Greataxes are generally better against tough targets with decent hp (120 and above) and decent armor (60 and above). They averagely slay an Young Orc with 2 strikes, while Greatswords need 3 hits to achieve this.

Two-Handed Hammers are generally better against targets with 115 or more armor again.

For Polearms:
Longaxe is generally the best weapon overall in term of damage.

Billhook is better when against extremely heavy Orc Warriors (with 400 armor).

For Range Weapons:
Except skeletons, which nearly immune to piercing ranged weapon, Javelins are better than Throwing Axes in all the situations. Javelins deal less damage than War Bows if not double gripped, even with mastery. They become on top with double gripping and at close-in damage. Duelist with Javelins are wild.

Crossbow is worse in term of damage than bows without crossbow mastery.
With mastery, Heavy Crossbow is better then War Bow against target with 80 or more armor in the first turn and 150 or more armor in 2 turns.

Masterwork Bows are much better than War Bow, though the difference looks tiny. The increase on armor damage gives 50% damage boost against light armor (80) in the first turn and 50% against medium armor (150) in 2 turns. Acquiring them accurately worths the trouble.
Comments On Each Type of Weapons
Something to notice, except the weapons on Tier 0, Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3, there're lots of weapons on tier x.5, like Warbrands on tier 2.5, reinforced wooden flail on tier 1.5, etc.
Bandit thugs are using weapons from tier 0 to tier 1.5 and raiders tier 1.5 to 2.5 (plus the Longaxe).

One-Handed Weapons
- Swords are generally lacklusters on damage dealing. They shine on extremely low fatigue cost. So the high melee skill, low fatigue old man isn't called swordsmaster instead of macemaster for no reason. They are mainly for fatigue sensitive characters like dodge build duelist or extremely heavy armored brothers.
Arming Swords are tier 2.5, but it's still better to choose a high damage tier 2 weapon instead for common brothers.

- Cleavers aren't worthy to touch until the Military Cleavers are affordable. Tier 3 cleavers are good against low armor (115 and below) enemies, like bandits, young orcs, goblins, animals and zombies - there're accurately a lot of them.

- Maces and Axes are solid weapons for common shield brothers.
Maces provide crowd control, while Axes destroy shields.
Bludgeons are tier 0.5 weapons instead of tier 1, so just don't sell them if you have tier 1 options.

- Flails are generally tier x.5 weapons. Wooden Flails are tier 0.5, Reinforced Wooden Flails are tier 1.5 and Flails are tier 2.5.
They are solid when 0.5 tier above the other weapons, while being lackluster when 0.5 tier behind.
They are great for the enemies with weak head armor like bandits and young orcs, decent against Ancient Undead below Honor Guards, but generally not good for other targets.

- Warhammers are good on destroy armor. They deal good damage on successive hits again high armor targets, but a couple of mace/axe strike after warhammer shredded the armor would be even better.
It's recommended to equip 2 or 3 brothers with it, but not all.

- Spears is more tactical than pure damage dealing. They're the weakest in term of damage dealing and fall off faster between tiers. They are mainly used for spear wall and would be useful until the end of your mercenary life.

- Orc weapons are generally the best on damage at the cost of fatigue.

- Other exotic weapons are generally not as good as common weapons.

- Duelist with extremely high fatigue shall take a Head Chopper for sure. Decent Duelist can take a Winged Mace for a balanced damage and fatigue cost. Low fatigue or dodge build shall definitely take a Noble Sword to keep the fatigue under control.

Two-Handed Weapons
- Woodcutter's Axe is only good for cutting woods. Double gripping a hatchet is much better if you don't want a shield in early game.

- Warbrands are tier 2.5 and weaker than a double gripping Military Cleavers. It's good to use when 0.5 tier above and no reason to use when 0.5 tier behind.

- Greatswords are very flexible and with a decent damage. They're still recommended as the standard two-handed weapons.

- Greataxes are in a awkward position. They have an aoe skill that will remove their capability to split a man and higher ignore armor damage. While their damage on single target cannot match Crypt Cleavers.
So for reach brothers, it's better off for Greatswords, while for single target damage, it's better off for Crypt Cleavers or duelist build.

- Two-Handed Hammers are good for armor destroy as well. They're generally the best first strike weapon as they shredded a lot of armor.

- Crypt Cleavers are the best on single target damage, besides the Orc weapons. They kill enemies with 60 or less armor like mowing and lots of heads will fall. I didn't say it guarentee a one-hit decapitation on goblins, right?

- Berserk Chains trade both damage and fatigue cost on lots of special utilities, including high head hitting chance, ignore shield and stun. It has like 33% less damage than the other weapons, which can be compensated by its utilities. So if the extra cost on fatigue is not an issue, they're decent.

- Man Splitters are the best two-handed weapons in term of damage and far beyond the other weapons. They cost more fatigue to use for return.

- Pitchforks are the only Tier 1 polearms. They're not good on damage dealing, but they're the only polearm you can get in early game.

- Hooked Blades are the only Tier 2 polearms. Nothing more to say, just replace the pitchforks with them when you have a chance.

- Pikes are tier 2.5 and weaker than Tier 3 polearms. They have an essential weapon skill that can save the carrier or other brothers, but it's still recommended to switch to other Tier 3 polearms for better damage, especially against ancient skeletons.

- Longaxes are overall best polearms in term of single target damage.

- Billhooks are only better against the heaviest Orc Warriors than Longaxes. So not recommended.

- Warscythes are an exotic version of Pikes that can attack 3 targets with one swing. They're pretty much the best polearms by trading 20% damage from Longaxes with the aoe attack.

Ranged Weapons
- Bows are generally the best range weapon for dedicate ranged build. It's the best for constant attack damage.
Also it's very tactical as it's longer range allows it to snipe enemy front line beyond enemy crossbow range and force the enemy to react.
Considered the accuracy in, a War Bow requires the user to be more than 70 range skill to use it properly.

- Crossbows are generally the best weapon for first strikes. They're terrific against heavy armor, which makes them very annoying in the hands of enemies. It's good for hybrid build with a crossbow and a polearm or even a crossbow army that swap to shields after a volley. The crossbow mastery boosts the damage of crossbows a lot.

- Javelins are the best throwing weapon overall, besides against skeletons. They're more than secondary ranged weapons for shield dudes, though they have a limited range. Dedicated double gripping javelinists can be used on the back line or for bow hybrid build, as they deal more damage than both polearm and bow in close range. With duelist perk, they can be your ad carry that tearing enemy tanks apart.
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alation13 Jan 26 @ 3:45am 
I like the damage/armour breakdown, but since farming good armour is so useful, is it worth pointing out the weapons that make that a viable strategy.
ZaeN Nov 9, 2019 @ 7:00am 
I think this doesnt tell the whole story, many things are left outside the calculations:
Spears have +20% chance to hit
Swords pikes polearms and crossbows have +10% chance to hit
Flails ignore the base shield defense bonus (but not shieldwall) which means more chance to hit vs shields. Also flails have more chance to hit heads which means more damage
Plus other properties, maces inflict fatigue and second ability stuns, flails can target heads, axes split shields, cleavers are strong vs animals but cannot bleed undeads etc etc
Greηdel Aug 4, 2019 @ 12:01pm 
If the axe data doesn't factor in the extra damage from also hitting the head, well... doesn't that make each successive strike hit harder due to even less armor - making the 5-strike version for axes way more underrated than just 20%? And why do you say that's only 20% more damage?
Decado Dec 9, 2018 @ 1:34pm 
Double grip doesn't impact throwing weapons
Abel Jul 6, 2018 @ 10:20am 
Hi, thanks for working on that!
I'm curious about your methodology though. Have you factored in the added chance to hit of weapons like Swords and Spears? What about the chance to hit head and special abilities like Axes granting additional damage in that case? Or Cleaver bleeds? Duelist and Throwing Weapons?
It would be interesting to make calculations with Killing Frenzy too as it has more or less effect depending on the weapon average damage.