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Iron Mountain: Wooden Coaster
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Mar 21 @ 11:45am
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Iron Mountain: Wooden Coaster

Welcome to Iron Mountain, this was my first try at a mine themed coaster, and also a chance to build something that wasnt limited to 4000 pieces, or a single blueprint.

Due to it's final part count this coaster is a little impractical for use in peoples parks, but I will be seperating a lot of the buildings into individual bluprints (if I havn't done so already).

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ladonnag061 Jun 29 @ 7:27am 
WOW!!! That was great!
AphroLL Jun 28 @ 2:20am 
xo_greenleaf_xo Jun 22 @ 6:01pm 
Hi @nightbringer. Thank you so much for your speedy response to my last comment. I am very interested in how you created the intercepting tracks. Would you consider making a tutorial video if it's easy? I've scoured the internet and found nothing. Good job dude. :steamhappy:
GameTemptica Jun 20 @ 11:13pm 
@Nightbringer Do you mind filling in my form pls ? It is for my description etc (So I have your social links etc so people can follow you, and you can add extra information) 😉
Nightbringer  [author] Jun 15 @ 8:47am 
@GameTemptica: Yeah sure you can use it, that's absouluty fine, I warn you though the coaster itself isnt the best, as my main focus was the scenery, but I'd still be interested to hear your thoughts on it.
GameTemptica Jun 15 @ 6:39am 
hey there! Nice coaster @Nightbringer ! May I use this coaster for my new series ? I review and rate the coaster etc. it would be ez if you add me as friend if so
Xeniata Jun 7 @ 1:08pm 
vorallem mit den "weichen" wäre mal interresant zu wissen bitte
Xeniata Jun 7 @ 1:06pm 
Erstmal Hut ab, hast du alles ingame gefunden was zum Bau notwendig war oder wie baut man solche Monster ?? mein voller Respekt
xxdragunityxx May 31 @ 7:33am 
Bro this is amazing nice job!!!!!
Captainbadbones May 28 @ 8:48am 
Very cool coaster! I was wondering how you managed to overlay tracks?