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Napjiit the Khajiit - Custom Voiced Khajiiit Follower Mod
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Mar 21 @ 11:33am
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Napjiit the Khajiit - Custom Voiced Khajiiit Follower Mod

The Napjiit follower mod adds a custom voiced Khajiit follower to The Bee & Barb Inn in Riften.

Napjiit has all the basic follower commands. He comes with a set of thieves guild armor in his inventory, two leveled healing potions and an iron dagger. He will scale to your level (from 1 to a max of 50). He tends to favor melee combat, can dual wield and has the lightfoot perk - so he shouldn't be setting off any traps!

This is my first mod and I still have much to learn so please use this mod with discretion. I have tested it with companion mods such as AFT and the same compatibility issues that occur for many follower mods also apply here. However, loading the napjiit.esp before AFT will allow you to use AFTs Tweak Make Follower command to port Napjiit into the AFT system. To reiterate - be careful and don't add the mod to any important save games!

This mod was created at the request of subscribers who watched the Napjiit roleplay series. Big thanks to them for there encouragement and support!

Mod introduction video

Mapjiit roleplay series
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HOLY MADMAN another custom voiced khajiit to my cat squad!
CubbyZA Jun 20 @ 8:58pm 
is there a marriage option for this one? JUST HYPOTHETICAL... no its not
jackplays11 Jun 18 @ 7:11am 
you literally saved my life with the aft advice thank you sooo much man :steamhappy:
Meowric Apr 24 @ 12:43pm 
Wow this is a swell mod, good job!
Infernal Dragon Apr 1 @ 7:12pm 
his voice sounds a bit off for a khajiit but it kind of feels like it belongs aswell
Avocado man Mar 29 @ 12:36pm 
can i marry this cupcake?
lavamarine11 Mar 29 @ 9:20am 
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RazeTheDemon Mar 26 @ 10:40am 
I'll download this later as my team is inigo cause I was getting his armor setup next is kharjo and then I'll add this master of death cat to my party
Keychaser Mar 25 @ 10:43pm 
Looks really great, I love the "Napjiit sees you there" dialogue.
Very charming.
Kristina Sunny Mar 25 @ 7:33pm 
looks nice