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Vurtual's HMMWVs
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Mar 20, 2018 @ 1:11pm
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Vurtual's HMMWVs

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Based mostly off Richards.D's DAR_HMMWV, arma 2 sample models, and bits of DAR_MTVR, this mod features a "small" variety of HMMWVs, from unarmored cargo/troop transports, barely-armored M1025 armament carriers, to scalable-armor GMVs and M1114s, to FRAG 5 equipped M1151/M1165/M1152s.

2-door HMMWVs with cargo beds transport the driver and one FFV passenger in the cab, and up to 8 troops(4 with FFV) or VIV cargo/vehicles in the back. The 4-door HMMWVs have the driver and three FFV passeengers in the cab, and carry cargo in the back, or four more passengers if the bed is open. Vehicles with a gunner hatch have a gunner, who can use the turret's weapon(if equipped with one), and FFV(including launchers).

All the turret-equipped HMMWVs have M2s and Mk19s as weapon options, with the GMVs having an M134 and GAU-19 option as well; non-GMVs have an M240 main gun option instead. The GMVs have a side door gunner with an M240, who can turn out to FFV as well. There are TOW carrier variants of most of the non-GMVs.

All HMMWVs feature blackout brake lights, highbeam/lowbeam/blackout headlights, turn signals, and cosmetic Virtual Garage options. The GMVs and M1114s come with full uparmoring by default, which can be added or removed in the Virtual Garage as needed. The FRAG 5 equipped M1100 series HMMWVs have armor that can't be removed, except for the gunner protection kit.

All HMMWVs (except the semi-experimental M1035, and the M997) have Vehicle in Vehicle support(both carrying and being transported), they must be in "cargo mode"(driver's seat or tailgate) in order to be transported, this is an engine limitation. Vehicles with a 4-door cargo cover(slant back cargo shell, 4 door cargo cover) are always in cargo mode.

The M997 ambulance can carry 8 passengers in the back and is a medical vehicle for vanilla and ACE. The M1035 isn't a medical vehicle currently, and is designed to be used with my stretcher mod. Due to limitations of that mod, it's not very useful right now.

Has an alternate water fording damage system. Submerging the air intake of the truck will kill the engine non-permanently, and it can be repaired if the vehicle is recovered. With the advanced fording damage turned on in CBA settings: driving through deeper water without a fording kit will damage the engine, even if the air intake is above water. Submerging the exhaust and turning off the engine submerged will also kill it.

There are extra minor variants that aren't in the unit list for brevity, these are HMMWV variants that only slightly differ from those visible. (A0/A1/A2 revisions, versions whose added special equipment doesn't do anything right now, etc.)

Also includes an experimental M1102 trailer that you can use with boxloader or other vehicle in vehicle systems. It is buggy.
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Altyn Aug 26 @ 6:47pm 
Can the Vehicles be turned black?
Delta-Gamma Aug 17 @ 5:00pm 
Ah, cool. Just FYI, I've been taking the textures from RHS's HMMWV and warping them to fit the texture map of yours. Your models are way more diverse, since you can remove armor and canopies at will. The only thing lacking in them is the fact that they just suffer from having Arma 2 textures, which isn't your fault (however, if you made those clean woodland variants, their exteriors look awesome).

I really like your mod, and I hope you keep up the good work. Thanks for the reply, too.
vurtual🥆  [author] Aug 17 @ 6:12am 
The interior doesn't have a camo selection(at least not yet) because it doesn't change between camo variants.
Delta-Gamma Aug 16 @ 8:19pm 
Hey, I was wondering what number group the dashboard texture is. I was trying to do a little "texture upgrade" on one of the models, but I couldn't figure out which it is.
MrGalaxy Aug 15 @ 12:16pm 
where is the trailer
MrGalaxy Aug 15 @ 12:09pm 
where is the trailer
SirTickleTots May 3 @ 8:53pm 
I've noticed that when cargo mode is enabled, you can't get into the rear right passenger seat. I think it thinks that seat is a bed seat.
Mister_X Mar 6 @ 4:48am 
Thank's for the update ;)
Rolf Mützelburg Mar 5 @ 2:25pm 
Shame the military is abandoning the universal weapons systems in favor of specialized one off platforms with no tactical use what so ever. The HUMVEE and Striker were from the golden age of military design and unit cohesion. Combined arms has fallen out of favor because of all this international police work. We haven't won a single war since 1945, yet we've lost tens of thousands of GIs fighting in pointless civil conflicts. The military leaders doubling down on this failed global strategy is a sign of more misery to come.
Jakes Feb 20 @ 12:23am 
@vurtual where can i view your licensing for this mod would like to include it in a PMC mod im making, would be uploaded to steam as part of my mod but credit will be given...would this be allowed?