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[B18] Advanced Animal Frameworks 1.0
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[B18] Advanced Animal Frameworks 1.0

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This is the core framework that allows animals to carry weapons, do various work and for special autonomous animal-like vehicles. Does not add content on its own. It will power all the Walking Problem "animal mods" like Minions, Smurfs, RimSlaves, Trading Economy, etc in time to come.

This framework is also created to allow other modders to tap on the work that I have done, so that they need not reinvent the wheel.

Special Credit to Chjees for his GenericWorkGiver codes that powers most of the Animal Work Framework work abilities (that is part of this Advanced Animal Frameworks).


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WalkingProblem  [author] Jun 15 @ 2:19pm 
@Dna, @Denty @Dninemfive - Noted. I will give it a check when I'm free. By right the codes are for animals - so it shouldnt have touched humans/pawns. So thats a little wierd. Maybe I made a mistake somewhere.
dninemfive Jun 13 @ 2:24pm 
@WalkingProblem Your WPTend toil seems to cause problems with other mods which change how doctors select medicine; perhaps you should use a Harmony prefix instead of creating a new version of it, but I'm not familiar enough with this area to say for sure. Here's the error I got specifically:

Brio started 10 jobs in one tick. newJob=WPTendPatient (Job_12246564) A=Thing_Human2623839 B=Thing_HerbalMedicine4058404 jobGiver=RimWorld.JobGiver_Work jobList=(Wait (Job_12246307)) (WPTendPatient (Job_12246546) A=Thing_Human2623839 B=Thing_HerbalMedicine4058404) (WPTendPatient (Job_12246548) A=Thing_Human2623839
[above line repeated 8 more times]
B=Thing_HerbalMedicine4058404) lastJobGiver=RimWorld.JobGiver_Work
denty Jun 8 @ 11:14am 
Yes, that is correct, the problem is with the colonists (not animals) as Dna has noted.
Dna Jun 7 @ 10:15pm 
Looking at the files you do assign new work givers and jobs for all those tasks (tending, cooking) so I reckon something does not work correctly there.
Dna Jun 7 @ 10:15pm 
I tested if with HugsLib and this framework only.

Started new game. Selected one of the colonists and damaged until downed using debug menu. After that ordered medic to rescue them. Medic did not gain any Medic XP for tending all the injuries. After disabling the framework it worked as expected.

For no skill craftingfrom what I have tested it works only for cooking and construction. Colonist with 0 construction was able to build deadfall trap which requires 3 construction. For cooking I tetsted feuled stove and lavish meals and it acts as if there is a second work giver assigned to the stove. So if you right click on it it gives you 2 optios to cook at the stove. One is blocked by a skill check and another is not. It also did not consume ingredients for me and did not give any Cooking XP. This does not happen with all bills. For example, constructing components works fine.
WalkingProblem  [author] Jun 7 @ 12:34pm 
@Vicante - Because sowing seeds never needed seeds - I have not really looked at SeedsPlease mod before and look at their code how they implemented the seed requirements - thus yeah - its not compatible.

@Denty - the problem is with the colonist? =x

Weird. Because the framework creates the skills, which my animal mods will tap on - but the skills does not apply to colonists. Not especially when I have not even figure out how to get animals to cook.

@Dna - Medic XP gain? Its another thing I did not touch.
separat.mn Jun 3 @ 6:12am 
I have this same problem. Some feutures to fix this ?
Vicante May 22 @ 4:46am 
I think I have found a compatibility bug between this mod and the SeedsPlease mod. The Seeds mod works by itself, but when I have both SeedsPlease and this Animal Frameworks mod active the colonists are able to sow the plants without seeds.
Dna May 20 @ 3:24pm 
Can confirm denty's problem.
Also mod break Medic XP gain from treating colonists.
denty May 13 @ 7:01am 
Apologies, I had it and then removed it from my post. Load order:

Advanced Animal Frameworks

Nothing else.