Crusader Kings II

Crusader Kings II

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The Seven Kingdoms Beta8 | GoT | Update Release 10-AUG
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Mar 18, 2018 @ 5:28pm
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The Seven Kingdoms Beta8 | GoT | Update Release 10-AUG

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The Seven Kingdoms (TSK) Official Collection
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If you enjoy this mod and appreciate the work put into it (countless hours), please rate it up, favourite and comment below to show appreciation for the collective efforts of our team and it's contributors!

You can find our discord here:

Help! The mod isn't showing in the launcher!

This is not a mod related issue per se, but a steam related issue. It is more apparent with larger mod sizes and occurs when you subscribe with either the game launched, or when launching immediately after subbing.

Generally launching the game launcher and closing it down can help resolve this issue. If that doesn't help, then unsubscribe from the mod, launch and close the launcher, resubscribe and wait five minutes. If that doesn't resolve it, then we suggest restarting steam.

What DLCs are needed?

None! Although each of the available DLCs will undoubtedly add more depth to the mod.

The Seven Kingdoms; An Age of Petty Kings

The Seven Kingdoms (TSK) is a CK2 mod based on George RR Martin's book and TV series 'A Song of Ice and Fire', primarily set during the span of time known as the 'Age of Petty Kings', during which Westeros was far more fractured both culturally and religiously.

Brought to you by the TSK team, we offer one of the largest and most detailed maps of Westeros - a good deal of it has been, so to speak, made up (such as the regions added beyond the wall, or many islands) to add additional detail and depth, but is by no means lore unfriendly. Indeed we take great effort to reflect upon the lore as accurately as possible.

Please note that this mod is in it's infancy, and is being worked on by a very small team of dedicated players - not full time developers - and thus there is much awry with it. When compared to other mods, it is most certainly rough around the edges and in dire need of refinement. However fear not! We are working on improving the mod day by day and have been integrating content from many wonderful developers in the PDX CK2 modding community. It may take months or even years to get to a good standard, but we hope it will get there some day.

In the meantime we value greatly the thoughts and opinions of all of our players, and eagerly take on board anyone who wishes to contribute! So please feed back to us, and if you can help in any way we'd be more than happy to take on board anything you can provide.

Feature Highlights
  • 1550+ provinces, most of which are fully playable.
  • Rich, detailed landscapes both with aesthetic and strategic value.
  • A custom-made resource system, with provincial resources and exploitation.
  • A custom-made building system, with extensive structural trees for all holdings.
  • An off-map Valyria, taking advantage of the Jade Dragon Mechanics.
  • Fully playable wildlings, with many bickering tribes and an array of interesting characters!
  • Bookmarks set during the Age of Heroes (WIP) and the Andal Invasion (the 6500s).
  • Many unique culutres, religions and an almost endless pool of characters.
  • Many unique portraits for all of the cultures.
  • Unique mechanics for swearing fealty to another King as a King, forming a dynamic Empire tier title. Great for both multiplayer and singleplayer.
  • The ability to consolidate your 'Empire' tier Kingdom into a single Kingdom, revoking all Vassal Kingdoms in the process.
  • Unique building system made just for the Seven Kingdoms, inspired by other mods such as Lux Invicta.
  • And much more!

Recommended Mods

Credits will be updated shortly, as assets (with permission) from a number of other authors have been included recently (Warhammer, Winter King, HIP/EMF) - for now most credits are within the packaged readme.

You can also find us on the Paradox Forums (login required):

Known issues
  • Realm stability varies drastically, and is far from perfect. Independence and other factions are too common, and will be dealt with in coming patches.
  • CBs are somewhat restricted at the moment, though more will be added over the next patches.
  • Mods like CPR will not work; this is because we overhaul portraits with custom clothes and more ourselves.
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Jad Sep 16 @ 6:37am 
i hope you guys still update this great mod there an issue when you declare a dejure ware for a whole duchy you dont get the duchy only prestige
Cake Sep 13 @ 12:28am 
I also have this issue: When I start a new game I only get 3 dates and the map is incomplete, missing many provinces.

The 3 I have are the Age of Heroes, the Andal Invasion, and Nymeria's Landing. There are others, right?
Cactorum Rex Sep 5 @ 3:53pm 
I think some of the retinue modifiers are a bit messed up, for example the knight retinue gives archers but it still gives knight boni
muslopata Sep 3 @ 1:51pm 
esta de ruta
Bov The Russian Sep 1 @ 8:01am 
Whenever I get on and press load game in menu I crash... Any way to fix that?
Harvo Aug 31 @ 3:52am 
for some reason i cannot create the empire of the reach despite having the requirements to do so, please help?
EdgyUnhold Aug 27 @ 5:56am 
what i dont get is wy you can creat most of the kingdoms but not the north...
Nioe1995 Aug 23 @ 5:12pm 
Playing as Lys Republic is bugged that it is impossible to inherit
EdgyUnhold Aug 23 @ 11:53am 
@wiliye the mod is still in beta ... look at the description of the start dates only one of them is finished(kinda
Wiliye Aug 23 @ 11:23am 
When I start a new game I only get 3 dates and the map is incomplete, missing many provinces. Why is this? I've unsubscribed and re-subscribed.