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Spotting Thots in the Wild
By Xeph
A guide made by the Thot Extermination Society (T.E.S.) to protect you from Thots. Guide Version: 1.05
Thot Classification
Classifying Thots Based On Danger Level
These do NOT tell you methods of extermination after aggravated.

(Class 1: Safe) Shouldn't cause very much harm unless aggravated. Don't give them attention, it attracts them.

(Class 2: Mild) Should cause harm, but not drastic. Simply don't give them attention.

(Class 3: Thirsty) These ones cause harm, possibly drastic but this is still unknown. A lack of attention will not change anything, just make up a ton of excuses when they try to talk to you.

(Class 4: Ravenous) These ones cause harm, drastic. Easiest way too avoid them is to avoid them. If you are sure this thot is as descripted, be sure to keep a safe distance and out of their line of sight. If this solution fails, resort to extermination method.

(Class 5: no) don't
Finding Thots
There are various locations you can find thots in. Here are some common locations:


Here are some signs it's an actual thot:
1. They smile too much.
2. They act like they're into you (if you're on Steam, there's a decent chance you're a loner so of
course they are acting).
3. You can tell they slay lots of D
4. They're blonde (not all thots have this trait, but most do)
5. They ask you out (why would they)
Identifying Thots
So you found a thot, huh? But do you know what type?

Basic Thots
(Class 2)
If they look relatively normal and you find them attractive, it's probably a thot. The only way to loosen the attraction is to hardcore ignore them or flee. If you are unable to do this, the thot has already taken control, you can't do anything from here.

Undercover Thots
(Class 2-3
Undercover Thots are thots that seem like ordinary females, however they have extremely thot-like behavior once you get to know them. Identifying them is very difficult as they can be very good at hiding their identity. A simple way to detect an undercover thot is to do things that would expose a basic thot's identity (i.e. not paying for dinner).

Emo Thots
(Class 1)
They're sad to look at. They look sad. They wear black, dark purple, and other emo colors. Similar to basic thots, the second you feel like you are under their emo spell, attempt to evade it.

Man Thots
(Class 1-2)
They look gay. Just try not to get attached to them, for whatever reason you may have.

(Class 2)
Hide your wallet. That's really it. Don't even talk to them. Don't make contact with them.

(Class 3-4)
Act like some nerd and they won't bother. However, if they find nerds to be kinky then I'm afraid there's no way out of it. Like with Bhots, do not make contact.

Hyper Thots
(Class 4-5)
Difficult to identify, as you are automatically put under their spell as soon as eye contact is made. You're dead. Just avoid women in general, as it's impossible to identify these. By the time you notice them, it's already too late.

Researched Thots
Ascended Thots
(Class 5)
You're dead if you're within 10m. You'll feel a little tingly all over if you're within the 11-30m zone. If you're in this zone, then locate the thot and flee immediately.

(Under Investiagtion)
E-Thots call themselves "Gamer Girls." Though their effects on males are unknown, they are believed to be somewhat dangerous however TES must do research and testing for an accurate description of this thot. Please comment on this guide if you have information on E-Thots.
Exterminating Thots
How to Exterminate Aforementioned Thots Once Aggravated

Basic Thots
-One of those like really big jugs of water that are in offices and stuff
-A hose connected to one of those like really big jugs of water that are in offices and stuff

Undercover Thots
-Same methods for Basic Thots

Emo Thots
-"There's a reason to be alive"

Man Thots
-Force a girl (doesn't have to be a thot) to kiss 'em. Tip: Non-thots are usually attracted to these.
-Roast it

-Make her pay at some restaurant. If she doesn't, then pay for it and stab the (f-word) outta her.
(OPTIONAL: Try to make the money back from what you paid somewhere in her corpse, for
example: purse, wallet)


Hyper Thots

Ascended Thots
-Drop a nuke or two and E V A C U A T E

More Research Needed
Evolved Thots
What is an Evolved Thot?

To put it simply, Evolved Thots are essentially "better" versions of their default counterpart. For now, Evolved Thots are being labeled as (Class 4) for now, but we may need more information before we can get more accurate classifications.

How are Evolved Thots Different?

It's quite simple: they look like their default counterpart, except they act differently and normal means of extermination are generally going to be useless.

How should I deal with an Evolved Thot?

Take your prior methodes to the extreme. If you need "x" amount of things to exterminate a Basic Thot, you need to amplify the amount of "x" to exterminate the E. Basic Thot. Say you need 3 gallons of water for the Basic Thot, you will need to amplify the amount of water to deal with the E. Basic Thot. Generally you want to use a safe amplifier, 1.5x or 2x. But if you and the thot are alone and you get uncomfortable, there is nothing wrong with using a catastrophic amplifier, like 5x, 7x, 9x, or even 10x if you feel they are dangerous enough.
White Knights
A White Knight is a brainwashed human male who protects thots and ensures no harm is done to them. They tend to get in the way of Thot Extermination.

Dealing with White Knights
Dealing with white knights is a very simple matter.

Most white knights are incapable of physical defense, so simply apprehending them, by tying them up for example, is a very effective method.

However, there are White Knights known as Black Knights, and they are capable of physically defending themselves. To deal with Black Knights, a 9 mm bullet to the cranium is by the far the quickest and most efficient way of getting rid of Black Knights.
If you discover any more thot types or thot extermination methods, please add me and let me know, and I will credit you for the findings. Also be sure to Rate this guide up, and favorite it to ensure we can spread info, and hopefully exterminate thots from this planet.

Thank you, and be careful next time you go out into the real world.

-Sincerely, Xeph



Update Notes for: v1.05
-Added White Knight section
-Added information on Undercover Thots
-Added information on E-Thots
-Fixed spelling and grammar mistakes
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Calamitas1234 Jun 10 @ 6:59pm 
No U Reverse card
Xeph  [author] Jun 10 @ 3:40pm 
ha idiot
Calamitas1234 Jun 10 @ 2:48pm 
Method unclear, dropped a nuke on myself
Cameo May 5 @ 1:06pm 
This maybe a dangerous option, but how about being experimental and going to a e-thot inhabited area such as a steam group or discord? Not condoning raids or anything but just immersing in it (some people probably have had first hand experience with e-Thots and are just waiting to share). If you do make that venture safe voyage back may not be guarantee and it maybe a suicide mission as their danger class is unknown at the minute.
Xeph  [author] May 5 @ 10:53am 
I will add a method of dealing with White Knights.

To deal with groups of thots, use the above methods mentioned that apply to the thot types and attempt to use an area-of-effect version of said methods.
Cameo May 5 @ 10:04am 
What if it’s a pair or group of thots, would I need a multiplier of x10 per thot or just x10? As well as what if there’s a white knight in shiny armor that protects said thot/ thots? Do I exterminate him as well or will he be immune to the effects of the thot extermination methods? Is there a way to convert said white knight to give up his cape and join our cause? I swear I’m but a simple member of the T.E.S needing answers, thank.
The Vortigaunt ( Oct 3, 2018 @ 6:05pm 
wtf is a meme
Xeph  [author] Sep 30, 2018 @ 10:31am 
She good then, but she may require inspection.
nazazost Sep 30, 2018 @ 6:52am 
What if it's a trusted undercover female member of the thot patrol?
Xeph  [author] Sep 28, 2018 @ 5:58pm 
Anything that is super effective against normal humans will definitely work on ascended thots. Though the effects may vary, depending on subject, method, and dosage.