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Journey to the East War Paint Collection
War Paint!
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Koi - War Paint
Created by Square
All of the beauty of a Koi Pond, but with more killing power.

A skin for the Journey to the East contest....
Shiroyama Shine
Created by Pie_Savvy
Engrave your weapons with style from the land of the rising sun....
Ramen Reinforced | Warpaint
Created by Muhai
"WARNING Contents May Be Hot!"
Includes broth, eggs, beef, diced green peppers, and team colored narutomaki.

The Altimate Weeb Warpaint!

Muhai- Textures, Promos
Chessypuff- File Arrangment...
Sky Serpents | Warpaint
Created by Muhai
The paintings of scaled beasts you see have been crafted by the most gifted war veterans. They have seen death itself and had a tea party, then mopped the floor with him.

Muhai- Texture Completion, Promos
SodaHunter- Original Patterns
Cheesypuff- Fil...
青海波 (Seigaiha) War Paint
Created by connn3
Randomized-Seamless War Paint inspired by Asian Wave patterns
Self-made from scratch.
Not all weapons are displayed in showcase.

Designed for Journey to the East contest.

Thanks for Watching!...
Terrifying Tides :: Warpaint
Created by Temmie
A Eastern Themed warpaint for the
"Journey to the east" Competition
Wukong Finish
Wukong-inpired war paint!

Made for the 'Journey to the East' community contest....
Misty Samurai
Made for the 'Journey to the East' community contest....
Fragile Blue
Created by [PVC]DG
Blue and white pottery style, now in TF2!

This is a submission for the "Journey to the East" community contest....
Sushi Rolled
Created by Morphe
Imagine the mouth-watering taste of fresh salmon freshly chopped into thin slices, perfectly ripe avacado as soft as butter, and rice that almost oozes with delicious juices.
You won't get any of this in the battlefield but it's nice to imagine anyway.

War Paint: Balanced
Created by Zuko
Created for Journey to the East:

Getting a perfect balance between so many weapons can be difficult... Until now. Thanks to this Mann Co. patented Yin and Yang themed paint job, your weapons can now finally be balanced....
Carving of scales
Created by Landa
for the Journey to the East!

in the textures are written words

such as
among others

Journey to the East...
Fortune Furnished // All Class War Paint
Created by λ c0rkinio λ
Team coloured war paint with golden accent words and symbols.

For "Journey to the East"...
Sunrise :: War Paint
Created by PJ
Specifically designed for the “Journey to the East” contest!...
Era :: War Paint
Created by PJ
Specifically designed for the “Journey to the East” contest! 2/2 entries....
Less Fortunate // All Class War Paint
Created by λ c0rkinio λ
Fortune Furnished, with a little less fortune.

Removed the golden based logos and left it with just the pattern.

Also for, "Journey to the East"...
Blossom Brushed
Created by hondjo
First warpaint/skin that I've made. It's definetely not the best or most creative but it will do.

thanks to:
poy - concept/screenshots
joehurr - promo art

Made for Journey to the East...
Waterfall | War Paint
Created by lyndon
Inspired by the artwork of Sesshu Toyo

Made for the 'Journey to the East' community contest[]...
The Emperors Smooth Groove
Created by yuma
Hey, who says the Emperor can have a little jazz to spice up his life? Just as long as he avoids copyrights, he’s fine, right?

This war paint is inspired by monarchies in ancient China, as the purple represents wealth, and the team colors each represen...
Cherry War Paint
Created by SanekOgon
This War Paint special created for "Journey to the East" event!...
China's stamp
Created by Grinch
Made for the 'Journey to the East' community contest....
Oriental Occupier
Created by [GM] ben55
Sun Tzu once said "Know thy self, know thy war paints. A thousand kills, a thousand victories."

My submission for the ' Journey to the East ' competition. Read more here:
Precious porcelain warpaint
Created by Pixel
Show your ennemies your love for tea with this authentic hand painted chinese teapot warpaint.

A skin for the Journey to the East contest.

Reuses the concrete texture from 2fort for the handle and possibly the bottom layer in case of wear. ...
Emmett // All Class War Paint
Created by λ c0rkinio λ
For the "Journey to the East" war paint section

Duality of Mann
Created by Whomobile
Black and White,
RED and BLU,
Love and War,
Capturing the Objective and 7 Snipers Squatting in Spawn.

That is it, That is the Duality of Mann.

Team coloured Yin-Yang themed warpaint. Made for the Journey to the East Community Contest....
Satgat Sketched
Submitted for the Journey to the East Community Event.

For tens maybe hundreds of years the infamous rice hat has been used to defend against the terrifying presence of the Eastern Sun; but now it's time to fight back. If making a straw hat defends agains...
Above the sky | War Paint
Created by 『SpukiGuy』
A warpaint made for the journey to the east competition

- Hopes and Dreams...
Koi Cloaked
Created by ShaliKyuu
In Japan, Koi are symbols of love and passion, and what better way is there to show your love other than through the muzzle of a gun?

My War Paint submission to the journey to the East contest and my first item on the workshop.

EDIT: don't mind the p...
Peculiar Petals - War Paint
Created by Keel
Created for 'Journey to the East'
Peacock feathers war paint
Created by Mister-Anchois
War paint created for "Journey to the east"

This is my first workshop submission.
It was really hard to create this pattern, but I'm quite satisfied.

Thanks to MugginsHere for his feedback...
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I made my own war paint for the collection, could you add it?
SirTyperys Mar 19 @ 8:25am 
Gonna make one!
yuma Mar 18 @ 6:58am 
i made a war paint! my first one!
Agent911 Mar 18 @ 3:59am 
this is Lit
mad Arœn Mar 17 @ 7:43pm 
Butterfly Bound is love :8bitheart: