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Colt SAA for Engineer
Created by Cyxopyk
Colt SAA inspired by Metal Gear Solid character Revolver Ocelot for Engineer (thats right not for spy, that 6 shooter is for real western gunslinger).

Check out more screenshots and test model at
(OLD version ther...
Created by Tig
Just a reskin I did in under 48 hrs, Nothing much is changed.

Arena_Watchtower is my favorite arena map, this is why I made it a nice snowy reskin!...
CTF Unturbine
Created by Carange
Turbine is a popular map, no doubt about it, but what happens when you just change it up a little. Now you know the map so well it's now a bit different...
- Any stairs going up go down, and vice versa.
- All alcoves are now areas that stick out of walls...
Created by Lucky Boy
Brings cp_dustbowl to jungle.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Created by Meelo
NEW: - Slot Machine In the VIP Lounge you will now find a slot machine. 4 diffrent symbols which gives 4 diffrent outcomes when getting 3 of a kind. With help from a good friend, iamjasonbunch and his significant other, the machine is also equipp...
Created by Serbian Hammer
Recreation of the Escort map Dorado from Overwatch.

This is currently my favorite OW map.


It is currently in alpha, as it is 100% playable and works exactly like its OW counterpart, but lacks an artpass. Some ...
current version: dr_tf2_museum_a4_fix2

A unique DR map with a unique theme!
-20 Manual traps
-both blue and red anti-afk system
-4 different endings
-Optimization, no more crashing s...
Jail Break Map "Famouz 2" Final
Created by DzoT
List of Games:

- Crash Game;
- Fall Game;
- Box Game;
- Musical Game;
- Rocket Rain;
- Sweeper;
- Dodge Ball;
- PvP Arena;
- Bunny Hop;
- Obstacle Course;
- Golf;
- Swimming Pool;
- Disco Club.

And more! :3

Also good stuff for admins with private room....
Jailbreak Map "Minecraft Daylight"
Created by DzoT
So yea, just another minecraft map xd

Gamebanana Link[]
TF2Maps Link[]...
Jailbreak Map "Minecraft Night Final" v2.0
Created by DzoT

- Added more lightings
- New disco
- New arena
- New ways for escape
- More details
- More "Player Clip" brushes
- New textures for buttons
- New textures for desig...
Lijiang Tower - Night Market
Created by Serbian Hammer
Recreation of the Night Market section of the map Lijiang Tower from Overwatch.


This is alpha version of the map, without an artpass.

It includes only the Night Market section, functioning as a solo KOTH map. The ...
Created by TriggerWinkle
This is a map I've made for my server. Credits to the original author of BigCity and the original author of Trade_Plaza.

Also, credits to Rolando & [url=
Created by Meelo

This map is no different than the "dm" version besides the name.
This version is simply to allow tradeservers having players recognize their server as a trade server by the map name.

Original dm version: dm_museum_final
Created by pINtz
TRADE Subway
Created by AlexCookie
Trade map that takes place in a NY subway station.
Current state - Beta 4

Don't forget to leave a thumb up!

How to play?
1. Open console
2. Type: map workshop/809569239
2. Done!

1. Open your .bat file ...
Created by Mr. Spaps
This is a re-upload it is from, the creator's name "bob+M|M+".
I do not take credit for this!

The purpose for this is to upload some forgotten maps(not hydro).

All screenshots by bob+M|M+

His SteamID http://...
Minecraft 2fort Classic
Created by Leo
This is a re-themed 2Fort Classic. Many of our players requested this so we spent a month overhauling the entire map to be Minecraft. This is not a simple retexturing as many features needed to be rebuilt.

This map is exclusively on Bad Devil Gaming's ...
MvM Yucatan
Created by Snowbat
Did you know Mann Co had a secret plutonium storage facility hidden in the Yucatán peninsula? We didn't, but the robots do! And they want to blow it up! The Administrator wants you to defend this place from those metallic freaks.
As much as Soldier tried...
Created by Axl
Play the new PASS Time game mode on a regulation size soccer pitch!

Updated for 2017! Current version is pass_soccer_b3.bsp

This map will be saved on your computer at this file location...

I was run...
Payload 2Fort CE (pl_2fort_ce_final)
Created by Silence
This map was one I made years ago for an old clan I was part of. I haven't updated it in years, but someone asked me to upload it to the workshop, so thats what I did. I probably won't revisit this map since its in its final revision, but if there is feedb...
Rooftop (Mann vs. Machine)
Created by [G.E.W.P.] Rissy
Mvm_rooftop is a mvm map mode (quite logically), where you have to defend against robots on the roof of one of the main buildings of the BLU corporation. To be honest, the idea of ​​this map came from Left 4 Dead, because I did not have any ideas. The map ...
Slender Fortress - Five Rounds at Freddy's
Created by Glubbable~ ❥
Five Rounds at Freddy's is a Slender Fortress map that is based on the game, Five Night's at Freddy's.

The aim of this map is to survive the night shift, from the moment the call ends and the camera is picked up. A charm will be played when it is time to ...
Slender Fortress - Return to Freddy's
Created by Glubbable~ ❥
Return to Freddy's is a Slender Fortress map that is based on the game, Five Night's at Freddy's 2.

The aim of this map is to survive the night shift, from the moment the call ends and the camera is picked up. A charm will be played when it is time to esc...
Slender Fortress - The Abyss
Created by Simply Delicious
The Abyss is a Slender Fortress map that is based on the "Into The Abyss" Chapter from Slender : The Arrival.

The aim of this map is to find 8 gas cans to power the elevator to safety.

For all those looking to play on this map, you can find it hosted on ...
Slender Fortress - Underground
Created by Simply Delicious
Underground is a Slender Fortress map that takes place in a massive abandoned subway station that has been left to rot by society and is now home to some truly horrific residents.

The goal of this map is to find and collect 8 fuse cables to bring power ba...
Target Weaponref
Created by iVan_21
Map Test: Test your weapons and cosmetics and have fun :D

¡ATTENTION! read all the text to avoid problems, if you want to do like weapons review, please download the weapon.ref

¡WARNING! if you use the weapon.ref config it will use a custom options i...
Trade Ship B2
Created by Lunaru
A simple trade map, the setting being on a ship, featuring a little spaw and store on each side of the map and (dead) Fish tanks.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to how steam is currently handling the map workshop, you may or may not find the map when you first launch...
Nuketown (with Underground Tunnel)
Created by KenyB

The original map is great, I recommend you check it out and give the creator some love!

I didnt get permission, if the creator sees this and doesn't want this on the workshop, send me a request and ill be happy t...
"Close Encounters": A TF2 BioShock Map
Created by deltaalpha05
“Close Encounters” is a Team Fortress 2 map based on one of the highest rated FPS's of all time “BioShock”. “Close Encounters” is a control point map for Team Fortress 2 and players must control two areas to win the location.

Some things to note:

Created by Ryuke [TBM α]
Workshop Fork, since custom sounds don't work for workshop maps the soundcape has been completely changed.

Our server is currently running the map, to connect to us type in console:

If you want to run the map after su...
Created by Gezzabeast
Welcome to the MannCo. Museum, home to multiple active nuclear missiles, Witty Exhibits, oversized vents and a gift shop!

To run the map put "map workshop/1337487250" into console.

- 3 control points
- 32 player spawns
- fancy lighting
- fancier...
Captain's Custom
Created by Monty B.
Straight from 2012, returns Captain's Custom Map! Created by Captain Whiskers with several changes by me, Monty B. over the years, I've decided to place it on the workshop where it might get some more views than it would rotting on my HDD.

What does Ca...
Heavy Boxing Map
I made this map about three years ago because of how much I enjoyed boxing maps that had already existed. I wanted to create a map that would be able to utilize all that a server could want in terms of melee/boxing in the TF2 Universe. This map allows play...
Rust Belt
Created by Fluury
Introducing "Rust Belt" - a single stage Payload map in the style of Mannhattan!

Stop RED once and for all and destroy their grinder as BLU, or prevent BLU from destroying your business in the meat-industry as RED!

Who will come out victorious? And w...
Sky Lock B2
Created by boomsta
Please enjoy this map! Leave back any feedback that you think might be helpful.

Other assets used not made by myself or valve:
Frontline Metal Materials by void

To test locally
1. Subscribe
2. In Team Fortress 2 open console (~ key by default)...
Pirate Coast - Beta 1
Created by [EIST] EpicFail :3
Red pirates attacked a lost island were australium was found, we need to recover the town before they get it all!

This is a Gravelpit gamemode type map, it’s currently at Beta stage and we’re doing our best to improve the map, there is a lot to do…

Created by Sympathetic
The cleanest, most prestige beach you'll find in the big city. Just watch out for buried bodyparts. And russian gangsters.

A normal trade map with some easter eggs and nice visuals. Originally commissioned by Burger for The Casual Trade and Fun Server....
Chateau [A4]
Created by Zeepington
A King of the Hill map set in a luxurious residence built on a lake. If TF2 was a fighting game, you could think of this map as Spy's stage.

This is my very first map.
Constructive feedback appreciated!

Uses [url=https://tf...
King of the Hill: Watchtower
Created by ThePlayaJam
Finally gotten around to doing that. I was meaning to do this a long time ago. However, I kept thinking of other things.

Here is koth_watchtower. It is the koth version of arena_watchtower. This was one of my favourite Arena maps, and I always felt that...
Trade Alley Pro Ween
Created by Ryuke [TBM α]
Classic Trade Alley Pro gameplay with the map melting into Mann Manor.

Not Halloween enough? More Mann Manor! Silas Mann would be proud!...
Created by FoxWarriorTV
Mapa creado por FoxWarriorTV en memoria al famoso mapa del CS 1.6 pool day....
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