Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition

Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition

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Rome II HD: Environments II (1.1)
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Mar 17, 2018 @ 1:16am
Mar 18, 2018 @ 12:23am
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Rome II HD: Environments II (1.1)

Screenshots: These were taken with Flora HD + Pdguru's Legal Weed activated as well as Environments II at 1440p resolution (downscaled), default brightness and gamma.

Welcome to Rome II HD: Environments II. This is a refinement and sequel to the original Rome II HD Project: Environments. I felt that the old mod may still be liked and wanted by some people so I have decided to upload this brand new mod and update it so that the old one may still be around. I have recently learned to mod environment files even further which has allowed me to work on designing unique and varied weathers. This mod is similar to the old mod except for some very key differences...


- Enhanced environments for historical battles. The Siege of Carthage and Battle of Teutobourg Forest have been given special attention to get their appearance as close to the original E3 demos as possible.

-Dozens of environments added and more planned. I have added different times of day for certain environments and generally tried to make regions feel unique.

-Complete removal of the original Rome II environments. If you see any left behind let me know.

-More updates planned in the future. I will constantly be tinkering and adding new environments whenevr the creative spark hits me.

How to Install:

1. Hit subscribe.

This mod is meant to be used alongside my other mods such as Flora HD, Terrain HD, and Ocean HD. These are all in preparation for the biggest mod I have ever made that isn't quite ready to reveal yet! With the new patch and DLC, I hope some of these mods will breath new life into Rome II and make the game visually updated along with its updated mechanics.

UPDATE TO PERMISSIONS POLICY: As time has gone on, I have seen the ever increasing presence of donations and patreons associated with Total War Modding. I have a personal issue with the idea of linking any type of monetary function with modding and feel it is best to have the two entirely separate. Even donating to authors for their work is too near the chance of modders locking content behind paywalls and separating paid users from unpaid ones. It is for this reason that any mod page which links or has a donation system associated with it will have to speak to me directly and ask for permission. Individual modders who wish to use these assets should shoot me a message and Ill likely give permission. Mod teams will need to discuss the use of my assets with me.

Recommended Mods to pair with Environments II:

Pdguru's Legal Weed:

Other nice mods:

Rome II: HD (Textures):
Rome II: Terrain HD:
Rome II: Ocean HD:
Rome II: Celtic Helms HD: (Included in The Splendour of Antiquity)
Rome II: Flora HD:
Attila: Late Roman Shields HD:
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is it heavier for cpu?
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really blury