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Stacks for Humans
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Mar 16, 2018 @ 7:01pm
Aug 29, 2020 @ 1:41pm
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Stacks for Humans

100K Stacks for everything

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I've created this mod, because i didn't liked the others available.
This mod will stack everything(Resources, Ammo, Consumables, Structures)
except fertilized eggs, items that reduce durability when used and of course, armor.

By default all the items will stack to 100k and weighs 0.001 per item, meaning that a full
stack of 100k items will weigh 100. As these values are a little OP, i suggest you to check
the section GameUserSettings Options before starting
your server.

- Features -
  • All items can have it's stack size and weight adjusted individually.
  • Ability to define each item stack size and weight by percentage based of vanilla values.
  • Contains global variables to define all items stack size and weight by fixed values or by percentage(based of vanilla values)
  • Ability to disable all stacks(keep vanilla) except the items you want, so you can configure the perfect stacks for your server.
  • This mod adds the stacked berries and corresponding seeds values to iguanodons list, making the Iguanodon Seed feature work great.
  • Automatically convert vanilla items to stacks when moving to your inventory.
  • All items weight, displays correctly in your inventory, unlike some other stacks mods.
  • Aberration earthquake drop items have the corresponding mesh(like vanilla)

- Includes all items from PrimalEarth, ScorchedEarth, Aberration and Extinction
- Also includes all structures from Homestead update and the new kibbles from Kibble Rework

This mod is fully stackable with other mods, but not with other stack mods.

You can now convert from other stack mod to this, without losing your items
Check the Convert from Other Stacks

Please note: If you remove the mod, or disable it for some reason, all the items from the mod will vanish
(same as with any other stack mods)

I do reserve my steam friends list to family or close people including those that i've worked with in other projects.
If however you need to contact me, do so in the Ark Official Discord or Ark Modding discord.

It's been a long and rough ride, but i enjoyed creating this mod. I've learned so much about UE, was fun to play and mod.
I've received so many good comments, along with other not so good(you know who you are).
Anyway, i'm not playing ark anymore, and i'm not interested in modding anymore. All my work has been created to give a better ark experience, and has been from my own research. I will however not tolerate the use of my pictures/description in your own work without my consent and propper attribution.
This is a good bye(not farewell), thank you all.

This mod/code/work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License.[]