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Stacks for Humans
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Mar 16 @ 7:01pm
Jun 25 @ 4:31am
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Stacks for Humans

100K Stacks for everything

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I've created this mod, because i didn't liked the others available.
This mod will stack everything(Resources, Ammo, Consumables, Structures)
except fertilized eggs, items that reduce durability when used and off course, armor.

By default all the items will stack to 100k and weighs 0.001 per item, meaning that a full
stack of 100k items will weigh 100.

- Configurable stack size and weight for all or individual items
You can also disable weight reduction, and keep vanilla weight
Check the GameUserSettings Options

- Includes all items from PrimalEarth, Aberration and ScorchedEarth

- Iguanodon Seed feature is also working.

- Inventory weight displays correctly, here's an example:

This mod is fully stackable with other mods, but not with other stack mods.

Vanilla Items will now be converted when you move them to your inventory
You can now convert from other stack mod to this, without losing your items
Check the Convert from Other Stacks

Please note: If you remove the mod, or disable it for some reason, all the items from the mod will vanish
(same as with any other mods)

This mod/code/work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License.[]
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Hergrom Sep 6 @ 9:37am 
ƤɾσƅƖeɱ? Aug 21 @ 4:07pm 
I found some items too which doesnt change stacksize and/or weightsize
The Kooky Duke Aug 21 @ 9:42am 
Unrelated to my other post, "Consumable_CookedMeat_Size=30" isn't changing the stack size for cooked (regular) meat. Everything else in the ini that I've adjusted is working fine, except for that. Any suggestions, anyone (and yes, I've restarted Ark)?
The Kooky Duke Aug 21 @ 12:01am 
I tried setting the stack sizes for the specific things I wanted to change, but noticed meat and spoiled meat also ended up getting combined anyway.

I'm sure the ini file is working (after disabling single player settings, thanks Shampeen) because weight reduction is properly disabled, but I'm looking for a way to change stack sizes based on inclusion only (i.e., an option such as "GlobalStackSize=default") so that I don't have to manually adjust the stack sizes for every other one of the thousands of items that I don't want changed.

Is this possible, or can it be added at some point?
Wolf Aug 17 @ 3:49am 
Is anyone else having a problem with their veggie cakes and beer disappearing upon server restart?
XraveN Aug 17 @ 2:45am 
This is my favorite mod.
I now permanently use this mod with all mod combinations.
Great work.
Fight Back Aug 8 @ 10:34am 
is s+ encluded
ƤɾσƅƖeɱ? Aug 4 @ 9:03am 
Possible to change the weight / stacksize of tributes like "Megalodon Tooth" ?
Tribute list:
Pancakes Aug 1 @ 1:22am 
Nvm, already checked the change log. thanks anyway
Pancakes Aug 1 @ 1:18am 
What do i type in the .ini file to make coloring stack 100K?