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Les Parfums de L'Amour
By Rui Rui!
Pew pew pew... PEW!
Hi~ Welcome to this stupid and pretty pointless guide~

Welcome~ This guide is for people who aren't oh-so good in PUBG, or rather Beginners.

First of all, Do you really want to play the damn game? Is this really what you want to play? I'm pretty sure there are other games out there that are way more beautiful, story-written, lore heavy based ones.

I know, I barely played the game to be making this guide, but generally, this is the main idea of how games normally go, You drop in, you get kills (sometimes) and you try to get that tasty, tasty, Chicken Dinner.
Once you start, You just can't stop.
Well then, you've gotten past that warning, now are you ready to dedicate your life to a life of Pain and Misery?

Step-by-Step guide for beginners.
  • First of all, it's not wise to go solo. Always try to queue by squads/duos with your friends. BECAUSE NOBODY LIKES QUEUEING UP WITH RANDOM PEOPLE.
  • If you are miserable and lonely and queued up in solo squad and get paired with a bunch of chinese players, I suggest you to just be friendly, ask them if they speak even a sliver of english. A small step, goes a very long way.
  • Try not to drop in where you think a lot of people will drop too...that's just... dumb.
  • If you did drop in with your squad, try to look for a 1-hit weapon for now like, shotguns or a crossbow and go semi-aggressive on your opponents, Remember a nicely placed shotgun hit to the head is a 1-hit kill.